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  1. Marcus Estrada

    Class of Heroes 2 Treks Onto PSN This June

    For Gaijinworks and MonkeyPaw Games, Class of Heroes 2 will be quite the learning experience. The game was initially put to a fan poll to see if anyone was interested in buying it. When the PSP and JRPG audience responded in droves they decided to go through with the release as a limited physical launch as well as PSN download. The limited edition was actually limited and is no longer on sale, but thankfully a PSN release has no such restrictions. Class of Heroes 2 hits on June 4th at the cost of $25. Also, if all works accordingly, the title will run just fine on both PSP and Vita. Marketing and PR Manager of MonkeyPaw Games, Ray Almeda, said this about the upcoming launch: “Class of Heroes II is just one of many J-RPGs that deserve to be played by more gamers around the world and we hope, for the hardcore fans, that other companies realize that these kinds of opportunities are also possible.” Hopefully this means fans of niche titles that would otherwise dodge Western release shall see more attention in the future. If there's one great thing about digital games, it's that developers and publishers can be more daring about the titles they bring to different regions.
  2. If you've been keeping an eye on the upcoming Best of PlayStation Collection Vol. 1, then you're likely already aware of the reporting Siliconera did last month. At the time, it was stated that this retail release would come out in June for the cost of $20. Today the PlayStation Blog revealed that this information was half true. The Best of PlayStation Collection is just the start of a series of disc-based copies of popular PSN titles. Vol. 1 includes Fat Princess, Sound Shapes, Tokyo Jungle, and When Vikings Attack! Games such as Sound Shapes do not have Cross Buy functionality in this release, nor additional paid DLC. When will you be able to pick up Best of PlayStation Collection? It's out on June 25th at the price of $40. Sure, it's not as great a deal as Siliconera had initially estimated, but it is still $15 cheaper than buying each of these games separately on PSN.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    The Warriors Closing in on PSN Release

    When Manhunt came to PS2 Classics on PSN last week, Rockstar Games stated that The Warriors would also be making its way onto the service soon. It looks like they were serious about saying "soon" because the game will be made available next week. The game based on the much-loved 1979 film of the same name is certainly less controversial than Manhunt. Of course, it is still rated M. When it comes to PSN it will be at the cost of $10, which is perfectly in line with other PS2 Classics releases. With The Warriors soon available on PSN, the service now boasts a ton of Rockstar's catalog. Bully, Red Dead Revolver, and all PS2 versions of Grand Theft Auto are already there. What is your favorite or least favorite Rockstar game of all time?
  4. Marcus Estrada

    PS Plus Adds Germinator and Pinball Arcade

    Are you PlayStation Plus members ready for yet another week of Instant Game Collection additions? Thankfully the titles added today aren't likely to take up too much space. Unlike some weeks where only one game is added, we've got two: Germinator and Pinball Arcade. Germinator is a Vita exclusive puzzle game. Basically, it's one of those match-three style titles with a twist. Pinball Arcade runs on both PS3 and Vita, and comes with Cross-Buy functionality. Although there are DLC tables available, none of those come with the Instant Game Collection version. In other news, there are 30% discounts on Darkstalkers Resurrection + Super Puzzle Fighter II and the hotly anticipated Men's Room Mayhem. Metro: Last Light Season Passes are 25% off as well. Sony also happens to be hosting a massive sale on "Ultimate Editions" of games which are PSN titles including all their DLC at discounted prices. PS Plus members get extra discounts on each title. Some games included are DmC Devil May Cry, Far Cry 3, and Persona 4 Arena.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Atomic Ninjas Slices Up PS3/Vita This Summer

    Grip Games took over the PlayStation Blog today to discuss their upcoming game. Titled Atomic Ninjas, they are looking to energize PSN with fast-paced multiplayer ninja fighting. Aesthetically, it's a 2.5D platformer but with colorful 3D graphics rather than the expected pixels. We'll let Grip Games explain the game in further detail: "You will control super-powered ninjas in frantic online matches against other players, with tons of charm and humor. If the Fat Princess and Crash Commando had a child, it would be Atomic Ninjas (though that idea is a bit disturbing, no?). While the game relies on traditional jumping and shooting mechanics, you will be unable to directly kill other players. Instead, you must outsmart and outflank your opponents and kill them using various environmental hazards and obstacles, such as lava pits, laser beams, traps, moving platforms, falling crates, etc. Don“t forget that these are Atomic Ninjas… something as banal as a katana between the ribs won“t do the trick anymore!" Atomic Ninjas includes necessary multiplayer modes like Deathmatch as well as Capture the Flag, and Treasure Hunt. The game is coming to both PS3 and Vita as a PSN-exclusive. Those who play on one system will also be able to fight against players on the other. Atomic Ninjas is looking toward a Summer launch.
  6. Marcus Estrada

    DUST 514 Officially Launches on PS3 Today

    Today is the big day for DUST 514. The game had previously been available in beta form for PS3 owners but is now fully launched with today's PlayStation Store update. This stands to be one of the most anticipated digital launches in the system's recent history. DUST 514 is an expansion of the EVE Online universe. EVE Online is a PC exclusive MMO which has garnered tons of players since it launched ten years ago. With their latest game, players will be able to still be a part of EVE even though they're playing via PS3. If you're interested you don't worry about paying any fees. Unlike EVE, DUST 514 is a free to play title. Of course, there are still microtransactions available. Those who were a part of the beta don't have to re-download the entire game. All that's required is to update the game and it will be ready to go.
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Payday 2 to See Retail Release

    Payday 2 was announced back in March with the acknowledgement that it would come only to PC via Steam, XBLA, and PSN. Overkill Software has managed to shoot for a loftier launch though as today their publishing partner 505 Games announced the game is coming to retail. 505 Games may have an interesting set of games it has published over the years, but if Payday 2 is anything like the first then players shouldn't worry about it. The game will be available in retail form for both PS3 and 360 worldwide. PC players however are still relegated to an exclusively digital launch. Payday 2 is the sequel of Payday: The Heist which surprised many with its tough heist gameplay back in 2011. The sequel is currently poised for an August release.
  8. Marcus Estrada

    PS Plus is All About Kyntt Underground This Week

    Tomorrow is Tuesday, May 14th which means that the next PlayStation Plus update is right around the corner. What do subscribers get this time around? Well, the latest Instant Game Collection addition is Kyntt Underground. This game, which launched on PSN in December, is a Metroidvania-styled platformer. Of course, if you aren't particularly interested in playing that on PS3 or Vita then there's other updates to pay attention to. For examples, two game sales are also set to be available. First there is a 10% discount on GRID 2 pre-orders, placing the game at $54. If that's not your style maybe the 20% discount of Metro: Last Light is more appealing. The newly-launched title is $48 for PS Plus users. At the end of this PS Plus week we will also see a couple games depart the IGC. These two are Darksiders and Tekken 6 for PSP. Also, the Papo & Yo sale concludes so pick that up now if you're interested in the discount as well as the digital soundtrack.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    Manhunt Sneaking Up on PSN

    Rockstar's wares have seen many downloads on PSN thanks to their release of all the PS2 Grand Theft Auto titles recently. However, they aren't content with having an incomplete library on the PS2 Classics section. Nope, more games are still coming - one of which is Manhunt. This announcement comes straight from the Rockstar blog. Manhunt originally launched in 2003 to a great deal of controversy due to its semi snuff film nature. The violent stealth adventure eventually saw a sequel, available on Wii and PS2, which also got some negative attention. The PS2 Classics version will run users the typical $10 fee and be out on the next PS Store update. Now there are only a few Rockstar games left that aren't available digitally. The Warriors is one such game and was noted by the company as coming soon to PSN.
  10. Have you been aching for an indie space station sim/tower defense/RTS hybrid? Did you also really need the game to have an unpronounceable name? If, for some reason, these are things you want quenched then Rymdkapsel is the perfect choice. The main strategic elements of the game are expanding your space station, but also being able to deal with growing resource requirements and the like. Of course, enemies also happen to be out in the galaxy who don't take kindly to expansion from opposing forces. If this explanation is far too obtuse, then check out the gameplay trailer below. Vita seems the perfect fit for the game considering its controls, which make heavy use of the system's touch screen. Interested parties can grab Rymdkapsel right now for $5. As this game is available through PS Mobile, be sure to check in the proper section when on the PS Store.
  11. Those looking for some arcade-style shooting action won't have to wait long. A game by the title of Thunder Wolves is heading to PC via Steam very shortly. Although it has nothing to do with thunder or wolves, it does look like an action-packed shooter. The game includes nine pilot-able helicopters over thirteen stages where you do your best to wreck everything in your path. Co-op is also available although only in local fashion. PC players can get their mitts on it first on May 15th, but that doesn't mean Thunder Wolves is PC exclusive. Both XBLA and PSN are also set to get the title but their dates have yet to be revealed. If you buy Thunder Wolves on Steam during its launch week (May 15th) there will be a 20% discount applied, making it $8. Curious gamers can take a look at the new trailer: http://youtu.be/Mw7dUSllWyk
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Zack Zero Screenshot 3

    From the album: Review Images

  13. Marcus Estrada

    Zack Zero Screenshot 2

    From the album: Review Images

  14. Marcus Estrada

    Zack Zero Screenshot 1

    From the album: Review Images

  15. Marcus Estrada

    PlayStation Mobile Development Opened to All

    If you've ever wondered why indie developers often choose PC over console releases then there are a handful of reasons why. For one, there are usually fees associated with being allowed to develop for the device. These, alongside other considerations, make PC the simplest mode for publishing. Of course, that means your game may get less exposure due to clutter. Today developers considering games for Vita or other PS-certified devices will not have to worry about these fees. Sony has announced they are waiving the publishing fee. Before now, the cost had been a practical $99 for anyone hoping to get games onto the PS Mobile market. This means that developers can now get a shot at the PS Store with less monetary investment. As such, we may see the PS Mobile section swarming with content soon. It can be accessed via certified smartphones and tablets but also the Vita itself.
  16. Marcus Estrada

    CounterSpy Aiming for PS3 and Vita

    Sony is on a roll with game news today. Alongside their usual PS Plus and Store updates they have shared announcements of three new games. In case you missed the first two, they are Hohokum and Doki-Doki Universe which are coming to PS3, PS4, and Vita. The last game announcement of the day isn't a next gen title, but looks interesting all the same. Now we've got word of CounterSpy which is being developed by Dynamighty. The game is a sidescroller with unique visual aesthetic. In fact, if you check out the screenshots provided on PS Blog, the game looks a fair bit like Killer7. Playing as a spy, characters must infiltrate locations and take them down from the inside. When CounterSpy launches it will be available on PS3 and Vita with Cross Play functionality. Although there is no option for multiplayer, Dynamighty is currently working on some way to compete with friends that is more interesting than a leaderboard.
  17. Marcus Estrada

    Sony Santa Monica Bringing Hohokum to PS3/PS4/Vita

    Sony has been on a roll today with indie announcements. Earlier in the day they shared word of a new indie section being available on the PS Store. Then, there was an announcement for a cute new game titled Doki-Doki Universe coming to all their main platforms. Another new game coming to PS3, PS4, and Vita is Hohokum. This game is a joint venture between the artist Richard Hogg and studio Honeyslug. The project has been corralled by Sony Santa Monica who are known for games such as the God of War series. It's safe to say that Hohokum isn't anything like God of War though. The game has a very distinct, adorable art style which seems to focus on shapes and colors. The point of the game is to be one where players can enjoy exploration without fear of losing. Still, there are Trophies included. No date has been announced yet but we should expect to see Hohokum at E3.
  18. Marcus Estrada

    Sony Adds Indie Game Category to PSN

    Are you tired of loading up the PlayStation Store and being greeted with with popular, triple A titles? If you're just in the mood to check out cheaper, and possibly quite as good, indie games then Sony has made a move to help. A new Indie Games category has been added which should make it much easier to navigate through them. This way, indie games will have a spot to themselves without having to worry about people glossing over them for more popular titles. All the same, if this removes all indie game presence from the main page it seems it could backfire. When the category opens later today we'll be able to see if this is their intent or not. Alongside the opening of this new category are a few sales on popular indie titles. Papo & Yo is 40% off (55% if you have PS Plus), Retro City Rampage is 50%, and Zombie Tycoon II is still free for PS Plus members. These aren't a particularly massive bunch of sales but recall that the Spring Fling Sale just ended which was bursting with titles.
  19. Marcus Estrada

    Upcoming PS Plus Additions for May

    With May fully underway now it's time for Sony to reveal their monthly update for PlayStation Plus members. As usual, it details all the games coming to Instant Game Collection as well as titles leaving. Chances are some gamers are going to be very pleased by this week's updates. First, let's share all the upcoming PS Plus titles. Sleeping Dogs is going free this week and stands as the biggest name being added to IGC in May. Other games include BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (Vita), Germinator (Vita), Knytt Underground (PS3/Vita), and Pinball Arcade (PS3/Vita). Those who have PS Plus but no Vita as of yet may be considering the purchase of one with the continual attention given to the system via these updates. Alongside Sleeping Dogs, Papo & Yo for PS3 is getting discounted by 25%. PS Plus members can take advantage of the sale and also get the soundtrack along with the game. Finally, to make up for these five new IGC games, five are also getting taken away. These include Darksiders, Demon's Souls, MegaMan 9 and 10, Tekken 6, and Zombie Tycoon 2.
  20. If you already beat Fatal Frame and need more creepy Japanese ghosts and haunted mansions, then you're in luck. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store this upcoming Tuesday. In Fatal Frame II, you take control of twins Mio and Mayu Amakura. Both have a strong sixth sense (though Mio's is weaker than Mayu's). And while wandering through the woods, they both find a seemingly abandoned village after following a red butterfly. Your only weapon is an antique camera with the power to dispel ghosts. Have you ever played a game in the Fatal Frame series? Will you buy Fatal Frame II off of the PlayStation Store?
  21. Yep. Someone has gone and made a game about the concept of "rules" that exist upon entering the men's room. Sawfly Studios initially commented on Men's Room Mayhem a few weeks about but it was not yet time for the reveal. Today they've gotten a fancy post on the PS Blog to delve into their game. In Men's Room Mayhem you play as a janitor who must direct the in/outflow of customers to the public restroom. Each patron needs to be guided to a toilet in time or else accidents are bound to occur. Apparently fights can occur if two patrons get too close. Beyond that, the amount of people waiting in line will continue to increase. It sounds a lot like Diner Dash but with pee. Is it worthwhile to make a game out of unconsciously perpetuated social norms? Producer of SCEE external development, Phil Gaskell, spoke about what spurred him to work on such a title: "I realised I was subconsciously following a set of rules for using the little boy“s room. If there was nobody in there I used the urinal furthest from the door, I always left a gap of one urinal between me and anyone else in there and if I couldn“t leave a gap I used the cubicle! This sort of psychology fascinates me, so I thought it might be fun to make a game of it – partly to see how many other guys don“t realize they follow the rules, and partly to let all the ladies know us fellas have a certain code of conduct in our washrooms too y“know!" On Vita, the game makes use of the touch screen so players can direct characters with simple gestures. It was not specified whether that will be the only mode of input though, as the game is also coming to Android and iOS touch screen devices. Men's Room Mayhem might not be a rival to Journey but it's at least a little jab at the strange rule set men tend to adhere by when entering a bathroom.
  22. If you haven't played Tokyo Jungle yet for some reason, now's your chance to get a physical compilation that includes it on top of Fat Princess, When Vikings Attack, and Sound Shapes. The Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 showed up on the ESRB's site a while ago, and now Siliconera is reporting that you'll be able to get your hands on the compilation sometime this June. It will also cost a mere $20, which is a steal considering that Tokyo Jungle alone costs $15 on the PlayStation Store. I wonder if there will be more of The Best of PlayStation Network compilations in the future? Have you played any of the games that are in The Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1? Will you be getting this compilation? If there were more volumes of The Best of PlayStation Network, what do you think should be on them?
  23. Class of Heroes 2 is a game being released in America only because Gaijinworks decided to ask fans if they really would by such a game in English. When nearly 3,000 of them responded the company decided to go through with it and get 2,700 boxed copies made to meet that demand. Pre-orders went live yesterday. According to Gaijinworks' CEO Vic Ireland, they're already burning through supply. His Twitter post said the following: "We've already sold 40% of the 2700 CoH2 Phy+Dig units fans indicated they wanted in the poll." It was brave for the company to trust fan reaction to a poll but so far it seems things are working in their favor. Of course, if you miss out on the physical + digital bundle you'll always be able to buy Class of Heroes 2 on PSN later. The boxed copy is mostly to appeal to those who still enjoy tangible goods.
  24. The latest PS Store update is right around the corner tomorrow and as such offers up a handful of new digital downloads. Some are quite anticipated, such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Soul Sacrifice. But what if you're looking for something stranger? What about a game where you roll a big, sticky ball around to collect everything in your path for your celestial father? It may sound silly to those who have never heard of it, but Katamari Damacy is a classic PS2 title which spawned a handful of sequels. The original came to Sony's platform in 2004 under the radar but was quickly recognized as weird, but fun by many. The game achieved a great deal of popularity in the US and as such we have seen We Love Katamari, Me and My Katamari, and Beautiful Katamari show up in North America. The original Katamari Damacy includes single player for story mode and a battle mode for two local players. This also happens to be the best place to start if you're looking to get into Katamari. Pick up the PS2 Classic for the standard price of $10 if you'd like to experience an unusual game.
  25. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, life decided to spill that cup of lemonade I made on my computer, and now I'm without access to a dedicated writing box to spit my thoughts and opinions out at the world. As you can probably guess, this makes writing the words you're currently reading very hard for me to get out to you. But I've found a way, and that way is needlessly hard. I'm currently writing these articles exclusively on a PS3 using the Sixaxis that came included with the system. It is a nightmare, but it gave me an idea: What other needlessly hard things could I do with gaming? This led me to what you're reading now. Can Journey be beaten without pressing the jump button? Find out right now. Every Journey Has A Beginning My journey started out deceptively easy. Every area that required any climbing could be walked up or I could make use of the floating pieces of cloth around the area to automatically float myself up to the places I needed to reach to continue the story. I was actually slightly worried through the first few areas because of how smoothly things were going. That worry wouldn't last long, but before I start discussing the real challenges, I'd like to go on a bit of a detour in our story to talk about something that ended up helping me on my quest considerably. In the very distant past I managed to get into the Journey beta. It was only the first two areas, but I played them to death while I had the chance. After playing those first two areas for God knows how long, I started to get bored. And with boredom comes stupid tests of the game's limits. I found myself trying to fly back to the start of the game's cloth bridge level just because it was much too high to reach by normal means, but I figured out that if you position yourself underneath the cloth bridge and start singing, you'll be thrown into the air like a slingshot. High enough to reach the start of the level on some occasions. The Trials That Lie Ahead That little mechanic I found out won't actually come into play for a long while, so let's get onto the first real obstacle I faced. The cloth ladders in the first underground area. My hope was that when I walked into them, I would automatically just float up them. My character did levitate when in contact with them, but he didn't rise up to the top. This was a problem. I tried getting a running start when I started to float near them, but it didn't help in the least bit. So I kept trying from every different angle, hoping to find a way to slingshot myself up them, but it just wouldn't work. You can't get the cloth ladders to lay flat long enough to do it. Was my quest over so soon? Was I beaten by the first obstacle? No, of course not! I found a way to get up the cloth ladders, but it was an insanely grueling and arduous task. I had to sing my way up them. When you sing in the game, you raise up off of the ground just an inch or two. If you do it fast enough while next to a cloth ladder, you'll continue to raise up until you reach the top, allowing you to continue the level. The problem was it took about a twenty minutes to get to the top of each ladder, and there were about a half dozen ladders that needed to be climbed. I took so long getting through this one area that I had to take breaks in between ladder climbs to rest my hands and eyes or risk going insane over falling every few times. But after a few hours, I had reached the end of the level. Only this time, I was faced with an even more annoying and difficult task. The Dreaded Chamber Room After you get past the area with the stone dragon things, you'll find yourself in some sort of chamber/tower area that fills with water as you light up hieroglyphs and ride different cloth creatures to the top of the tower. Its a pretty amazing and atmospheric level when you can jump. When you can't? Its the biggest head ache of the entire game. First of all, you can't mess up even once after you begin lighting up the glyphs. The reason being that once the water starts coming in, any scraps of cloth you could use to float on either vanish or go into a dormant state after they've been submerged by the magic water. You can float in this water, but even with singing you can't raise yourself, so water is an instant restart if you fall in. Secondly, everything is moving in this level. The kites that carry you seem to float where ever they want, the jellyfish will slowly drift away if they're bumped (which can also work to your advantage) and the whale is it's own nightmare that'll I'll get to in a moment. The problem with all of this is that you have to stand around and wait for the creatures to come to you (which they might never do) And if you bump a jellyfish too far away you might even have to restart the level over again because you can no longer reach them from their original starting position. This can work in your favor though. Once you get onto a jellyfish you could sing in different parts of it's body to steer it closer to the area you needed to go. Helpful, but meaningless when you get to the whale. Easily the worst part of this whole experience as the whale is almost always out of your reach unless you position yourself just right. It never gets high enough into the air to allow you to reach the end of the level, and it was incredibly easy to slip off of it, forcing me to restart the whole level over again. Because of this, it was an absolute nightmare that took hours to get past. But I finally did. How, you ask? Remember earlier about my time in the game's beta when I would slingshot myself from under the cloth bridge? Well, the whale essentially has the same design as the bridge, so I could slingshot myself from under it, getting those precious few extra feet I needed to end the level. It took a massive amount of failures, and I nearly gave up. But I finally scraped on by to the top. Every Journey Has An End I was actually shocked I had made it all the way to the snow level. Here I was at one of the game's very last areas, without pressing the jump button a single time! I was sure I had gotten past the hardest part of the game, and it would all be smooth sailing from then. Oh how foolish I was. My greatest obstacle yet was still waiting for me. I just didn't know it yet. As I went through the level, my character's ability to sing got progressively weaker. I was still able to sing my way up ladders, but it was getting harder. I was relying more and more on the unpredictability of the slingshot technique to get me up certain areas. But it wasn't nearly as difficult as the previous level. Until I reached the fall, of course. Right at the end of the level you get blown into a small ravine. No big deal, right? I could just sing my way up some scraps of cloth and be at the end of the game in a jiffy! But wait... I can't sing anymore. The ability has been completely taken away. My character just bobs his head and no longer floats when the button is pressed. Even worse, the scraps of cloth are too small to slingshot myself with. The gap I need to get across is no more than an inch or two off the ground, but my character just can't get past it. He slides down the hill when I try to walk, he can't sing anymore and there is no cloth to throw myself off of. I'm officially stuck just a few feet away from the game's final level. But I'm persistent. I had to reach the end now! Too much has happened to just give up! I restarted the level and timed my steps just right so I didn't get blown down the cavern. I got past the impossible area and made it to the final level. This was it. My hours of hard work have paid off. I REACHED THE END OF JOURNEY WITHOUT JUMPING. At least, I thought I did. The worst thing ever was waiting for me at the start of Journey's final level: You have to jump for the level to begin... Hours have been spent getting to this point. I have put myself through nonstop mind numbing torture trying to get from point A to point B. And my journey is cut short by a forced jump. There was nothing that could get me out of it. I had no tricks or techniques left. The game was over. You cannot beat Journey without jumping. But at least we can say we now know the answer if anybody asks if it's possible. As always, thank you for reading.