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Found 148 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Skulls of the Shogun

    Developer: 17-BIT Publisher: Microsoft Studios Platform: 360 (XBLA), Microsoft Surface, Windows 8, Windows Phone Release Date: January 30, 2012 ESRB: T This review is based on the 360 version of the game A download code was provided by the publisher for this review Lately, we have seen a handful of very prominent strategy games arrive. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and more recently Fire Emblem: Awakening both have received much praise and love from fans of the genre as well as newcomers. Although there“s certainly nothing wrong with either, there is something to be said for a game that offers its own vision of strategy that manages to be pretty good without a powerful name behind it. With that said, it“s more a question of whether people will give Skulls of the Shogun a look when they could just be playing something more polished instead. Skulls of the Shogun is a game which entrenches itself in a Japanese afterlife filled with sword-wielding skeletons. All the warriors who had fought in life are simply waiting in line to get to a promised eternal existence. General Akamoto is hurled into the afterlife after he is unceremoniously backstabbed after a victory. He isn“t content to simply wait in lines for hundreds of years, though. Instead, he rallies up the warrior spirit in some men and takes them on a journey across the ethereal landscape. From there, you command a small band of troops throughout a whole bunch of missions. Your skeleton samurai go against enemy teams and battles are usually unfavorable for Akamoto. The challenge primarily comes from the tight functionality of each character type. In many ways, Skulls of the Shogun could be compared to chess. Each main type of character you control has its main purpose, and players do best to keep them in mind at all times. For example, archers can certainly shoot targets from a foot away, but they would do best behind infantry to keep them safe from return fire. Similarly, each character has their own best use which requires planning to execute efficiently. To help make this easier, there are only a few varied troop types under your control. At the start you have only two, but the game manages to teach you about the rest soon enough. Overall, the game gives a great primer for what to expect but afterwards doesn“t hold your hand at all. The tutorial is only available in single player as well, so don“t jump straight into a multiplayer match. Difficulty is one factor that fans of strategy games will enjoy, but it does seem unfair at many points. Still, having a disadvantage makes the battles even more sweet to triumph over. One way the game manages to set itself apart from others is the art style. It emulates a traditional Japanese art style infused with chibi depictions of samurai and does so pretty well. Although there are some flourishes which seem unauthentic, it mostly manages to convey a certain style. There is some utility to the art as well. For example, one of the easiest ways to check how much damage your character will do to an enemy is to simply look at the flag they carry on their backs. The damage is represented by small bars, and once an enemy is hurt, their flag will be torn to show just how weak they are. It“s a shame there are not more flourishes like these. However, it must be noted that even this is not perfect as sometimes enemies' own bodies will obscure their flag, hiding the otherwise useful at a glance information. Although the visuals are worthy of praise, they also are the cause of some issues. Each small, squat character tends to look fairly similar to the rest, save for your massive General. At many times you may find yourself wondering where exactly one character went and shuffle to find them in the fray. It becomes a frequent issue considering one feature of the game is making sure your troops are close to create a barrier. Smushing troops together as a gameplay mechanic would work better if there were more obvious distinction between the main character types at the very least. After learning how to come with the sometimes problematic visuals, one can dig into the meat of Skulls of the Shogun, which makes it a very tense, but fun experience. Various character types have already been mentioned, but that“s far from all the strategy required of players. Specific levels have other additions, such as allowing you (or the enemy) to heal their troops, summon new troops to the field, or make use of other special character effects. For example, there are a trio of monk types which each bring their own benefits to those who summon them. Of course, there is also the incredibly odd power up of eating enemy skulls. Eat three of them and the troop will level up further and be able to carry out two attacks in one turn. Then there are the battlefields themselves which offer pluses and minuses depending on where you stand. Rice paddies will heal the character who “haunts” the field, but that leaves them open for attacks. Environmental elements such as high grass lessen hit probabilities when a character is hiding there. It is even possible to knock enemies off of the play field if they stand too close the edge. You“re always required to have troops in check lest something horrible happen to the ones you“ve forgotten about. Death, or failure, is inevitable. There are times when levels will seem downright impossible. However, since each one lasts from 10-20 minutes, it won“t be a massive time sink to retry a couple times. In instances where things seem too tough you must simply view the field and try to work out a new strategy. Oftentimes a retry of a match proves much easier than the initial run when you had no clue of what to expect. Those who do not enjoy a challenge should definitely avoid this title, though. There is a lot that Skulls of the Shogun gets right. It manages to be a strategy game which is both simple enough to understand that it lures you in. Once ensnared, you“re stuck fighting fairly difficult battles which often leave the player at a severe disadvantage. If winning against the odds weren“t so satisfying then this game would not be nearly as appealing. There is definitely work that should have been done to create a clearer visual appearance of troops, but beyond that, the game is solid. Give it a look if you“re interested in finding a less known strategy game to get familiar with. Pros: + Small number of classes keeps game simple to learn + Simple ruleset creates a tight, smart strategy game + Fairly long single player campaign aside from multiplayer modes Cons: - Character art for main troops isn“t very distinct which becomes confusing - Troops sometimes obscure pertinent information due to their design Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great Skulls of the Shogun excels at bringing a simple and challenging strategy experience to players who aren“t already obsessing over another genre title.
  2. Marcus Estrada

    Skulls of the Samurai Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  3. Marcus Estrada

    Skulls of the Samurai Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  4. Marcus Estrada

    Skulls of the Samurai Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  5. Rumors for Sony's and Microsoft's next-gen consoles have been pouring in a lot lately, with anonymous sources spouting technical specs and others speaking of a 2013 release date. None of these rumors have been proven as of yet, but it appears that Sony's own CEO Kazuo Hirai has provided some interesting hints about his plans on timing for the PS4, suggesting that they might wait until Microsoft makes their move. "Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?".said Hirai when asked about console release windows. This train of thought mirrors Nintendo's reason for waiting on releasing their tech specs too early before releasing their own next-get console, so some could see this as a good business move. But keep in mind that Hirai hasn't officially stated this as a company decision of the PlayStation business, so it is unknown if his colleagues feel the same way. One senior source of CVG told them that it would be "ridiculous" to give the next Xbox another head-start when you consider how much ground Microsoft gained last time by launching the 360 a year before the PlayStation 3. Whether Sony does wait for Microsoft before releasing their new home console or attempts to gain more ground on them this generation remains to be seen. We'll surely hear some info in the months to come, though, and E3 seems like as likely a time and place as any. Do you expect Sony to wait for Microsoft before releasing their console as their CEO suggests or do you think they'll try releasing it before them to gain more ground?
  6. The Wii U had what is best described as a really confusing launch. After the console“s initial announcement at E3 2011 following some pretty accurate rumors, there was quite a bit of hype about it, and gamers were anxious to know the specifications, release date, and price point... for a while. For months and months we heard very little about the Wii U aside from what we already knew, and it got to the point where people began bad-mouthing the console and the company, even going as far as to make baseless claims about how Nintendo was too afraid to release their new console“s specs because they were unimpressive. This, of course, was not the case. Once we all got the info we wanted, it became obvious (for those who understand what the specs mean) that Nintendo“s next-gen console was indeed more than a match for any of the current-gen consoles. There was certainly room for excitement in seeing games like Mario and Zelda in HD, but more importantly, the console“s GamePad spoke waves to people looking for new ways to play games. All this excitement showed ever-so-plainly when stores were immediately flooded with pre-orders, and the console was pretty much sold-out right away. That didn“t stop the bad-mouthing, though, and people then started to predict the console“s failure, saying that the console wasn“t worth the price for either of the two models. And after what seemed to be a lackluster launch involving retailers all over the U.S. still carrying plenty of Wii U“s and most other consoles outselling it over Christmas break, it appeared that these guys were right, and that the Wii U had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad launch. Recent sales statistics say otherwise, however… Reggie sits down to discuss sales figures with Nintendo's higher-ups The NPD Group has recently finished their December report, showing sales figures for the Wii U between its launch on November 18th through December 29th, and Nintendo of America has deemed it necessary to show us exactly what they are. Why? Because these statistics are actually a lot better than most people are aware, and we need to know that. In the first six weeks of the console“s launch, it managed to sell 890,000 units in the U.S. alone. Coupled with Japan“s 636,000 units sold, it“s doing really well so far. So then, why does it seem to be doing the complete opposite? Why does the Wii U seem to be doing poorly? The answer is plain and simple: we like to compare it to how the Wii did at its launch and how the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are doing nowadays. As we all know, the Wii was a hit. Nobody had seen anything like it for home consoles, and it was a widely popular novelty ridden with potential. People wanted to get their hands on one, which caused it to sell a whopping 600,000 units in the U.S. in only one week. In comparison, the Wii U sold 400,000 in that same timeframe. So when compared with its cheaper, more casual predecessor, the Wii U didn“t do quite as swimmingly here in the U.S. However, Nintendo has pointed out an area where the Wii U trumps its predecessor: generated revenue. In the console“s first six weeks, approximately $300 million has been generated in revenue, whereas the Wii“s first six weeks generated $270 million. This is obviously due to the Wii U“s higher price point, but it still shows that the Wii U is actually doing better than the Wii by Nintendo“s standards. Japan certainly has a more impressive revenue difference, since the Wii sold 544,034 units after its first three weeks while its successor sold 557,901. For those who don“t like math, that means the Wii U actually did better in its first three weeks than the Wii did. Luigi collects the revenue generated by the Wii U So now we“ve compared the Wii U with its predecessor, but how does its launch stack up against the PS3 and 360? To answer that, let“s take a look at the actual U.S. sales figures of the three consoles after the first four weeks of each of their launches: Wii U: 849,068 PS3: 378,603 360: 477,303 When you compare how these three consoles are doing at the moment, it“s easy to think the Wii U isn“t doing so hot, but as you can clearly see, it has actually done really well. Especially when you take into account the fact that we currently live in tougher economic times than we did back then. Looking at the European sales during the first three weeks, however, shows a different result: Wii U: 340,310 PS3: 691,843 360: 403,037 From what I understand, Nintendo hasn“t made much of an effort at all to make their new console all that visible to the U.K. You think the advertising in the U.S. is bad, people over there aren“t even aware that there“s a thing called “Wii U†unless they managed to see one of the very few TV spots about it. Japan does make up for those low figures, however. Here are the Japanese sales figures during the three consoles“ first two weeks after launch: Wii U: 437,390 PS3: 130,335 360: 65,430 Pretty good, don“t you think? So how about we tally up the sales of all four of these consoles (Wii included this time) and compare how they did in the first four weeks of their respective launches: Wii U: 1,817,166 Wii: 2,071,242 PS3: 524,687 360: 948,162 Obviously, these figures are off by a little due to the fact that they weren“t launched worldwide at the same time, but you get the picture. The Wii U hasn“t had a bad start by any means, and almost reached the Wii“s level of sales in terms of launch while surpassing it in generated revenue. It“s not easy to beat the explosive launch that the Wii had, but the Wii U has actually gotten pretty darn close. And since Nintendo has shown us that the Wii U is currently generating more money at launch than the Wii did at its own launch, this new console is nowhere near the disappointment people are thinking it is. Nintendo skeptic Video Game Analyst Michael Pachter after we told him the news The fact of the matter is that all home consoles typically have a slow start. Or at least, what seems to be a slow start when looking at the consoles that are already out and about. But if you do some simple research, you can see that history has always repeated itself; the PS2 sold more than the PS3 during its launch, the DS sold more than the 3DS during its launch (until the 3DS turned the tides), and so on. Though seeing how Nintendo is the first company through the gates of the eighth generation of home consoles, and therefore the only one around, I can understand how people may overlook this and make comparisons a little too hastily. When you compare the console“s launch with the launches of last generation“s home consoles, however, you can see that the Wii U's launch is actually right on target. Of course, it“s way too soon to predict its success later on; we'll need to give the Wii U another year or so before we find out for sure. Nonetheless, the whole point of this analysis is to tell you one simple fact: the launch of the Nintendo Wii U was actually fairly good, not bad. Sources: IGN, Nintendo Life, The Motley Fool
  7. At CES this week, Microsoft showed off a new concept for an interesting little project they're working on. Well, actually, it's not very little at all, because this project involves taking your video game experiences and putting them outside of your normal TV screen by projecting them all over your entire room. Talk about immersion! This conceptual project, which Microsoft calls IllumiRoom, takes a Kinect for Windows and a projector and uses them to morph your room into the game itself, so to speak. Basically, IllumiRoom can change the appearance of your room, extend your field of view, induce an added feeling of motion, and pretty much give us gaming experiences we've never seen before. But how does this all work? Well, the Kinect scans and captures the appearance and geometry of your room and adapts new visuals into it via the projector, all in real-time without any need to process the graphics beforehand. Would you like to see it in action? Of course you would: Microsoft firmly believes that this kind of augmentation can truly enhance the type of video game experiences we're accustomed to. And from the looks of it, it actually might. But will it ever come to pass? Perhaps for the new Xbox? We'll have to wait until April to hear more about it when Microsoft reveals more info at the CHI Conference in Paris. What do you think about the IllumiRoom? Are you excited for it or do you think it would just be a big distraction?
  8. A few months ago, we told you about a group of ex-Rare staffers with plans of creating a spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie. Well, while we wait for that, five other ex-Rare staffers have decided to band together to form a new studio called Flippin Pixels. Unlike with the other Rare veterans, however, these five left the company just last year with eyes set on mobile gaming. The new-found company consists of the following people: Steve Brand - Studio Director James Ackroyd - Software Director Steven Hurst - Art Director Shaun Read - Design Director Gary Richards - Technical Director "We have a lot to learn, but what we do bring is years of console experience and high quality execution," Ackroyd said in an interview with GI.biz in regards to their shift from consoles to mobile platforms. "We've only just recently been looking at how to monetize through games," Ackroyd continued. "The nature of the mobile market is so fast moving you can't afford to stay on something for months. You need to get it out there while it's still fresh. It's a little bit like buying a lottery ticket but if you've got the quality there hopefully that rises to the top." Flippin Pixels is already planning several different projects, with one currently in development. "We have a concept that's actually partway into development and the rest of our concepts are in paper form and bubbling to the surface," said studio director Steve Brand. "We'll build those out to a bigger business plan and approach publishers with them, that's one of the short-term goals." Are you interested in seeing what these former Rare employees have in store for the mobile market?
  9. If you are one of those who enjoyed Resident Evil 6 and own the 360 version of the game, you might be happy to know that Capcom comes bearing gifts this holiday season in the form of three new multiplayer modes. These are indeed exclusive to the Xbox 360 and will cost you 320 MS Points a piece, or you could get them all together for just 720 MS Points. The three new modes in question are Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught. Official descriptions for each are as follows: Predator - In a series of quick fire rounds, up to six players take their turn as the fearsome Ustanak with full access to its weapons, while the others must avoid capture or worse. Human players score points for successful attacks, but lose points for being caught or taken down. The match is over once all have played as the Ustanak, with the participant with the most points crowned as the winner. Survivors - This is the Resident Evil 6 take on the classic solo and team based deatchmatch mode. Like Predator, you“ll compete for the highest score, but once a player is taken out, they respawn as one of the game“s enemy characters, and must then defeat another human character in order to return to the fray as their original player character. Survivors is available for two to six players. Onslaught - Chaining combos is the key to success in this two player mode where each must clear waves of oncoming enemies. The twist comes when a player completes a combo chain as this will send enemies over to their opponent“s screen. Expect the balance of power to constantly shift in this intense addition to the Resident Evil 6 experience. These three new multiplayer modes are all out now, so if you have the 360 version of Resident Evil 6, enjoy it, and can spare the points, why not show some Christmas fear and download this? It's unknown at this time whether or not Capcom will be releasing these modes for other versions in the future. Did you enjoy Resident Evil 6? If you have the 360 version, will you be getting this DLC?
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Loads of New Apps Coming to Xbox Live

    On Major Nelson's blog today there was a fairly large announcement. It is that there are over 40 apps coming to the Xbox 360. Not all will be available from today, but there are still a handful of apps. They're all the sort of stuff that Microsoft has been courting over the last few years to try and make their console more in tune with media tastes and not just games. Here are the apps which are going live today for US customers: CNET Karaoke Maxim SkyDrive There are other apps, but each is determined by region. In the future, we should expect to see other apps such as Flixster, GameTrailers, MTV, and PBS. If you're interested in any of these then make sure you're an Xbox Live Gold member before trying to run one. As with other existing apps like Netflix and Hulu, they are only accessible with a Gold account. Do you use your consoles for functions other than gaming?
  11. If you failed to fist fight your way through Target with the hopes of snagging a Microsoft Points Card at half price, then I've got some bad news. Because you quite literally just missed another great sale. And you didn't even have to elbow anybody to get it! Yes, Gamestop was selling Microsoft points cards at a discounted price. Specifically the 1200 and 2400 points cards. Just how much money would you have saved? Well, the 1200 points cards were listed at $10 (which is a $5 saving) and the 2400MSP was $20 (a $10 saving!) The cards themselves were special edition Naughty Bear and Worms Revolution which might explain the price mistake found on the cards, but really if you're reading this right now then you just missed it. If you would like to enrage yourself a bit more then feel free to read this Cheapassgamer thread where people did get in on the deal. Sorry You Missed It
  12. Did you brave the masses and cold to shop on Black Friday? The whole week was peppered with deals so even if you didn't go out, chances are high you were able to purchase something. Regardless, droves of people went out from November 18th to 23rd and bought video game hardware. Between Nintendo and Microsoft though, Microsoft came out on top in regards to their latest home consoles. How many Xbox 360 units were snapped up? The estimate is 750,000 units which certainly isn't bad for a seven year old system. There were many deals on the system over the week which helped make the device an even more enticing bargain, such as the Kinect and Skylanders bundles. Also revealed was that the amount of Xbox Live subscribers increased 43%, due in large part to all the new systems getting connected in homes. In comparison, Wii U's also flew off shelves, but in a lesser amount. 400,000 units were sold over the same period. This hardly means Nintendo has lost their touch, however. Between their Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and older DS models, they managed to sell 1.2 million devices in the same time span. While the Wii U may not have conquered the home market over the holidays, Nintendo is still a mighty contender. What gaming deals did you get over Black Friday? Did you buy any systems?
  13. It looks like kids in the U.S. are crazy for Apple this holiday season. Neilsen graphs show that the Apple iPad takes the top spot, with 48% for kids aged 6-12 and 21% for those aged 13+. For those aged 6-12, that's a whopping 9% over the newly released Nintendo Wii U. The iPod Touch, iPad Mini, and iPhone also take spots in the top five for the same age group. Another tidbit of information out of these graphs, that's rather amusing, is that the PlayStation Move is tied with the Vita at 14% for kids aged 6-12. The PSP is also more desired than both at 18%. You can check out both of the graphs below: What do you think about Apple products being the dominating items on kids' holiday wishlists?
  14. Leah

    Neilsen Graph: Kids 13+

    From the album: Leah's News Images

    © Neilsen

  15. Leah

    Neilsen Graph: Kids 6-12

    From the album: Leah's News Images

    © Neilsen

  16. Microsoft is celebrating the tenth birthday for Xbox Live, their online gaming service that now has an audience in over 35 countries. Unfortunately, supplying and shipping a piece of cake to celebrate this milestone to each of the reported 35 million subscribers is a tad unrealistic. 'Long-term' subscribers are pining over the possibility of receiving the limited edition Xbox 360 console unveiled via Major Nelson's twitter feed, but the average subscribers can take solace in the fact that everybody can obtain a free Xbox Live Arcade game for the next 48 hours. The free game? Wreckateer, which now joins Haunt among the ranks of digital Kinect titles made free through Xbox Live promotions. According to OXM, Wreckateer is currently listed as the lowest selling Summer of Arcade title since 2009. Now that it is free, will you be picking up Wreckateer?
  17. American Express teamed with Microsoft for Halo 4 by offering an achievement based promotion earlier this month that provided an opportunity to net an easy $25 statement credit. This long awaited sequel is not quite done with incentives as the Xbox Live Rewards program is now set to reward the most avid online players with a new Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer. The combat offer boasts a scaling system of rewards based on the length of time played online. Halo 4 players who accumulate 35 hours of multiplayer time from November 6 through the end of November will find themselves 100 Microsoft Points richer. The gamers who manage to hit the 70 hour mark are eligible receive 300 points, but the fanatics will reach the maximum yield of 600 Microsoft Points at 140 hours. Xbox Live Rewards will also reward members who purchase any Halo content during the month of November. The maximum reward for purchasing digital goodies is 200 Microsoft Points, which is earned by spending 3000 Microsoft Points on Halo-related items. The Halo 4 Combat Tour offer is considered a 'first-come, first-served' promotion, limited to the first 10,000,000 Microsoft Points earned throughout November, and will be distributed by the end of 2012.
  18. A few weeks ago I posted a news article about Walmart selling Preorder DLC for dirt cheap. As low as thirty five cents for each code. Now that Halo 4 has released, Walmart has actually delivered on all of those preorder codes. But it doesn't stop there. The preorder DLC for Halo 4 is back up for immediate purchase at the low low cost of $5 per code. While that is way more than the original thirty five cent price from last month, you have to take this little fact into account... The codes are selling for between $15-$20 on websites like ebay. So if you want to get that extra DLC for your freshly bought Halo 4, then head down to the link below and don't spend more than you have to on overly inflated codes. Also just a heads up, it can take between ten minutes and an hour before the code reaches your email address, Walmart Halo 4 DLC
  19. Cross-promotional products have been appearing over the last few months as Halo 4's landing date rapidly approaches. Doritos and Mountain Dew offered players double experience, but American Express is jumping onto the Halo 4 wagon in an even bigger way. [Achievement Unlocked] is a beautiful sound for many, but the sound will be just a little bit sweeter for Halo 4 players who are also American Express cardholders. The Halo 4 ad on the Xbox Dashboard is now linking Xbox owners to exclusive offers for American Express cardholders. American Express members will need to synchronize their card through the American Express website in order to receive an access code. The access code provided must then be used on the Xbox 360 console for the player to unlock exclusive offers by earning select Halo 4 achievements. Players unlocking the 'Operation Completion' achievement will receive an email confirmation within 7 days and earn a $50 statement credit when spending $100 at Best Buy with the synced card. 'Operation Completion' is earned by completing a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty. Attaining the 'Wake Up John' achievement will unlock a one-time $25 credit, which should post to the account within 8 weeks of unlocking the offer. 'Wake Up John' is earned by completing the campaign on most difficulty levels, normal or higher. The third Halo 4 achievement-based offer is designed with the most hardcore players in mind, but the reward is well worth the time investment. The first 25 synced Cardmembers to complete the game alone on Legendary difficulty, boasting the 'Lone Wolf Legend' achievement, will win a trip to E3 in 2013 for two. Not an American Express cardholder? First-time enrollment unlocks a standard $10 statement credit, which can ultimately push the net price for freshly minted copy of Halo 4 down to a mere $25.
  20. In a perfect world, only Capcom would make silly errors while advertising or releasing their games. Thankfully however, this is not a perfect world. So let's all point and laugh as Team Ninja forgets what animals are. Tell me what you see when you look at the image off to the right. Would you say it is some form of a cat costume? Well the answer is yes and no. It is a cat costume as long as you're not buying it off of the Xbox website. If you are on the Xbox website however, you'll be buying a pack of bunny costumes for your game. Of course, they won't be bunny costumes when you load them up, but what's the big deal? Well actually, it is kind of a big deal. I'd like to point out that the actual Bunny DLC pack is currently going for over $100 on ebay. Yes I'm well aware of how crazy that is, the reason I bring this up is if someone sees the pack for about $95 less than the usual price they just might jump on it without realizing what they're getting. And seeing as you have to click the DLC description to see what you're actually buying, there is room for people getting the DLC pack mistakenly But really, let's just point and laugh for a bit about how they're calling cat costumes bunny costumes. We have to lay off Capcom sometimes. You can view the mistake at the link below. Hey I'm a bunny!
  21. With the end of September, Amazon unveiled a new bundled version of the Xbox 360 available exclusively through their site. While there are already 360s in the wild for lower price ($99 with contract), Amazon's proposition still looks appealing. The Xbox 360 Entertainment Bundle attempts to bridge the gap between people who want a system for games and media, not just one or the other. What do you get with the Entertainment Bundle? The system itself is the 4GB 360 which goes for $200 these days. Also included is a 3 month trial subscription to Xbox Live Gold and three XBLA games. In an attempt to cater to the TV/movie crowd a remote and $10 credit toward Amazon Instant Video are also included. All this combined costs $230. It's not the most stunning deal in the world, but may entice those who still don't have the system. Some may be wondering what three XBLA games are eligible. There are specific titles shown (Lode Runner, Snoopy Flying Ace, R-Type Dimensions), but they are not specifically chosen to be in every bundle. However, in order to purchase games they must have agreed to let themselves be used in promotions. So, there's little way of knowing exactly what XBLA games will work until you're ready to redeem some. Beyond that, this deal lasts until the end of the year. After that it seems Amazon will be done offering this bundle, or replace it with something else. Is this bundle appealing? What would make it better?
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