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  1. On 4/16/2019 at 5:31 PM, Jason Clement said:


    Tbh, I'm a little scared for Blizzard's future atm, especially after Activision finally made their first moves on putting checks and balances on them (with layoffs and such). Also, did I see that Overwatch is trending downward now (both in perception and sales)? Fortnite is really disrupting that whole scene, unfortunately for other developers.


    But yeah, if Blizzard doesn't knock it out of the park with Diablo 4, I really wonder what'll happen to them. 😕


    I think they will and can. My only disappointment is them jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Instead of doing that they should focus on a really really good and polished Diablo 4.

  2. 19 hours ago, Jason Clement said:

    Saw Shazam last weekend. It was pretty good; DC is finally on a roll with their movies, even if I thought Aquaman was a little bit messy with its story and runtime yet still enjoyable.


    No story-specific spoilers here, but one of the cool things is that Shazam actually focuses more on the human drama element of the movie more than the superhero part; I'd say it's ultimately... 60/40 in that regard. The superhero parts aren't bad either (the villain is a lot better than I thought he'd be; Mark Strong really leans into his character here), but the film is obviously made stronger by Billy Batson's story as a boy who discovers who his true family is.


    All in all, it's a pretty strong superhero origin film, and one that actually builds up the villain from the start and gives them the screentime they deserve.


    I loved Shazam. I wasn't expecting to like it but I'm glad I got to see it. I totally agree with you and this is a great origin story for him. I also didn't expect how that fight in the end would have gone in the movie and that surprised me. It was a fun cool movie to watch. I though Aquaman was great.

  3. On 4/11/2019 at 9:06 PM, Sailor Liztress said:

    I'm not sure I want to wait for Diablo 4, lol. And I do think that Anthem has potential. Which is why I'm not doing like I've heard others do and get a refund for it. I mean, I'm not sure I got my money's worth from it yet. But I want to give it a chance to improve. 


    Anthem will improve. Bioware knows how to make a good game. Diablo 4 will be awesome whenever it drops. Just got to remember Destiny was even more grindy when it first came out. And look at how far the game has come.

  4. On 4/6/2019 at 10:52 PM, Sailor Liztress said:


    Honestly, it has a lot of improving to be done. I like it in short spurts though. 


    Which is why I'm starting yet another new go-round on Diablo 3. Picked up the Eternal Collection for the Xbox (because who says you can't own too many copies of the same game, lol?) and decided to give the necromancer a whirl.


    Man you are making me want to play diablo 3 again. But I'll wait for Diablo 4. With Anthem, it was clear that EA rushed Bioware to release it. With still so many bugs and things they need to fix. Give it time and I think it will get better. Destiny offers a lot more for me right now but it took them a lot of time to get there as well. Anthem right now needs a great fun raid that keeps you coming back for the grind. Right now it is literally just grind for skins and decal which is fun and all but that shouldn't be the end game. I want to grind for top end gear. Guns need to be better. At GM3 you have to rely on combo. So if you have a bad team comp it takes too long to finish.

  5. On 3/26/2019 at 5:19 PM, Jason Clement said:


    Haven't played it yet but I hear Anthem had a pretty rough start in its first few weeks? I'm wondering it'll be able to pick up like Destiny did.


    Yea it isn't that fun. I mean I have fun playing with my friends but still it needs better end game content, like a really fun raid.


    Also started playing Quantum break with my friend and overcooked. Both excellent game. I love watching those tv episodes for quantum break.

  6. I also saw Bleach live action. I think it was as best as they could make it to be. Frame for frame for the most part it was very similar to the same as the manga but of course it all can't be. Oh and I don't like the guy they cast as Byakuya haha.


    14 hours ago, Jason Clement said:

    I finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood recently and I gotta say, it's amazing. Possibly the best anime I've ever seen. The pacing is great and never lets up, and even the more character-centric episodes are really good. But man, the last 15-20 episodes are pretty dang epic. Also, its epilogue episode is also one of the best I've ever seen; I wish more anime (and TV shows in general) would dedicate an entire episode to what happens after the final conflict. :D


    I need to rewatch that and also watch the live action too. I heard the live action was good but don't expect it to be amazing.

  7. 17 hours ago, Jason Clement said:

    Do either of you guys increase your exercise output after Thanksgiving? I wonder how many people end up doing that in general. xD


    Lol I haven't. But I been exercising more in general. For example, during commercial of Walking dead I'll do pushup and sit ups. My best friend built a ninja warrior training room in his basement. Every night or time that I am over I will work out there a bit. Every little bit will count lol.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Jordan Haygood said:

    Man, I haven't seen a movie since Avengers: Infinity War, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I sure wish I had more time to go out and see movies. I'm hoping to see Bohemian Rhapsody in a few days. I'm really hoping it's as good as it looks.


    Yea watching all these movies takes a lot of my game time lol. I do hope Bohemian Rhapsody would be good but want to say I saw an article that doesn't make it seem like it was good. I didn't read into it though.

  9. I saw Ready Player One last night and I thought it was good. According to my friend it is very different from the book. I don't want to get into it to much but just the pacing and how they do each event is different. And how the characters are and interact are different.



    In the book, each time they win a challenge they get the key which lead to a hint which leads to a door. But in the book they just get the key and open up a hint that brings you to the next challenge. The characters aren't friends in the book and don't meet up until the very end. In the movie, they from the start are friends. Outside of Parzival and H being friends in both the book and movie. The book is more going on about how they solve each challenge and hint. The movie is very fast paced on that and it just kind of happen.


    Oh and I saw this in HDR and it is amazing. Don't think I ever want to go back to non HDR. The contrast of the color is amazing. I can't really tell the difference between 1080 and 4k. But I definitely can see a big difference in the jump to HDR.