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  1. Number 905

    The "Official" Club Nintendo Thread (Updated 8/4/14)

    Got me a game case for 350 coins. Had to scramble a bit to get the coins, but I got it.
  2. Number 905

    The Nintendo 3DS Friend Code Thread

  3. Happy pi day

    1. TKtheknight


      Happy Pi Day to you too! xD

    2. Ludono



  4. Number 905

    Ni No Kuni 39.99 today online Toysrus

    Hope you have the hard drive space for that. Isn't NnK like 18GB?
  5. Who in the hell keeps buying these Call of Juarez games...

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    2. Ludono


      I bought the first one for $5 once. Semi-decent game. Rented the newest one (?) and yeah, VERY mediocre.

    3. Venom


      I got one of them (the first I think) in a bundle and haven't even played it yet, so don't look at me. :P

    4. Harrison Lee

      Harrison Lee

      The second entry was actually a good deal of fun. The Cartel was a broken mess.

  6. Sounds like they're clearing out really bad stock no one wants. They all seem to be pretty beaten up and almost none of them include a battery.
  7. Number 905

    Here's What The PS4 Will Look Like

    Considering the controller is different than what was shown off, I'm not sure about this one...
  8. Number 905

    Favorite Video Game Bromances

    Hubert, I believe.
  9. Number 905

    (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon $29.99

    Getting reports that the code is no longer working. Must have had a higher demand than they expected.
  10. Number 905

    (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon $29.99

    Deal expires at 11:59 PT on 3/5. Game releases 3/24, you won't be charged until it is in stock. Use code EMCYTZT3040 at checkout
  11. Wow, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is spectacular.

    1. Jordan Haygood

      Jordan Haygood

      Good to hear. I really enjoyed the first one.

  12. http://www.engadget....ransfer-to-ps4/ Well, I suppose all the cynicism about Sony making you pay for your games again is justified.
  13. Number 905

    Review: Paca Plus

    Developer: Paco Project Publisher: Paco Project Platform: PC Release Date: Out Now ESRB: N/A (G-Rated) Sometimes the creative capacity of the mind truly terrifies me. If you only pay attention to mainstream video games, you may be unaware of what the independent scene is capable of putting out and how there really is no such thing as too small of an audience. Case in point, Paco Project have brought a different spin to the visual novel genre with Paca Plus, a game that asks players how they would react if they started seeing their girlfriend as an alpaca. No, you read that correctly. High school student Saeki Kazuma goes on a date on his girlfriend“s birthday to the Alpaca Kingdom. After falling asleep on the way home, he wakes up to see something unfathomable: a fluffy alpaca wearing human clothes. For reasons unbeknownst to him, Kazuma begins seeing his girlfriend as a real-life alpaca. As the story progresses, he has to come to terms with this development and unravel the mystery behind this phenomenon. It“s a goofy plot, but it“s also what attracted me in the first place. It was too stupid of concept for me not to try, as I“m a big fan of games that manage to plant their tongue firmly in their cheek. To that extent, Paca Plus delivers. It“s definitely humorous and full of situations worthy of a chuckle. That said, if you“re hoping for any sort of seriousness, touching moments, or gameplay choices, this really isn“t for you. To be truthful, a decent part of the humor and absurdity comes from the translation. I won“t mince words; it“s an absolute mess and I don“t think it was ever actually read by an English speaker. It seems like a script that was run through a translation service, perhaps multiple times. While this can add to the humor, it also ruins any chance of emotional involvement by forcing you to spend too much time trying to figure out what you“re reading. You can generally scrape by with context clues, but some parts just don“t make sense, even after multiple rereads. Issues with the translation are worsened by the storytelling and art. It“s not bad, but the developers definitely prefer to tell rather than show. While there are plenty of everyday situations you might want to see an alpaca in, you“re just told about them instead of being shown amusing pictures of what“s happening. Ultimately, the art assets are just too few and, as wrong as it feels to say it, I was left wanting more alpaca than was offered. Closing up a shaky experience, the audio design is a mixed bag. The Japanese voices are well done and, while the main character isn“t voiced, it“s surprising how many side characters are. The music is on the border between decent and good, though sometimes it feels like it ruins the mood by setting the tone better than the story. You end up feeling like it“s a sad scene not because of what“s happening, but because of the music. It“s a little distracting, but not as immersion-breaking as the translation. You might be able to tell at a glance, but this game isn“t for everyone. If, like me, you“re going into Paca Plus looking to laugh at an absurd concept, chances are you“re going to be pretty satisfied. It“s one situation where the translation is a plus, adding a B-movie feel to the experience. Those looking for a serious romance or some heart warming monument to love being more than skin deep will quickly find the translation issues to be too much to look past. Maybe the original Japanese story is stronger, but the English translation is no bard“s tale. Pros: + Amusing concept + Humorous execution + Strong audio work Cons: - Few story choices - Laughably bad translation - Not enough art assets Overall Score: 5.5 (Out of 10) Average Paca Plus is a pretty good game for a laugh. Unfortunately, most of those laughs will be at its expense.
  14. Well, the new Skullgirls character pretty much smashed its funding goal. In 24 hours, no less. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/333003/

    1. barrel


      That's cool, I was wondering what the fate would be for the game after the balance patch and no word on the new characters they promised. I bet it would be funny to be in a skype call with MikeZ

    2. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      I'm interested to see how far it goes. It's great to see a developer like that getting funding from crowdsourcing.

  15. Number 905

    Share your last beaten games here!

    I beat Paper Mario: Sticker Star the other day. I can't say I was a big fan, but I did enjoy collecting the stickers.
  16. Number 905

    Went Nuts With Pre-Orders Today

    Yeah, you certainly did, wow! I don't even know what all of those are, like Time and Eternity and The Guided Fate Paradox
  17. Number 905

    Some Images Not Showing Up in the Forums

    I have the same issue as well with multiple images across the site, but I know full-well what causes it on my end. If you use the Chrome extensions "Disconnect" and/or "Facebook Disconnect," images from Facebook (more specifically fbcdn.net) won't load. So anything that blocks fbcdn.net will cause you to not see the pictures. As for them not showing up when you quote posts, double check in the editing mode to see if the URLs are really there. They won't show up in basic mode, but I'd wager you'll see them in advanced.
  18. Number 905

    Persona Portable Question

    1 and 2 are very different beasts from 3 and 4. 3 would definitely be a lot easier to get into.
  19. Huh, seems I have a $10 PSN credit to spend. What are you playing at, Sony...

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    2. Number 905

      Number 905

      P3P isn't up, though. FES is.

    3. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      I didn't get one either. :(

    4. Ludono


      Oh snap. Didn't see that. D:

  20. Number 905

    Share your last beaten games here!

    I beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and it was pretty sweet.
  21. Developer: Kojima Productions / Platinum Games Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: February 19, 2013 ESRB: M for Mature This review is based on the PlayStation 3 version of the game. A retail copy was provided by the publisher for this review. I“ll come clean: this is my first Metal Gear game. I“ve always been interested in the series, but I“ve never been able to get into the stealth gameplay. That“s why I was intrigued when it was revealed that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance would be a hack-and-slash action game and excited when Platinum Games“ involvement was revealed. It may be an atypical entry, both for me and the series, but I finally understand what I“ve been missing all these years. My biggest fear with this entry point was that I wouldn“t be able to follow the story, having only a loose understanding of the plot from second-hand experiences. It is a bit heavy with jargon and abbreviations, but the story works well as a standalone. Taking place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, you play as the cyborg ninja Raiden, a member of the private military company Maverick Security Consulting, investigating the underhanded dealings of another PMC, Desperado Enforcement. Thematically, the story revisits familiar concepts The purpose of war in society and the role of soldiers in times of peace are central to the plot. They“re interesting concepts, but I found myself more interested in the character of Raiden and his motivations, especially compared to his foes. The story doesn“t always work and the ending is underwhelming, but it“s interesting, cleverly directed, and well paced. As you might expect from Kojima Productions, this is a slick product. It looks impressive and takes full advantage of the available hardware. There are a few textures that look odd and occasional stutters when loading or using AR vision, but these issues never interfere with combat. Given Metal Gear“s reputation for long cinematics, I was impressed by how well the cutscenes flowed, never detracting from the pace set by the action. The audio design is also solid, with strong vocal performances and pleasing sound effects. Driving the whole experience is the soundtrack, an interesting mix of rock and electronic sounds that compliments both the action and aesthetic of the game. While the story and presentation will be the draw for many, mine was the action. I had high expectations going in, given Platinum Games“ history, and I wasn“t disappointed. The controls are as tight as you“d want and the feature set is typical for the genre. There are multiple difficulty settings, with more unlocked upon completion, as well as titles awarded for your performance, giving players of any skill level plenty of goals to work toward. You can customize Raiden to fit your playstyle through upgrades, costumes, and additional weapons by using points acquired through battle with the option to replay previous missions at any point. My only complaint is that, as with most games, there are times where the camera is your biggest enemy and there are times when the lock-on has trouble shifting targets. Every hack-and-slash game has its own focus, setting it apart from others in the genre. Revengeance“s calling cards are the parry, Blade Mode, and Zandatsu. Parrying makes up the bulk of your defensive options. When an enemy attacks, you move toward the blow and press the light attack button. If you get the timing right, the enemy will be open for a counter, otherwise you“ll simply block the attack. It“s satisfying to get a perfect parry, even more so when you block a string of attacks and get to follow up with a combo of your own. The signature feature of the game is Blade Mode. After charging your fuel cells by attacking enemies, you can enter Blade Mode and use the analogue stick to control the direction of your cuts, strategically dismembering your foes. When your fuel cells hit a certain level, you can use Blade Mode to perform Zandatsu. This technique has you line up your cut with a marker on the foe, instantly killing them and restoring your health. Tougher foes require the Zandatsu to remove armor and expose vital areas before they can be killed. It“s a very fun mechanic, especially when you end a heated fight by slicing the enemy into a hundred pieces and smashing their spine in your hand. To me, the best aspect of Revengeance is how open it is. It may seem odd to say, given the linear story progression, but you“re given the freedom to play any way you want. You can choose to skip through cutscenes and calls or use the codec to see additional scenes to learn more about the world and characters. Missions can be a simple dash from point A to B, but there are collectibles and other easter eggs to be found as well. They aren“t huge choices, but they make the length largely dependent on your playstyle and priorities. Even though stealth isn“t the main focus of the game, it still has a role to play. Rushing out and killing everything in your path is a valid approach, but there are options with more finesse. Whether that option is silently taking out foes from the shadows with ninja kills or sneaking past everyone to reach the objective is up to you. The stealth features aren“t as robust as in the Solid series, but veterans won“t be completely out of their element. Not every section has this freedom, but there“s a lot of room for personalization, making it feel more thought out than any other game in the genre. Looking at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance“s history, I understand why people might be wary. It dropped the Solid name and stealth genre, was revealed as a Kinect-enabled watermelon-slicing game, and had a troubled development cycle resulting in another studio“s involvement. Those are issues that most games would be left the worse for, but Kojima Productions and Platinum Games made it work. It“s an extremely satisfying experience that blends the best of the hack-and-slash genre with that distinctly Metal Gear flare that people, myself included, have come to love. Pros: + Fun, visceral combat + Open-ended gameplay + Slick, stylish presentation Cons: - Minor camera issues - Some stuttering in non-combat areas - Underwhelming conclusion Overall Score: 9 (Out of 10) Fantastic Marrying the best of Kojima Productions and Platinum Games, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an amazing experience for fans and newcomers alike.
  22. Can't say I'm interested in it, but I'm sure Marcus will be, if he doesn't already have it.
  23. Number 905

    Anyone Have a Goodreads Account?

    Been ages since I've touched it, but here's mine
  24. Eyepad.

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Look for Apple to fire back with a camera that tracks motion called iToy.

    2. Marcus Estrada
  25. Number 905

    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Is what I've heard about the 3DS on accurate in that it's a remake of the Wii version? If that's so, I'm definitely looking forward to it being playable with traditional controls. As fun as what I've seen of the Wii version looks, the waggle controls really turn me off on the game.