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Found 109 results

  1. We found last year's Chicken Wiggle to be a fun and charming platformer, but unfortunately, the game was released on 3DS at a time when its audience had moved onto the Nintendo Switch, and it didn't perform as expected sales-wise. Not one to give up so easily, Atooi's Jools Watsham launched a Kickstarter on March 6 to bring an HD version of the game -- renamed Chicken Wiggle Workshop -- to the Nintendo Switch. The good news is that the Kickstarter crossed the threshold with success, closing after meeting its funding goal and the first stretch goal. Not only does this mean that the Switch version of the game will go into production and get a visual upgrade with redone HD art, it also means that Grant Kirkhope -- legendary video game composer who scored Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and more -- will be contributing an all-new orchestral soundtrack to the game. Of course, the level creation and sharing aspect will also be present in this new version, as will be the function to switch back and forth between retro visuals (of the 3DS version) and the newer, HD art. According to its Kickstarter, Atooi is aiming to have Chicken Wiggle Workshop available on Nintendo Switch by December 2018. Source: Kickstarter Are you excited that Chicken Wiggle be getting an enhanced HD version for Switch?
  2. Project Rap Rabbit seemed like a match made in heaven when it was first revealed on Kickstarter, especially with the talent behind rhythm game classics such as Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man combining forces to create the game. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. Today was the last day for the Kickstarter, and it fell short by a significant margin -- even if it did manage to get over $100,000 in pledges. So what happens with development now? The developer has spoken out on what is presumably their final Kickstarter update for the game, saying that they can't continue with the project due to lack of funding now, so it's effectively on hold for now. However, they did state that due to fan support, their vision for the game hasn't gone unnoticed, though there was no further elaboration on that statement. Is it possible they attracted a publisher who wants to fund the game? At any rate, that's where things stand with Project Rap Rabbit for now. As for the chances of it seeing the light of day in the future? Anything is possible, but probably don't hold your breath anytime soon. Source: Kickstarter Are you disappointed to hear that Project Rap Rabbit didn't meet its Kickstarter goal and is now on indefinite hiatus?
  3. If you're not familiar with Bitmap Books' upcoming NES/Famicom Visual Compendium, a Kickstarter campaign was started in the last month for the book, which will serve as a tribute to the art and design of some of the most popular games released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) as well as the Famicom in Japan. The campaign initially garnered a lot of interest from fans, even netting several times the Kickstarter goal in the process, but eventually ran into some legal trouble with Nintendo right before the campaign came to an end, resulting in it being pulled down during the interim. Apparently, the dispute was over the way Nintendo's intellectual property (such as Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda) was being used, but it appears that negotiations took place that allowed the Kickstarter to return to active state with less than a day left before it ends. While details remain scarce on the settlement, the word "unofficial" has been added to the book's title, and any images of the Nintendo Seal of Quality have been removed. Otherwise, everything else seems to have the green light for publication. At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter stands at $252,374 pledged (way past its original goal of $36,733) and stretch goals have seen to it that a whopping 272 additional pages are being added to the book along with other modifications. If you're interested in backing the campaign before it ends, you can check out the Kickstarter here. In all, it sounds like a happy ending for fans of the upcoming book and the publisher alike! Source: Game Informer Are you interested in checking out the NES/Famicom Visual Compendium when it releases?
  4. Ok so I saw this game on Kickstarter and I have no clue why people are not all over this game. It looks amazing. For any classic Metroid or Shovel Knight fans you should check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDrxeJ-1scc You can grab a free demo of the game on Kickstarter so go check it out - Kickstarter page
  5. Is anyone here a fan of the classic 6-DOF game Descent? Are you mad that the trilogy was pulled off GOG and Steam? Well guess what the creators of Descent are back with a brand new 6-DOF game that looks and feels just like the good old Descent. Not sure what Descent or 6DOF is? check out my video of the first level of Descent. Descent is back! So what are you waiting for head on over and grab yourself a copy now at Overload Kickstarter
  6. In today's GP Daily, an old classic returns, yet another Kickstarter game is put on hold, a beloved outlet dissolves, and new games come to the PlayStation Store. Check out the headlines below: Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is coming to Vita this Summer These days it seems like the only time you see a Mystery Dungeon game in the West is when a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon releases, but the roguelike series seems to be having somewhat of a revival thanks to last year's Etrian Mystery Dungeon from Atlus and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon from Nintendo. Aksys must have taken notice of this because they recently announced that they'll bringing Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate to the PlayStation Vita in North America this Summer. The game is set to feature loads of items, monsters, epic quests, and Vita-exclusive dungeons, so if you're a Mystery Dungeon fan, keep an eye out for more info on this as Summer nears. Source: Press Release Final Fantasy Tactics Director's Unsung Story on Hold Remember Unsung Story? It was set to be Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno's next big game, and it even had a successful Kickstarter. Alas, it appears that the game's developer Playdek has been having issues with development in the last few months, which has caused the company to have to put the game on hold to focus on more profitable ventures. This likely won't go over well with Kickstarter backers but Playdek cites the loss of several key personnel as one of the major reasons for this. Perhaps the game got too ambitious for its own good? In any case, Playdek isn't giving up on the game altogether, but there's no word on when they'll return to development on it either. Unfortunately, backers will have to wait and see what happens. Source: Kickstarter GameTrailers closes its doors In news that's a bit more sad, GameTrailers was suddenly shuttered yesterday. Even the staff apparently only found out hours before the announcement was official, which is pretty shocking to hear. The outlet has been one of the biggest resources for trailers and clips of video games in the last 15 years, and its staff and work is well-beloved, so it's a shame to see them go. Source: Twitter PlayStation Store Update 2/9/16 Like last week, there are some fairly big games debuting on the PlayStation Store today, not the least of which are Firewatch and Unravel. Check out the full list below: PS4 Arsland: The Warriors of Legend Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia Dying Light: The Following (Enhanced Edition) Firewatch Level 22 (out 2/11) Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Mop: Operation Cleanup Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Rugby Challenge 3 (out 2/10) Siralim Unravel PS3 Arsland: The Warriors of Legend Level 22 (out 2/11) PS Vita Breath of Fire III Level 22 (out 2/11) Siralim We Are Doomed For a list of all the games on sale, check out the source link below. Source: PlayStation Blog Are you excited for a new Shiren the Wanderer? What are your thoughts on Unsung Story and GameTrailers? And will you buy anything new on PSN this week? Let us know below!
  7. Do you have old games laying around that you don't know what to do with? Well why not turn them into art and display them on the wall. Introducing "Linked to the wall" wall mounts to display your favorite games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYsSDxxpaQA This looks pretty cool! I have so many games just laying around doing nothing so turning them into art sounds like a fun idea. Do you want to turn your favorite games into art? Check out Linked to the wall on Kickstarter and order your mounts today!
  8. Comcept is quickly running out of time to fund their Kickstarter for RED ASH: The Indelible Legend (their Mega Man Legends-inspired game), so in an attempt to turn things around, they released a playable mockup of the game. However, it appears to be pretty bare-bones. Comcept mentioned that the mockup exists to help people get a feel for the experience of RED ASH, but the playable character is in fact a temporary stand-in in the form of Mighty No. 9's Beck. Additionally, the third-person shooter element that's supposed to play a large part in the gameplay is not included in this mockup. Instead, Comcept says that the mockup shows the more "whimsical and playful side" of the exploration that takes place in the game, such as interacting with townsfolk who also happen to be Mighty No. 9 stand-ins. The mockup's bizarre and sudden appearance seems to corroborate that this is a very last minute put-together experience in a bid to garner more interest in the game's ailing Kickstarter campaign. Will it succeed? RED ASH's campaign only has 5 days left and just a bit over $300,000 more to go, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. If you're interested in checking out the mockup, you can find more info on how to download and play it here. Source: Kickstarter What are your thoughts on the RED ASH mockup? Will it save the Kickstarter campaign?
  9. The honeymoon phase for all things E3 is beginning to wane. The luster of the shiny new trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3, Gears of War 4, Recore and the Final Fantasy 7 remake are “yesterday's news” and the tide immediately turned against the parties responsible for the absence of a few expected games and failing to provide fans with definitive release dates. Sony is bearing the brunt of this criticism. Sony's role in allowing The Last Guardian to skip the entirety of 2015 beyond a solitary gameplay video or promising a Final Fantasy 7 remake from a company that is seemingly unreliable is not sparking complaints. The source of contention is Shenmue III's use of a Kickstarter campaign. Articles like this one cropped up and while some sought answers to a few lingering questions, the bulk served the sole purpose of blasting the campaign. We all should know at this point that video games are expensive to create. The Shenmue franchise, in particular, is famous for its history of spiraling costs and lengthy production time. Shenmue may have sold over a million copies, but the game still failed to cover expenses. Sony mentioned that the Kickstarter campaign's primary purpose was to “gauge interest,” but in reality the campaign served a much more defined goal: help secure financing. Controversy for Controversy's Sake Sony's highlight of Yu Suzuki's plea to fans for project funding definitely attributed to the misconception that Sony sought the funds, but it was made abundantly clear the destination for the Kickstarter funds. Of course, it wouldn't have been the first time a Fortune 500 company had its own intellectual property on the service for in-house funding, after all. Poor communication with the phrases “gauge interest” and “testing ground,” which so many complaints have latched onto, has led to a colossal misunderstanding. This Kickstarter Campaign may have been featured at Sony's E3 conference, but one thing should be absolutely clear: Sony is not the one asking for the money from fans, YS Net is asking fans to help prove that this game has a place in the market. This is called providing a “proof of concept,” a common business practice when attempting to secure an outside investor for a product. Investors need reassurance that the goods in which they are investing can turn a profit and, unfortunately, history can say a lot more than an amorphous fan base whose support may or may not materialize. The source of the outside funding may not be clear, but Sony has explicitly stated that they will be partners going forward. Sony does not own the license. Sony does not own the developer. The absence of any real Shenmue talk beyond YS Net hope to obtain the rights to the franchise from SEGA makes it reasonable to tag Sony as the third party investor who will float a bit of YS Net's bill until this project's completion in exchange for some sort of exclusivity deal, repayment and or royalty. The new stretch goals are also being met with a similar level of scrutiny as those who are seeking to create controversy are falsely equating the campaign to a scam. Yu Suzuki met the initial goal within the first day. The campaign received some new stretch goals as they closed in on $3 Million, including a top tier for the creation of a true open world experience. Suzuki may know where the base funding will originate now that the initial goal has been met, but more money allows him the same benefits as any other developer on the service. He can potentially secure even more financing for scale or simply be used to run the company to help mitigate the amount needed to borrow. The vocal minority is using these goals and equating the increase in Kickstarter funds being requested as money that Sony is "saving." This would make sense... if the company intended on just handing YS Net money free and clear regardless of the amount needed. They do not. Yu Suzuki had even mentioned seeking more outside investors for the project's completion. In fact, the more money that YS Net raises in pre-production will ultimately lessen the amount needed to borrow and interest to be repaid. One of the most common complaints about this campaign centers around Sony's financial standing and the perceived reluctance to fully finance the project. This is one area that the vocal minority should take a step back and truly survey the situation. YS Net is a relatively new studio whose output these last four years have been mobile gaming. The head of the studio could not secure funding through the license holder, a company for which he worked the last 26 years. The loan would be used for an aged franchise that, while reaching a healthy volume, failed to break even all those years ago. As a publicly traded company, would you have issued a loan to this studio? No, you wouldn't. The bulk of complaints being levied originate from a general lack of understanding for standard business practices. How do you feel about YS Net's plea for funding? Does it coincide with the spirit of the service being used?
  10. http://www.destructoid.com/deep-silver-is-most-likely-publishing-bloodstained-292917.phtml Honestly, I'm not that surprised, especially after they ended up picking up Mighty No. 9 just a month ago or so. I'd be curious to know if they were the only publisher that expressed interest though, and if not, did they have to win a bidding war (in a manner of speaking)? Another thing that is running through my head is, was this deal already set in motion before the Kickstarter even took off, only to announce it after it was a big success? At any rate, it's surprising to me that more publishers haven't picked up some of the bigger games from KickStarter other than Deep Silver and Atlus. Also, I'll be shocked if no one picks up Yooka-Laylee, though I imagine Deep Silver will snatch that one up too. I guess this is good for their profile, though. Before this and Mighty No. 9, they were pretty much a publisher only known for shooters, so this will help give them more of a portfolio going forward. What do you guys make of this? Do you think Deep Silver is a good match?
  11. http://www.polygon.com/2015/5/19/8624665/big-indie-kickstarters-are-killing-actual-indies I don't usually post about Polygon articles, but this is a pretty great read about how the big indie Kickstarters are deflating actual costs to make their Kickstarter a success, which is ruining peoples' perceptions of the actual costs to make a game in the process. I've known about this before (and I'm sure some of you do as well) but the op-ed does a good job of breaking everything down as to why it's a bad thing for smaller indies who really are using the money as a workable budget and don't have pre-existing funding from another source. If anything, hopefully this will help Kickstarter implement some kind of necessary disclosure that Kickstarter campaigns will need to comply with beforehand, but that will probably kill some of their momentum in the process and they'd be sabotaging themselves by doing so, so... who knows what will happen. Anyhow, what are your thoughts on this?
  12. So Kickstarter has been around for a few years now with many success stories coming out of it. Remember the Ouya? Well you can thank Kickstarter for its existence. I recently took a gander at my Kickstarter account to see how the last two years have turned out in terms of projects I've personally backed and the results were probably as you'd expect. STATS! I joined Kickstarter in January of 2013, making it just over 2 years of being on the site. My first pledge went to Akaneiro Demon Hunters in January of 2013. My latest pledge went to Project Scissors: NightCry in February of 2015. Total Projects Backed: 21 Total Projects Successfully Funded: 13 Total Projects Canceled / Unsuccessful: 7 Active Projects: 1 Category Breakdown Games: 15 Film/Video: 4 Technology: 1 Publishing: 1 11 of the projects have pledge rewards, however of these I've actually only received TWO (well, 2.5 kinda). I received the digital rewards for Akaneiro and I received my Bubblegum Crisis Bluray set. Twisted Fusion offered a code for Blok Drop U along with a copy of the game once released. I have already received the code so that pledge reward is half fulfilled I guess? I'm going to focus on some of the gaming projects since that's probably the most interesting to you guys! I'm going to give each project a "Kickstarter Score" which rates the kickstarter based on how well they ran it, updates, and sticking to schedule. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale. January 2013 I backed this one mainly due to it being the next release from the much acclaimed American McGee. The game itself turned out to be not as good as I had hoped but they were really great about providing constant updates and sticking to schedule. They had a total of 72 Updates from Feb 2013 to April 2014 which was post-release. Score: 10/10 Soul Saga A love letter to J-RPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona. July 2013 Backed this due to people hyping it up on here and some podcasts I listen to. Was supposed to be out last summer but ran past the deadline. It's had several betas since then but full release is not yet dated... they have however kept the backers up to date and are releasing new beta builds every few weeks. Score: 8/10 Shantae: Half-Genie Hero A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4! October 2013 It's Shantae! Of course I had to back it! Supposed to have been released October 2014 but has also been delayed.... Score: 8/10 Mighty No. 9 Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU! October 2013 This was one of the biggest hyped Kickstarters I participated in. The ETA on this was April 2015..... Score: 9/10 Bear Simulator Explore, eat stuff, be a Bear! April 2014 I'm not sure why I backed this... but it was supposed to be finished last October... but the creator appears to have run off and people pissed. Pretty shady. Score: 1/10 Twisted Fusion Join Cora, our dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U. April 2014 Seemed like a very humble project with a modest goal and it's Wii U exclusive? Figured I'd toss some sheckles his way. Supposed to have been finished December 2014 but he's run into snags, but is keeping his backers up to date with info and a playable beta. Score: 8/10 Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan. May 2014 Someone pressured me into backing this ahahahaa. Supposed to have come out last December but also ran into issues. Plenty of updates however. Score: 8/10 Project Scissors: NightCry A brand new horror game from Hifumi Kono, the creator of the Clock Tower game series, and Takashi Shimizu, the director of The Grudge. February 2015 I LOVE the Clock Tower series and it's been far too long since we've had one. I'm a huge J-horror buff so I went big with my pledge for this one No score since it's still funding. So what are your thoughts on Kickstarter? How much have YOU backed? How much have you actually received?
  13. Rex705


    Do you like classic shooters like Doom? then come check out STRAFE on kickstarter. STRAFE is a classic shooter with randomly generated levels and tons of blood and guts. Check out some gameplay video The game needs your help it has 7 days left on kickstarter and really close to it's goal. So head on over and drop some cash or even just tell your friends about and spread the word. I really want to see this game happen. Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strafegame/strafe?ref=category
  14. I'm sure you have heard of 3D printers before but how about a pen that draws in 3D? I was looking at my e-mail today and saw a Kickstarter mail showing things they think are cool. I normally ignore these because they are not video games and that's all I really am interested in Kickstarter but the 3D pen got my attention. If you are an artist or just like to doodle this thing looks pretty cool. what do you think about this? Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1351910088/3doodler-20-the-worlds-first-3d-printing-pen-reinv?ref=NewsJan0815&utm_campaign=Jan+08&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter
  15. Jordan Haygood

    Shovel Knight

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Yacht Club Games

  16. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Mercenary Kings

    Developer: Tribute Games Publisher: Tribute Games Platform: PC (Steam), PS4 (PSN) Release Date: March 25, 2014 ESRB: M for Mature You might not remember it, but in 2012, Tribute Games ran a Kickstarter for an awesome-looking arcade action game called Mercenary Kings. It took a while to release but certainly not as long as some other crowdfunded projects out there. Now that the game is out we can appraise how successful it was at meeting its goals, or more importantly, how fun the game is regardless of intent. Mercenary Kings is a 2D action platformer with roots in classics such as Metal Slug and Contra. The spirit of these titles is kept alive thanks to pixelated artwork and similarly fast gameplay. After selecting from a list of missions, you set off to a stage to complete its given goal. Usually, orders are pretty simplistic. Find a certain amount of item, person, or take someone out and then head back to home base to select a new mission. The basics are simple enough, but there“s definitely more to it than that. Between missions the player can upgrade their weapons, get their goods modded, and stock up on other supplies. One weird facet is a simple crafting mechanic which facilitates upgrades. No, it“s not like Minecraft. All you have to do is collect craftable objects during missions and then bring them back. Items are all over the place, either popping out of enemies as they die or locked in easily-breakable chests. Thankfully, there“s no limit to how much of the crafting stuff you can carry. The same is not true for more mission-imperative items. With that said, you can easily ignore most of this stuff and simply get to shooting up everyone in sight. Enemies come in a handful of types such as sniper, robotic snail, and other obvious cannon fodder. Each has their own tactics for efficient termination, but often you can employ the same general ones. For many characters, simply ducking and waiting between bursts of fire is good enough. It“s a shame that "waiting" is at all a part of the gameplay, though, considering Mercenary Kings wants to be a totally frantic experience. When the game is at its best, you feel like a real badass. After getting the basic mechanics down it is easy to work through enemies without a scratch. It“s not too hard thanks to the fact that enemy bullets apparently fly in slow motion. For whatever reason, there is an active reload mechanic, though, which can lead to trouble. During each reload session you can cut down on time by hitting the reload button at the right time with an on-screen prompt. Because the prompt always shifts the "best" spot, you“ll need to keep an eye on it. As such, you might be thrown temporarily out of whack with the rampant destruction around you. This may be just one unfortunate design decision but the more glaring issue is the missions themselves. As previously stated, there are a few types that reoccur a ton. They could effectively be considered "fetch quests" in many instances since you just need to find their markers on the map and head there. With little variety in general gameplay, Mercenary Kings can become a very tiresome experience indeed. It“s a tremendous shame considering the game otherwise has a great deal of visual polish. With art by famed pixel artist Paul Robertson it stands as one of the most attractive pixelated indie games to date. However, there is a weird proclivity to make nearly every female character in game have tremendous, jiggling breasts despite characters“ otherwise chibi-style frames. If you don“t mind (or, instead, enjoy) that then the art will probably appeal as 100% awesome. The soundtrack is also suitably awesome for a modern 2D action game. Although the gameplay is incredibly repetitive, you may find it a ton of fun when getting together a group of friends to play. Local co-op includes slots for four players and amps up everything. As bullets spew all over the screen, you“ll find accomplishing missions much easier than before. This changes them from being chore-like to entertaining experiences. You can also play online but, again, you“ll want to set up a time between friends. Strangely, the online player base seemed quite dead - or I was just online at all the wrong times. There was so much work done to make Mercenary Kings look and feel like a very cool retro game for the modern age. But there are still points where it falters. Those who enjoy (or can look over) repetitive missions cannot ignore the bugginess. On nearly every gameplay session the game would crash. This is purely in regards to the PC version. Thankfully crashes were always upon mission start rather than during one, but it was still an annoyance. In many ways, Mercenary Kings is a polished, entertaining product. It has excellent artwork, imaginative bosses, and fun references to other games. Gameplay is also easy to get a grasp of. However, thanks to the decisions to limit the game in scope via dull missions, the appeal quickly starts to wear off. Those who have the option to should play local or online co-op to enjoy the entire game. Otherwise, you“ll likely find yourself worn out before long. Pros: + Mastering the game feels very rewarding + Lovingly detailed pixel art + Online and local co-op for increased mayhem Cons: - PC version seems prone to crashing - Missions are far too repetitive - Active reload mechanic is an unneeded annoyance Overall Score: 6 (out of 10) Decent Mercenary Kings had a lot of promise and partially lives up to expectations. Just don“t go into it anticipating the next Metal Slug and it“ll satisfy your 2D action platformer needs. Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable Steam code provided by the publisher
  17. Marcus Estrada

    Mercenary Kings Screenshot 4

    From the album: Review Images

  18. Marcus Estrada

    Mercenary Kings Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  19. Marcus Estrada

    Mercenary Kings Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  20. Marcus Estrada

    Mercenary Kings Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  21. Close to a year ago, we at Game Podunk reviewed Dysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos. It scored highly with 8.5 out of 10. The game also hit Steam Greenlight where eager players voted for the game. Upon its Steam launch, Dysfunctional Systems ended up being the first visual novel to be greenlit. As good as Episode 1 was, there was no guarantee of future episodes. That is, until developer Dischan Media launched their Kickstarter! By raising $49,000 CAD they would be able to finally complete the series. So far, they've made a little over $39,000 CAD. With eight days remaining they just need a little more to be successful. The campaign includes such reward tiers as: $5 - Episode 1. $25 - Downloads copies of the 2nd and 3rd episodes. $100 - Complete series, digital art book, soundtrack download, and USB drive. Have you played Dysfunctional Systems? What did you think of it?
  22. It's official: La-Mulana 2 has reached its Kickstarter goal of $200,000 and is coming to PC. Developer NIGORO has Linux and Mac as two other platforms it would port to next, but they're set at a $400,000 stretch goal, which at this point is looking unlikely for them to reach in just five more days. While two stretch goals have been reached so far, they just involve the developers eating curry, though the third stretch goal at $230,000 will see NIGORO including a mode that reveals far more about the story and about the world of La-Mulana, which will be helpful to those who may not have played the first game. The next stretch goal after that at $260,000 will see them add a Bestiary to the final product which will help players find out more about the enemies they encounter and such. You may have to wait for a bit before playing the game, however; La-Mulana 2 isn't expected to release until December 2015 or later. In the meantime, you can check out our review of the original game. Source: Kickstarter
  23. Marcus Estrada

    Ouya 2.0 Planned for 2014

    After the Ouya was massively successful on Kickstarter, founder Julie Uhrman was sure to speak highly of the upcoming Android-based console. At one point, she even shared that the company intended to come out with annual Ouyas, just like smartphone model upgrades. Today we see that this plan is still underway. Speaking with Polygon, Uhrman officially spoke about some of their plans for Ouya 2.0. She even shared her opinion on the fact that some people will be made mad by this announcement, saying "every company does it, it's just that no one talks about it." In any case, what is new about the Ouya 2.0? For one, they've already been working on fixing the controllers, which were known to have many issues. Current owners can file request for new ones, although the upcoming system will come packed with an improved controller by default. The hardware is changing too, of course, although specifics weren't given. So far they are pegged to release Ouya 2.0 in 2014, but we'll have to wait to see a specific date. Will they run another crowdfunding campaign? Will the two Ouyas be able to co-exist or will 2.0 receive priority updates? Will gamers still care after many were burned by the original Ouya? Unfortunately, none of these questions can be answered just yet!
  24. In what is a first for the company, WayForward (of DuckTales Remastered and Mighty Switch Force fame) have turned to Kickstarter to help fund a brand new entry in the Shantae series called Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. WayForward has announced that Shantae will retain all aspects from previous games, such as hair whipping, belly dancing, platforming, exploring, storytelling and more. Essentially, everything that made the game into a cult Metroidvania game will be there and more. The story sees Shantae discovering the fabled Genie realm after being roused awake one night and wandering into the forest, only to discover that a powerful evil is about to break free from its seal. So far, WayForward has introduced some interesting stretch goals, with 500k marking the production of Risky mode, in which you'll be able to play as the villainous Risky Boots in her own campaign. 600k will guarantee the inclusion of a bonus chapter, where Shantae will compete in a Magic Carpet Race; a new transformation is also included in this stretch goal as well. As for what platforms it'll be released on, WayForward has stated that the game is already confirmed for Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam. Shantae Half-Genie Hero will be funded if it reaches its $400,000 goal, so be sure to check out the Kickstarter if you're interested. Are you excited for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero?
  25. If you“ve managed to never hear about the Ouya before today then you“re one of the few. The Ouya is an independent video game console which saw an incredible Kickstarter campaign last year. Raising over 8 million dollars, the project was obviously very interesting to many. Although some backers, reviewers, and developers got the system early, it only officially launched on June 25th. Now that the system has been out for a month the developers have started to report on game sales. One of the most highly-touted features of the Ouya is that every game on the marketplace has to have a free option available. Whether that is a free game with in-game purchases or just a demo is up to the developer. They can do anything as long as there is some free download available alongside a paid version (if there is even a paid version at all). As anyone can develop and self-publish their own game onto the market, there are a great deal of differing implementations of this rule. Things are off to a rocky start. CEO Julie Uhrman recently reported that 27% of Ouya owners have made a purchase on their system. Of the many thousands of systems shipped to backers as well as retail/Amazon purchases that“s not a huge amount. Why buy when you can simply play the free games or too friendly free mode options? Obviously the system is just finding its feet but apparently the audience is not particularly fond of spending more on the device. Thinking about it, it really makes sense that the purchase amount is so low. After all, what was the most touted feature of the Ouya? Sure, it was neat to see the system as being “open” to all developers, but it was also $99. Thrifty gamers are probably not keen on snapping up a lot of games on the system. Of course, one could also consider the possibility that the biggest unspoken selling point about the system was being able to easily run Android-based classic console emulators on TV. But enough with considering the mindset of the Ouya populous. Let“s take a look at the numbers which many indie developers have been kind enough to make public! Unfortunately, every developer is reporting their statistics in different ways.That means some share all the interesting info from free versus paid downloads as well as the money they“ve made off them. Others simply report the purchases and how much they“ve earned the company. Well, regardless, we“ll try and make the best of stats from a handful of very, very small to the more popular games on Ouya. First, let“s look at the most successful games currently. They are TowerFall and Hidden in Plain Sight. TowerFall, while unwilling to give full stats, have sold their $14.99 game 2,000 times for $29,100. This cost is my estimate which factors in the 30% fee that Ouya docks on each sale. As for Hidden in Plain Sight, they have seen the highest ratio of free to paid downloads. Of 5,000 downloads, 1,900 have chosen to purchase the game. With a 38% turnover rate, no other game (that detailed their statistics) can even come close. These purchases have generated $4,381 for developer Adam Spragg. Of course, both of these games are vast exceptions to the rule. It appears that most games are seeing much more modest sales, with some seeing very poor results. So far it appears that Bombball is in the lowest position according to a postmortem by E McNeill on Indie Games. The game has been downloaded a massive 11,000 times but that has translated to only 77 sales. That“s a 0.7% purchase rate and the lowest so far reported. As a whole, if you disregard Hidden in Plain Sight“s massive rates, the percentage of free to paid downloads averages out at 2.53%. Considering the wealth of Ouya owners out there and the fact that they are definitely downloading games... well, this is pretty unfortunate. It is quickly becoming apparent that the Ouya“s golden rule of a free download is backfiring on developers. Will Julie Uhrman and co work to solve this issue or do they care? After all, Ouya gets back 30% on all purchases. What seems likely is that developers themselves will figure out the best ways to work within the confines of a free demo while still offering incentive to purchase their game. It seems incredibly weird, but this supposedly “indie friendly” console“s effect is that it is teaching independent developers how to efficiently monetize their properties. Ignoring TowerFall“s great, but average-skewing success, the average amount generated by developers is $2,137. Again, this is only the start of Ouya“s official lifespan. Thanks to charts posted by some of the developers, which were then organized cleanly by IndieStatik, we can already see a trend in downloads/purchases. They were all very low before official launch and once launch hit the downloads skyrocketed. However, we already see a constant trend in the data presented which shows a steep decline in sales shortly after launch. Is the Ouya already dead in the water so shortly after launch? We will continue to watch Ouya developer stats to see if a resurgence is just around the corner or if this is one of the quickest console failures in modern gaming history.