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Found 109 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Half-Life 2 Now Supported by Oculus Rift

    If you weren't swayed by the Ouya when it hit Kickstarter, the Oculus Rift may have been more your thing. The device is is a headset that allows for virtual reality gaming. Of course, very few games support it at the moment, but more are coming. One such game that was announced as having official support with the Oculus Rift is Half-Life 2. The Oculus developer forums made the announcement yesterday alongside instructions for how to activate the mode. At the moment, users have to opt into SteamPipe beta as well as edit the game's properties. In a few weeks the update will be passed down automatically to all Steam users. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the Rift support as it stands. Half-Life 2's GUI is a bit hard to read with the headset. Hopefully these issues can be resolved soon to make the experience more complete, such as Team Fortress 2 which has excellent Rift support.
  2. Marcus Estrada

    Ouya Sees Delay for Retail Launch

    Ouya units have been shipping over the past few weeks to non-developer backers who pledged to the Kickstarter campaign. Some have still yet to reach their destination thanks to slow shipping and others have received defective controllers. Others, of course, have found their systems working just fine. The Kickstarter-backed console initially raised near $9 million which was much higher than their $1 million goal. With that said, their funding venture was not enough as they have had to seek out external funders as well. Just announced today was the fact that they have gotten an additional $15 million from new investors. The money is needed to help them increase production and work on issues users have with the current line of pre-release Ouya. With that said, there's no way the console is prepared for its June 5th retail launch. As such, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has delayed the official launch to June 25th. It isn't a huge delay overall, but hopefully a few extra weeks will be enough time for the company. Unfortunately for Kickstarter backers who had been promised a system delivery by March and still haven't received their units are not getting any special treatment. Official word is that they should all ship out by the end of May.
  3. Ta-da! Lab Zero Games has announced the results for the third DLC character for Skullgirls on their Indiegogo page (which was decided by votes from fans). Who is it? It's the sexy Egyptian lady, Eliza! Squigly, the first DLC character, will be available sometime this July along with the PC version of Skullgirls. You'll most likely see the other DLC characters about 3-4 months apart from there. PC players will also be able to beta test the new characters as they're added to the game. There's still one more DLC character left to be decided through fan votes. Who do you think it will be?
  4. For the 25th anniversary of the Leisure Suit Larry series, Replay Games launched a Kickstarter project to reboot the original. Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was a classic Sierra point and click adventure game with adult humor, and spawned a series of six games. Since being successfully funded in May of last year the developers have been working on Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded. Now the time is almost here when the game is actually set to launch. In a statement to Shack News, Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe made the announcement of a release window and pricing. Beta testing of the game opens up to Kickstarter users next week. From there, Trowe is optimistic, saying "the odds are in our favor that we can come in before [May]". The PC exclusive game is going to be available across Windows, Mac, and Linux at the cost of $20. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded previously had been entered into Steam Greenlight and has already been Greenlit.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Homeworld 3 Kickstarter Being Refunded

    We've all seen a great many Kickstarters succeed and fail over the past year or two. Sometimes they get loads of money over their initial cost, and other times they fail spectacularly. Sometimes though there are projects that are funded but then run into serious issues along the way. Homeworld 3 is, unluckily, one such project. Back in March, the Homeworld Touch and Homeworld 3 Kickstarter was successfully funded over its $50,000 goal. The reason their goal was so high was due to the fact that TeamPixel did not own the Homeworld IP! They strove to be funded enough so they could win the IP in the THQ auction. The developers were able to enter into the bidding, but simply couldn't raise bids higher than their maximum, which other interested bidders did. As such, they lost the auction and cannot sell their two Homeworld games. Thankfully, the money is all being returned to funders (as was stated while the Kickstarter was live). Really though, they should have been aware they weren't likely to win an IP so easily.
  6. Yes, Kickstarter projects are everywhere these days, but that doesn't stop more from being posted. Despite the relative saturation of the platform, some of the most exciting projects manage to move past them and get funded. Among the Sleep is the latest game hoping to get funded. Previously, development on the game had been ongoing. It was showcased at a few events and even made it onto our list of five upcoming horror games worth looking into. The concepts presented a first person game played through the eyes of a two year old child. Things were definitely seeming creepy, and worth being excited about. What do Krillbite Studios require Kickstarter for? They've got the core gameplay mechanics completed but now have to work on all the rest. Creating a polished game around the play is going to take a great deal more work. As each member works only part time for the Studio, it will take a much longer time to complete without any external funding. Among the Sleep's Kickstarter is asking for $200,000. At $15 you can get a digital copy of the game once it's out. $25 backers get the game as well as the soundtrack in digital format. Those who desire a boxed copy of the game have to pay into the $150 tier. If you've never seen the game before, then definitely check out the gameplay teaser:
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Steam Greenlights Eighteen Games

    Steam Greenlight has been both a good and bad thing for developers. It opens up Steam so that anyone has the chance of getting their game added to the service, but only if the users have an interest. Yes, this sounds good in theory, but what exactly is the main Steam Greenlight-using audience? Apparently they are the kind that love shooting, horror, and adventure. Here is the list of games that have survived Greenlight: Agarest: Generations of War Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Battle Worlds: Kronos City of Steam Cradle Dead State Dead Trigger Death Inc. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Elsword Faceless Frozen Endzone Hammerwatch Legend of Dungeon Pinball Arcade Planet Explorers Rush Bros. Shovel Knight There's a good mix of games here, most of which were recently in the news. Some, such as Dreamfall Chapters and Shovel Knight are highly successful Kickstarter projects while others, like Dead State, are free to play ports. Of course, titles being Greenlit just means they have a place on Steam eventually. Many of these games will not be available to purchase for a while. Finally, two pieces of software were also Greenlit. These are PlayClaw, which captures video of PC gameplay, and GamePlan. GamePlan is an unusual piece of software which allows users to plan RTS strategies.
  8. Kickstarter has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource for independent developers as well as filmmakers. Well, really anyone can make use of the platform if their product is sound. The last big gaming-related documentary to see funding through the site was Mojang: The Story of Minecraft but it looks like another ambitious project is seeking funding now. GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming is a documentary focused around the (mis)treatment of women in and around the industry we all love. It aims to reveal this harassment as well as try to share ways to make it better. Of course, women themselves are probably already readily aware of said harassment, but this is a way to get their stories out to a larger audience. Experiences of women within the industry, both good and bad, are set to be showcased. Some may wonder why we need a project like this after Sarkeesian's Tropes Vs Women. Well, that web series is focused on video games themselves, as opposed to women who interact with games. As of right now it has $6,000 of $20,000 pledged. At $10, backers get a digital copy of the film. At $25, a DVD will be mailed to funders. There are a little over 20 days left for this project to succeed through Kickstarter.
  9. Those hungry for visual novels and dating sims in the west really don't have much selection to choose from. Sure, there are some companies that localize them here, but the number is very small. Lately, indies have been delving into the genre and that's really where fans seek to get their fix. A new visual novel has appeared thanks to Kickstarter and it's going by the name of Errant Heart. The game is developed by two men working under the name of Pseudome Studio who have been crafting their game for a while. As such, they've gotten a great deal of work done so far and mostly want to pay for a soundtrack through their Kickstarter. Interestingly, they've gotten composer Jake Kaufman for their game. The name might be familiar because he's composed music for a great deal of WayForward games (Mighty Switch Force, Double Dragon Neon) in the recent past. If the Kickstarter succeeds in its $8,500 goal then Kaufman is on board to create 20 tracks for Errant Heart. At $20, backers are granted a future digital download of the visual novel. Beyond that, there aren't many tiers to choose from. At the $50 pledge, early access and a soundtrack download are added. At $400 you get a character based off yourself in the game. As over half the goal has already been pledged you can expect that this game is probably going to be successfully Kickstarted.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Uhrman Address Quality of Ouya

    Recently, Ouya systems finally shipped out to those customers who pledged to receive one from the massively successful Kickstarter. Some users have still not received them, but many did, including reviewers for Engadget, The Verge, and others. The conclusion many reviewers came to was that the system is not ready for primetime. As expected, the Ouya camp responded back that the systems sent to backers were not ready for review. They asserted that launch units available in June are the consoles that should actually be reviewed. It's a sensible position, given that the system is still being upgraded and prepared for a wide scale launch. Julie Uhrman updated the Ouya blog to discuss various items. Here are some of her comments: "We will continue to obsess over quality and performance. For example, we are considering adding additional magnets to the controllers so that the faceplates are more secure. Our software is constantly evolving. Right now, the team is focused on optimizing the performance of our software (this means responsiveness). In addition, we have a host of features we“re working on for the June launch. Here“s a glimpse at some of them: External storage for games Simpler game install process More metrics for developers Controller support for video players More payment options UI Experience Our UI is simple. It will stay simple. We want it to be easy (and OBVIOUS!) for you to know what to do on OUYA. However, as more games come in, we will continue to work on discovery and curation of current games." Most every point outlined are ones that reviewers and backers have taken issue with. If reviews had been kinder, who knows what Uhrman's reaction would have been. Regardless, hopefully this is good news for those who still desire to buy an Ouya on its June 4th launch. If the system still fails to be a decent device (for the $100 cost) at release then it will be cause for concern.
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Ouya Launch Lineup Includes 100+ Games

    If you haven't been keeping up with the Ouya, then here's a little refresher. The incredibly popular Kickstarter project detailed itself as an open, hackable Android-based console that would change the face of gaming (or something like that). The $100 box comes with a controller and had been previously sent out to developers who bought a higher tier. Now, other users have had the system shipped to them. By summer, the Ouya will be available on Amazon and at Wal-Mart and other retailers. What sorts of games are going to be available when the general audience gets a crack at it? Unlike a standard console launch, there will be over 100 games. Of course, this is mostly due to the fact that every title is digital, so there is much more room for experimentation. With development easily accessible by many there are also less barriers to putting a game on the service. Since there are so many games available, only the most notable are listed below: Canabalt Final Fantasy III Giana Sisters Organ Trail Puddle Wizorb What's that you say? Most of these are ports of existing games? Yes, they are, but there are also a great deal of new games too. The only problem with those is that we've no clue if they are good or not yet. Double Fine's Broken Age as well as Mojang's Minecraft are apparently coming to the system at some point in the future. Ouya also made news by accepting emulators on the device. A Nintendo 64 and SNES emulator are set to be available, which may or may not see Nintendo disapprove. In all honesty, the emulator features may be what many flock to most after testing out the other games. Regardless, it's a huge set of release titles which means some are no doubt some hidden gems.
  12. If you somehow missed out on the launch of Shovel Knight on Kickstarter then let's go over some of the basics. This is a game which gained interest due both to its name but also the people behind it. The studio, Yacht Club Games, is comprised of many from WayForward. Of course, WayForward is known for having put their stamp on many games recently (Adventure Time DS, Double Dragon: Neon, DuckTales Remastered). The game itself takes on an 8-bit aesthetic and features a knight with shovel for a weapon. Yacht Club Games were asking $75,000 for their game and reached it easily. With twelve days to go, they have begun whittling away at stretch goals. So far, one stretch goal has been reached which simply adds a an in-game sound test mode like many retro games had. Other stretch goals that will probably be met in time are ones for achievements, a new game plus mode, and playable boss knight. There are twelve days left to go for Shovel Knight so you can still jump in and back the project. A $10 pledge is rewarded with a PC download of the game. Shovel Knight is coming to PC, 3DS, and Wii U.
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Broken Age Gets First Trailer

    If you missed it, Broken Age was revealed during PAX East as the official name of the "Double Fine Adventure game". Of course, that title is the one that took Kickstarter by storm, getting thousands of dollars more than requested. A website launched along the reveal, but not much else has been shown yet. At the very least, a teaser trailer has recently been released by Double Fine. It shows just a little bit more of the two lead characters. One is a girl who lives on Earth while the other is a boy in a space station. The most the teaser showcases is the art style of the game which looks more like storybook stills than an actual game. Broken Age currently has no release date but is coming to PC and Ouya. Here's the trailer:
  14. Marcus Estrada

    Ecco the Dolphin Returns Via Kickstarter

    Ecco the Dolphin is one series that seems relegated to the past. Ecco first hit the Sega Genesis in 1992 and saw a few releases on the console. Despite being well known, the series wouldn't see another release until Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future on Dreamcast and PS2. Since then, the dolphin has been absent. That is, until today when a Kickstarter titled The next "ECCO the Dolphin" adventure game was posted. The project is lead by Ed Annunziata who developed the originals back in the day. Amazingly, much of the original Ecco the Dolphin team is still working together, which should make this an interesting venture if it succeeds. Their game will be called The Big Blue which involves exploration as a means to discover as well as solve puzzles. What separates this game from others is that they hope to make multiple underwater creature controllable. Of course, players are still able to control a dolphin if they want but also killer whales and whales. The project is asking for $665,000 and if they can manage to double that they plan to expand to a MMO. Would you like to play a new Ecco the Dolphin game?
  15. Carmageddon: Reincarnation began as a Kickstarter campaign by Stainless Games to bring back Carmageddon. It ended up being successful and made about $625,000. For the uninitiated, Carmageddon is a game which launched in 1997 for PCs and focused around racing while wrecking other cars or unlucky pedestrians that got in the way. When the Kickstarter was funded, it was just to bring the upcoming game to PC. Of course, they didn't stop seeking funding and have today announced that they successfully funded 3.5 million more. What on Earth do they need that much more money for? Stainless Games is also set to have their new game on the next generation of consoles. No specific consoles were named, but it was previously revealed that the developer was working on something for PS4. Presumably Carmageddon: Reincarnation is that project. No release date for PC or console versions was announced although the intended delivery period for the game on Kickstarter is set at December 2013.
  16. Oculus Rift was one piece of hardware that saw great support on Kickstarter. The device is a virtual reality headset and managed to raise over 900% of its required fees before the end of its campaign. Now we're finally nearing the time when development kits are set to ship out. With the time near, Oculus Rift's team have had to make an unfortunate announcement regarding one of the promised rewards. During the campaign, Doom 3 BFG Edition was promised to those who ordered a development kit. This is because the Rift was meant to be functional with the game, which would provide a great test of its functionality for all interested parties. However, Rift support in Doom 3 is not ready yet and won't be by the time some people have received their peripheral. As such, they are no longer willing to offer the game as part of those tiers. What are those users going to get instead? Replacement rewards are one of the following: $20 Steam Wallet credit, $25 Oculus Rift Store credit, or a full refund for the pledge. Of course, it's entirely possible to choose the Steam credit and use it toward Doom 3 BFG Edition once Rift support is made available. Finally, those worried they will have nothing to play when their shiny new Rift units arrive should check out Engadget. It was there that Valve programmer Joe Ludwig spoke of VR Mode being implemented into Team Fortress 2 in the coming weeks. This mode is one that "everybody who has a Rift dev kit and access to Team Fortress 2 will be able to play, just on public and in the same servers that everybody else is playing in." Do you want an Oculus Rift or does it seem like an expensive peripheral that will see little use?
  17. The Ouya is nearing ship date for those who backed the project when it was on Kickstarter. The consoles, which ships on March 28th, shall be arriving on supporter doorsteps months before the system hits retailers. Although the store service is already live, there are many other modern features being missed out on. When speaking with The Verge, an Ouya representative was able to clarify a few things. For one, the possibility for online multiplayer in games exists, but of course it is up to each individual developer to add that functionality themselves. However, other modern gaming amenities such as friends lists, achievements, and any messaging system are set to be absent. No, this isn't just oversight, but is not yet completed. All of these features are set to come in time (although it wasn't stated if they will be available by the official launch in June). Back during the campaign, users were able to secure their own Ouya usernames, which at least lets us know that at some point we should be able to make use of them.
  18. We“re all familiar with how crowdsourcing projects work by now. An idea is put up with the amount of funding needed, and people can back it with however much money they wish to donate. Oftentimes, there are some pretty cool perks and prizes depending on how much you put towards the project. While many crowdsourcing projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other sites have been incredibly successful, it seems like some still need a bit of advice and example of what a really good crowdsourcing project looks like. A perfect model of this would be the ongoing Skullgirls Indiegogo project. The campaign, dubbed “Keep Skullgirls Growingâ€, is exactly what it sounds like. It“s an effort to have more content created and added to the almost 1-year-old fighting game; to keep players continually interested in the game and have new ones join in. By using a crowdsourcing site to fund their future downloadable content, Lab Zero Games claims that Skullgirls is “truly the only fighting game made by fighting game fans for fighting game fans.†Another great incentive to having this project done through crowdsourcing is that all the DLC will be available free for all platforms for a limited time. This basic idea behind the “Keep Skullgirls Growing†project isn“t all that makes it great, though. How things are formatted and explained on Indiegogo for the project; that“s the other half of this impeccable example of a crowdsourcing campaign. First off is why Lab Zero Games needs the amount of money that they“re requesting and a look behind the development process of this DLC. The initial goal for the “Keep Skullgirls Growing†project was $150,000. This was just for the cost of Squigly (a DLC character) alone. They also make it clear that this sum is actually cheap for a fighting game character, and that the reason for that is that she“s already been partially completed. So why do they need your help? Well, Lab Zero Games tells us that as well. Hit with layoffs and having their financial support cut off, continued support for Skullgirls was pretty much prevented. Even with a patch and PC version on the way, there“s just not enough pay to go around or money to go towards future DLC. Lab Zero Games tells you exactly how things have been in regards to Skullgirls and how everything will work out in the future in regards to this project. So what about the overflow amount of money that the “Keep Skullgirls Growing†project should get (and already certainly has)? Crowdsourcing projects often have stretch goals if they anticipate that it might shoot past the initial amount. This one is no exception, and Lab Zero Games make it extremely clear what they will do with the overflow amount should there be any. The amounts for each goal are as follows: $175,000 for a Squigly stage and story mode, $375,000 for another DLC character called Big Band, $400,000 for a Big Band stage and story mode, $600,000 for a mystery DLC character chosen by fan vote, and $625,000 for the mystery character“s stage and story. There are also bonus voice packs throughout and in-between these amounts for already existing Skullgirls characters. We are let in on who Squigly and Big Band are, and how Squigly will play. And even though Big Band is brand new and has only just started to be worked on (unlike Squigly), Lab Zero Games is already sharing his backstory and promises progress on his play-style soon. Now that“s some dedication to keep their funders informed! Another fantastic aspect of the “Keep Skullgirls Growing†project is that Lab Zero Games lets you know exactly how the money will be broken down. $48,000 for staff salaries, $30,000 for animation and clean-up contracting, $4,000 for voice recording, $2,000 for hit-box contracting, $5,000 for audio implementation contracting, $20,000 for QA testing, $10,000 for 1st party certification, $10,500 for Indiegogo and payment processing fees, and $20,500 for manufacturing and shipping physical rewards. They also mention extra money would be put towards game elements such as extra taunts or win/lose animations should any of those aforementioned fees be cheaper than expected. Rewards are probably the part of crowdsourcing projects that everyone looks forward to most. The “Keep Skullgirls Growing†campaign doesn“t slack in this aspect; the prizes are actually pretty nice and inventive. Posters, t-shirts, custom drawings, Skype with the team, and voice actress voicemails are just a few prizes of what is offered. While most of the early rewards are digital (which isn“t a bad thing), most fans contributing will feel like they“re getting their money“s worth with these rewards on top of having this fabulous DLC completed. Lastly, this crowdsourcing project is one done by an already established developer. Lab Zero Games has already released Skullgirls; the Indiegogo project is for DLC for the game. Backers can be rest assured and confident that the team will be able to complete the “Keep Skullgirls Going†project! It“s not a surprise that the $150,000 for Squigly was funded in less than 24 hours into the campaign. Lab Zero Games did a phenomenal job laying out everything for the “Keep Skullgirls Going†project: why they need the money, the development process, stretch goals, budget breakdown, and rewards. Lab Zero Games is also confident and approachable. The effort is a fine example of how a crowdsourcing project should be, and others should take note for future projects. If you haven't played played Skullgirls yet, be sure to check out our official review. Thanks for reading!
  19. Richard Garriot, otherwise known as Lord British, is an icon for many RPG fans. He is best known for being the man behind the expansive Ultima series although he also produced titles such as City of Heroes and Tabula Rasa. Over the past few years he hasn't taken a big role in other game development, but it seems that he was itching to get back into the game. Case in point, today he launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund his next title. The game in question is Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues and all the page text attempts to make it come off as the next big thing. Of course, every Kickstarter project talks themselves up, but it remains to be seen if Shroud of the Avatar will "reinvent the classic fantasy role-playing experience." Garriot and team are asking for $1 million for their game. The lowest price for a digital copy of the game is the $25 pledge level. It is only at the $150 level that a physical copy is included, but it also happens to be the collector's edition. Also included at this tier are a collectible coin, cloth map, and a Runic print. At the moment, this project has raised about $200,000. Because Garriot is at the helm, we should expect to see the game Kickstarted in no time.
  20. Developers have been working on porting their games to Ouya (or creating entirely new ones) since those systems shipped out at the end of December. Now that the rest of the Kickstarter backers are about to have their systems shipped at the end of March, things need to get into gear. Until now, the store segment of the Ouya was not finalized. A blog post tonight announced that the store is now live and accepting submissions. Even though many submitted their games previously, they will now have to re-submit them to go through an approval process. Of course, this step is required to make sure it fits within their guidelines and then goes straight to the store. This is the store which everyone shall catch a glimpse of once they own the system. As further encouragement for developers to submit (or re-submit) their games, those who do so before March 28th are eligible for a promotion. The three most popular games on the Ouya store are set to be featured in a series of short documentaries detailing developer's stories.
  21. Marcus Estrada

    The 7th Guest Set to Return

    Back in 1993, Trilobyte released The 7th Guest. Their adventure game was astonishing at the time for use of 3D rendered environments as well as full motion video characters. Two years later they released a sequel titled The 11th Hour. Since then, the series stagnated and Trilobyte even closed down before reopening in 2010. What are they up to now? Beyond re-publishing their original games for the smartphone market they are planning on releasing a new game in The 7th Guest series. Charlie McHenry spoke with Polygon about his studio's plans. Here's the gist of the game he shared: "In the world of The 7th Guest: 3, you will re-enter the mysterious and magical mansion, newly restored with games, puzzles and artifacts but it is still haunted, as players will soon discover. You will learn more about what happened on that terrible night, and discover the real story and previously hidden secrets of the gaming world's most mysterious toymaker." So far the hope is to bring The 7th Guest: 3 to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Although they are currently speaking with funders, the game will still appear on Kickstarter. According to McHenry, the project launch is planned for sometime next month.
  22. inXile Entertainment may be on the minds of Kickstarter users since last year they had their Wasteland 2 project successfully funded. With over 300% pledged, it made near $3 million dollars. While that game is still underway, the developer decided to touch on another classic franchise to begin a new game. Torment: Tides of Numenera is their most recent Kickstarter project. In fact, it just launched this morning. Despite not having much time online, word traveled fast, and it has already been fully funded. So far, the amount isn't obscenely more than was required, but we should expect to see donations get even higher before it ends. Torment is a game inspired by Planetscape: Torment, which is what got most gamers excited to pledge. However, it also takes place in the fictional Numenra, which itself was a tabletop RPG that saw success on Kickstarter. Regardless of setting, Torment: Tides of Numenera still has 30 days to go and digital copies of the game can be gained from a $20 pledge.
  23. http://operationrainfall.com/suzuki-crowdfunding-shenmue-3/ Exciting rumor here. A Frenchman who was interviewing Suzuki recently put up some interesting tidbits on Twitter. The two tweets boil down to the fact that Suzuki is considering Kickstarter for continuing the Shenmue series, and also that he may want to continue it in anime/mange form. Obviously, this is all just spectulation at this point. Shenmue's one of those beloved series, so I have no doubt that is Suzuki went to Kickstarter, it'd be funded. So, tell me your thoughts!
  24. In May of last year, feminist pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian set out to make a series of videos about the portrayals of women in video games. Her Kickstarter campaign asked for $6,000 in order to facilitate her buying enough games for analyzation as well as to go towards creating high quality videos. Initially, the goal was only to make five videos in the series. However, as the media and gamers caught wind of it, more funding came in. A great deal of vicious anger was also pointed at the project and Sarkeesian herself, which only caused others to donate further to counteract said malice. In the end, the project raised $158,000, or 2,600% of the initial goal. Stretch goals were added which will make the series span twelve videos. Over the past few months backers have wondered when they would get their first episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Games. Sarkeesian's Feminist Frequency Twitter was updated recently with the answer. The first episode ("Damsels in Distress") will be available on March 7th. If you didn't back the project, don't worry, as you don't need to pay to watch them. They are going to be available straight through Youtube for all to check out.
  25. Marcus Estrada

    Ouya Coming to Non-Dev Backers Soon

    At the very end of the year, certain Ouya backers began receviing their system. The highly-successful Kickstarter project had a great deal of tiers and included some which shipped consoles out sooner than others. Those more expensive developer-intended tiers helped many get their hands on the device early which has allowed for game development before standard release. If you backed the system for cheaper then you are part of the standard crowd. This massive group of customers now have only a month to wait for their own Ouya. The systems are set to ship out on March 28th. Although it may have been hard waiting three months for a system, every Kickstarter participant is still getting it before launch. Ouya has an official launch month of June, after all. If you were unable to get in on the campaign while it was live, there are still many ways to secure yourself a system. First, the official website is still taking pre-orders. Consoles are also available officially through Amazon. Those who just want to walk into a store and grab and Ouya will have that option too as it will be available in BestBuy, GameStop, and Target.