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Found 15 results

  1. This obviously won't last for very long, but Amazon is technically paying their own customers to buy Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale from them. How exactly did this happen? Well its all thanks to Sony's cross buy promotion and a poorly timed sale. Here are the details. As you all know, every brand new copy of Playstation All-Stars comes with a free Vita version of the game. The PS3 version of the game itself is currently on sale at Amazon for $30. While that would normally just be an okay deal, you have to factor in their current promotion where if you trade $20 worth of games into Amazon, you get an extra $20. How much does Playstation All-Stars trade in for? $22. So if you were to act now, you could buy Playstation All-Stars for $30, trade it in for $40, and then keep the Vita version of the game for yourself. You're essentially getting paid ten dollars to own the Vita version of the game. But again, this is only going to go on for so long before Amazon realizes that stacking sales and promotions like this is a bad idea. So if you're going to stick it to Amazon, you better do it quick. You can view the sale page below. Playstation All-Stars Amazon trade in promotion EDIT: Surprise surprise. Amazon has cut the trade in value in half. So no more free games and money for you.
  2. Whether or not Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a good game is not the topic of this here article. So please at least finishing reading this paragraph before you tell me how wrong I am in the comments below. What this article is about, however, is the unbelievably unfortunate history that will follow PSASBR forever. Seriously, the game has had an incredibly tough time from start to finish. Not only did everything about the game get leaked, but the marketing that followed it did as much damage as possible to hurt the game's sales. Don't believe me? Just read on to find out how bad it really was. Before Day One The problems started before the game was even announced. And I mean way before it was announced; months before it was ready to even be shown to the public. You might not remember it, but this was the original leak of a game known as Title Fight. Back then, the leak was met with plenty of skepticism. All we really had was a picture of Sweet Tooth and the information that a brand new company named Superbot Entertainment would be working on the game. That was the main reason people didn't believe the news. Why would Sony give such an important game to a brand new company? Remember how big of a surprise The Last Of Us was? This was the opposite. Eventually the information was forgotten and people largely stopped caring about the rumored game; at least until advertisements started appearing started appearing on the Spike TV channel advertising Sony's big secret game from those new developers at Superbot Entertainment. The moment people started hearing that Superbot was about to announce a new game, the secret was already ruined. Everyone knew exactly what it would be. What followed after that announcement was the most god awful gauntlet of leaks I've ever seen and will most likely ever see. So Many Leaks, So Little Time! Not counting Eric Ladin's Twitter postings, the game's first big leaks would have to be Sackboy and Raiden. Shortly after the game's big ruined reveal, its website updated with a roster of the game's announced characters. Nothing big there, but if you dug through the website's files you would find something rather electrifying (zing!). Superbot has a very open relationship with it's fans. No secrets here! Buried deep within the website were images showing Infamous's Cole Macgrath going toe to toe with then unannounced Raiden from Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance and a roster image of LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy. They were quickly pulled off the site, but the information was already out there. Now let's fast forward a bit to the game's most devastating leak. Everyone, say hello to the Beta files. Quite a number of months ago, Superbot Entertainment released a very limited closed beta of their game. Buried deep in the game's code was every single level... and playable character. Oops, I guess. The images were blurry and hard to make out, but after a few minutes the internet had figured out every single character the game had to offer. Sony and Superbot denied the rumors initially (and we'll get back to that) but first we'll bring up the final leak. After everything went down, you think Superbot would have been more careful with what kind of files they put out with their demos/betas. Instead they ended up leaking the only real secret they had: the game's boss. It was a single audio file of one of the game's characters referring to the boss as "A big space face." It was done. We officially knew everything about the game. The "Marketing" Campaign Oh boy, was this all a mess. First there was the game's official reveal on Spike TV. Sure, they have Gametrailers TV and they host the VGAs. But why would Sony or Superbot choose to announce one of their biggest games of the year on a TV show that aired at one in the morning? Seriously, somebody was probably fired for this. And it only got worse from there. Up next is easily the most secondhand embarrassing moment of the year when the All-Stars Battle Royale trailer was loaded up onto the official Playstation youtube account with the tags "Smash Brothers, Brawl, and SBB." The internet exploded with laughter and somebody was probably fired. Remember when I mentioned the roster leak earlier? At first, Superbot had no comment; then they admitted that the leak was real, but claimed it wasn't the whole roster. After a whirlwind of announcements we already knew about, the character reveals completely dried up. "Only if you switch the definition of new to old" Months had gone by and Superbot hadn't released a single new character reveal. People started wondering if there even was more to reveal, until Sid Shuman (from the Playstation Blog) revealed on Twitter that there in fact wasn't anything else to reveal. Hype for the game died so hard they made a movie about it in the 80's. It was called Die Hard. After that, it was simply a back-and-forth affair where developers were saying that the roster was completely revealed while others said there were still more surprises to be had. Thankfully, there was some last minute news about DLC characters in the form of Gravity Rush's Kat and Starhawk's Emmett Graves coming in January (with possibly more to come), but there wasn't quite enough to hype the game up months before it released and people were already upset over the roster. In the end, it was all a series of unfortunate events for Superbot and there really was no way to fix the damage that had been done. There's no telling just how much damage all of these leaks caused for the developers and Sony, but you know there was some pretty serious damage. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale won't be the last game to suffer from such horrible leaks, but it'll certainly be remembered for it. As always, thank you for reading.
  3. Sony has been on a roll lately when it comes to sales and advertising on their new Playstation store. We've had Playstation Plus trials glitching out and locking people out of buying games. We've seen the Croatian store update with the wrong prices... And now we've got this. Yes, that is an ad that says you'll get a free PS3 copy of Playstation All-Stars with a purchase of the Vita version, and yes that did actually appear on the Playstation store. Sadly however, you didn't actually get your free game. Something that could probably pose a problem for Sony. The advertisement was only alive for a few hours, but that was more than enough time for a number of people to snap an image of the ad and also test their luck with a purchase. Of course as I stated above, nobody actually got their free game and the advertisement was pulled down shortly after. I've yet to see anyone complaining about not getting a free copy of the PS3 version, and odds are I won't see anyone complaining soon. But Sony really got lucky this time. I suggest you keep your eyes on the store though. Next time the deal might end up working.
  4. Its still up in there air whether or not Playstation All-Stars will get any more big reveals thanks to that whole twenty characters at launch nonsense that was brought to light a few weeks ago, but Paul Gale just might have given fans a glimmer of hope. After nearly ten days of waiting Paul Gale has revealed the final four characters supposedly leaked to him by a friend at Superbot in a new blog posting. Those characters are as follows. Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7, Old Snake from MGS 4 and Crash Bandicoot (from Crash Bandicoot) Paul goes on in his post about other characters that were considered but ultimately didn't make the cut. Its all a very interesting read. Did the above four get cut as well? Will they be DLC? Did they ever even exist in the first place? Only time will tell. You can read Paul's full blog post here. http://paulgalenetwork.com/home/2012/10/10/here-is-the-unedited-e-mail-that-paul-gale-network-sent-to-superbot-entertainment-regarding-the-rumored-final-characters-in-playstation-all-stars-battle-royale/
  5. What was once ten is now twenty. A few months ago it was announced that anyone who preordered Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale would receive ten exclusive alternate costumes for the following characters... Big Daddy Heihachi Fat Princess Nathan Drake Kratos Sweet Tooth Sly Cooper Colonel Radec Toro Parappa the Rapper You're still getting those costumes with your preorder, but now you get to look forward to ten more alternate costumes when your game ships this November assuming this bonus branches out to every retailer. There hasn't been any word on what these costumes will be or just what they'll look like, but I'm sure we'll all get confirmation soon enough. To find these ads, you can just look at the images included in this news post. If you would like to see them for yourself however, I've included the way to find them. When you type Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale into Google's search engine the first result will of course be the Playstation All-Stars website. Just keep refreshing until you see the description "Get $5 off and 20 exclusive costumes!" For the second advertisement, go to the Playstation All-Stars page on IMDB.com and just keep refreshing until the Playstation All-Stars preorder ad comes up promising five dollars off and the twenty extra costumes. That seems like proof enough, doesn't it?
  6. As we all know, the Playstation All Stars beta has begun! Unfortunately not all of us were lucky enough to have gotten our hands on a code. But it isn't all bad news, because there are still ways for you to get into the beta. It takes patience and luck, but its better than just sitting around waiting for the game to release or for a demo to pop up. I'm sure you're curious as to where you can get codes for the beta, so I'll just cut to the chase. Social media is where its at. If you happen to be following Superbot Entertainment on Twitter or Facebook then you would have seen that they've been giving codes away to their different followers for the last few days. While they aren't currently giving any codes away right now due to it being the weekend, they'll be back to it as early as Monday according to their latest posts. Of course getting a code is luck based, but with just a few thousand people following them on Twitter and Facebook (with most accounts likely not being active) your odds of getting a code are actually quite high! I've linked their pages below so you can be ready for the next code giveaway. Good luck everybody! @SuperBotEnt facebook