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Found 2 results

  1. Now before we get started, I want to make something clear. Every game that is going to be mentioned in this list is arguably pretty gosh darned great, and I genuinely enjoyed my time with them. But that doesn't mean there weren't things I didn't like about them. To keep this article from becoming a book about all the stuff I didn't like, we'll narrow it down to just the characters I couldn't stand. Every game with multiple characters has at least one that the gaming world almost unanimously agrees is just terrible for some reason. Each series just has to have their very own Jar Jar Binks to be complained about in forums for the rest of eternity. It's almost like its mandatory to hurt some designer's feelings after all of their hard work. These are just some of those characters. Hope - Final Fantasy XIII I'm going to let you all in on a little secret: I ended up enjoying both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. I know, I know. I have to live with these sins for the rest of my life. But I wasn't always so peachy keen with the thirteenth game in the Final Fantasy series. This was mainly because the first twenty hours or so of the game were absolutely garbage. Of course, there's another thirty hours of pretty good gameplay after that. But it was a chore getting through those first twenty. I cannot form into words how much I hated him And one of the main reasons for that was the character, Hope. A young teenage boy who at the start of the game, saw his mother die right in front of him while she was trying to help another character named Snow save a train full of exiled people. After her death, Hope holds a grudge against Snow for no good reason for those first grueling twenty hours. While I can understand we're suppose to be seeing a kid dealing with his mother's death, all I saw was an indecisive whiner who couldn't stop dealing with his FEELINGS. I just wanted the side story to end so I could finally go on adventures with a full team of characters who weren't busy torturing themselves over their angst and boohoos. That time finally came, as I mentioned before. But the disdain for Hope stuck with me throughout the game. This was made even worse when he was made one of the only returning characters in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Of all the characters they could have chosen, they got the least liked one?? Ben - The Walking Dead WARNING: There are spoilers for The Walking Dead in this part of the article. I've covered them up to protect you. So open them at your own risk. Ben was such an inept character that his many, many misdeeds almost became funny. Almost. At first I thought he was just making these mistakes because he was a teenage kid who was just trying to do right by the group. And then his idiotic choices started piling up more and more. He was directly putting the group in harm's way every few minutes. It just became annoying. Oh Ben, you were just bad all around He was making choices that no actual person would have made. At one point, he unblocks a door with a horde of zombies he could clearly see waiting behind it and then acts surprised when the group gets overrun by them. And that wasn't even the worst of it. He would actively run away from the group whenever danger arose and he ended up getting multiple people killed in my game. When the time finally came to... After I did it though, I started feeling bad, like I had made the wrong choice. I refused to go back and correct it however, because that would have spoiled the whole point of the game. Then I read online that... That is also one of the reasons I became sour towards The Walking Dead as well. Your choices really didn't matter at all. So thanks a lot Ben. You suck. Jack Marston - Red Dead Redemption This is a case of one character being unable to fill the shoes of their father. At the end of Red Dead Redemption, the game skips forward a fair number of years and puts you in the boots of a now adult Jack Marston, John Marston's son. And after spending a good thirty hours as John Marston, its tough to get accustomed to this new character who, at best, is a pale imitation of his father. And then I threw my game disc in the trash and cried But that isn't the only problem with Jack Marston. Throughout the entire game, John Marston was working towards giving his son a better life than he had as a child. All of the violence and sacrifices that John had to make for his son to grow up as a normal law abiding human being immediately gets thrown aside right after the game's credits come to an end. Jack still becomes an outlaw. He still robs and murders people despite everything John did, and it more or less tells you your whole journey beforehand was for absolutely nothing. It also doesn't help that the game gives you absolutely no option to turn back into John Marston after the game skips forward in time. After you beat it, you're stuck as Jack Marston forever. That's what really made me dislike Jack as a character. Cooke And Mack - Lost Odyssey Around ten or fifteen hours into the Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey, you gain two party members to join in on your immortal quest. Those two characters just happen to be the grandchildren of the thousand year old main character, Kaim. Now that we've got that out of the way, I'm just going to blurt out the bad news: COOKE AND MACK ARE PHIL AND LIL FROM THE RUGRATS CARTOON. I just can't deal with this. I can't. Well technically Cooke is Phil and Lil, but Mack's voice is done by another prominent voice actress for children's cartoons and he ended up sounding just like a Rugrats character as well. Normally I can get past a voice I don't like, but these two characters just drained the life out of the game for me. I loved all of the short stories, but every time they were on screen I just kept thinking about that Rugrats golfing game on the PS1. It completely pulled me out of the story. A big no-no for an RPG. I'm sure there are a million more characters that could make this list, but I'll keep it at four... for now. In the meantime, what characters did you hate in some of your favorite games? Why did you hate them? Why don't you sign up and leave a comment below telling me why?! As always, thank you for reading.