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  1. barrel


    From the album: DJ Max Technika Tune

    © http://www.technikatune.com/

  2. barrel


    From the album: DJ Max Technika Tune

    © http://www.technikatune.com/

  3. barrel


    From the album: DJ Max Technika Tune

    © http://www.technikatune.com/

  4. Sony has been on a roll lately when it comes to sales and advertising on their new Playstation store. We've had Playstation Plus trials glitching out and locking people out of buying games. We've seen the Croatian store update with the wrong prices... And now we've got this. Yes, that is an ad that says you'll get a free PS3 copy of Playstation All-Stars with a purchase of the Vita version, and yes that did actually appear on the Playstation store. Sadly however, you didn't actually get your free game. Something that could probably pose a problem for Sony. The advertisement was only alive for a few hours, but that was more than enough time for a number of people to snap an image of the ad and also test their luck with a purchase. Of course as I stated above, nobody actually got their free game and the advertisement was pulled down shortly after. I've yet to see anyone complaining about not getting a free copy of the PS3 version, and odds are I won't see anyone complaining soon. But Sony really got lucky this time. I suggest you keep your eyes on the store though. Next time the deal might end up working.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Uncharted Card Game Coming to Vita

    Fans of the Sony-exclusive Uncharted series have wanted one thing for years: a card game. Wait, they didn't? Well, regardless of what fans were or weren't clamoring about, SCEA Bend Studio has announced that this is exactly what they're making. The PlayStation Blog was updated today with the surprising news. The game is called Uncharted: Fight for Fortune and it will be exclusively on Vita via the PS Store. The turn-based card game will feature cards with characters and objects from the series. In order to play you have to set up a team of characters who you will bring into the battle. From there, the characters can be equipped and upgraded to try and defeat the opponent. The goal is simple and similar to other card games as well. The whole point is to battle well enough to reduce the opponent's life to zero. What's the point of this game? Co-Studio Director for Bend Studio Chris Reese said this: "The rich lore that surrounds the UNCHARTED universe gave us the opportunity to create UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, complete with lush, artifact-filled environments. With over 300 treasures to be found, we wanted to find a way to allow our fans to delve deeper into the artifact collections and mysteries of the UNCHARTED universe." As this is certainly not a main series game it is not getting the same treatment. It will only be available as a digital title when it launches on December 4th. It will also come at the fairly cheap cost of $5. Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is set to have DLC as well, but it was not specified whether it will be free or not.
  6. The new Playstation store might already be a few weeks old, but that doesn't mean Sony isn't finished working out the kinks and glitches in the store's updated design. This purchasing glitch specifically targets the people who are trying to use the Playstation Plus extended free trial service. Usually this trial service is used to try out games before you buy them, but since the new PS store released they've been doing a whole lot more than that. When you download one of these trials, the store will register it as you buying the actual full game. The game's price will vanish and it'll appear in your download history as being bought. While that might sound like a win win for you, you haven't actually bought the game. You'll still have a one hour limit to play. Here's where the annoying part comes in. Once that hour is up you'll be asked to purchase the full game. But you can't purchase it because the store has registered you as already having bought it. If you use the store search engine to find the game you'll be able to see it's price, but you still can't buy it. Instead the store will tell you the game isn't available for purchase and kick you back to the front page. There could be a way around this, but so far I haven't found it. I've been completely locked out from buying any game I downloaded a trial for. So if you're currently looking to buy a game off the PSN, you probably shouldn't download that free trial. Posts on Cheapassgamer confirm this glitch is effecting multiple users.
  7. Sony has been running an awesome promotion right under our noses for the last few months and all they want from you is a Playstation-themed story from your life. In return, they'll give you a $50 PSN card... if you get selected to appear on their website. While that might sound difficult, it really isn't. Sure there are some rules you have to follow (both written and unsaid) but as long as you stick to my guide, you'll be appearing on the Playstation Blog in no time... and being $50 richer for it. Length Is Important! The contest itself doesn't really have that many rules actually written down. The only two main ones (which are both the most ignored) are that you post a link to your story in the thread instead of posting the story in the thread itself, and keep it to a certain length. Not too long, not too short. Three inches should do it! The recommended max length is five thousand letters, but it isn't a solid rule. I've seen people win with a bit more, but when you start going into the tens of thousands you've clearly gone past the invisible limit. This isn't usually a problem though. I usually only see one or two posts that go on for a bit longer than they should. No, the real problem comes from the stories that are too short. Now let me get things straight; these aren't bad stories by any means, its just that they don't have the meat necessary to make it on the Playstation Blog. They're looking for stories, not a single paragraph! It might not be easy at first, but find a way to flesh your story out a bit. It seems the lowest you can go is three paragraphs, but a bit more is preferred. The Content Of Your Story Alright, so now you've got your four or five paragraphs worked out and written down on the page. Here's what you do now. Proofread it. There might be spelling mistakes your computer missed. While these aren't all that serious due to people editing it before it goes up on the blog, a lot of spelling errors could get you passed over, so it helps to be sure you did things right. Another thing that people's stories seem to suffer from on the Playstation Blog contest page is something I'm going to dub "Bookreport-itus." Go ahead and read a few of them. It comes out like some 7th grade book report! Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. But if you breath some life into your story, it'll go a very long way. It might look nice, but if its filled with crap then nobody will want it I shouldn't even have to mention this next point, but I see it happen so often that I just have to bring it up. No matter how much you think it'll help your story, DO NOT mention other consoles. Keep any opinion you have of the other consoles to yourself, because you will not get on the blog if you mention them. The reason for this is because this is the official Playstation Blog. Any mention of a competitor's console, no matter how bad you think it is, will only stand to make Sony look bad in some way. I can't repeat this enough! Don't mention any other console, new or old that has competed against Sony! Keep It Current Now by keeping it current, I don't mean just talk about things that are being released right now for the Playstation. I mean, I wrote a story about playing a PS1 game throughout the decades. That immediately goes against my whole "keep it current" shtick, right? Well actually, no it doesn't. Back in my day we had to walk fifteen miles to recharge our batteries! In my story I also brought up the fact that I rebought the PS1 title off of the PSN store so I could continue playing it on my PS3 and PSP whenever I wanted. Boom, totally current central! To top it all off, I left a recommendation for a game I enjoyed that tied in with my story that could currently be bought right now. Again, none of these things I mentioned above are absolutely necessary (except for the whole no competitor's console part; seriously, don't do that) but I should also mention that I've won the contest and helped another person win by explaining to them exactly what I told you in this guide. So there's that. Good luck everybody. And as always, thanks for reading!
  8. I have a confession to make. I've only ever gotten a complete 100% on a single game, and even then it was only a digital title. This means I've never gotten a platinum trophy and I've never had an Xbox game with a 1,000 gamerscore. Does this make me less of a gamer than someone else? Does this somehow make me look stupid in some backwards way? Well, it really depends on who you ask. I recently had an odd run in online with this type of gamer, and I'd like to talk about it. Alright, we should probably start this off with a little backstory. Within the last few weeks, I managed to get a story I wrote posted onto the official Playstation Blog. It wasn't a life-changing tale or anything like that; it was just a story they enjoyed enough to post. I knew this would be bad the second I saw it Along with my story, however, came a banner showing off how many trophies I had unlocked during my time with the Playstation 3. As you learned earlier, this meant I had a big fat zero on the top of my story. This shouldn't have mattered at all considering my story had nothing to do with trophies, but here's how the conversation unfolded at the end of the blog. Here's the very first comment. "No platinum. I love hunting platinum." Followed by "Level 12 and no platinum? Sigh." Remember, this story of mine didn't mention trophies or achievements at all. This was followed by people saying trophies didn't matter; that the story was a good read (the reasonable response). And then my favorite quote appeared and it turned into a real hoedown. "Congrats! but ya no platinums man, just get one so you don“t look like a fool." Before we go into the silliness that followed, I wanted to talk about this quote here. I'm just not entirely sure how to go about that. I don't want to sound like I'm putting down another person's hobby because that would make me just as bad, but I'm having a real tough time wording this without sounding mean. Let's try it this way: you don't get a platinum trophy just for beating a game. My argument doesn't work if its a Jackie Chan blooper reel You only get a platinum if you do everything the game has to offer. So its kind of like someone calling you stupid for walking out of a theater during the credits because, to them, the movie is still going. In most cases, you know you've seen everything the story has to offer, but since you didn't sit through the gag reel then you didn't actually see the movie. I know I'm missing out on the extra bit, but the extra bit doesn't actually matter, so I technically haven't missed anything at all. So how exactly does not seeing the hypothetical gag reel make somebody stupid? Now, back to your regularly scheduled argument meltdown. After that, the argument unfolding over a story that had nothing to do with said argument took an even more dramatic turn. Instead of the reasonable response that trophies don't make someone more of a gamer, it turned into a fight about how their platinums weren't platinum enough to be considered platinum. It started with someone looking through another poster's list of trophies and then saying that all of their platinum trophies were easy ones to get so they shouldn't brag. This was followed with comments like, "If they don't look that hard to get why don't you get them yourself!?" Then the internet's heart didn't grow at all and nobody learned anything Then it somehow got back to me not being a gamer because I don't have any trophies despite the story showing that I've been playing games before some of the posters were probably even born. A person's comeback to this was: "if all you care about is trophies, then you're not a gamer." Now I understand this person was on my side in the war on trophy collecting, but both sides were ignoring the most obvious point. They're freaking trophies. If someone likes collecting trophies, then that doesn't make them less of a gamer. Likewise, if somebody doesn't want to beat every level with a perfect score then that doesn't make them less of a gamer either. These are extras added into the game to give it more replay value. As in, once you beat it, you can go back and play it again if you felt like it. Everyone involved in this non-argument is a gamer! Nobody is more of a gamer than anybody else! As long as you're playing the games then you're a gamer! Thankfully, however, this is just a small part of the gaming community at large. There will always be groups of people fighting about silly things that don't matter. If it isn't the console wars then it'll be groups of people fighting over who loves their console more than the others. In the end, these people don't ruin trophies in the long run. But if people fighting over which trophy is better than the others becomes the norm then it certainly will. Everyone just needs to remember that these things don't matter, and that people can play games however they want. As always, thanks for reading.
  9. Back in August, Future Publishing shared the news that Nintendo Power magazine would no longer be published. Nostalgic fans as well as current subscribers were saddened, but accepted it. This wasn't the only magazine that Future needed to close though, and today GameInformer learned that PlayStation: The Official Magazine is next on the chopping block. Although little else has been said, we do know that the final issue will be arriving this holiday on magazine racks. It may not have been the most-loved Sony magazine out there, but it did offer demo discs for many years. Back in 2007, the magazine was set to close under Ziff Davis but Future purchased and saved the name. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that someone else will save it again. With both Nintendo Power and now PlayStation: The Official Magazine ending will you miss them? In this age we certainly have little need for magazines, but they are beneficial in some ways. Are you currently subscribed to any gaming magazines or do you simply get all your news on the internet?
  10. Anyone who has looked at the Playstation store by now probably knows about Sony's most recent promotion in October - spend one hundred dollars and get twenty back in November. Sounds like a pretty decent deal if you were going to spend a hundred anyways, right? Well, after a lot of contest-entering and haggling with other people on trading forums, I actually managed to reach one hundred dollars spent on the Playstation store. Or did I? I might have reached the hundred dollars, but I certainly didn't spend it all. While that might not make sense to you, let me explain the rules to the promotion. You have to spend at least $100 in total. You can't put $100 in your account and then just get $20 in November. The reason this matters is after all of my purchases were said and done, I spent exactly $99.98. Two cents short of the mark. Of course, I'm not mad at Sony or anybody because of this, so please don't think I'm blaming them for anything. I was going to spend the money either way, I just can't help but laugh when I look at what is left in my PSN wallet. The only way it could be any less is if it was one penny. This is a fact. The reason I'm two cents short is because of the way things are priced on the Playstation store. I'm sure you've noticed that most downloadable titles go for an average of $9.99 or $14.99 when they're at full price. Things get a little trickier when you start getting into PSN+ discounts, but it stays pretty much the same throughout. I've been reading the comment sections of the Playstation Blog and other such sites and I've found two common situations among people trying to pass over the $100 mark with their Playstation Store purchases. The first being my situation of missing the $100 limit by just two cents. The second problem being that there isn't any real way to see how much money you've spent. Sure, it's pretty easy to do the math to see just how far off you might be from reaching the goal, but you have to remember that the people out there who are short by two cents think they've reached the goal. In their minds, they're already guaranteed the $20 bonus next month so they have no reason to check and make sure they've actually spent the $100 necessary. They're in for a rude awakening when they find out later this month that they don't have the $20 emailed to them, but it isn't just going to affect them. Your average forum poster When something involving free money goes awry, the first thing people are most likely to do is complain. Of course, the people who are most likely to complain didn't actually fulfill the requirements needed to get said free money, but that won't stop them from filling the Playstation blog with their less-than-happy messages. In the end, all of this will just pass by and the next promotion will start just like any other. If there's any reason for me writing this article, it is just to get the word out that you should probably go over your emailed receipts from your Playstation store purchases. You just might have missed the mark too. As always, thank you for reading. Be sure to check you've actually spent over $100 in October!
  11. Jared

    trophy level

  12. Although it might not seem so long ago, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysse originally hit the PlayStation back in 1997. Since then the Oddworld series expanded but hasn't received any new games for a while. Unfortunately a brand new game is still not in the works, but Abe's Oddysee currently has an upcoming HD version being made. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is also being given the HD treatment. Previously this version was just simply known as "Abe's Oddysee HD", but with the input of fans, the game now is titled Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New 'n' Tasty. What makes this game worth picking up for old fans of the series? This version sees the levels redesigned to make use of a new game engine, as well as re-recorded sounds and voices. The environments are also fully 3D rendered and are an obvious upgrade from the PS1 days. It will be hitting a handful of platforms as well once it launches. Abe's Oddysee will show up on XBLA, PSN, and PC (at a later date). The PSN copy is one that will work for both PS3 and Vitas. There is no specific release date known yet but the hope is to see it out in the fourth quarter of 2013. This information as well as an early gameplay video was showcased at Eurogamer Expo:
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Here's Everything We Know about the New PS3 Model

    Yesterday, Tokyo Game Show (TGS) kicked off with a Sony press conference (check our liveblog here). Although much of the information presented was stuff we already were aware of, there was at least one surprise. At the very start of the show it was revealed that there was indeed a new PS3 model. This was rumored with pictures and copyright filings a while back and it turns out they were absolutely true. Now that we know that this new slimmer PS3 is real, Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller has posted to the PlayStation.Blog about it. Just like was stated during TGS, the system will come in two models. These models are a 250GB version and 500GB. If you've got your eye on the smaller capacity system it will cost you $270 at launch. It will also only initially be available as part of a bundle. This set includes Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: Game of the Year Edition, as well as $30 of credit to spend in the free-to-play game Dust 514. This PS3 will be out on September 25th. Picking up the 500GB bundle, according to Joystiq, costs a little more at $300 and also will launch only as a bundle. That set will feature Assassin's Creed III but that's all being said right now. Both the 250GB and 500GB bundles are also limited editions, so once they're gone we should expect to see un-bundled systems pop up. Either way, this set will show up on store shelves come October 30th. In regards to the system itself it is "20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current PS3." This is a reference to the Slim model in case you were wondering. One point that has been made so far is it's hard to tell exactly where the disc goes in this system revision. Well, it's still there regardless of whether it is now a tray, top loader, or slot. As long as there's some disc drive then gamers shouldn't be fussed. Does this new, even slimmer PS3 entice you?
  14. Cipher Peon

    Resident Evil: Director's Cut

    I finished Resident Evil the other day, in an effort to expand my knowledge of the history of Survival Horror genre. I was hungry for more good horror games, especially considering I ran out Silent Hill games whose awesomeness are uncontested. Seeing as Resident Evil "started it all", I had high hopes of a horror classic that would have me as pumped for the genre as Silent Hill 2 did. However, knowing the background of Resident Evil, I was expecting an undisciplined sort of horror as compared to the strict rules that Silent Hill set for itself in order to play with the player's expectations. Even though Resident Evil did play with my expectations of its horror, it did so in a negative way, as the horror is practically nonexistent. Although the horrors are nonexistent, the game's ability to engage the player is phenomenal and the experience is unforgettable. Taking Resident Evil seriously will only doom the player to frustration. The scares are nonexistent, the plot is a total disaster, the writing is atrocious, the voice acting is horrible, and the controls are some of the worst in any game I've ever played. Looking at the game now, I can't see how anyone can consider it a horror classic as the game is about as unscary as Dead Space (although Resident Evil doesn't seem to be trying as hard). However, after obtaining the first ink ribbons I realized that I was looking at the game in a frame of mind that would cause me to never enjoy it. The scares I were expecting were never coming. However, the gameplay for the perfect survival horror game was there, in a package of cheese instead of psychological thrills. The ink ribbons represents a lot more than a stupid gimmick that prevents players from saving their game, something which I understood the second I picked them up. The framework that the ink ribbons crafted was ripe for scares, in a way that Silent Hill approached in a different way. Ascending the importance of both the scarce ammo and health restoration items, limiting saves was the best move that the original Resident Evil could have done. It made players strategize their attacks on the mansion, fear every encounter with the garden variety zombie, and contemplate every use of a save they have. Because if they screw up, they can't restore their save and try again. It led to the exploration conundrum: "Should I explore and run into enemies and scares to find more crucial items? Or should I press on and try to tough it out and play it safe as long as I can?" which is a favorite of mine in horror. Unfortunately, Resident Evil doesn't succeed 100% in this, as you're going to explore almost every room anyway, but it still does a heck of a job doing so. Along with setting the framing device for the gameplay for one of my favorite game genres of all time, Resident Evil actually reminds me most of Luigi's Mansion of all things. Not just in face value, either. The main characters come across a mansion full of a colorful variety of monsters, environments, and areas to come back to and unlock, and there's many crevices to explore. The entire experience felt so much like Luigi's Mansion, that I dubbed Resident Evil "Luigi's Mansion, but replace the colorful cast of ghosts and charm with zombies, strict resource management, and plenty of cheese." Exploring the mansion was always rewarding and fun, and finding a new key filled me with excitement as I ran across the halls like a giggling school girl trying to find the new rooms I've unlocked. In addition to this, the main objective of Resident Evil was to have as much fun as you can, which Luigi's Mansion does extremely well (To be fair, Nintendo games are full of this). As for the cheesiness... There's not much else to say. I mean, what else can you add on top of the infamous Jill Sandwich scene?! Every line of the game is written in ironic comedic gold, as if the localization team had only a vague idea of what humans were and used The Room as their thesis on human interaction. Every character has atrocious voice acting to accompany their hammy dialogue, which leads to several highly entertaining sequences especially involving the primary use of rope. Another hilarious exchange revolved around a missing character, who was found by the playable character in the middle of the game. The exchange went like: "Holy cow, you're still alive!" "Yupp." "We were looking all over for you, where have you been?" "Be safe around here. Good bye" *leaves* No mention of where they were going or why they were gone, just poof. It kinda makes sense at the end of the game, but the fact that no one bothered to think about it worries me. Interacting with the enviornment is also incredibly cryptic à la Zelda 2, as interacting with a locked door will tell you something along the lines of "A shield". Wait, what? A shield of what? As for the environments and enemy designs, they're fantastic. Every room has different things to offer and all of the rooms are coherent in terms of "zombie riddled mansion that may or may not be evil". There's no random out of place snow area or a random rule breaking minigame. The logic that the environment sets is coherent and the depths that it goes to leads to very entertaining scenarios (like fighting a killer shark in a flooded basement or a plant that grew a mind of its own and conquered an entire shed). The player is almost always given several options to solve a particular boss, which was always fun trying to find the solution that fit you the best. Unfortunately, the extent of options did not spread to puzzles, which would have been neat to be given the option to solve a puzzle by shooting in addition to pushing blocks around. At the end of the day, I can't help but love Resident Evil. I literally can not understand how anyone could have found it scary at any point in time, but the experience was too much of a mindblowing good time to not leave from it happy. I actually prefer it to the original Silent Hill (which I found relatively spooky, like a pretty alright piece of creepypasta), but comparing the two series leaves something to be desired. The two approaches horror in different ways, and while only one succeeds in being scary, I can't say the other doesn't succeed in being amusing in how it fails in an adorable way. Like a baby wearing a traffic cone on his head. You go "Awwww, babies aren't supposed to do that!" and keep a watchful eye on them so they don't try to stick the cone up their nose. Which looking at RE5 now, I'm afraid we're too late.
  15. Marcus Estrada

    Elemental Gearbot Assassin's Case

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "There are reportedly less than 50 of this limited edition of the Working Designs game, which was offered as an award and promo item during E3 1998. The padded metal case contains the game, a gold plated GunCon and memory card as well as an explanatory letter that warns you about how your sweat might wear the gold plating off of the gun."
  16. Marcus Estrada

    PlayStation Blue Debug Unit and Sega Saturn

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."
  17. Marcus Estrada

    PlayStation Green Debug Unit

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."
  18. Based on sales figures, you might say that the PlayStation Vita ain't doing so hot. But you'd be wrong. Apparently, some Vita owners are having problems with their systems overheating. And it seems that this issue is pretty serious, because the Japanese government has sanctioned an independent agency to look into it. According to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, the inquiry is being conducted by Japan's National Institute of Technology and Evaluation. Only 31 reports have been made for this problem, though, which is a pretty small number, but that seems to be enough times for Japan's own government to sanction an agency to the matter. 23 of these 31 reports all happened in Japan alone, while the other eight were within North America, the UK, and Australia. None of the 31 incidents have turned up any injuries, though. The problem supposedly happens when users set their Vitas to charge. According to a detailed listing of incidents Sony sent to the National Insistute of Technology and Evaluation, the problem appears to derive from the connection slot between the Vita and the charger, which was reported to burn while charging. Does this mean Sony is about to recall all Vitas? Well, no. According to Yomiuri Shimbun, Sony doesn't think the Vita is to blame, but rather, "the problem is with people having liquids or other objects inserted into the connection.†What are your thoughts on this matter?