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Found 10 results

  1. WildCardCorsair

    Game of the Year 2015: WildCardCorsair's Picks

    2015 certainly surprised me. For starters, I was almost certain that Batman: Arkham Knight would be on this list, but I guess things don“t always work out the way you think. That“s not to say there were only bad surprises this year; in fact, I“d like to think that many of the games on my list were pleasant surprises. Games I didn“t expect to love or respect as much as I do. Heck, there are even a couple I probably would never have played if friends hadn“t motivated (read: forced) me to try them. Oh, and spoiler alert -- Undertale ain“t here so don“t go looking for it! A side note: Where“s Fallout 4? Don“t get me wrong, I love the game. It“s a great game. But it“s not really that much different from Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Sure, plenty of things work much better in Fallout 4, but there“s very little that“s actually new. For a game that had so much time pass between it and it“s previous franchise installment, I expected more. I dunno, call me crazy. So Fallout 4 gets my honorable mention, but alas, nothing more this year. 10. BOXBOY! Official GP Review A quirky, fun little title from Kirby“s developers, Hal Labs, BoxBoy has become a very unlikely favorite of mine this year. Initially, the visual presentation really turned me off, but due to the (incessant) insistence of Jon I gave it a whirl. Puzzle platforming with a simple premise, but very quickly becoming a test of box management, for the lack of a better word. The further you go, the more creative you have to get if you want to complete each level, even more so to collect all those crowns! Thanks, Jon. 9. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D While Majora“s Mask has always been one of my favorite Zelda titles, Grezzo“s 3DS port takes it a step further, allowing players all the benefits of the original, with some of the enhancements that made Ocarina of Time 3D better, and new ones that make the game more accessible for newcomers (those wussies!). The town of Termina and the people who live in it are really the stars of this off-kilter Zelda title, which each side quest bringing you closer to the people in Link“s world than ever before. 8. Persona 4: Dancing All Night Official GP Review A surprisingly good follow up to Persona 4 Golden... set in a rhythm game? Well, as it turns out that“s exactly what this is. Solid as a rhythm game in general, Dancing All Night impressed me further with it“s highly-uncharacteristic-for-the-genre fully scripted plot that acts as a commentary on idol/pop star culture. The songs are a mix of great ditties from Persona 4 and remixes that are just as amazing in their own right. Visually, the game is near-seizure inducing, with full 3D models inside of a 3D environment and the ability to even watch a “choreography mode” that will show you just the character without all the fancy camera angles so you too can drop it like it“s hot (or whatever it is the kids are dancing to these days). 7. Yoshi's Woolly World Official GP Review I got this a bit late, but the wife and I were looking for something to play together. The cute, crafty world of Kirby“s Epic Yarn had been one of our favorite co-op experiences on the Wii, so naturally this Good-Feel game and spiritual successor was a no brainer. We were not disappointed. This game has a tad more challenge in the level design, plenty of amiibo support, collectathon goodness, great co-op, and best of all, an extreme dedication to the crocheted theme. The way the ground crinkles like fabric, unweaving parts of the stage to find hidden paths, even the slight fraying of the yarn the yoshis and other stuff in the game are made out of screams massive attention to detail that does not go unnoticed. I promise you, this much cuteness is nearly lethal. 6. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate It“s strange to say this now, but I wasn't always a fan of Monster Hunter. I used to complain about the tank controls, complicated control scheme, and hard-for-the-sake-of-hard boss fights that make up the vast majority of the game. And even though I still do, playing with friends has allowed me to see the good things that make those criticisms far less severe. There's an intricacy to the controls that allows for some seriously complex player tactics. The weapon variety is impressive. Online play is surprisingly stable. And MH4U in particular has a variety of Nintendo and other publisher crossover DLC, all of which that has been entirely free and updated regularly. Thanks Char! 5. Xenoblade Chronicles X Not without its problems, sure, but Monolith Soft has done something right when the world of Mira is more interesting than most other open world games 2015 has offered us. The game“s passive online elements, along with the 4-person online quests definitely offer what other open world games have not… the feeling of never being alone. Xenoblade Chronicles X asks a lot of people who would explore it, but it rewards in kind with a rich battle system and seemingly endless treasures to seek out. Oh, and who else hasn“t wanted to pilot a huge transforming mech and beat the snot out of a monster that is 10-stories tall? Surely no one. 4. SteamWorld Heist Official GP Review Image & Form made this game called SteamWorld Dig a while ago, which was cool. It was like a Steampunk western version of Dig Dug -- you know, the thing you never knew you needed. So when they turned their attention to making a new game in the same world, but this time with turn-based strategy RPG gameplay -- well, you could say I was instantly on board. The game revolves around the very Firefly-esque crew of Captain Piper Faraday and their no-good (but somehow still good) pirating of robo-jerks at the edge of space. I mean really, what more do you need in a game? 3. Stretchmo I“ve been a fan of this series since the original Pushmo game dropped early in the 3DS“s lifespan. The calming atmosphere and clever puzzle mechanics have earned it a spot in the upper echelon of modern puzzle games in my opinion, but Stretchmo in particular really stands out among them. Of course, the 3D puzzles are fun, but the multitude of added puzzle elements and even the structure of this game“s free-to-start model are all incredibly well-thought out. I guess you could say that this game stretches your dollar pretty far... I“ll see myself out. 2. Splatoon Are you a kid, or are you a squid? This is a question that has kept me up late at night as my ink-stained clothes messed up my sheets in a way that would even make Billy Mays cringe. An primarily online competitive shooter game from Nintendo. A shooter. Let that sink in. Or don“t, 'cause the stain will set. Ok, I“ll stop, I promise. The game is worth it by itself, but the immense list of post-release (free!) DLC and regular Splatfest competitions have helped the game stay fresh. No, that was not a Squid Sisters pun. Well, okay... I guess now it is. 1. Destiny: The Taken King I started playing Destiny pretty late into its first year, but early enough to understand people“s criticisms of it. The Taken King aimed to change those and I believe it succeeded on almost every point. Crafting more interesting stories, with the use of their you-never-knew-just-how-interesting-they-actually-are characters, improved loot systems, fewer complicated item level increasing sidequests, better PVP, better quest and bounty systems, more content crammed into existing areas, and impressive new areas with loads to do. Sure, it“s just a shooter, but one that rewards players for their time spent fighting the darkness (alone or with friends!), impressive boss design, and plenty of cool new dance emotes too. Yup. It“s a dance off bro.
  2. So I“ve never really enjoyed a Monster Hunter game before. To be honest I“m not sure I really enjoy Monster Hunter now, but I get it. They won. I“m a fan. But being the extreme nublet that I am the game presents quite a bit of challenge. These are the chronicles of a know-nothing fledgling hunter, trying to die as little as humanly possible. I guess I should start off by saying that in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate I use the Hunting Horn. If you were picturing something supremely intimidating, like a gigantic horn that I strap to my head to ram enemies and disembowel them with my gargantuan neck muscles…well, sorry but that“s pretty much the furthest thing from the truth. Though I have been told I have a strong neck. What a Hunting Horn really is, is one part didgeridoo, one part club, that you effectively whack all the scary monsters on the head with in order to make a cool sound. Basically I“m like El Kabong…only not a horse (but how cool would that be right?). Point is, whenever I“m out there fighting things I“m doing so with a musical instrument. I“m bringing a flute to a gunfight. So keep that in mind because that makes literally everything I do in Monster Hunter at least 10x more hilarious. So I“ve been playing awhile and I managed to fight my way through some pretty scary bad guys. One was literally a bunch of angry rocks with a face. That was a fun day! But no matter what, I“ve always been able to take them down by smashing my Rickenbacker into their faces like I“m Robert Daltrey. That is until last night. Armed with my trusty wind instrument of death, I walked into the frozen wasteland of someplace (I“m sure it has a name, I just don“t know it) and gazed upon…. Jabberjaw? Not unlike that frankly awful cartoon, was walking shark. Only it was pretty strong looking, so I guess that makes it more like a Street Shark? Well dated references aside it was pretty mean, pretty ugly, and also very sharky. So I held my mighty Hunting Horn aloft and cried “Shark Week is over, bitch!” and charged. Ok, so I didn“t but I really should have. Next time, promise. So I“m bobbing and weaving, dodging, trying to observe this thing in order to find which place would be best to hit it with my noise-hammer. Well…that doesn“t go so well. So I“m hitting it and it just bounces off half the time. You see, it has armor. Armor made of ice. Yup. Who does that? This guy I guess. So I make the best of a bad situation and after having some luck attacking his tail (which is horizontal and not vertical, I mean I“m no marine biologist here but I“m pretty sure that“s totally wrong guys!) when he dives under the sea…of ice. Yup. He“s swimming in ice. Thank you for that, Capcom. So obviously some Jaws shenanigans are about to take place. Even I can see where this is going. It“s time to change strategies. I fall back on one that has never failed me before. The elite hunter maneuver known as “running in a circle”. Well it works and pops back up, this time without his ice amor. Oh yeah. It“s time to go to town! Oh, except he learned a new trick. He can barf this ice laser and freeze stuff. He“s shooping da woop. This is happening. So needless to say I“m running around half frozen and shouting things that frankly I should be thrown in jail for. I mean a walking shark just hurled projectile ice vomit on me. I“m pretty sure it can“t get any weirder. You know it got weirder right? Of course it did. This is Monster Hunter, a game where you can sharpen your hammer to deal more damage. Anyways, the angry shark dude becomes a big fat amorphous shark-ball. I really don“t even know how to describe it. I don“t think it“s something you can describe except that it once was a shark, and it is totally rolling towards me like Violet Beauregarde, just less purple-y. Oh and it bounces too...gross. The good news is it“s soft. Hitting soft things in Monster Hunter is always the way to win. So I go to town. It“s still gross but now I can kill it. Hell, I want to kill it even more now because it looks like Honey Boo-boo“s mom“s neck sewed onto a great white shark. Pure nightmare fuel. So after bashing it repeatedly and without hesitation, it dies! After a quick sigh of relief I“m carving bits off one of the weirdest monsters I“ve ever fought in a video game. Like ever. And I“ve played some super weird games, trust me. I mean Soul Sacrifice is basically the creepy brain love child of H.P. Lovecraft and whoever designed Slimer from Ghostbusters. That game has a monster made entirely out of food garbage. Sure it“s a dumpster diver“s worst nightmare, but at least that thing didn“t have three forms, each making even less sense than the last! So why now, after multiple prior attempts, am I a fan of Monster Hunter? It would be the exact moment when I was standing over a deflated shark balloon, doing a fist pump in time with my hunter (yes, you can fist pump in Monster Hunter, please use responsibly) and quite possibly seconds away from doing the futterwacken. And that, dear readers, is the image I want to leave you with!
  3. If you're a Monster Hunter fan, then you'll definitely want this fantastic collector's edition for Monster Hunter 4 announced for North America. Here is what is included: 3.5" translucent Gore Magala figure (design not final) Felyne (wearing Gore Magala armor) pin Monster icon lanyard Microfiber cleaning cloth (design not final) Supply item box packaging A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS The collector's edition costs $60 and can be pre-ordered at GameStop (information on other participating retailers is coming soon). Capcom says quantites are limited, so pre-order as soon as possible if you're planning on purchasing it! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be available for 3DS in early 2015. Source: Capcom-Unity
  4. Monster Hunter 4 released in Japan last September and has been taking the country by storm ever since, which isn't too surprising considering that the Monster Hunter series is regularly one of the highest-selling franchises next to Pokemon and Puzzle & Dragon. It was even one of the few things in Capcom's portfolio that was a saving grace for the company in the midst of an under-performing year for their mobile division. So it comes as no surprise that Capcom would want to further capitalize on that success; at Monster Hunter Festa 13 they announced Monster Hunter 4G for release on 3DS this Fall in Japan, and save data from MH4 will be transferable. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto also announced through a video that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released in the West in early 2015 on 3DS. Tsujimoto also mentioned that this version of the game would include online play in addition to local play. For now, you can rest easy knowing that Monster Hunter 4 is finally confirmed as coming westward. Source: Siliconera (1, 2) Are you excited for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate?