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Found 49 results

  1. It's quickly becoming a treat to see a new Free Bundle uploaded between a vast majority of purchasable bundles. Although this group is still pretty new to the bundle scene, they appear skilled at choosing a nice selection of games to provide for free. Here are the games: Bear Surfing Mega Wave Dirty Split The Fabulous Screech Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch Vicinity There's not much to say about this set aside from be glad that free bundles can continue to come out even alongside pay bundles. They are also attempting to get the word out about indie game journalists, who are spotlighted on the page. Finally, they have also dedicated a portion of their page to the developer of Ithaka of the Clouds to help them reach their Kickstarter goal.
  2. Sony started off their Vita Anniversary Sale last week. If you can believe it, the handheld has already been out for a year and as such Sony has been hosting sales to commemorate the moment. On the second week, there are a batch of new sales, but more interestingly, there are free games available as well. As of late, people have become accustomed to Sony giving out "free" games, but only to those with PS Plus memberships. Amazingly, that is not the case for these free games. As long as you can jump into the PS Store then these games are yours regardless of having sold your soul to PS Plus or not. Here are the four free games: Patapon (PSP) Patchwork Heroes (PSP) Piyotama (PSP) Wild Arms (PSone Classic) Despite the odd prevalence of P-titled games, it's a nice gesture. However, perhaps the lack of free Vita-specific titles means that Sony really only ever intends to offer those for free to Plus members (excluding the PS Mobile promotions). In regards to sales, a bunch of Vita games are discounted by 30%, or 50% for subscribers. The full list of sales is available at the PlayStation Blog.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Vanquish Heading to PS+ Instant Game Collection

    PlayStation Plus users who have their drives filling with Instant Game Collection content better make a little room. As usual, Sony is peppering tomorrow's PS Store update with a batch of free content. However, unlike some weeks, they are making a particularly loved game available. Then there are a few other things which may be unfamiliar to subscribers. First, the PS3 game getting the free treatment is Vanquish. This Sega game came out in 2010 and accumulated a very passionate fanbase. It didn't make huge waves in general, but those who have played it seem to be glad they did. Vanquish costs $20 as a download normally, but of course Plus users only need to make room for the free download. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is the second free game of the month. If you're thinking this isn't a Vita game, then you're right. It is an enhanced remake of Mega Man X which came to PSP. So, here is one of those rare occasions that a PSP owner can get in on the free game action. Thankfully, it runs on Vita as well so it can be downloaded and played on one just fine. Finally, there is the Dust 514 Starter Pack. In case you couldn't tell by the name, this is not a game itself. Dust 514 is a free MMO available on PS3 already. So what this pack gives you is some of the content you would otherwise be buying with real money to support the game's economy. It's a bit weird but may get some people to actually give the game a shot. Do you think Sony should make more PS Plus games available that run on PSP/Vita?
  4. No doubt there are many indie games out there that people end up never trying due to cost. Some developers simply don't price games competitively when compared to the rest of the indie market. Other times, they do it well, or even at their own expense. Anodyne is one game that has a developer who just wants to get the game out there. The game cost from $7-$10 depending on whether you buy it on GamersGate or Desura. However, Analgesic Productions have set up a promotion where you can buy the game directly off their site for as little as a dollar. Of course, there's room to add in more funds if you're feeling charitable. The official soundtrack is also available at any price. Where things get more interesting is that they have also paired up with The Pirate Bay to offer the game completely free to anyone who chooses that method. This is the second game to get such a promotion, the first being McPixel. It may seem bad business to give away a game for free, but it definitely serves to make more gamers aware of Anodyne. Anodyne is a retro-styled game similar to The Legend of Zelda. Here's the trailer to see if this is a game you'd like to play:
  5. Okay, so about three bundles have come out this week of varying types and you don't want all of them. It's just not worth putting money down for a handful of games that might not be worth your time. So, what about downloading games that have no cost associated with their bundle? The Free Bundle is back for the third time and offering just that. Here are the five free games: Armagetron Advanced (Windows/Mac/Linux) Cube 2 (Windows/Mac/Linux) Lyle in Cube Sector (Windows) Ninja Senkei (Windows) Uberleben (Windows) However, there is one game which can be purchased and that is Vampires! The reason for this is not because The Free Bundle is hoping to make a little back on their endeavors. Instead, it is to help the developer of Vampires! because of recent issues that have been swirling around the game's publisher. Basically, the publisher has been accused of not paying developers their fare share. As such, this bundle is hoping to both raise awareness of the issue and help get them a little bit back for the game they created. The Free Bundle still has 19 days to go. Give it a look if you wouldn't mind messing around with a couple new indie games, or possibly helping out a cash-strapped developer.
  6. 99 Gamers is a site that lets you trade and buy games using tokens. Each token is basically worth a dollar. I noticed that there is a lot of really cheap games you can get. Like Dragon Age II brand new for 13 tokens. Which is 13 dollars. They are currently having a contest. If you can get just 1 friend to join you are entered to win a free game of your choice. More information here http://99gamers.com/invite/kikyou1 and yes I am linking to mine in specific. But you to ignore it. Good luck and enjoy.
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Beats Trellis Goes Free on Vita

    As the weeks wind down we are coming closer to the end of Sony's PlayStation Mobile promotion. If you haven't been picking up the free, small games offered so far then maybe their next game will be the one you grab. Or not, considering this is another music-based app such as Beats Slider before it. Well, it's not actually fair to call it a rhythm game. That's because Beats Trellis is more of a creation application than anything else. With the use of this app you can can make a variety of beats using instrument sounds, pitch, loop, and other features. That's all there is to it but those who enjoy mucking around with music may find it a fun time waster. Beats Trellis is free from now (or at least when the store updates) until next week. Vita users just need to get into the Shop and check the PS Mobile section for it. Or, if you own a PS Certified device you can grab the free app too.
  8. Sony is nearing the end of their PS Mobile campaign, but it looks like they are set to send it off with some neat games. Previously they gave away Samurai Beatdown, Beats Slider, and Cubixx, but now the cutest title is up for grabs. During the fourth week of Sony's promotion, Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender will be free. As long as you jump onto PSN with your Vita and grab it (from the PS Mobile section) before next Tuesday the game will be yours free of charge. That's not bad considering the game looks to be the best of the bunch so far. Aqua Kitty is a sidescrolling shooter with pixel art. That may not be the most exciting game description, but the game does attempt to spice it up a little bit. As you might expect, the title deals with kitties. Your team of cats are fighting to get to reserves of milk which are hidden on the ocean floor. It's cute and free so if you're a shooter fan make sure to grab it before the promo is over.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    Cubixx Free on Vita this Week

    Sony has been in the middle of a promotion over the past few weeks to get users of PlayStation certified products interested in games. First they released Samurai Beatdown, then Beats Slider, and now the third game of the promotion is being made available for free. The chosen game this time around is Cubixx, which calls itself an action puzzler. As with the previous titles, each game is available for one week only at no cost. Although PS Mobile devices include many smartphones, but also the Vita, which may make this a more appealing offer. Each of the games in this promotion is also pretty small in size (Cubixx is 28 MBs) which means players probably won't have to clear up a bunch of space just to add in the game. Those interested in downloading Cubixx should find it in the PS Mobile section of the PS Store. The reduced pricing is set to occur today, but as of right now, the game is still set at $4.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Vita Owners Can Pick Up Beats Slider for Free

    Last week Sony announced an interesting little promotion. In order to make people excited about PlayStation Mobile, they announced there would be a free game each week (for six weeks) from that marketplace. PS Mobile is Sony's big push into the PS-certified smartphone arena. However, owners of those phones won't be the only ones who can grab the games. On the Vita's PS Store is a link to the entire Mobile library of games currently available. As such, Vita owners can happily participate in downloading a few titles during the promotion. Right now, the free game is Beats Slider. It is described as a music and puzzle game hybrid where you slide objects around the puzzle area. Sliding puzzles are often difficult, but the developer suggests that these all have logical solutions. Last week, Samurai Beatdown was the free game. The next four titles have yet to be announced but hopefully they are neat additions to Vita (or PS-certified smartphone) owners' devices.
  11. DarkCobra86

    Free Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack

    I saw this post from Iammilkman on GDD. But basically you can download this for free if you have halo 4. I think you get an email with it. So if you did buy halo 4, definitely look into this. Another member on GDD did say you have to have played it the first day it came out or the first week. So if you didn't I wouldn't be surprised if you can't download it.
  12. Just in time for the holiday season, famous game music remixing site OC ReMix has just released their 36th official arragement. Titled Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!, it is a massive soundtrack featuring songs arranged from both Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Country 3 on GBA. If you were looking for some video game music to listen to for a while then this should serve that purpose well, as it is enough songs to span five discs. With this album being completed it now means that the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy has seen the OC ReMix treatment. It wasn't easy though. This album in particular has been in the works for three years. Over all, it includes 77 tracks from nearly as many artists. Amazingly, one of the original composers for the game, David Wise, even became a part of the project. He has contributed his own arrangement and instrumental performance to their project. Those wanting to get a listen to the soundtrack can download it for free here via either direct download or torrent. If you're interested in previewing it first then check out the official trailer:
  13. DarkCobra86

    Earth 2160 Free PC download

    I don't know how good this game is but it is free for those that want a free game. You can also trade it in towards another game if you want to. http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/strategy/earth-2160/
  14. http://store.origin.com/store/ea/en_US/html/pbPage.demos-en_US I know not everyone favorite client. But the game is free through Origin. Just download the client and play the game for free if you like.
  15. Although EA's Origin service is not as loved as Valve's Steam, they are still working to gain a larger audience. If you don't yet have an account thanks to Mass Effect 3 or the recent "free game" discount, then maybe this deal will entice you to join. Origin currently has Battlefield 1942 available for free to all members. Why? This marks the tenth anniversary for the Battlefield series and so DICE decided to run a little promotion. DICE Vice President Magnus Troesdsson had this to say about the game: "When we launched Battlefield 1942 ten years ago, we had lofty ambitions to create a first-person shooter that would push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and design. We evolved the FPS gameplay formula by introducing the world to all-out warfare via land, air and sea. Since the beginning, the reception to the Battlefield series has been incredible thanks to our amazing fans." Battlefield 1942 was the start of the franchise which has since spanned many spin offs and main series titles. The latest in the series is Battlefield 3 which launched last year, with "Aftermath" DLC coming out later this month. If you're interested, the link is here, although remember that an Origin account is required to use this game download.
  16. Plants vs. Zombies (PC Digital Download) for Free when you enter code PEAH8R. Offer valid through November 10 http://www.stopzombiemouth.com/ You can also use this link and get the printable coupon to give out http://static-www.ec.popcap.com/misc/zombiemouth/downloads/stop_zombie_mouth_coupons.pdf
  17. Have there been any big game releases recently that you wanted to play, but just didn't have the money to afford a $60 purchase right now? Well if so, then this news is for you, because Redbox is rolling out a new promotion to get you those games for free. All you have to do to get your free rental is text a special code to 727272. Each code entitles you to one free day of playing, so be sure to get your rented games back by 9PM the next day. The special codes can be found below. TRYGAMES TRYITOUT RENT JUSTDANCE SCREEN TRYREDBOX Now remember, each texted code will earn you one free rental and the codes don't expire until December 31st, so you might actually want to hang on to a code or two for the Wii-U launch later this year.
  18. Recently released Double Dragon Neon has been getting a fair bit of praise. Sure, lots is due to the updating of the classic Double Dragon's gameplay, but tons of excitement has been focused around the game's soundtrack. Everything about it is both 80s style and extremely listenable. If you've heard the songs in game and want to hear them everywhere else then you're in luck. Double Dragon Neon composer Jake Kaufman has made the entire soundtrack available on his site. Even if you haven't played the game you can head to the page and give a few tracks a listen. That's probably all you'll need to do to convince yourself you need it. For those who simply must have the 45 track album I'm sure you're wondering about possible costs. Kaufman has been kind enough to offer up his album for no set price. That means you dictate what you're willing to spend on it. Whether you spend no money or $30 bucks you'll be set with a great new game soundtrack to listen to. Finally, if you're not convinced of Kaufman's credits, he was the composer for both Shantae soundtracks, Mighty Switch Force, Contra 4 and many other games.
  19. Free games are always awesome! For those interested in snapping a freebie, GOG is currently offering Realms of Arkania 1+2 (Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny and Realms of Arkania 2: Star Trail) for free if you fill out a short survey (which will also help GOG become an even better site). All the survey is composed of is a few questions and the requirement of your e-mail address. A code for your free copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2 will arrive in your e-mail inbox sometime in the next week. If you already own the games, the code is giftable -- so feel free to offer it to a friend or trade it in that case! This offer ends on September 17th at 9:59 AM GMT. So don't procrastinate on getting this survey done -- especially if you're a fan of free games and classic RPGs.
  20. Green Man Gaming is offering Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (PC Digital Download) for Free http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/action/commandos-3-destination-berlin/ Free download. Plus you get a 10% discount code that can be used for other games at Green Man Gaming. You need capsule client to play it, which can be downloaded for free from the site as well.
  21. Hey, sorry I haven't really been posting much at all on here lately! I've been really busy, and a tad lazy. ;D You know how that is. *rolls eyes* Well, I just thought I'd let everyone know that Rockstar Games is giving away FREE Steam copies of Midnight Club 2 to anyone that joins their Rockstar Games Steam group! The announcement was made here: http://steamcommunit...078427175199696 And the group is here: http://steamcommunit...s/rockstargames The game has multiplayer and if you're wary of the notice on the Steam store page that says "Not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7", to my knowledge there is a patch out there that fixes that. So.....if there's enough people here who want to do it, maybe we can get a MC2 get-together going! Also, as a slight warning- you need at least 1 purchase, gift redemption, key redemption, or anything like that on your Steam account to get the free copy of Midnight Club 2. That's pretty much anything that doesn't have a "Free" or "Free To Play" tag on Steam. Another warning I might add- you have to join by May 15th, 2012, to be eligible (so this is a 5-day notice), and the copies should be sent out around the 29th. Enjoy!