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Found 179 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    PlayStation 4 Interface Screenshots

    During the recent PlayStation Meeting, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4. They showed the controller, interface, and a few games. While things like the console shell aren't finalized, Sony at least seems confident that their interface is smooth enough to share with gaming press. They have released high quality screenshots of them, which are now being shared with you! These pictures display what people realized during the conference. Sony is completely ditching their established XcrossMediaBar (XMB). XMB was initially used on the PSX (not PS1, but Sony's DVR/console). Western PS fans have grown comfortable with XMB on PSP and PS3. Of course, the Vita uses its own original touch-based interface. Sony's shots help emphaize their interest in social aspects of the PS4. There are also a couple visuals which display what it may look like on a smartphone or tablet. Remember though that the interface is subject to change and may not look just like this when PS4 launches during the holidays. How do you think the interface looks?
  2. Marcus Estrada

    PS4 Games Won't be Increasing in Price

    One thing that tends to crop up around new console launches is the fear that games for the new system will cost more. Although games have historically declined in retail price, more recently we have seen them climbing back up. For example, the current generation has seen the previous norm of $50 games shift up to $60 with both the PS3 and 360. Similarly, both the Vita and 3DS added $10 onto game costs. Thankfully, it doesn't appear that PS4 prices will rise from the standard $60 on PS3. SCEA CEO Jack Tretton told CNBC this: "We're going to welcome free-to-play models, games from $.99 up to those $60 games." With that said, the system is not looking to increase overall price, but further expand the price range for games. Of course, no one should expect that retail games will be on the low end of pricing spectrum. Instead, those are probably digital titles which offer paid extras or are simply upgraded versions of mobile games. Also, none of this rules out companies crafting even more exorbitantly priced special editions. What is the ideal price for a video game? How much would games have to cost for you to not purchase them new?
  3. Starting yesterday, the word got out that Sony was sending messages to certain customers. Basically, they were sent to some users so far with $10 in credit to be spent on the PlayStation Store. There has been no announced promotion or contests as of late so it seems something done simply to encourage more spending on the store. Here is what the message sent from Sony says, courtesy of NeoGAF: "Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of PlayStation Network. As a token of our appreciation, we've sent you $10.00 to spend on the PlayStation Store." There are many in North America who have confirmed getting the credit for their account. Does it only reach people with PS Plus or is it possible any PSN user can be flagged to receive it? These details are currently unclear especially when not everyone with Plus has gotten credit. Regardless, it's a nice way to surprise some customers. Did you get the $10 credit?
  4. Last week, Sony announced the web video series PlayStation Evolution to help promote their upcoming announcement. The all-but-confirmed announcement of the next Sony system has been hotly anticipated by many and is now only a day away. As such, Sony has uploaded brief retrospective videos for all their systems. First, it was the original PlayStation (which, no, is not actually called "PSX"). Then they gave a rousing, if slightly inaccurate, . They still claimed it to be the highest selling system of all time when the DS series has since bested it. Slight snafus aside, they then went on to talk . With the home consoles out of the way they then made their way through both . A video detailing was also uploaded. Fans of the PlayStation brand owe it to themselves to give these a watch. They're great little history lessons as well as ways to make you feel like you're suddenly old. They should also get you in the mood for accepting their rapidly approaching announcement.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Rumor: PS4 Priced Cheaper Than PS3?

    It's time to don your tinfoil hats once again as yet another rumor about Sony's upcoming system has gotten out. This time it's not about system specs, used games, or even a new controller design. Instead, it is the still tasty rumor of a price for the system. This latest rumor comes thanks to TheTimes.co.uk, an extension of The Times, a U.K. newspaper. They have not gone so far as to say this is 100% true but that "industry sources and leaked internal documents suggest" the price they've heard is correct. And what is said price? £300, or $465, for those of us wanting to see the conversion. Although systems are given their own prices per region, it would not be so far off to imagine a new home system costing somewhere between $400-$500. The PS3 famously launched at a price poitns of $499/$599, which was deemed too high at the time by many. Perhaps Sony have learned their lesson from that. Or perhaps this information is bogus and Sony will not reveal the actual price for months. If anything, we may just be lucky enough to hear a price point during tomorrow's PlayStation event.
  6. barrel

    7974570261 f1baf52a9a Z

    From the album: Let's Fish! Hooked On

    © http://farm9.staticflickr.com

  7. barrel

    hooked On review 6

    From the album: Let's Fish! Hooked On

    © http://www.capsulecomputers.com

  8. barrel

    7974568952 64e71cbfdd Z

    From the album: Let's Fish! Hooked On

    © http://farm9.staticflickr.com

  9. A new report from the WSJ says that the next Playstation, widely believed to be unveiled next week on Feb 20th, will be able to stream PS3 games. This function would be possible using technology made available through Gaikai, which you might remember Sony purchased last year for $380 million. The report states that Sony is heavily investing in Gaikai's technology for the next generation Playstation. This rumor would seem to be backed by the fact that, despite the huge cost of acquiring Gaikai, Sony has not yet revealed what their purpose would be, causing many analysts in 2012 to speculate that the streaming tech would play a huge part in their next generation platform. Another thing to consider is that this would be easiest way to achieve backwards compatibility with the PS3, given that its successor is rumored to back way from the Cell processor and be based on much different architecture. Stay tuned for more info as Sony unveils "the future of Playstation" at its media event in New York this coming Wednesday. Via: Polygon Source: WSJ
  10. A the end of January, Sony Computer Entertainment shared a website which contained a video. The video offered nothing of substance other than a date of February 20th. It is known that a Sony event will be happening that day and many have theorized it will be the official announcement of the next PlayStation home console (and/or upgraded Vita). To further cement that this is a big deal, Sony have today posted a new video on the PlayStation Blog. Instead of the mysterious teaser, this one is the first part of a new video series named PlayStation Evolution leading up to February 20th. The initial video discusses PlayStation's start as a small gray console that first hit America in 1995. Such a video series seems to only cement the notion that a new console is definitely about to be unveiled Why else would they now be revisiting their history without leading up to discussion of the next "evolution"? Of course, they aren't going to confirm anything until the date of the actual event. Here is the first PlayStation Evolution video which has a nostalgic look back at Sony's original console: Will you be paying close attention to Sony on February 20th or just wait for others to bring the news to you?
  11. It had been a while since we'd last heard anything about The Last Guardian until Fumito Ueda posted a small update on his site. He let fans know that the game was still being worked on despite the length, as well as other issues. There's no doubt that the game has been in development for a very long time now since it was first announced in 2009. Is it possible that after all this time they have just decided to shoot for the next console cycle? That's the rumor going around on NeoGAF thanks to the postings of Kenny Linder. Linder was previously employed by Sony UK's internal studio Bigbig, which closed down last year. He states that the game has been "PS4 for a long time now." He also imparts more possibly insider knowledge with the following: "I don't know, but I know it's been in development on Orbis for a long time now. It's platform has been questionable for nearly two years, but the last time it was restarted (it's been restarted a number of times), it was moved to Orbis." Do you think The Last Guardian will arrive for the next Sony system or will it be one of the last big games for PS3?
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Rumor: Updated Vita Coming?

    Is it possible that a new PlayStation Vita could be coming? Certainly, considering how Sony previously released a handful of redesigns over the PSP's life. Is one coming soon, though? If Sony patenting a Vita design a few days ago is any indicator, then maybe. According to PatentBolt, Sony filed their patent on February 7th. What it shows is a very similar looking system with different ports on it. This is where things get a little tricky. The image in the patent drawing looks to be the same as devkit systems. So is it just an elaborate ruse? It could be, but that doesn't quite explain why Sony would file a parent recently for it. If you choose to believe this information, then let's discuss the new ports. Shown are ports for HDMI, new USB, and a new power supply one. Alongside this rumor, others have compounded it by stating that "sources" have said this is to be the February 20th announcement. This supposed new system would come with 4G (as opposed to 3G), firmware update, and announced in conjunction with a lowered price tier for memory cards. Do you have any faith in these rumors? When do you think Sony will redesign their Vita if not soon?
  13. Note: Keep in mind that while the information presented by Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei is likely true, it is not necessarily going to correspond to PS4 systems in the West. Aside from controller design, price and software functionality will likely vary between regions. By now, those hotly anticipating the next generation of video game consoles are probably aware that Sony is going to have a big announcement on February 20th. Many have suggested the event will be the reveal of the next PlayStation home console. If that does turn out to be the case, then many of the rumors we're seeing about the system as of late have a very short shelf life. The latest news about the upcoming system is an apparent price for Japan. Two news publishers, Nikkei and Asahi Shimbun, have both posted information about the "PS4" that has otherwise only been speculated thus far. The most notable news is that Asahi's article states the price to be 40,000 yen. This equates to a fair bit more than $400 in dollars, but keep in mind that consoles are not specifically priced equally between regions. Still, it gives you an idea of where Sony may be heading with price. Beyond that, both groups agreed with previous speculation that the system's controller would have a touch screen in the center. Beyond that though, it is going to retain the Dual Shock design that fans are used to. Finally, Nikkei spoke a bit about network features being upgraded to allow for players to communicate with others while playing. This could mean social networking or voice chat, but the article doesn't delve into specifics. What price should the PS4 be to entice gamers?
  14. Sony has weathered a tough time over 2012. In their third quarter, Sony of Japan saw their games segment drop in sales by 15%. The worse sign was their operating income which dropped 83% from last year. Consoles weathered a decline although that is probably expected considering the PS3 is getting along in years. Overall, it was a pretty rough quarter as is evidenced by Sony's latest earnings report. The Vita actually managed to aid Sony. Both Vita and PSP sales were up 0.3 million compared to where they had been. Despite additional system unit sales, the purchase of software declined across all Sony platforms. The Vita in particular saw software fall to 8.9 million when it had been 11.4 million prior. With all this said, Sony has lowered its sales expectations for Vita. This is not the first time, or even the second, that this has happened. Their initial hope had been to sell 10 million in March which was a pretty brave number to start with. Thanks to the latest earnings report we now see that the number has been revised again down to 7 million. None of this spells doom for Sony though, considering the company overall saw a 6.9% increase in total revenue.
  15. The internet has been abuzz for over a year with rumors about Sony's next generation console (codenamed "Orbis") and what its specs are, but it looks as if Sony is finally ready to announce it to the world. Earlier today on Twitter, Sony's Playstation account tweeted a cryptic message that said "See the future" and included a link to teaser site that points to the date February 20th at 6pm. Included on the site is a short teaser that shows surges of light/electricity moving around the four symbols from the dualshock controller's face buttons. The last bit of evidence that this likely is the Playstation 4 reveal is the fact that you can sign up to be alerted by email when the announcement is made. "Be the first to know" is shown right above this. It wouldn't be too out of character for Sony to announce the PS4 on Feb. 20th, as it would cut out all the speculation and rumors (many that could be false, in fact) that would likely run rampant before E3. In any event, keep your eyes peeled for more info on February 20th at 6pm EST. Update #1 Video game analyst Michael Pachter stated on Twitter that Sony is inviting investors and media to the event, which shows that a next generation console reveal is all but confirmed at this event.
  16. Not too long ago, it was officially announced that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations would be dropping the "exclusive" label and coming to other consoles. The thing is, though, the PlayStation Vita seems to be the only console this game won't be releasing for. Needless to say, people wanted to know why. In response, Capcom product manager Mike Lunn made it clear on the PlayStation blog that the reasoning involves the Vita's small screen and its lack of surround sound. In his response, Lunn wrote, "when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen, surround sound, etc." He went on to say that "this type of setup really helps players get sucked into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent." When you put it that way, it's understandable. However, what about the fact that the game was on the 3DS? Well, Lunn explained that the "3DS and PS-vita infrastructure let alone developing games for them are extremely different beasts." He then explained how "even just the screens as you mention are completely different resolutions/functions." From Lunn's reasoning, it can be determined that Resident Evil: Revelations was made for the 3DS due to its unique 3D feature, whereas a Vita version of the game would simply be the same as the home console versions. And according to Lunn, Capcom wanted the new version to take advantage of a larger format screen and surround sound to give players a truly horrific experience - one that the Vita version wouldn't have been able to provide. Vita version or not, though, non-3DS owners will finally get a chance to play Resident Evil: Revelations when it hits the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on May 21st. Are you disappointed that you can't play Revelations on your Vita?
  17. Marcus Estrada

    PS4 Specs Revealed from Official Documentation

    Disclaimer: Now, you may not think so, but Kotaku is a bit of a "tabloid" when it comes to gaming sites. However, when they are so bold as to say that they have over 90 pages of official documentation for Orbis developer kits in their hands, you tend to believe it. After all, this is something that will become verifiable in the near future. Daring to lie so boldly would damage their reputation tremendously. As such, I take this information to be factual (it has already been swirling around as rumor, too). In the midst of Nintendo's many exciting announcements, Kotaku decided to run a piece about the upcoming Sony home system. They aren't simply running rumors but are copying information from official Sony documentation. This basically means there's no need for rumors about what is inside the PS4. So, what all is revealed? Here are the specs for the current dev kits: 8GB system memory, 2.2GB video memory, 4x Dual-Core AMD64 CPU, AMD R10XX GPU, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 ethernet ports, Blu-Ray drive, HDMI and optical audio outputs, and 160GB hard drive. It is interesting to see that the model has completely dismissed USB 2.0. Although 3.0 is becoming more common, it is not something used exclusively in most households yet. Overall, these are not the final specifications but what developers are using. We will probably see changes between this current build and what is eventually shipped to eager players. There is also said to be a capacitative touch pad on the controllers. This is similar to what the Vita has on the back of the unit. Beyond that, it will have motion sensing capabilities like the original PS3 Sixaxis controller. However, seeing how little that got used for the current generation doesn't really inspire confidence for its implementation again. Finally, user accounts will change from how they currently are on PS3. Instead of logging into one at a time, you will be able to have "multi-user simultaneous logins". It seems that this will be implemented in a similar fashion to 360. For example, if you want to play a multiplayer game with your family, each member will be able to log in once they activate a controller. No, the accounts aren't connected to controllers but prompt you to log in with user accounts from the system. What do you think of this new information? Is this going to be the system to beat or are other companies going to supersede Sony in the upcoming console wars?
  18. Jordan Haygood

    Sony Sells Its U.S. Headquarters

    It's no secret that Sony has been taking a financial hit from its PlayStation business in recent years, and now it seems that the company plans on making a pretty big business decision to make things right again. In order to make a financial turnaround, Sony has decided to sell their U.S. headquarters in New York to commercial property firm Chetrit Group for $1.1 billion. When all is said and done and all debts paid off, the company will be receiving around $770 million from the sale. But don't go thinking this sale spells doom for Sony, because the company's New York employees will still be working under that same roof for up to three more years. This sale was necessary, due to Sony's four years of losses, and the company is estimating the outcome of the sale in the long run, predicting a profit of around $223 for the fiscal year. The sale is said to close in March. Source: IGN
  19. Developer: Pentavision, Neowiz Mobile Publisher: Pentavision Global Platform: Playstation Vita Release Date: December 4th ESRB: T for Teen A download code was supplied by the publisher for this review Pentavision, the South Korean studio behind the DJMax series, pioneered the franchise with DJMax Online back in 2004. Since then, the series has branched out on different platforms, featuring various gameplay styles from arcade cabinets, mobiles, and, most prominently, on the PSP. However, the series has mostly been contained in Korea, China, and Japan. Based on the touch-screen arcade version of the series, DJMax Technika, Pentavision takes its first leap at translating the game onto Sony's Vita with DJMax Technika Tune. Does Technika Tune provide an entertaining rhythmic romp or is it just an annoying discordant, scratch on the Vita's touchscreen? With an initial plunge, it may take a little bit of time to adjust to the overall flow of the game. During gameplay, notes scroll from the top-left and top-right and then to the bottom-right and bottom-left, which can be adjusted or even reversed based on preference, as well as following/tapping the screen when the scrolling vertical line overlaps with or as it gets close to the on-screen note prompts. I'll admit, I personally was slightly intimidated upon starting the game and found myself repeating the tutorial several times. I was almost hasty to think the controls were imprecise, and for a genre so ingrained in perfection and mastery, any faults with the controls can easily be game-breaking. Despite that, as I got better at the game, I learned it was simple matter of acclimating and the controls were perfectly reasonable, albeit a bit confusing at first. While the entirety of the game is controlled by the touchscreen, the regular game sports two different control schemes to cater towards different playstyles. By default, the game utilizes front touch and rear-pad control layout, which has the player coordinating and tapping specific held- and pressed notes between both surfaces during gameplay. The touchscreen-only controls combine all notes and prompts onto the front screen, making it more akin to the original arcade game. Despite some early discomfort when learning (and holding) DJMax Technica Tune, I found the rear-pad to be surprisingly intuitive for tapping out the rhythm. Regardless, both control schematics seem perfectly viable based on preference, even if neither layout lends itself especially well to portability. Right from the get get-go, the presentation of DJMax Technika Tune really stands out. Featuring slick menus, a clean interface, and background music videos that vary from very stylish animation to live-action, the overall game looks great on the Vita's OLED screen. I expected the flashy background videos to actually be a distraction during gameplay but the well-designed overlay made that a short-lived concern, and I had no problem focusing on the main game. If there was anything to particularly nitpick it is probably the lack of direct online competitive options, since it only presents general leaderboards ranks, and a take-it-or-leave-it Facebook connectivity option, with no friend's list integration. Musical selection is eclectic with a staggering number of songs and features, including plenty of different respective genres (and subgenres I“ve never heard of). Even if a good chunk of the track list is K-pop, which will probably push away way more Westerners than it should, there is actually a solid amount of English songs in the game. There is Rock/Metal, Hip Hop, R&B, Trance, Techno, Waltz, Classical arrangements, and so forth; I even spotted one of Irish dance. A lot of the pieces do seem to be cherry-picked from previous entries of the DJMax series, but there is plenty of variety and plenty of catchy tunes that should catch to a bigger audience than one would expect. The game's song selection is likely to pleasantly surprise most who play it, even if you might find yourself embarrassed by the cutesy K-pop song or two you'll find yourself humming. Overall, the game is structured upon, of course, building up your skills. The game's main modes are Star, Pop, and Club, which are essentially the game's three difficulty modes in sequence, introducing different gameplay nuances gradually. If the player does the modes and song difficulties in order, they should encounter a pretty natural feel of progression. I just powered-through and did the bare-minimum for most songs, not caring for the score beyond passing. Before I knew it, I was revisiting older songs to level up for more unlocks and found songs that I used to think were barely manageable to be a total cakewalk, snagging much higher grades. With plenty of unlockables, such as pictures, videos, gameplay-related perks, and new songs, makes playing the already addictive game even more enticing. DJMax Technika Tune strikes an odd but welcome mix for the PlayStation Vita. It does an admirable job at integrating what was originally an arcade game for a much-smaller portable device. It“s a game I want to eagerly recommend to music-game fans, and even beyond, despite some slightly daunting initial learning. With a solid, slightly off-the-beaten-path musical selection, great presentation, and an overall satisfying and addictive flow, it should be on the radar of those with even a passing interest in the genre. If Sound Shapes represents a fresh take on creativity and innovation for music based videogames, then DJMax Technika Tune embodies a more seasoned refinement and expertise of the craft. Pros: + Nice and varied song selection with plenty of catchy tracks + Interface/presentation is very slick and stylish + Compelling overall flow and satisfying level of progression + Intuitive use of the vita's rear-pad Cons: - Can be slightly intimidating to learn early in - Gameplay does not entirely lend itself well to portability - Doesn't feature many competitive options Overall Score: 8.5 (Out of 10) Great A great and welcome musical notation the vita's library. Despite some slightly confusing initial learning, it makes for a very addictive experience and certainly should not be overlooked by fans of genre.
  20. It's weird how things on the internet are so cyclical and fast. Well, most of the time. Back some time ago, gamers were going wild over the prospect that the next Xbox console would lock out your ability to play used games. The same was alluded to for Sony, but not Nintendo much. A lot of time has passed since those rumors were last boiling over, but now they may be about to come back. A patent was actually filed by SCEJ a few months back and was discovered thanks to being published online today. Basically, this patent that was filed plainly talks about coming up with a content ID system which would be able to tag users and games together to possibly cut out access to used games. The whole thing is dreadfully long but there are some key sections which can be understood. In "Detailed Description of the Invention" is this paragraph: "By employing the game playing system 1000 according to the present embodiment, the use permission tag 220 together with the game disk 210 is supplied to the user, and the use permission tag 220 actively determines the use permit/rejection of electronic content. Thereby, the use of game AP stored in the game disk 210 can be restricted as appropriate according to the attribute of a reproduction device. Consider, for example, a case where used is a game package 200 distributed in the second-hand market. Then the ID of reproduction device for the game disk 210 differs from the legitimate use device ID stored in the use permission tag 220, so that the game disk can be reproduced in a mode which is predetermined for those bought and sold in the second-hand market. Also, for example, a content key may be supplied to the reproduction device 130 and the encrypted game AP may be decrypted using the content key only if the reproduction device ID matches a legitimate use device ID. Hence, use of game APs bought and sold in the second-hand market can be eliminated." Basically, here they outline how they would be able to mark content, systems, and users with some form of ID. The content they buy would be assigned IDs in relation to users themselves, and from there, can "eliminate" the second-hand market. This is because used games going off to new owners would still have their old IDs, which would not match with new user systems. It is possible big retailers dealing in used games may be able to buy some sort of key to revert access, but at this point it is all up in the air. This is because patents don't necessarily mean anything. Companies file all sorts of patents year after year to stake their clam on something. Many of them never come into actual use. As such, it is worth being cautiously optimistic with Sony's latest published patent. Still, there has been a whole lot of talk this generation about cutting out used game access so it may not be as far off as we think.
  21. Whether or not Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a good game is not the topic of this here article. So please at least finishing reading this paragraph before you tell me how wrong I am in the comments below. What this article is about, however, is the unbelievably unfortunate history that will follow PSASBR forever. Seriously, the game has had an incredibly tough time from start to finish. Not only did everything about the game get leaked, but the marketing that followed it did as much damage as possible to hurt the game's sales. Don't believe me? Just read on to find out how bad it really was. Before Day One The problems started before the game was even announced. And I mean way before it was announced; months before it was ready to even be shown to the public. You might not remember it, but this was the original leak of a game known as Title Fight. Back then, the leak was met with plenty of skepticism. All we really had was a picture of Sweet Tooth and the information that a brand new company named Superbot Entertainment would be working on the game. That was the main reason people didn't believe the news. Why would Sony give such an important game to a brand new company? Remember how big of a surprise The Last Of Us was? This was the opposite. Eventually the information was forgotten and people largely stopped caring about the rumored game; at least until advertisements started appearing started appearing on the Spike TV channel advertising Sony's big secret game from those new developers at Superbot Entertainment. The moment people started hearing that Superbot was about to announce a new game, the secret was already ruined. Everyone knew exactly what it would be. What followed after that announcement was the most god awful gauntlet of leaks I've ever seen and will most likely ever see. So Many Leaks, So Little Time! Not counting Eric Ladin's Twitter postings, the game's first big leaks would have to be Sackboy and Raiden. Shortly after the game's big ruined reveal, its website updated with a roster of the game's announced characters. Nothing big there, but if you dug through the website's files you would find something rather electrifying (zing!). Superbot has a very open relationship with it's fans. No secrets here! Buried deep within the website were images showing Infamous's Cole Macgrath going toe to toe with then unannounced Raiden from Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance and a roster image of LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy. They were quickly pulled off the site, but the information was already out there. Now let's fast forward a bit to the game's most devastating leak. Everyone, say hello to the Beta files. Quite a number of months ago, Superbot Entertainment released a very limited closed beta of their game. Buried deep in the game's code was every single level... and playable character. Oops, I guess. The images were blurry and hard to make out, but after a few minutes the internet had figured out every single character the game had to offer. Sony and Superbot denied the rumors initially (and we'll get back to that) but first we'll bring up the final leak. After everything went down, you think Superbot would have been more careful with what kind of files they put out with their demos/betas. Instead they ended up leaking the only real secret they had: the game's boss. It was a single audio file of one of the game's characters referring to the boss as "A big space face." It was done. We officially knew everything about the game. The "Marketing" Campaign Oh boy, was this all a mess. First there was the game's official reveal on Spike TV. Sure, they have Gametrailers TV and they host the VGAs. But why would Sony or Superbot choose to announce one of their biggest games of the year on a TV show that aired at one in the morning? Seriously, somebody was probably fired for this. And it only got worse from there. Up next is easily the most secondhand embarrassing moment of the year when the All-Stars Battle Royale trailer was loaded up onto the official Playstation youtube account with the tags "Smash Brothers, Brawl, and SBB." The internet exploded with laughter and somebody was probably fired. Remember when I mentioned the roster leak earlier? At first, Superbot had no comment; then they admitted that the leak was real, but claimed it wasn't the whole roster. After a whirlwind of announcements we already knew about, the character reveals completely dried up. "Only if you switch the definition of new to old" Months had gone by and Superbot hadn't released a single new character reveal. People started wondering if there even was more to reveal, until Sid Shuman (from the Playstation Blog) revealed on Twitter that there in fact wasn't anything else to reveal. Hype for the game died so hard they made a movie about it in the 80's. It was called Die Hard. After that, it was simply a back-and-forth affair where developers were saying that the roster was completely revealed while others said there were still more surprises to be had. Thankfully, there was some last minute news about DLC characters in the form of Gravity Rush's Kat and Starhawk's Emmett Graves coming in January (with possibly more to come), but there wasn't quite enough to hype the game up months before it released and people were already upset over the roster. In the end, it was all a series of unfortunate events for Superbot and there really was no way to fix the damage that had been done. There's no telling just how much damage all of these leaks caused for the developers and Sony, but you know there was some pretty serious damage. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale won't be the last game to suffer from such horrible leaks, but it'll certainly be remembered for it. As always, thank you for reading.
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    Remote Play

    Has anyone ever tried remote play before? I know the PSP could do it to some extent, though I never tried it. And I know the Vita can do it, and I briefly tested this out the other day. Seems like its very limited though, as most stuff doesnt seem to work via remote play. I could play a few PS1 games and a few minis, but thats about it. I couldn't even play the Vita/PSP games sitting on my PS3 or am I missing something? Seems like its a bit of a useless feature, though it does work well. Anyone do ANYTHING with remote play? I'd have rather had a video out on my Vita TBH.
  23. The full Playstation Network release of Jetpack Joyride is scheduled to make its debut this month. Halfbrick Studios originally released Jetpack Joyride in 2011 for Apple products, eventually porting the game over to Android, Facebook and Windows 8. Halfbrick also brought Jetpack Joyride over to the Playstation Network via the Playstation Minis for $3.99, but the game will be making a second pass through the Playstation Network. Halfbrick Studios, according to Joystiq, announced via official press release that Jetpack Joyride will soon become a free download. This HD release is set to include a full leaderboard and trophy support, playable on both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. Jetpack Joyride will become free in Europe today, but the drop will not go live in North America until December 31.
  24. The PlayStation 2 has been king of the console market for quite some time. But as the numbers roll in, it appears that the throne has finally been seized by none other than the Nintendo DS, which now holds the title of the best-selling console of all time. The DS has sold an incredible 153.69 million units as of December 8th, barely passing the PS2's 153.68 million. The Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 are currently the only two consoles so far to sell more than 150 million units. That's no small feat for a console, but for a handheld console, that's even more impressive. Comparatively, Nintendo's Game Boy holds the #3 spot with 118 million units sold. Not even the Nintendo Wii - a console supposedly everyone and their grandma has in their house - has surpassed the 100 million mark yet (2 million more to go!). In other sales news, the king's successor - the Nintendo 3DS - has recently overshadowed the former king's successor - the PlayStation 3 - in lifetime sales over in Japan after only two years on the market. You'd better hold on tightly to your seat, DS, because your brother is coming for that throne!
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