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Found 64 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  2. The Xbox One has just been confirmed for a 2013 launch window. It was also mentioned that the release would be worldwide, but it wasn't said if this worldwide release would be simultaneous or not. Odds are it won't be, but we'll see. Of course Microsoft didn't give an exact date or price due to E3 being just weeks away, but you won't have to wait very long before you know exactly when you'll get your hands on this new console.
  3. It has just been revealed that each and every Xbox One will come bundled with the new Kinect. Considering how important it is to the system's new design, I can't say I'm surprised. What is surprising though is what this new Kinect 2 can do. The darned thing can monitor your heart while you play! It was described as being so advanced that the technology behind it is similar to rocket science. I say its more like Skynet with each and every announcement.
  4. Blazeknyt

    Console Growth: Stagnation?

    All eyes are on Microsoft as with every passing day, as the revelation of the new Xbox draws closer. Nintendo has already released their next gen Wii U to the public, while the Playstation 4 has only had videos and specs released. But there“s something weird going on this generation. There“s no new overhaul of…anything really. Unless Microsoft can manage to introduce something new and substantial, everything we“ve seen is a natural evolution, but nothing substantial and groundbreaking. Nintendo and Sony have both pushed social media as a new tool to utilize. Nintendo introduced their hub world, where people can see what others are playing and interact with each other via messages that are typed, written, even drawn. The Playstation 4 announcement was heavily playing toward sharing gameplay videos with one“s friends. There's a "share" button... While this function is a foreseeable evolution in gaming, there“s nothing groundbreaking that is making people go crazy. When the Nintendo 64 was released in 1996, the big breakthrough was graphics. Games could be played in 3D now! When the Playstation 2 was revealed, the big breakthrough was graphics yet again. Polygons were there, yes, but the models were such a far cry from the blocky look that the Playstation 1 had. The game characters, despite certain outfits, were starting to have some kind of realistic features. I still remember looking at certain games and thinking that it looked real! And the Playstation 2 was released in 2000! Still looks impressive to this day While the PS2 had some kind of online capabilities, it was well implemented in a console by Microsoft when they burst into the scene with Xbox. With games becoming more grandiose, and online interactivity becoming the big thing, someone decided to take the helm and make game consoles go online. That was a big breakthrough for Microsoft, and when the next gen systems came out (360, PS3, Wii), all of them had online capabilities. But where do we go now? The Wii U made a nice move with the tablet style controller. Now people are less reliant on playing on a TV, but it“s still a console, and those are made to work with TVs. It just won“t be the same playing without a TV. Video sharing seems like a rather small update, and graphics can only get so powerful and realistic. Before we know it, we will hit the uncanny valley. On the flip side of this discussion comes the bright side. Maybe with all of this stagnation and less upgrading the technology, people won“t actually focus on the technology and focus on making the games great. It“s not that we haven“t been getting great games, but developers and game makers might be able to get used to the new technology in a shorter period of time. With the new launch, there“s probably a higher chance of big studios trying new IPs. The market will hopefully get less people whining as well. We're depending on you This is all just speculation, but it still makes me wonder what is going to happen to the console market in the future. Only the Wii U is out, so we don“t know the full capabilities of the other 2 systems will be. Will the console market make a big splash, or will it barely make a ripple in the water? Feel free to contribute your own thoughts on the upcoming console generation!
  5. Marcus Estrada

    Next Xbox to be Revealed on May 21st

    Just a few months ago, Sony revealed their upcoming PlayStation 4 for the holiday season. Microsoft has had rumors and speculation thrown at it for a while now but still has made no official statement as to their next generation system. That will all chance in just a month as Major Nelson has announced the date for the company's reveal. The "A New Generation Revealed" press event in Redmond, Washington is described as follows: "On Tuesday May 21st, we“ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we“ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus.On that day, we“ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we“ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games. We are thrilled to pull back the curtain and reveal what we“ve been working on." While there is no explicit statement of this being the next Xbox system they discuss, it is heavily implied and 99% likely. Of course, Microsoft would be putting themselves up against difficult odds if they didn't release a new system this year to compete with Sony. Those who can't physically attend the event will still be able to watch via an official streams on Xbox.com and Xbox Live, or through Spike TV. Chances are other sites are set to host their own streams as well. Hopefully Microsoft is better able to manage a stream than Sony. Do you think the rumors we've been hearing about the next Microsoft system are true?
  6. At this very moment, we don“t know for certain if the next Xbox console will require a persistent internet connection. Rumors saying as much have dogged the upcoming system for over a year now, and have only gained more credibility over time. “Confirmations” from un-named or even named developers make it seem that this change to always-on systems is inevitable since Microsoft and Sony probably are contemplating it. The latest controversy around an internet requirement came not from more rumors, but rather the reaction to said rumor. Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Orth made a series of Twitter posts that typified the kind of attitude gamers sometimes feel all big companies have. He started that “every device” is always on because “that“s the world we live in.” He also showed no interest in users who cannot access reliable internet, or any at all. No doubt that there are gamers who agree with his assessment of the modern era, but the anger in response to Orth shows that many also disagree. Microsoft had to engage in damage control by officially apologizing over said words. But were Orth“s assertions truly indicative of the modern age? Are we finally at the point where everyone is always connected and enjoying the benefits of it? I don“t think so, although those reading this piece may believe otherwise. To simply read this published piece requires an internet connection, after all, through either an Internet Service Provider or cell phone service provider. While there are a great deal of people in the United States using the internet, there are certainly issues with our infrastructure. Gamers who live in an urban metropolis or near enough to cities probably have pretty respectable internet. Those players can probably enjoy downloading digital games and playing rounds of multiplayer without much issue. There may be occasional hiccups, but otherwise, they“d likely be living a life where worrying about the internet doesn“t factor into their daily routine. However, big cities are a very small minority of the landscape. So much of the United States is still extremely rural. With such a massive landmass that we call our own, there is still tons of work to be done with getting the entire country online. In some towns, there may only be one ISP around and they might not be the most reliable. This is definitely the case for many and it causes a huge detriment to gamers. People living in these environments do not have reliable internet, or even any sufficiently speedy connection at all. Map of cable and fiber internet provider locations in United States If you“ve never been in a place like this, then it“s easy to agree with Orth. But if you do live with a shoddy connection then you must deal with downloads stopping or restarting because the connection just isn“t trustworthy enough to stay persistently connected for the length of the game download. Or there is the fact that a large chunk of America still uses DSL. These speeds are just a fraction of what cable customers can see, and slow as molasses when compared to the lucky FiOS users. Did you think the PlayStation Network servers were slow? Enjoy waiting even longer for them thanks to DSL being the only internet you can obtain in your area. Then comes another interesting facet of Orth“s statement worth touching on. “Every device” is always on these days, he said. But what does that really mean? Yes, everything from recent TV sets to refrigerators are trying to get in on the “connected” bandwagon. But does everyone continuously stock their homes with the newest technological goodies? As gamers, many of us do to make sure we always have the best gaming setup possible. Other games are not lucky to have enough money to be living as modern a lifestyle as Orth asserts. Of course, some would argue those people don“t have the money to buy a new system either, but you“d be surprised to see how many people play games even at lower socioeconomic statuses. Many may get these systems years down the line when they have finally seen a few price drops. What a disappointment it would be if these families had to realize that gaming had finally shut them out. So far, other methods of entertainment such as books and movies have not done the same. Let“s imagine that the US government goes all out in the next few years to get fast, reliable, and cheap internet throughout the states. Would we all then be prepared to face an onslaught of always online consoles? No, not at all. One anti-consumer trend that has cropped up over the past few years is data caps. In the US, some of the largest internet providers enforce caps on all home (as opposed to business) customers. Sometimes these caps are up in the range of 250 GBs, but other times they are as low as 20 GBs. Everything seems to be pushing consumers to eat up digital content in massive amounts. Gaming is the same, as they wish to further the success of digital downloads, multiplayer, and possibly always connected systems. Depending on the company, though, you may be out of luck. Passing data caps tends to either cause you to have to pay overage fees, severely slow down the connection, or cut access entirely until the end of the month. Imagine it. You“ve been enjoying shows on Netflix, "Let“s Plays" on Youtube, and streams on Twitch, and quickly eat up your data cap allotment within the first week of a month. Then what? Are you willing to shell out the fees for going over the cap because that system is going to require some meager amount of online connectedness to function? If you lose the internet entirely then are you going to be content to not play the Xbox until connection is granted again? That“s what would have to be done, but it in no way would please the owner of an always-online system. Internet is an important commodity in the modern age. It is basically expected that we all have it to maintain our lifestyles, and we have readily adopted this mindset. Regardless of how we connect, we are eager to do so even if it is only through shoddy companies who can“t promise 100% uptime. Data caps, as monetization schemes, will only proliferate to more customers if no one stops them. Until internet connectedness is at an acceptable level in the United States, and caps are exorbitantly high (or abolished), we as a nation will remain unprepared for the future of an always online console.
  7. http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=536163 This is still more rumors but the more you hear about everyone saying the same rumors you have to think that it is bound to be true. No BC and always online (even thought it doesn't bother me that much) plus a $500 price tag definitely make me not want the system now. I can't say I won't ever get it but definitely be low on my list of system to get. Your thoughts? Credits to Milkman from GDD.
  8. Welcome, welcome one and all, to the offshoot of madness, that which sprung forth from the fires of a series of inquisitary tales called "So I Gotta Know" to form itself into a new, more threatening species known as "So I Gotta Rant!" In this new and unfamiliar-ish world, questions are no longer asked and answered and left alone. No, now, questions are asked, answered, and complained about for all to witness! So step inside if you dare, to a world where someone decided that griping about annoying things could make an engaging reading experience, step inside, friends and strangers, to this world of harsh words and harsher paragraph transitions, brought to you by Venomous Incorporated! So yesterday I decided to boot up Hitman: Absolution after buying it months ago and never playing it. I decided the first thing I ought to do is see how graphically intensive the game was, because it never hurts to be sure you're not jumping into 15 agonizing frames per second when you first start up a game. So I went in and ran the benchmark tool, and everything was looking good, so I exited out and got ready to play a rousing game of assassination and baldness starring Agent 47 as the assassination and his luxuriously luminescent head as the baldness. The Baldness always gets top billing. Then a strange thing happened: down in the corner of my screen, a little message told me "Achievement Unlocked." Evidently by checking to see how well the game would run, the game thought I'd done something noteworthy and decided to share that information with me and the world. "Hey! look over here!" It seemed to say. "You did something worth writing an awful pun and showering you with praise for!" It continued, well past the point that any sane human being should be hearing inanimate status messages speak to them. Well, didn't I feel special that I'd unlocked that achievement? Congraturation! No. No I didn't. Of all the things I could get an achievement for, checking to make sure my hardware was up to the task of playing the game was not something that I couldn't have accomplished without plenty of practice and time invested into the game. Of course, it's not the worst offender - plenty of games I've played have decided that it's an achievement that you pressed start on the title screen, if you even get that far - bwing! Achievement Unlocked - The Adventure Begins! That's great and all, but I don't really need the game to celebrate the fact that I actually bought it and played it. The developers and publishers should be happy about that fact, sure, but they could find less ridiculous ways to tell me that. More and more I'm seeing pointless, incredibly simple tasks to "achieve" that give me a little message that's supposed to make me feel good about myself. But how can I feel good about doing something that I literally could not have avoided doing if I wanted to play the game? Before I continue ranting, let's back up a little bit. When achievements were first introduced, there were still plenty of arbitrary ones like "kill 100 peoples" and "cleared chapter 1-1" but they were among various others that might have made you feel like you accomplished something, like an achievement for finding all the hidden goodies in a level or for getting 20 melee kills in a game where melee amounts to wildly flailing about and hoping you hit something enough times to kill it. Some achievements used to have meaning, and certainly, some still do, but they're lost among a sea of "press start for 10G" and "watch opening cinematic for a bronze trophy." This trend probably started around the time achievements and trophies pretty much became "mandatory" but has gotten worse in the following years. Why did developers stop trying with achievements and trophies and just start throwing freebies at gamers for no reason? Who are they even doing this for? I maked a character! Achievement hunters. These are people who, for whatever reason, subject themselves to playing games like Yaris and Dora the Explorer in Knee Deep in the Dead (I'm not good at remembering subtitles) just to get "easy achievements." Well, yeah, they're easy, they're pointless, and frankly, they don't need to exists. So why are people so obsessed with them? How does having a gamerscore of 100,000 make you better at games if all the games you played were incredibly easy? How does getting the platinum trophy in Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust make you feel anything other than dead inside? I'll never know, but I do know this - developers have noticed that there are people out there who will play easy or terrible (or terribly easy) games just for the achievements. So rather than actually, you know, make the achievements something you have to literally "achieve" they've decided that it would be easier on themselves and the people playing their terrible game if they awarded them for doing literally everything from starting the game to beating the first enemy to saving their progress. Soon enough, developers of non-terrible games caught on and thought "you know, people just want achievements, they don't care what they're for. Let's just stick them in there any old place!" and a new trend was born...a new trend of shamefully pandering to people who play games for the "rewards" instead of the actual gameplay. I don't know, maybe someone out there actually thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 Bionic Commando game and kept playing because they wanted to know more about Rad Spencer's wife arm, but it's safe to say most of the people who finished that game were critics, because they had to, and achievement hunters, because they wanted those achievements and trophies. "are you saying I don't stand on my own merits as a game??" I know this article sounds like I'm damning achievement hunters and developers alike, but it's hard not to with the trend showing no signs of letting up. For every one person who got all the achievements in Revelations 2012 because they couldn't get enough of the incredibly awe-inspiring shoddiness of it all, there were two more people who saw it through because it kept giving them achievements. For every one person who appreciates getting achievements as part of the game, there are two more who gloat about it. Achievements have gone from being a quaint little inclusion to being included solely for the purpose of giving collectors with too much time on their hands something to do and an undeserved sense of accomplishment. There may still be people out there who appreciate the good, hard to get achievements, but that just brings up another point...shouldn't it be time to start calling the difficult, "highest rank on every level in Bayonetta" rewards "achievements" and the pointless, "paused the game once" throwaways something more fitting like "free gamerscore?" It would make a lot more sense to see that than a word that doesn't mean what developers seem to think it means. But until I can petition the president of video games to make such a change, I guess we'll all just have to get used to achieving the possible. So that was my first little public outburst that I structured to look like semi-professional writing. This started out as another "So I Gotta Know" feature, but after reading over it a couple of times I decided it sounded more like a straight up rant than a fun game of questioning and answering. Anyway, what do you think about achievements in general? Have you long since stopped caring about them? Do you still enjoy them regardless of how difficult they are to get? Are you one of those achievement hunters I complained about and now you're standing outside my door with a pitchfork and a torch? If so, please let me know in the comments so I can go out the window.
  9. Jordan Haygood

    Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Lucky Chicken Games,TDK Mediactive

  10. If you're okay with dealing with a foreign website format, then this one is for you. Whether its due to a glitch or just a real giveaway is unknown, but the Chinese Xbox service is currently giving away Assassin's Creed 3 for free. You just have to guide yourself through a few pages of Chinese to get it. Here's what you do. You make a new email account at hotmail using their new @live.com email ending. Then you go to the Xbox Chinese webpage and attempt to download Assassin's Creed 3. It will then take you to a page to fill out your information. Name, address, phone number, yadda yadda yadda. Those aren't important. When it gets to city and zipcode however, you need to put in Shanghai for your city and 100600 for your zipcode. And then hurray, you're done and can now download Assassin's Creed 3 to your Xbox. You can apparently play it in English after you download it as well, but I can't confirm that. I've included links to the store page and a translator below. Good luck. Credit goes to z7enZ at cheapassgamer for pointing this out. EDIT: It has been patched, so if you missed out on it then I guess there's always next time. Assassin's Creed 3 http://translate.google.com/
  11. Now that Sony has officially announced the PS4, all eyes are now on Microsoft to announce their own next-gen console. What would you guys like to see from their next console? Personally, I would like to see something more than just getting a beefed-up 360. I would like a reason to get whatever they offer other than better graphics. Although, some new exclusives would certainly help...
  12. Jordan Haygood

    Console Wars

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

  13. Jordan Haygood

    Console Family Tree

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © CakeDojo

  14. Was last week's rumor about the upcoming Xbox ditching used game play not enough for you? If you're rumor hungry then you'll be pleased to know that Kotaku has published another large and informative post about what the system will supposedly be like. Of course, the information does not come from within their team but from a person who is known to have a development kit for the system. It could all be true or an elaborate ruse, considering the source superDaE and his, er, bombastic Twitter account. Regardless, here is the information specified. First off, the Kinect will be an integral part of the upcoming system. It did not become the must-have accessory for Xbox 360 users, but there is definitely some interesting technology behind it. Apparently, all new systems will come with a Kinect that is superior to the current 360 and PC version. Unlike its use on current systems however, they say that the accessory will have to be plugged in to even use the console. That doesn't mean you'll be forced to flail around to log in and start up a game, but that the device is standard to every SKU, which allows any developer to make use of it. Next there is the statement that all games for the upcoming system will have mandatory installations. It has already been possible to install games on 360, but so far has never been a requirement like it is for some PS3 games. Unlike a PS3 though, it's also said that games will be capable of installing in the background. That way, a game can be played right from the start without having to wait 10 minutes for the process to finish. Apparently the system will come with a 500GB drive standard which also alleviates the fear of immediately cluttering up the system. Less unexpected is the word that the system is able to run multiple applications at once. This is always an amusing feature considering PCs have been doing the same for many years. Of course, consoles and handhelds have only recently gotten on board. This even extends to games, where you may pause one and jump into another. Just don't go game pause crazy, as it is doubtful the system would support that much game swapping at once. Is all or any of this true? What do you think of these rumored changes to the next Xbox system?
  15. It looks like the rumors of next generation consoles are heating up again. Just this January, a patent filed by Sony came to light which spoke of the ability to cut off players from used games. Although patents do not mean that something is actually going to happen, it only further escalated the fears that some gamers have been having for a while now. Early last year, a boatload of Xbox rumors cropped up as well although they have been mostly dormant until now. In fact, looking the old rumors over again reveals that what Edge Online has posted today is incredibly similar. Seriously, just look over the older rumors posted by VG247 and see that all the main bullet points are the same. Either way, let's get into what Edge is now claiming about the upcoming Xbox. First there is talk about Microsoft ditching their HD-DVD discs in favor of Blu-Ray. Considering the fact that HD-DVD did not win the format race this makes sense. Specifically, the discs are said to have 50GB capacity, which is not a jump from what is currently available to PS3 games. Of course, disc space is usually not a big issue. Next, there is talk of the Kinect still playing a major role for the system. They say an improved Kinect will ship alongside new systems. It's surprising that this rumor doesn't go as far to say that the Xbox will simply have the device integrated into it (like VG247 did), but that must be too far-reaching. Not too much of a stretch, according to Edge, is to assert that the next Xbox will require an always-on internet connection. This is great doom and gloom talk for the industry, but there are still many areas around the world (and in North America) that lack stable and quick internet access. Then paired with this rumor is the big one stating that the online connection paired with Xbox Live accounts will keep users from making use of second hand games. Take from it what you will, but Microsoft is not set to deny or confirm any rumors until they make their own announcement. Do you think some parts of the rumors are true or are they all just educated guesses?
  16. At CES this week, Microsoft showed off a new concept for an interesting little project they're working on. Well, actually, it's not very little at all, because this project involves taking your video game experiences and putting them outside of your normal TV screen by projecting them all over your entire room. Talk about immersion! This conceptual project, which Microsoft calls IllumiRoom, takes a Kinect for Windows and a projector and uses them to morph your room into the game itself, so to speak. Basically, IllumiRoom can change the appearance of your room, extend your field of view, induce an added feeling of motion, and pretty much give us gaming experiences we've never seen before. But how does this all work? Well, the Kinect scans and captures the appearance and geometry of your room and adapts new visuals into it via the projector, all in real-time without any need to process the graphics beforehand. Would you like to see it in action? Of course you would: Microsoft firmly believes that this kind of augmentation can truly enhance the type of video game experiences we're accustomed to. And from the looks of it, it actually might. But will it ever come to pass? Perhaps for the new Xbox? We'll have to wait until April to hear more about it when Microsoft reveals more info at the CHI Conference in Paris. What do you think about the IllumiRoom? Are you excited for it or do you think it would just be a big distraction?
  17. Recently, there was an issue with the cloud saving feature on Xbox 360. This feature is meant to be a perk of Xbox Live Gold memberships, which allows you to access your various game saves across systems. As they are in the cloud though, without backup saves on your own system, you can only access them when connected and the servers are online. When Xbox systems were giving out errors as people tried to access cloud saves, it was an issue worth paying attention to. "The cloud" may be a great idea in theory, but then there is a continuous reliance on the host to keep there servers flawlessly going. If you were affected by the errors by not being able to access your saves, Microsoft will be giving you a month of Xbox Live Gold. This is to apologize to all the users who were unable to access those saves for a few hours or even days. Players who had this issue do not need to do anything either, such as call Microsoft. Microsoft knows who received the error and will apply a month of Gold to their accounts directly.
  18. http://www.examiner.com/article/mass-effect-4-details-revealed-xbox-720-like-technology-being-used It looks like Mass Effect 4 will be using the same technology as Dragon Age 3 according to the above article. This is good and bad news. We already know Dragon Age 3 will probably be released on the next gen consoles, so it's safe to assume the same thing for Mass Effect 4. Both games are early in development, so I'm guessing we might be waiting 2 years for the games to come out. Although Sony and Microsoft haven't announced work on the next gen, I fully expect an announcement from both in 2013.
  19. Jared

    X Box Blades

  20. Jared

    Shenmue logo

  21. Looks like Destructoid is giving away an Atari 2600-Themed Xbox 360. Looks pretty cool, so definitely worth checking out. http://www.destructoid.com/contest-win-an-atari-2600-themed-xbox-360--239478.phtml
  22. A few weeks ago I posted a news article about Walmart selling Preorder DLC for dirt cheap. As low as thirty five cents for each code. Now that Halo 4 has released, Walmart has actually delivered on all of those preorder codes. But it doesn't stop there. The preorder DLC for Halo 4 is back up for immediate purchase at the low low cost of $5 per code. While that is way more than the original thirty five cent price from last month, you have to take this little fact into account... The codes are selling for between $15-$20 on websites like ebay. So if you want to get that extra DLC for your freshly bought Halo 4, then head down to the link below and don't spend more than you have to on overly inflated codes. Also just a heads up, it can take between ten minutes and an hour before the code reaches your email address, Walmart Halo 4 DLC
  23. With the end of September, Amazon unveiled a new bundled version of the Xbox 360 available exclusively through their site. While there are already 360s in the wild for lower price ($99 with contract), Amazon's proposition still looks appealing. The Xbox 360 Entertainment Bundle attempts to bridge the gap between people who want a system for games and media, not just one or the other. What do you get with the Entertainment Bundle? The system itself is the 4GB 360 which goes for $200 these days. Also included is a 3 month trial subscription to Xbox Live Gold and three XBLA games. In an attempt to cater to the TV/movie crowd a remote and $10 credit toward Amazon Instant Video are also included. All this combined costs $230. It's not the most stunning deal in the world, but may entice those who still don't have the system. Some may be wondering what three XBLA games are eligible. There are specific titles shown (Lode Runner, Snoopy Flying Ace, R-Type Dimensions), but they are not specifically chosen to be in every bundle. However, in order to purchase games they must have agreed to let themselves be used in promotions. So, there's little way of knowing exactly what XBLA games will work until you're ready to redeem some. Beyond that, this deal lasts until the end of the year. After that it seems Amazon will be done offering this bundle, or replace it with something else. Is this bundle appealing? What would make it better?