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    Steam Winter sale 2015 - What you get?

    Hi My name is Nate Or you can call by my username Ghostkiiller Im fairly new to this forum and this is my first post. Who or What got you into cars? Ill start. So originally I was never really into cars as in modifying or racing them. Always thought they were only used to commute and you can only have a "fast" car if you had money. That all changed for me one late night at my friends house. It was mainly us guys this Saturday night Because you know, Saturdays are for the boys. But there was this one girl there I never met her she was a Cousin of one of my friends, well anyway that night her and I talked till about 6am and one of her biggest hobbies were you guessed it. Cars it was all she talked about and she showed me videos and pictures of jdm cars and cars she wanted. Anyways thats the night I fall in love with cars particularly jdm cars. I dont remember her name lol just the cars she showed me and talked about.
  2. remont-plavnogo-puska

    Attack on Titan game by Omega Force

    The problem I am having is that I select the joystick in the setup but it just doesnt do anything in the game. The mouse works fines to control but not my joystick. It works fine in X2 and is calibrated on the PC