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  1. blakepro


    Yeah, I was referring to the guy that plays Artie. Looks like you could see the resemblance as well? Anyway, It always makes me think of him. Thanks, I was lost for a little while, but I found my way back! ;-)
  2. blakepro


    Hey! I remember you. Didint you have a avatar with a monster slicing off some dudes head for a while or something?
  3. blakepro

    dumb question, help?

    Perfect! Yes, that is what I was looking for. I knew there had to be a way. Thanks for your help!
  4. blakepro


    Thanks I remember you too. Your avatar always reminds me of warehouse 13.. I dont know if that guy is the same guy in that show, but it reminds me of him!
  5. blakepro

    dumb question, help?

    On almost all of the forums I visit, there is a page that lists ALL of the current, recently updated threads regardless of which section they fall into. Is there a page like that here somewhere? I can only seem to find that by section, not for the whole forum. It would help me a lot because I get lost trying to click into each section to see whats new.
  6. blakepro


    Hi. Names blakepro. I'm not super new.. but I've been gone a while. Sad to see my old profile and the old site go, but here is to starting fresh! I live in Alaska, am married and have two sons. names blakepro on PSN, XBLA, Steam, pretty much everything. So send me an invite if you want to play something sometime.
  7. blakepro

    Did the Site get wiped or something?

    Sad to see the old stuff gone, but I guess this is a good chance for cleaning up old stuff and starting fresh!