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  1. http://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4%20vs.%20Xbox%20One%20Comparison%20Chart So this is a side by side comparison of the two consoles. I think with the xbox I got some problems with it. I definitely don't have a problem with install but making it mandatory sucks. I have heard though that they won't do the second install fee? Correct me if I'm wrong. It was posted on xbox support twitter. Also, with the always online still unsure of. I don't recall seeing anything else they said about always online so feel free to update me if I'm missing something. It looks to me that the PS4 have a faster CPU still. It is pretty clear to me that I'll stick with Sony for now. I might get a xbox one later but it'll be at least 2-3 years before I even think of getting one.
  2. The console war is one war that will never be won. There will be victories and defeats, but there will never be a true winner to end all of this digital mayhem. And in this case, a never-ending war is the best thing gaming could ever hope for since competition fuels the need for innovation. Without an enemy to face, we would have never gotten some of the amazing things we've seen in our generation. Of course, we also wouldn't be able to laugh at the war torn history left behind by those many console giants from the past, present and future as well. And really, that's way more important than any amazing game changing innovations we might have seen in the last thirty years. So why don't you join me for an awkward look back at the world of video game rivalry? Pikachu Really Hates Sony I've mentioned Hey You, Pikachu! a number of times in a few of my past articles due to it's microphone capabilities; an extremely underused feature that I love seeing in games. The reason I'm mentioning this less-than-well-received Nintendo 64 title is thanks to an easter egg hidden in the game's long list of many phrases that Pikachu would react to. Back up, what did you just say to me? Among words such as Pikachu, apple, and lightning bolt was the extremely out of place "Sony." Now why would a rival's company be among the list of words that Pikachu responded to? Well, as we all know, Nintendo and Sony have been rivals since the very beginning of the Playstation's launch. As a way of taking a shot at Sony, Nintendo included the name of the company in Hey You, Pikachu! as an extremely negative word. If you so much as hinted to Pikachu that you were about to say the word Sony, your pokemon companion would absolutely flip out. He would stop listening to you, start electrocuting everything in his general area and drop whatever he was holding in his hands. The mere mention of Sony was enough to send him into a waking night terror with no escape. Microsoft Has A Naval Battle With Sony The Xbox 360 exploded out onto the market nearly a year ahead of its competition. Sony had finally released the Playstation 3 in America, and it was gearing up to release globally. Excited gamers in France began to stand in line as they eagerly awaited the release of the PS3... and then things got crazy. Does the X in the O stand for hugs and kisses? As the legions of French fans stood out in the cold waiting for the official launch of the PS3, a large boat adorned with Microsoft and Xbox symbols slowly came into view of the store's line of customers. In large white letters was the phrase "XBOX 360 YOU". Microsoft had pulled the proverbial boombox in the rain on this poor group of frozen gamers... and it was kind of funny. The only thing that would have made it better was if a Sony boat pulled into view and attacked the Xbox boat. It was a silly idea that did manage to get Microsoft some free advertising at Sony's expense, but I suggest they try using blimps to advertise during the PS4 launch. They're much harder to ignore because honestly, who can say no to looking at a blimp? Sonic Takes A Jab At Mario; Totally Beefs It Have you ever heard of the Sonic title, Sonic X-Treme? I'm going to guess you haven't, seeing as it was cancelled after constant game delays and massive problems during production. Many programmers slaved over the game working 16 hour days only to see their troubled game get flushed down the toilet, never to be seen again by anyone ever. But not before they got this juicy little advertisement out. How could something like this fail? Mario and his apparent henchmen are unable to bring down that pesky hedgehog no matter how hard they try because he has made the jump to the 3D world and left them in their 2D dust to rot into obscurity. The ad itself is what makes this so funny. Shortly after the game was cancelled, Mario entered the 3D realm with Super Mario 64 and ended up leaving Sonic to rot in his 2D dust while his franchise became bigger than ever. Square Enix Attacks... Themselves? Alright Square Enix, I don't think you understand the point to all of this. It's supposed to make your enemies look bad. You aren't supposed to take shots at your customers. In the PSP game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Square Enix did just that. In the Battle Tips section of the game, you can see what Final Fantasy XII's Penelo has to say about each character. I bite the hand that feeds me, teehee! Most of them are just funny little things or observations about the characters. When you get to Cloud and Sephiroth, however, things take a turn. With Cloud, she says all he does is mope around and is therefore an uninteresting character. She then goes on to say Sephiroth is supposed to be pretty popular, but he really isn't that attractive. While these are more or less just funny little things they threw in the game to spice things up a bit, you have to remember the people who are constantly voting for Cloud and Sephiroth in character polls. They're called fangirls and fanboys, and they don't understand jokes in the slightest. Any attack on their husbandos is an attack on them, and they will write about it in their Livejournals for the whole world to not care about. Nintendo Is All Up In Sony's 3D Venture The Nintendo 3DS was a revolution in 3D technology. It was now no longer necessary to spend upwards of $60 just for a pair of glasses to see the 3D image being projected from a screen, and you didn't have to burn your eyes out like with Nintendo's first 3D venture, the Virtual Boy. Its a pretty neat gimmick for the system because when it works well, it works really well. But we're not here to discuss systems. We're hear to talk about wicked sick jabs at rival companies. "Just eat it." And this jab took place at the absolute greatest E3 ever, E3 2010. While a lot of disses and slams were being thrown around in each E3 presentation, the one that sticks out for me was Nintendo's 3DS conference. They constantly brought up the fact that expensive 3D glasses were going the way of the dinosaurs and anyone who used them were going to get left in the dust in the coming years. The very next day Sony held a conference that was almost entirely based around expensive 3D glasses. While I have no way of proving Nintendo set up their 3DS conference that way on purpose just to get Sony's goat, it seems pretty obvious that was what they were aiming for. How do you follow with your multimillion dollar project announcement right after your competition just thrashed you for a solid hour with their glasses free 3D? Well, I would say something along the lines of Sony's split screen 3D technology, but nobody uses that. The reason I love quips like these is because every time I see or hear one, I imagine someone being dunked on by a basketball player. Totally unrelated, I know. But its why I love them so much. Can you think of any other types of marketing slams that have happened over the years? Why not discuss them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Doki-Doki Universe Announced for PS3/PS4/Vita

    Have you been wondering what kinds of games Sony has up their sleeve for the PS4? We know about Knack, but not too much else. Well today the PS Blog was opened up to a few developers to announce their upcoming titles. One of these developers is HumaNature Studios. Their game is called Doki-Doki Universe and it looks incredibly distinctive. Instead of being a visual tour de force, it has cute childish art. The game is going to release between PS3, PS4, and Vita all at once. Downloading the title will be free, but if you really want to get into it by exploring planets then you have to make a purchase. It's a bit odd, but perhaps that will work in HumaNature's benefit. Doki-Doki Universe is described as an RPG mixed with simulation elements. While visiting planets, the game is set to prompt players with personality quizzes. If nothing else, it appears that Doki-Doki Universe is certainly going to be a unique property.
  4. Marcus Estrada

    Sony Adds Indie Game Category to PSN

    Are you tired of loading up the PlayStation Store and being greeted with with popular, triple A titles? If you're just in the mood to check out cheaper, and possibly quite as good, indie games then Sony has made a move to help. A new Indie Games category has been added which should make it much easier to navigate through them. This way, indie games will have a spot to themselves without having to worry about people glossing over them for more popular titles. All the same, if this removes all indie game presence from the main page it seems it could backfire. When the category opens later today we'll be able to see if this is their intent or not. Alongside the opening of this new category are a few sales on popular indie titles. Papo & Yo is 40% off (55% if you have PS Plus), Retro City Rampage is 50%, and Zombie Tycoon II is still free for PS Plus members. These aren't a particularly massive bunch of sales but recall that the Spring Fling Sale just ended which was bursting with titles.
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Upcoming PS Plus Additions for May

    With May fully underway now it's time for Sony to reveal their monthly update for PlayStation Plus members. As usual, it details all the games coming to Instant Game Collection as well as titles leaving. Chances are some gamers are going to be very pleased by this week's updates. First, let's share all the upcoming PS Plus titles. Sleeping Dogs is going free this week and stands as the biggest name being added to IGC in May. Other games include BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (Vita), Germinator (Vita), Knytt Underground (PS3/Vita), and Pinball Arcade (PS3/Vita). Those who have PS Plus but no Vita as of yet may be considering the purchase of one with the continual attention given to the system via these updates. Alongside Sleeping Dogs, Papo & Yo for PS3 is getting discounted by 25%. PS Plus members can take advantage of the sale and also get the soundtrack along with the game. Finally, to make up for these five new IGC games, five are also getting taken away. These include Darksiders, Demon's Souls, MegaMan 9 and 10, Tekken 6, and Zombie Tycoon 2.
  6. If you already beat Fatal Frame and need more creepy Japanese ghosts and haunted mansions, then you're in luck. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store this upcoming Tuesday. In Fatal Frame II, you take control of twins Mio and Mayu Amakura. Both have a strong sixth sense (though Mio's is weaker than Mayu's). And while wandering through the woods, they both find a seemingly abandoned village after following a red butterfly. Your only weapon is an antique camera with the power to dispel ghosts. Have you ever played a game in the Fatal Frame series? Will you buy Fatal Frame II off of the PlayStation Store?
  7. If you haven't played Tokyo Jungle yet for some reason, now's your chance to get a physical compilation that includes it on top of Fat Princess, When Vikings Attack, and Sound Shapes. The Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 showed up on the ESRB's site a while ago, and now Siliconera is reporting that you'll be able to get your hands on the compilation sometime this June. It will also cost a mere $20, which is a steal considering that Tokyo Jungle alone costs $15 on the PlayStation Store. I wonder if there will be more of The Best of PlayStation Network compilations in the future? Have you played any of the games that are in The Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1? Will you be getting this compilation? If there were more volumes of The Best of PlayStation Network, what do you think should be on them?
  8. Class of Heroes 2 is a game being released in America only because Gaijinworks decided to ask fans if they really would by such a game in English. When nearly 3,000 of them responded the company decided to go through with it and get 2,700 boxed copies made to meet that demand. Pre-orders went live yesterday. According to Gaijinworks' CEO Vic Ireland, they're already burning through supply. His Twitter post said the following: "We've already sold 40% of the 2700 CoH2 Phy+Dig units fans indicated they wanted in the poll." It was brave for the company to trust fan reaction to a poll but so far it seems things are working in their favor. Of course, if you miss out on the physical + digital bundle you'll always be able to buy Class of Heroes 2 on PSN later. The boxed copy is mostly to appeal to those who still enjoy tangible goods.
  9. The last PS Plus update of the month is poised for tomorrow. Although some may not be particularly enthused about the latest Instant Game Collection addition, they may enjoy the huge amount of sales also going live. First, let's take a look at the "free" game being added for Plus members. Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge is a game about warring zombie factions headed by two mad scientist types. The RTS has both a single and multiplayer experience and actually launches tomorrow for PS3 and Vita. In the future we can probably expect to see more brand new releases being instantly integrated into Instant Game Collection. The PS Store has been hosting a Spring Fever sale promotion the entire month, but it has never been this expansive. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is on sale for PS3 and Vita ($20 and $18 respectively) but that's not all. Some of the characters in the roster are having their respective franchises discounted as well. This means that all God of War, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, and other series' games are on sale. Exact sale prices are available on the PS Blog post. Thankfully, the massive finale to Sony's Spring Fever sale has discounts for all members, not just PS Plus subscribers.
  10. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, life decided to spill that cup of lemonade I made on my computer, and now I'm without access to a dedicated writing box to spit my thoughts and opinions out at the world. As you can probably guess, this makes writing the words you're currently reading very hard for me to get out to you. But I've found a way, and that way is needlessly hard. I'm currently writing these articles exclusively on a PS3 using the Sixaxis that came included with the system. It is a nightmare, but it gave me an idea: What other needlessly hard things could I do with gaming? This led me to what you're reading now. Can Journey be beaten without pressing the jump button? Find out right now. Every Journey Has A Beginning My journey started out deceptively easy. Every area that required any climbing could be walked up or I could make use of the floating pieces of cloth around the area to automatically float myself up to the places I needed to reach to continue the story. I was actually slightly worried through the first few areas because of how smoothly things were going. That worry wouldn't last long, but before I start discussing the real challenges, I'd like to go on a bit of a detour in our story to talk about something that ended up helping me on my quest considerably. In the very distant past I managed to get into the Journey beta. It was only the first two areas, but I played them to death while I had the chance. After playing those first two areas for God knows how long, I started to get bored. And with boredom comes stupid tests of the game's limits. I found myself trying to fly back to the start of the game's cloth bridge level just because it was much too high to reach by normal means, but I figured out that if you position yourself underneath the cloth bridge and start singing, you'll be thrown into the air like a slingshot. High enough to reach the start of the level on some occasions. The Trials That Lie Ahead That little mechanic I found out won't actually come into play for a long while, so let's get onto the first real obstacle I faced. The cloth ladders in the first underground area. My hope was that when I walked into them, I would automatically just float up them. My character did levitate when in contact with them, but he didn't rise up to the top. This was a problem. I tried getting a running start when I started to float near them, but it didn't help in the least bit. So I kept trying from every different angle, hoping to find a way to slingshot myself up them, but it just wouldn't work. You can't get the cloth ladders to lay flat long enough to do it. Was my quest over so soon? Was I beaten by the first obstacle? No, of course not! I found a way to get up the cloth ladders, but it was an insanely grueling and arduous task. I had to sing my way up them. When you sing in the game, you raise up off of the ground just an inch or two. If you do it fast enough while next to a cloth ladder, you'll continue to raise up until you reach the top, allowing you to continue the level. The problem was it took about a twenty minutes to get to the top of each ladder, and there were about a half dozen ladders that needed to be climbed. I took so long getting through this one area that I had to take breaks in between ladder climbs to rest my hands and eyes or risk going insane over falling every few times. But after a few hours, I had reached the end of the level. Only this time, I was faced with an even more annoying and difficult task. The Dreaded Chamber Room After you get past the area with the stone dragon things, you'll find yourself in some sort of chamber/tower area that fills with water as you light up hieroglyphs and ride different cloth creatures to the top of the tower. Its a pretty amazing and atmospheric level when you can jump. When you can't? Its the biggest head ache of the entire game. First of all, you can't mess up even once after you begin lighting up the glyphs. The reason being that once the water starts coming in, any scraps of cloth you could use to float on either vanish or go into a dormant state after they've been submerged by the magic water. You can float in this water, but even with singing you can't raise yourself, so water is an instant restart if you fall in. Secondly, everything is moving in this level. The kites that carry you seem to float where ever they want, the jellyfish will slowly drift away if they're bumped (which can also work to your advantage) and the whale is it's own nightmare that'll I'll get to in a moment. The problem with all of this is that you have to stand around and wait for the creatures to come to you (which they might never do) And if you bump a jellyfish too far away you might even have to restart the level over again because you can no longer reach them from their original starting position. This can work in your favor though. Once you get onto a jellyfish you could sing in different parts of it's body to steer it closer to the area you needed to go. Helpful, but meaningless when you get to the whale. Easily the worst part of this whole experience as the whale is almost always out of your reach unless you position yourself just right. It never gets high enough into the air to allow you to reach the end of the level, and it was incredibly easy to slip off of it, forcing me to restart the whole level over again. Because of this, it was an absolute nightmare that took hours to get past. But I finally did. How, you ask? Remember earlier about my time in the game's beta when I would slingshot myself from under the cloth bridge? Well, the whale essentially has the same design as the bridge, so I could slingshot myself from under it, getting those precious few extra feet I needed to end the level. It took a massive amount of failures, and I nearly gave up. But I finally scraped on by to the top. Every Journey Has An End I was actually shocked I had made it all the way to the snow level. Here I was at one of the game's very last areas, without pressing the jump button a single time! I was sure I had gotten past the hardest part of the game, and it would all be smooth sailing from then. Oh how foolish I was. My greatest obstacle yet was still waiting for me. I just didn't know it yet. As I went through the level, my character's ability to sing got progressively weaker. I was still able to sing my way up ladders, but it was getting harder. I was relying more and more on the unpredictability of the slingshot technique to get me up certain areas. But it wasn't nearly as difficult as the previous level. Until I reached the fall, of course. Right at the end of the level you get blown into a small ravine. No big deal, right? I could just sing my way up some scraps of cloth and be at the end of the game in a jiffy! But wait... I can't sing anymore. The ability has been completely taken away. My character just bobs his head and no longer floats when the button is pressed. Even worse, the scraps of cloth are too small to slingshot myself with. The gap I need to get across is no more than an inch or two off the ground, but my character just can't get past it. He slides down the hill when I try to walk, he can't sing anymore and there is no cloth to throw myself off of. I'm officially stuck just a few feet away from the game's final level. But I'm persistent. I had to reach the end now! Too much has happened to just give up! I restarted the level and timed my steps just right so I didn't get blown down the cavern. I got past the impossible area and made it to the final level. This was it. My hours of hard work have paid off. I REACHED THE END OF JOURNEY WITHOUT JUMPING. At least, I thought I did. The worst thing ever was waiting for me at the start of Journey's final level: You have to jump for the level to begin... Hours have been spent getting to this point. I have put myself through nonstop mind numbing torture trying to get from point A to point B. And my journey is cut short by a forced jump. There was nothing that could get me out of it. I had no tricks or techniques left. The game was over. You cannot beat Journey without jumping. But at least we can say we now know the answer if anybody asks if it's possible. As always, thank you for reading.
  11. Sure, games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss have done well in selling the Vita to consumers, but many gamers have been hoping for more new brands on the handheld. Games like Gravity Rush and Orgarhythm are unfortunately in short supply compared to ports, sequels, and spin-offs. Those hungry for some new titles on Vita may have another to look forward to by the name of Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery. This is an upcoming episodic adventure game with a focus on puzzles. A child named Jacob comes across Bigfoot in the forest which serves to change the young boy's plans. Strangely, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery was developed on Unreal Engine 3 which seems a bit of overkill for the genre, but it does look pretty. Unfortunately, no release window was provided yet. Hopefully this is the start of a cute new series for Vita. Are your favorite Vita games mostly comprised of new IPs or ports?
  12. This obviously won't last for very long, but Amazon is technically paying their own customers to buy Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale from them. How exactly did this happen? Well its all thanks to Sony's cross buy promotion and a poorly timed sale. Here are the details. As you all know, every brand new copy of Playstation All-Stars comes with a free Vita version of the game. The PS3 version of the game itself is currently on sale at Amazon for $30. While that would normally just be an okay deal, you have to factor in their current promotion where if you trade $20 worth of games into Amazon, you get an extra $20. How much does Playstation All-Stars trade in for? $22. So if you were to act now, you could buy Playstation All-Stars for $30, trade it in for $40, and then keep the Vita version of the game for yourself. You're essentially getting paid ten dollars to own the Vita version of the game. But again, this is only going to go on for so long before Amazon realizes that stacking sales and promotions like this is a bad idea. So if you're going to stick it to Amazon, you better do it quick. You can view the sale page below. Playstation All-Stars Amazon trade in promotion EDIT: Surprise surprise. Amazon has cut the trade in value in half. So no more free games and money for you.
  13. With another week, comes another PS Plus update. Of course, last week's update was delayed beyond its supposed Tuesday release due to downtime/maintenance. Hopefully that will not be the case this week. The April 23rd update includes one free game - Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. This is actually a PSP game, but can be played on Vita as well. Surprisingly the game still retails for $40 on PSN despite its age. If that game isn't good enough for you, players can buy Thomas Was Alone. Thomas Was Alone is available for PS3 and Vita and even has Cross Buy. PS Plus subscribers can get either version for $8. In other news, Sony's Spring Fever sales continue onward. This week, the Resident Evil series is on sale. Each title is half off for Plus members and ranges from Resident Evil Director's Cut to Resident Evil 6. Finally, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is going to be taken off the Instant Game Collection on the 30th, so don't delay in grabbing the large download.
  14. Marcus Estrada

    PS Plus Update Gifts Malicious to Subscribers

    Sony has been in the midst of bringing a whole lot of content to PSN this week. Dragon Fantasy Book 1, RPG Maker 3, and even Mad Dog II have just been added. Of course, the update that PS Plus users like most is the weekly updates on special deals and new additions to the Instant Game Collection. This week Sony has added Malicious to the PS3 roster. The move may be to get gamers aware of the brand before releasing Malicious Rebirth on Vita. Either way, the game will be free so check it out if you've been curious about Malicious. With a new game being added, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is set to leave the Instant Game Collection on the 23rd. In other news, the Grand Theft Auto series sees a discount until next week's PS Store update. You can choose from pretty much any GTA game from Grand Theft Auto III to Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ultimate Edition. Even spin offs like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for PSP/Vita are available for 50% off.
  15. Marcus Estrada

    Mad Dog McCree Returns to PSN with Mad Dog II

    Move owners don't have much to get excited about these days. There are at least a handful of games released for the device each year, but there's no doubt it didn't catch fire like Sony were hoping. Those with a Move who enjoyed Mad Dog McCree should prepare for the impending release of Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold as it's out tomorrow. The original arcade shooter Mad Dog McCree came to PSN earlier and that was about it. In comparison, the Wii got the Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack which included both games. Either way, Sony players are finally set to get their own shot at the game. As with the PSN release of the first game, video quality has been increased. Of course, it has to be in order for the arcade visuals to still look nice on a 720p display. The interface has also been modernized and now includes leaderboards. Mad Dog-curious players can test the game with a demo first which will be out next week.
  16. Marcus Estrada

    SuperBot Entertainment Working on New IP

    Things were looking rough for developer SuperBot Entertainment after releasing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. That was because news started rolling out that the company was hit by layoffs and then that Sony ended their business relationship. Despite all this, SuperBot is still not down and they don't plan to close anytime soon. SuperBot's director of operations, David Yang, sent out a message to Edge which is as follows: “We have substantially shrunk down our operations but are still going strong while we work on a new IP." It's good to hear about companies not closing for once, especially when things seem tough. Of course, considering SuperBot's next project is probably not as massive an investment as PS All-Stars was, it makes sense they wouldn't need a massive staff. Are you curious as to what SuperBot's next project is?
  17. DarkCobra86

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)

    What did you love about the game? -Great storyline -Good comedy -Puzzle solving -Trophy system -Nate is awesome -Platforming What did you hate about the game -Sometimes it was hard to see the aim cursor -Feels like not enough ammo at times -Can only carry two weapons at a time -Had to worry about enemies during jetski part, so I couldn't just go as fast as I wanted to. Since you have to stop the jetski in order to shoot. Graphics – (10) I really liked the graphics. You can actually tell after Drake or Elena got out of the water that their clothing were darker because of the water soaked in. I don't have an HDtv, so I believe graphics would be even better if you play it on high definition. The surrounding art was amazing as well. The jungles, ruins, temples, etc. in the game were very detailed The characters look very realistic as well. The lighting was very well down as well. The graphics made this game very realistic when you are playing it. Sound – (9) The audio for this game was very good. Every character had a distinct voice that fits them very well, even the random enemies has a voice to them, enabling you to know that they are coming for you. The guns sound very realistic as each guns makes it own sound when being fired. The music was very fitting during the game. The music is most noticeable during a fight scene as it begins at the start of battle and climatically finish as you kill off the last enemy. There were even music for the climbing part which happens a lot during the game. Gameplay – (10) This is a third person shooting action adventure game. Think of it as a mix of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider (the puzzle solving part, trying to solve a mystery in order to uncover the secret treasure, a lot of platforming) and Gears of War. You get to do a lot of cool action as the main character, such as: jump, swim, grab, shimming across ledges, climb, and swing from ropes. These moves are mainly for the platforming part of the game which is very fun, apparently Nate is a freak of an athlete. You also can fight enemies either by shooting guns or giving them the good old fist fight. Along the way you can pick up grenades to use as well. The fighting aspect of this similar to Gears of Wars in that you hide behind walls and use either blind-fire or covered fire to take out enemies. It also doesn't have a health bar, so after taking a certain amount of damage, you need to rest or take cover for a brief period to regain the health. You also get to ride a jeep and jetski which was very fun, of course all the while taking out the enemies pursuing you. The controls were typical of a shooting game, so if you are not good at these kinds of games you will not enjoy it too much. During the game you can also find treasures that will help you unlock trophies. Lasting Appeal – (8) This is the only department that I feel could be lacking for this great game. The game is a single player only game, so after you beat the game there really is no other incentive to play it again. This game does not contain anything to play with via online, so you are really playing it for the storyline. The only thing that I see why people would want to play it again is to collect all the treasures and to accomplish all of the trophies. Also to play in different difficulty level to see how hard this game can get. Final Comments The game was very fun to play. As it gives you a good amount of serious fighting during the game while being able to include fun dialogues from the characters in order to lighten up the mood. The puzzle solving mystery is very fun to go through. I really enjoy this game and I think everyone that has a ps3 should go out and play this game. Category Scorecard Graphics - 10 Sound - 9 Gameplay - 10 Lasting Appeal - 8 Final Score: 9.25
  18. Ridge Racer is one expansive racing game series. Since starting out in 1993 as an arcade game, it grew and grew. There have since been innumerable iterations across various systems and arcades. Until now, Ridge Racer Unbounded was the latest version out. Now Namco Bandai have announced Ridge Racer Driftopia to appeal to a new audience. Oliver Comte, senior president of Namco Bandai Games Europe, made this statement to Siliconera to explain why Driftopia exists as a free to play title: “At Namco Bandai Games we are committed to embracing new business models alongside the still vital traditional retail sector. Free-to-play is playing an increasingly important role, so it“s very exciting to be bringing one of our most successful franchises to the free-to-play space for everyone to enjoy.” The F2P model for this game includes optional purchases for repair kits, XP boosts, and more cars. No date has been revealed yet but Driftopia is coming to PS3 and PC later this year.