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Found 455 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    E3 2013: Mad Max Game Announced for PS4

    Mad Max was a movie that launched back in 1979 and forged a devoted fandom around it. If you were one of those movie lovers then you're going to enjoy what was announced today. During the Sony event they showcased a brief teaser for a Mad Max game coming to PS4. We've really got no other info than that, but it is neat all the same. We'll update this space once the trailer crops up online.
  2. Marcus Estrada

    PS3 E3 2013 Sale Starts Tomorrow

    Hungry for some gaming discounts on the eve of E3? If you've got a PS3 then a great deal of games are going to be available on discount this week. If you happen to have a PS Plus subscription, then deals will be even more beneficial to you. Here are some of the best sales that are hitting PSN. Check the PS Plus Blog to see the full list of deals. The first price is the sale price for all PSN members, while the second denotes the price PS Plus members get: Assassin's Creed III Liberation (Review) - $18.99 / $13.29 Far Cry 3 - $41.99 / $29.39 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Review) - $39.99 / $29.99 PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale - $27.99 / $14.00 Resident Evil 6 (Review) - $23.99 / $17.99 Tomb Raider (Review) - $22.49 / $20.24 The Unfinished Swan (Review) - $7.49 / $3.75 Of all the games, only one happens to be available on Vita. That one is Sound Shapes but otherwise this week is full of very PS3-specific sales. These discounts go live tomorrow alongside the regularly scheduled PSN update.
  3. The Last of Us is very nearly upon us. We're just a few measly days away from fighting for every single bullet we can find, and I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl. I've been waiting for The Last of Us since the day they aired the original teaser trailer, and unlike games like The Last Guardian, which I've been waiting forever for, this one will actually be coming out very soon. But now that it has been practically confirmed for coming out as a Day 1 PSN download, I'm slightly frightened. Well, more like extremely frightened. Games are getting larger and larger, and judging from Naughty Dog's recent track record... The Last of Us will be no digital walk in the park. But their track record isn't the only thing I'm worried about. The Increasing Size of Uncharted Games The very first game in the series, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has a whopping 17.5 gigabyte file size despite releasing just a few months after the launch of the Playstation 3. While that number was absolutely terrifying, it was bound to get worse. With the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves came an even larger file size. Clocking in at 21 gigabytes, it only barely gets beaten by my personal largest download of 22 gigabytes for the game Ni No Kuni. But as we all know, there is a third game in the Uncharted series. And this one blows pretty much every other game out of the water. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception comes out swinging with an absolutely impossible file size of 42.5 gigabytes. While that is an impressively large size for a game, it gets so much worse when you factor in the fact that you need twice the size of the game to be able to download and install it. Totally worth the twelve years it took to download Taking that into account, you need 85 gigabytes of your Playstation 3 hard drive open to be able to download Uncharted 3. The average PS3 owner likely has a hard drive between 120-160 gigabytes. A download of Uncharted 3 by itself takes up more than half of an average gamer's PS3. Even though this 80+ gigabyte size only counts during the download itself, you still have to have it open until you've installed the game. The problem is that the nightmare looming over the horizon with The Last Of Us could be even bigger than Uncharted 3. While it is hard to believe, the Bluray discs used in the Playstation 3 can hold around a maximum of 52 gigabytes. Uncharted 3 got dangerously close to that limit, and there is a small chance The Last Of Us could get even closer. While I doubt Naughty Dog would be crazy enough to fill a the disc to the brim with content, we could be looking at a download that requires over 100 gigabytes of free space! The Silver Lining And The Worrisome Report While a 100 gigabyte free space limit would be a nightmare for every Playstation owner that makes use of Sony's digital download service, it isn't all bad news and doomsday prophecies. This is because The Last Of Us has something none of the Uncharted games has - a day one release schedule. As far as I can remember, and going by the release dates of the digital versions of the Uncharted games, none of them were ever released as a digital title at the same time as the game's official release in stores. In fact, some of them didn't come to the Playstation store until years after the game's original release! Now, what does this tell us about Uncharted and The Last Of Us? While I can't be entirely sure, it would appear to show that the Uncharted games were never really intended to be downloaded online. They were just so big that it would turn potential buyers away. That is why they were put onto the store so long after release. Everyone that was planning on buying it already had bought it in stores. Anyone who bought it digitally was just icing on the cake. They called em' Gigabytes, Ellie. And there weren't never enough of em'. With The Last Of Us, however, they're going digital on day one. They expect people to be able to download it. In fact, they're probably counting on digital sales. This should hopefully mean that Naughty Dog has been successful at lowering the overall size of their highly anticipated game. But this could just be wishful thinking thanks to a terrifying little tidbit brought up in the post confirming The Last Of Us for getting a digital release. You can apparently play the game on your PS3 after only downloading half of it. Now I have no idea how this would work, and that part really doesn't matter. The fact that they're including it at all is what terrifies me so much. Why would it be necessary to allow people the ability to play the game while it is still downloading unless the download itself is going to be massive? It could just be a neat little gimmick thrown in to prepare us for what lies ahead for the Playstation 4's streaming service, but right now without a download size to look at, it has me shaking in my boots. How do you feel about all these games getting so much bigger than they were at the start of this generation? Does it even effect you at all? Why not sound off in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.
  4. The next generation of console warfare is finally coming to a boil. We've seen the next Xbox, we can buy the Wii U right now and we've heard about the Playstation 4. Now wait a second... one of those things is not like the others. Of course we know the Playstation 4 is out there - we've seen some of its games and all that. We just haven't seen the console itself. Now why would this really matter? Its taken me a while to form this into words that make sense to more people than just myself, but I think I've finally figured it out. I know how to explain to people why it is so important to show the console itself during these big flashy events, and I think I've also figured out specifically why Sony didn't show theirs a few months back. Let's get to it, shall we? The Problem With Our Silly Brains Imagine this scenario in your head. You're driving your Jalopy down to the soda shop when you hear an announcement over the radio. The man behind the microphone delivers the startling news that a crazed murderer has escaped from prison and is in your general area. He then goes back to the normally broadcasted tunes of Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers. Do you know what the 1950's radio announcer did wrong in the above scenario? He didn't give you any details that would allow your mind to picture the imminent threat in your area. You have nothing to anchor the memory in your mind except for the fact that someone said something over the radio. Sure, at first the word 'MURDERER' would be drilled into your skull and you'll feel hyped up at the thoughts going through your head. Try to talk about a TV show you've never seen before and see how quickly you lose interest But as time passes, you lose the ability to have meaningful discussions about it. You know there is a murderer out there because you heard the announcement, but without any way of actually picturing what this person looks like you're left with a gap in your brain. You have no way to talk about the killer without knowing more details. Without the ability to visualize or even talk about it, you start to lose interest in it. This is kind of the same problem people are having with the Playstation 4. Sure you can imagine what it looks like. As many people have said, its going to be a black box. But at the same time you don't actually know if it'll be a black box or not. You have nothing to attach your memories of the event to and you can't describe what the console really is, so you start to lose your ability to discuss it. Sure we saw some amazing looking games like Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadowfall, but your memories of those games don't remind you of the next Playstation. They remind you of the next Infamous. Of course the next Infamous will then remind you of the next Playstation, but that's where you hit the blank spot. No matter what you try to imagine, you're going to come up blank. The Silver Lining Of Lost Hype Now that a few months have passed without anyone being able to put a picture to the PS4, some people have lost their hype for the next generation console. It isn't a serious loss of hype, but the lack of information or pictures these last few months has caused people to forget the excitement they felt at the Playstation 4 announcement. This gives Sony the chance to rekindle their hype machine like some sort of marketing phoenix out of the ashes. Whatever it looks like, at least it isn't this And that's something they're going to need desperately now that Microsoft has entered the race to the next generation. While Sony has been biding it's time and waiting in the shadows with their system's design after their big reveal, Microsoft will have a direct sprint into E3 right after their announcement. While we have no way of knowing how Microsoft will follow up their announcement, it'll be interesting to see how the lead up to E3 will turn out now that Microsoft has shown it's hand. Sony, What Are You Doing? Sony recently released a teaser trailer on their official Youtube page showing off a Bigfoot quality picture of the Playstation 4. They attached some awe inspiring music and told you to get hyped because come E3, you're going to see the actual Playstation 4 design. While seeing the design is all fine and dandy, how many people are actually excited to see it? It is either a black box or a Sasquatch monster Nobody is going to drool over the console's matte finish or the ridges it may or may not have. We don't want to see the console so we can talk about how cool it looks. We need to see the console so we can put a face to the Playstation 4 name. Without being able to see the console we have nothing to attach our hype to and therefore nothing to hype up. Sony, nobody cares about the design! We just need the design so our brains don't feel so stupid when we try to picture your console. Luckily, we'll get that chance in a few days as we finally see the PS4 unveiled for the first time at Sony's pre-E3 press conference. As always, thank you for reading. And an apology ahead of time if it seemed like I was rambling because this is the closest my brain will get to putting my feelings into words about all this nonsense.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Next Week's PS Plus Update Announced Today

    Do you know what's happening next week? Oh, right, it's E3! Because that industry event is right around the PS Blog won't be able to be updated with the same fervor as usual for non-E3 content. That's why next week's PS Plus update has just been detailed. Three of the oldest Instant Game Collection titles (inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One) are being phased out soon which left fans wondering if the three replacement titles would be as impressive. As it turns out, yes, Sony seems to be very good at selecting games at times. The three new additions to Instant Game Collection are: LittleBigPlanet Karting (PS3) Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3) XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3) This weeks' PS3-centric update is sure to please but also fill up some hard drives. Note that these aren't going live today but were simply posted now before the game journalism world scampers around to cover every tidbit of E3 information. PS Plus members can download the new IGC additions on Tuesday.
  6. barrel

    2013 05 14 215033

    From the album: Soul Sacrifice

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    2013 05 10 150058

    From the album: Soul Sacrifice

  8. barrel

    soul sacrifice 27

    From the album: Soul Sacrifice

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    2013 05 10 215235

    From the album: Soul Sacrifice

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    © http://17f0418678386b4e6860-e4f9fcd924b589d19bf6ccc2802ea9aa.r66.cf1.rackcdn.com

  14. Sony revealed their PlayStation 4 months ago now but that doesn't mean they're about to ditch their press conference slot for E3 2013. Unlike Nintendo, they are still keen on showcasing their games for the massive amount of journalists and gamers via one standard press conference. As with previous years, their conference will be streamed online. The PlayStation Blog gives a complete rundown of Sony events as follows: Monday, June 10th | PlayStation E3 2013 Press Conference | 5:30pm Pacific Time/8:30pm Eastern Time Tuesday, June 11th | PlayStation LiveCast show | 12:00pm to 6:00pm Pacific Time Wednesday, June 12th | PlayStation LiveCast show | 10:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time Thursday, June 13th | PlayStation LiveCast show | 10:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time Where can you watch all these streams, including the press conference? There's a ton of places to go so hopefully if one site is struggling to load you can just switch to another instead. You can watch on the Facebook, Google Plus, PS Blog, PS.com, PS Home, and Ustream. Sites such as GameSpot are also going to stream each conference. Finally, you can watch through PS3 (without Home) but selecting "What's New" under Videos or via Vita with the Nico Nico video app.
  15. Marcus Estrada

    Warframe is a PS4 Launch Title

    As of right now, Warframe is a PC exclusive free-to-play multiplayer shooter. It takes place in a futuristic world with humanoids in strange suits who exhibit ninja-like finesse. It's weird, but pretty cool looking too. Despite being a F2P title, it still offers enough core gameplay that makes it quite playable without ever spending money. IGN spoke with developer Digital Extremes to share the news that Warframe is making its console launch exclusively on the upcoming PlayStation 4. This is news that is likely to be parroted during Sony's E3 press event. Between the three big companies, it seems Sony is the one most willing to tread F2P territory. Although they would not discuss how, it was also noted that the game will make use of the PS4 controller's touch pad. According to Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair, it will actually play a big role. We'll have to see if Sony or Digital Extremes discusses this further next week. Have you played Warframe on PC? How is it?
  16. If you've found that the Vita is lacking applications that aren't specifically games then perhaps one of the two releases tomorrow may interest you. First, the Vita is getting a new, interactive social network in the form of Toro's Friend Network. Then, for the artistic types, a paid version of Paint Park is arriving under the name of Paint Park Plus. Toro's Friend Network is so named for PlayStation Japan's mascot of the cat Toro. Players can use it to connect with other users from their Twitter or Facebook friends list as well as PSN. Players take part in activities and go through Friend Dungeons in order to unlock items. It is Sony's answer to the gamified social aspects of the 3DS and may be worth checking out. Paint Park Plus is a digital painting and drawing application for Vita. In keeping with its paid nature, it includes more pens and colors than the original Paint Park. Artists can even send their pictures straight to Twitter once done. It includes a point system which allows players to unlock more templates the more they draw or paint. Of course, there is also the option to buy stickers or templates.
  17. Marcus Estrada

    June's PS Plus Lineup Includes Triple A Titles

    Many gamers have just gotten out of school for the summer. With that, they are free to roam or simply sit at home playing all the games they weren't able to during the school semester. For the month of June, Sony is going to add five new games to the Instant Game Collection and the majority look like incredibly popular titles. Here are the games PS Plus owners will see available freely this month: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3) Machinarium (PS3/Vita) Saints Row: The Third (PS3) Orc Attack (Vita) Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - Review (Vita) This is not necessarily the order they will arrive in, since it's just alphabetical order. Machinarium is part of the Cross-Buy deal so it seems if you download the PS3 version you'll also have access to it on Vita. With that in mind, the IGC collection updates this month balance very well between the PS3 and Vita. Of course, with these five new additions that means other games are going to be ousted. The seven leaving the service are: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND, Closure, inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, Sleeping Dogs, Soul Calibur Broken Destiny.
  18. When it was initially unveiled a week and a half ago, I was surprised by the announcement that Microsoft's next console will be called the Xbox One. But I have to say, it is a better name than the Xbox 720 or the Durango. Is it the best name they could have chosen? Probably not, but they obviously have a plan for this name, and it must be a good plan considering they've already gone forward and announced the darn thing. But this all got me thinking - what goes into a console's name? Why did they choose "Xbox One" over "Xbox 720?" Why did Nintendo go with "Wii U?" Should Sony have stuck with naming each new console one number higher than their previous console? Well, I'm going to try to answer some of these questions over the next few paragraphs. Why don't you join me? The Xbox Goes Back To One Ever since the Xbox 360 first got it's name, everyone just assumed that the next system would be called the Xbox 720. I've been hearing the name Xbox 720 thrown around for years and years now. And honestly, I'm kind of sad that it won't be used anymore. The question is, why didn't Microsoft just go with Xbox 720 if that is what everyone expected of them all this time? The reason is simple. They wanted to have the element of surprise. Everyone was prepared to hear them announce the Xbox 720. I'm sure there were probably even a few websites out there that had entire articles dedicated to how predictable Microsoft was being by calling it the Xbox 720. They had their little jokes and ribs ready and waiting, and Microsoft completely shut them down with the Xbox One. And then one becomes zero, which turns into infinity until it returns to one. But why call it the Xbox One? Why not something crazy, like Durango? Literally anything else would have been less confusing for poor highschool students getting their first job at Gamestop. Some people might even consider the name a blunder, so why did they name it that in the first place? The answer lies in marketing. And it isn't nearly as Matrixy as I hoped. It is called the Xbox One simply because Microsoft wanted to be able to use the tagline "Its the all-in-one entertainment device!" It plays games, movies, has cable TV and even has an internet browser you control with your voice! It truly is an all-in-one machine, at least in the minds of the Microsoft marketing team. Why Not Just Call The Wii-U The Wii 2? A fair number of people were also surprised by Nintendo's choice to name their next generation console the "Wii U." It was so similar to the name of the Wii that some people even thought the new console was just a peripheral for the original Wii. Why didn't Nintendo choose a radically different console name, or at least call it the "Wii 2" so people would know it was a newer console? Well, there's a few different reasons for that. Firstly, imagine how much more confusing it would be for casual consumers if they saw a game called New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2 sitting next to a game called New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You think the average consumer is confused by the Wii U name? It would have been so much worse if Nintendo just called it the Wii 2; they would have been buried by the angry letters from soccer moms all over the world. "Wii-U would like to play you." What?! Now, why keep the Wii name at all? They've been all over the place with different console names over the years, even going so far as to change the name of the Revolution to the Wii we know of today. So why stop the name changes now? The reason is because they struck casual gold with the Nintendo Wii. While they want consumers to know that it is a new console, they also want the casual market to understand that this is still the Wii brand they fell in love with. They needed to remain familiar without seeming to be the same thing. And finally, there's Nintendo's weird fetish with branding all of their things with a uniform name. You have Super Mario 64, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and now New Super Mario Bros. U. Over the last decade or two Nintendo has been branding their console name on as many of their games as possible. Why? I don't really know, but there is no way they're going to stop anytime soon. The Gamecube was a fluke in a long history of name branding, but look how well things turned out for that console. Playstation Continues To Play The Numbers Game Over the last few decades, Sony has released a total of three home consoles. And now they're gearing up to release their fourth. The aptly named "Playstation 4." But with this new console comes a problem Sony has never encountered before - they're breaking out past the trilogy phase for the first time in their brand's life. Why is this important? Because people are finicky. For some reason it is has become widely accepted that video games and movie series can get two sequels before things start to become silly with their company's naming techniques. I don't know why it is, but if you don't start mixing things up after the third iteration, people start making fun of your product. And electronics aren't really exempt from this. As far as I'm concerned, this is the console Just look at everything Apple makes. We're going on the sixth generation of iPhones, and the first one released around six years ago. They're producing new phone models at the same rate as the Call of Duty franchise releases games. Of course, Sony doesn't move anywhere near as fast as some of these companies, but they'll still be subject to the same jokes simply because they decided to stick with numbers instead of something crazy like the Playstation Orbis. I can't say I'll be too upset by that though. If it isn't broken, then don't fix it. What do you think about all of these name changes? Should Microsoft have just bit the bullet and went with the Xbox 720? Is Wii U a good product name for Nintendo, and should Sony have stuck with just raising the number on thier console again? Why not express your opinions in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.
  19. Marcus Estrada

    PS4/Vita Remote Play Requirements Confirmed

    Remote Play has a weird history with Sony. Back when the PSP was still Sony's only portable, they introduced the ability to play select PS3 content on it via Remote Play. However, this never took off. More recently, the Vita has also seen this same functionality being touted again for the PS3. However, as the Vita is more powerful, it makes a bit more sense. Despite the Vita's ad campaign suggesting strong Remote Play functionality with PS3, it looks like Sony has just moved the idea on over to PS4 instead. Eurogamer initially reported that all PS4 games would be required to have Remote Play. Their story has since been confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's Worldwide Studios president. He said the following in response to Eurogamer's article on Twitter: "Yes, [the rumor is] true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera. It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita." This means that, unless something changes down the road, we should expect to see the majority of PS4 games come with Vita Remote Play packed in. It'll be great to see that finally become the standard after Sony has teased it for so long. Do you think this will encourage more Vita sales?
  20. After the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. we are back on track for PlayStation Plus updates. As today is Tuesday that means the latest set of PS Plus additions will go live on PSN soon. What's there to check out this week? Well, we're seeing the debut of timed trials among other things. First, the new Instant Game Collection title is BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend for Vita. This version improved upon console renditions by including story modes for characters that had previously been DLC, as well as tweaking the online multiplayer. Timed trials have been introduced to allow PS Plus members the opportunity to check out exciting new titles without being forced into weird "demo" snippets. The two games with timed trials are Fuse and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Although this is no doubt very beneficial for PS Plus subscribers, it is odd that they are not open to all PSN users. Game sales running this week are as follows: Draw Slasher - $4.19 Germinator - $5.99 Hamilton's Great Adventure - $2.50 Finally, Sleeping Dogs is about to be removed from the Instant Game Collection less than a month after being inducted. Members should probably come to expect that most "big name" games will see similar treatment in the future so be sure to download them in a timely fashion!
  21. Now before we begin, I want it to be clear with everyone, Microsoft screwed up royally with the fallout from their presentation. With so many websites reporting so many different things, it was impossible to tell what was true and what wasn't. To make matters worse, a lot of misleading or just downright wrong information was being presented by some of Microsoft's top employees. However, I'm not here to talk about that. All of that is incredibly bad, to an insane degree, but that had nothing to do with the presentation itself. Instead, we're going to talk about what Microsoft actually presented. A lot of people (myself included) felt it was a rather lackluster show. But it is possibly, and actually very likely that Microsoft did this on purpose. The Calm Before The Storm One of the points Microsoft seemed to be hammering into people's heads was the fact that E3 is just a few short weeks away, and that this presentation was just the calm before the storm. The only point to this show was to get the word out about the Xbox One, and thanks to this show, it seems to be all anybody is currently talking about. Sure the things being said aren't exactly all that positive, but what have you read about Sony and Nintendo this past week? I like where this is headed Your answer was probably "nothing." That is because Microsoft is absolutely dominating the headlines right now, and odds are they'll be the focus of nearly every gaming website out there all the way to E3 thanks to how close the show actually is. People are expecting Microsoft to clear the air over all of these rumors, and there's only one place that is going to happen. And that is at E3. This means that despite knowing Nintendo is going to have a big Direct during the expo and the fact that Sony is going to have a huge blowout doesn't really apply at the moment. Everyone wants to see if Microsoft is going to sink or swim, and their curiosity over Microsoft's possible doom is overshadowing their excitement for the PS4 and Nintendo Wii U What Do We Really Know About The Kinect 2? We know that the Kinect is going to be incorporated in just about everything the Xbox One does, and we know that it'll be watching and listening to you. Other than that, what else can this magical machine crafted by apparent rocket scientists do? You know there is going to be more to it than just motion tracking and voice commands, they even briefly mentioned something during the show. The plastic used in the Kinect 2 is the same as the plastic found in Aglets And that little something was its apparent ability to monitor your heart rate. While I have absolutely no idea how that could work, it gives you a good idea of just how crazy this thing could end up being. If it can monitor your heart, what else could it do? We simply won't know until E3, and the fact that nobody is excited about this absolutely baffles me. How could all this not be exciting?! The Trap Is Set For Sony We're still a few weeks away from E3, and the console giants are still hammering out the details behind their presentations. But do you remember how things went during the Playstation 4 announcement? The main focus of Sony's big event was the fact that the console wouldn't just be another brown and bloom shooting console. Instead they showed off games like Knack and The Witness. Microsoft went in the exact opposite direction with their showing. Instead of showing new and innovative titles, they revealed Forza, Madden and Call of Duty; everything Sony was trying to distance themselves from during their showing. Now, why would Microsoft purposefully make themselves look like they're going for the cliched "dudebro" audience? Console wars are a lot like Mouse Trap, but with billions of dollars at stake. Because they're trying to catch Sony in a trap. You and I both know Microsoft has plenty of colorful and zany exclusives like The Maw and Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster. But by making themselves out to look like they're only making sports titles and shooters, they set Sony up for the fall in a rather "egg in your face" sort of way. Expect Sony to come out during E3 swinging with jabs about Microsoft's inability to think outside of the box and their insistence on just doing the same old thing every year and with every console iteration. Then you can expect Microsoft to come out with all of the colorful and neat titles they had hidden and waiting out in the shadows. It'll really make Sony look like they're grasping at straws in desperation if they fall for it. Of course, I could be wrong about all this and Microsoft really did just forget who their customer base is... but what are the odds of that? As always, thank you for reading.