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    Assassins Creed Games, Call Of Duty Games, Battlefield 3, Minecraft, FIFA, NBA 2K Games, Borderlands, GTA, Mafia 2, Skyrim, WoW, Madden NFL, Anime, Manga, Sushi, Thai Food, Rice
  1. Can't Wait for Assassin's Creed III its going to be a great game...

  2. CallMeThaKing

    Helloooo newbie heree

    Thank you for all your warm welcomes! I also watch anime and stuff so if you do, u can discuss with me about it or just talk about games in general haha oh and for anyone who has ps3, hit me up when nab 2k13 comes out. ill be glad to play against anyone online peacee
  3. CallMeThaKing

    Helloooo newbie heree

    Hi im new here. No shibs haha. anyways, a lil about myself.... Im 100% Thai. i can speak english and thai. I play all sorts of video games from FPS to Minecraft and other stuff. Oh i have a minecraft server for anyone who is interested in playing with me. its 24/7 my PSN is CallMe_THaKiNG so add me and we can play come CoD or BF3 sometimes. thats pretty much about it! peace out! CallMe_THaKiNG