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Found 43 results

  1. Followers of Snoop's career know of the Lion usurper to the Snoop throne as Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus, Jr. made his way into reggae, but 505 Games and Echo Peak are unleashing the hounds with a new title on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, Way of the Dogg. The Doggfather himself stars in Way of the Dogg, with the game being described as a rhythm-type brawler. What it looks like, however, is a rhythm game where the narrative has Snoop Dogg beating a bunch of dudes up, so there's that. Director of Echo Peak Ciaran Walsh describes it as being homage to Snoop's "music and love of '70s Kung Fu and Blaxploitation movies." The art style is somewhat reminiscent of the art used in Grand Theft Auto, with some cel-shading flavor. It's another recent endorsement of celebrities getting into games, though a bit more thoroughly than the Satan-faced Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls. This, of course, isn't the first time Snoop has gotten The Blue Carpet Treatment in the world of games. He has a stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, he's endorsed FIFA 13, voiced himself in True Crime: Streets of LA, played Crow in Def Jam: Fight for NY, and his music has been in a number of games. 505 Games released a Doggumentary as well, showing some behind-the-scenes work for the game. Beware, though, as there is some colorful language and other such scandal that follows Snoop (though, bear in mind, he married his high-school sweetheart...). You can see that below. There's no concrete release date yet for Way of the Dogg, but the game is to be sold, not to be told on PlayStation Network, XBox Live Arcade, iOS, and Android devices "soon," according to the site.
  2. We initially reported on the Wikipad back in September. This tablet with a focus on gaming was set to arrive on Halloween. That didn't happen though and neither did a Winter release at all. Since then, there was nothing said about the device until a press release sent out today. Thankfully, the device isn't set to cost $500 anymore. The original price was probably what stopped Wikipad from being produced initially. A 10.1" tablet screen is luxurious but not something people will necessary buy just because it includes a controller around it. With today's announcement we now know that the Wikipad will ship with a 7" screen instead which brings the cost down to $250. Half the price may help ease the sting of purchase for interested consumers when it (hopefully) launches in Spring. Beyond that change, it seems that everything else remains the same. It comes with 16GB memory which can be upgraded up to 32GB thanks to a MicroSD slot. Tegra 3 is still the included processor as well and the device will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. If you really did want a 10" tablet with detachable gaming controller though then you're not out of luck. Apparently they are still set to produce one, but not just yet.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Ouya Coming to GameStop, Amazon, and More

    The Ouya Android-based system excited a lot of people when it launched on Kickstarter last year. The project generated so much cash and interest that even the likes of Square Enix took a look at it. Although much of that initial excitement has passed, there is still a bustling fan community around the device. What of people who missed out on ordering it during the Kickstarter period? Well, for a while now, people have been able to order an Ouya through the official website. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal however, Julie Uhrman announced that the system will even be coming to the retail space. After March, which is when backers get their units, the system will hit a variety of storefronts in June. Then, those looking for an Ouya will only have to visit their local Best Buy, GameStop, or Target. Those not interested in picking up the console that way will still have the option of buying straight through Amazon. As previously announced with the Kickstarter campaign, an Ouya system will cost $100 which comes with one controller. Controllers themselves sell for $50. Might you be willing to pick up an Ouya if you see it on store shelves?
  4. With Ouya dev kits out and about, Android game developers have had a chance to get their hands on the little kick-started console. What do they think about it? Well, the controller could be better, and these devs have a few suggestions for the creator to take into account before releasing the final product to the world. These creator's did take these devs' suggestions into account and have resulted in a cross-shaped D-pad replacing the original circular pad, as well as the analog sticks becoming rubberized on top, allowing for better grip. The sensitivity of the touch pad has also been improved and the triggers have been placed closer to the controller's body. Lastly, the security of the battery's compartment has been improved. Ouya is expected to hit the market in April, so you can see these improvements, as well as any others they make until then, for yourself. But Ouya isn't the only Android-powered console getting a controller redesign, as it looks like PlayJam's GameStick will also be doing so. The difference between the GameStick and Ouya, of course, is the fact that Ouya is a home console and the GameStick is merely a controller and a flash drive. Needless to say, a perfected controller for the GameStick is kind of important, since that's most of what it is. And unlike Ouya, this controller redesign is in picture form: PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith posted this image in a Kickstarter update, where he mentioned, "our aim was to create a controller that was not intimidating for a casual gamer and great to use for an experienced player." He went on to say that "not all of you liked our initial concept, but the feedback was very constructive, detailed, and really useful." The GameStick's controller redesign is a result of feedback from its Kickstarter backers. Some of its changes include the analog sticks being raised for more precise tilting, the controller's edges becoming curved at every corner, and pretty much cutting back on its NES-inspired design in favor of better grip. As for its HDMI dongle, the position of the storage slot has changed and now resides at the top of the controller. Furthermore, a charging docking attachment has been added to allow the GameStick to support new peripherals such as a keyboard. It's nice to see these developers taking user feedback into account with their consoles' controller layouts. This can only mean good things once we can finally hold these things in our hands. Which Android-powered console are you most excited about?
  5. Jordan Haygood

    GameStick Redesign

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © PlayJam

  6. Namco Bandai unveiled its newest vision for Tekken, a game best known for its bare-knuckle brawling, with Tekken Card Tournament. Tekken Card Tournament is a free-to-play fighting game designed for tablets and browsers, but its money-making capacity will come from the booster packs which will make their way to retail shelves this spring. The physical cards will be used to unlock new characters, upgrade existing characters and even let characters make real-world appearances via Augmented Reality. The game hopes to blend the button-mashing fighting experience with a more strategic approach. Namco also announced in their press release that the card game and digital game will both be playable as standalone games. Does the prospect of a portable, card-based fighting game appeal to the Tekken fan inside of you?
  7. A few months ago, we told you about a group of ex-Rare staffers with plans of creating a spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie. Well, while we wait for that, five other ex-Rare staffers have decided to band together to form a new studio called Flippin Pixels. Unlike with the other Rare veterans, however, these five left the company just last year with eyes set on mobile gaming. The new-found company consists of the following people: Steve Brand - Studio Director James Ackroyd - Software Director Steven Hurst - Art Director Shaun Read - Design Director Gary Richards - Technical Director "We have a lot to learn, but what we do bring is years of console experience and high quality execution," Ackroyd said in an interview with GI.biz in regards to their shift from consoles to mobile platforms. "We've only just recently been looking at how to monetize through games," Ackroyd continued. "The nature of the mobile market is so fast moving you can't afford to stay on something for months. You need to get it out there while it's still fresh. It's a little bit like buying a lottery ticket but if you've got the quality there hopefully that rises to the top." Flippin Pixels is already planning several different projects, with one currently in development. "We have a concept that's actually partway into development and the rest of our concepts are in paper form and bubbling to the surface," said studio director Steve Brand. "We'll build those out to a bigger business plan and approach publishers with them, that's one of the short-term goals." Are you interested in seeing what these former Rare employees have in store for the mobile market?
  8. The annual Consumer Electronics Show is about to be underway in Las Vegas, Nevada but has already seen an announcement which may interest gamers. During Nvidia's press conference, they showed off a new device of theirs which is an android-based portable game system tentatively titled Project Shield. It has multiple features to distinguish itself from current Android devices. First, is the device itself. It is a controller which contains the new Tegra 4 processor. Attached to the controller is a 5" screen that apparently cannot be separated from the device. As you might expect, the small screen can be used for typical Android features such as watching video or using the Play store. What helps Shield stand out is that PC games can be played on it via wi-fi (provided your PC is equipped with at least a GeForce GTX 650). Some may argue that they wouldn't want to play PC games on a small screen. In that case, Nvidia also showcased the system being able to stream PC games to TV sets. It includes HDMI output and can run Steam Big Picture mode without much fuss. Some gamers have certainly already made their own Steam on TV setups, but this may be more convenient for those with less enthusiasm for setting something up themselves. Shield's batteries are said to last 5-10 hours and the device accepts MicroSD cards. No date was announced, just the window of Quarter 2. Finally, a price was also left out of the announcement. The cost will probably be what makes or breaks the Shield.
  9. Jordan Haygood

    Rayman Jungle Run

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Ubisoft

  10. The Archos GamePad is yet another Android-based device which is hoping to carve out its own audience. Although the tablet has just launched in Europe, American gamers will have to wait a while before they can get their hands on it. As of right now, it is on track for an early 2013 launch. Archos is attempting to find its own niche with their device by making sure it has controller-style buttons on it. Fortunately or unfortunately, it also appears to feature similar analog sticks to the PSP, as opposed to Vita. Then there is the expected 7" capacitive screen, wi-fi connectability, 1.6GHz dual core CPU, and Android 4.1. It also comes with a controller mapping utility which may very well be the most interesting thing about it. Each system comes with 8 GBs of internal memory with the ability to use MicroSD cards. Although the Android marketplace may not inspire much excitement from gamers, there are still some games which may benefit from such a device. If not, we should expect it to become a popular handheld for fans of emulation on the go.
  11. OpenFeint brought together a number of mobile developers and millions of casual gamers across both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile gaming platform found itself at the center of a buyout earlier this year as GREE purchased the service for approximately $104,000,000. GREE, a mobile-focused Japanese company, is best known for its social networking features and social gaming. The company originally posited that the Openfeint brand will remain intact following the buyout, but ShackNews reported that the brand has its vanishing act scheduled for this December. Openfeint, which is utilized in games like Fruit Ninja, will be replaced by the ”GREE“ service on December 14. GREE also indicated that users may suffer from negative game experiences if existing Openfeint-supported games are not properly updated. Openfeint users can rest assured as achievements earned and buddy lists will remain intact, but will only be accessible by creating a new ”GREE“ account. How much importance do you place on social networking in your mobile gaming?
  12. Marshall Henderson

    Chrono Trigger Now on Android Devices

    We've seen Chrono Trigger on SNES, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Virtual Console, PSN, and even iOS, but we idiots who bought Android devices are getting the royal shaft on this. Or at least, we were. Fortunately, today marks the day where the beloved SNES classic comes to the Google Play store and we emerge from the Jurassic period. Originally released on the SNES, Chrono Trigger is considered one of the greatest JRPGs of forever, and rightly so, with its strong characters, compelling story, and the work from Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama filling out the artwork. While it's a well-beloved game, many might be resistant to the $9.99 price tag for a mobile device, but it is surely cheaper than most other releases of the game. Be wary, though, of the comments in the reviews. Many warn of poor optimization and finicky controls The extra DS content is available on the Google Play version of Chrono Trigger, so if you were ever interested in that, hey, it might be something to check out. Chrono Trigger is available now for $9.99 and 36M of your device's space on the Google Play store.
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Wikipad Gaming Tablet Coming to GameStop

    First GameStop started selling and buying iOS and Android devices and now it's ready to sell you the upcoming Wikipad device. It's an Android-powered tablet which is made for gaming. How does it accomplish that? Unlike other tablets, this one comes with a detachable controller interface. If there's one thing that touch-screen gamers are often sad about, it's the lack of buttons to play games with. Now we've got word that the Wikipad will be available through GameStop. President of sales for Wikipad Inc., Fraser Townley, said this about the retail partnership: "GameStop is the retail destination when it comes to video games. Nobody but GameStop provides gamers with the best gaming content on the market. And for those that purchase or pre-order a Wikipad at GameStop, their tablet will have access to valuable extras including exclusive free, full-length game titles. The Wikipad is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and will support PlayStation®Mobile platform." The device is currently up for pre-order and will arrive in stores on October 31st - just in time for Halloween! The tablet isn't cheap. For $500 you'll get a tablet running Android 4.1 that sports the Tegra 3 processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 16GB flash storage, and a 10.1 " screen (1200x800). Each tablet comes with the removable gamepad controls. Interestingly, those who order from GameStop will get some "full-length titles" for their new Wikipad. There's no mention to what these games are though as of yet. Does the Wikipad entice you or do you already have your next gaming gadget in mind?
  14. Recently, we learned that Level-5 has a new (and possibly last) Professor Layton game in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. However, this doesn't seem to be the only new Layton game Level-5 has to offer, as Famitsu has unveiled a brand new installment into the Layton series for both iOS and Android known as Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves. Rather than having you play as Professor Layton and his young apprentice Luke, players play the role of an avatar of their own creation as they search for info on various thieves around London. Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves also has a social aspect to it, as players will be rewarded in some way for cooperating with others to catch these thieves. Furthermore, if you register your game early, you'll earn a cute little Luke puppet for your avatar. Not much else is known about this game, so stay tuned for more info. Does this game pique your interest, or will you be passing it up?
  15. In an attempt to appeal towards the e-book audience, Chunsoft (and their North American publisher, Agetec) has decided to start bringing "sound novel" games to the American market. The first in this series of sound novels to make an appearance on both iOS and Android devices is Super Famicom release Kamaitachi no Yoru, or The Night of Kamaitachi. This will be the first time the Chunsoft title sees a North American localization. The Night of Kamaitachi is a murder mystery that takes place in a ski lodge. The sound novel is one of many that set the basis for visual novel-style games, where one makes decisions that will lead you to different endings. However, rather than emphasizing the characters, which are mere silhouettes, The Night of Kamaitachi instead focuses on its music and writing (hence it being a "sound novel"). It'll be pretty interesting to see what future sound/visual novels Chunsoft and Agetec will be bringing to us. What are your thoughts on this attempt to bring sound/visual novels to the e-book audience?
  16. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Android App

    From the album: Marcus's Album