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Found 26 results

  1. This morning, less than a month before the game“s release in North America, Square-Enix announced a Collector“s Edition for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. This Collector“s Edition features both Kingdom Hearts HD games, a Heartless plush, the Disney Collector“s Pin that was revealed earlier this fall, and a 30-page art book featuring a never-before-seen sketch from Tetsuya Nomura, all housed in a beautiful steelbook case. All of this can be yours for $99.99, and if you“re willing to pre-order through the Square-Enix online store. In case the above visuals aren't enough for you, Square-Enix has released a video showing off the contents of this newly announced Collector“s Edition. Just in case you didn't already know, the game releases on December 2nd, 2014 in North America. Pre-order the game here. Is anyone excited about this Collector's Edition? Let us know!
  2. If you're a Monster Hunter fan, then you'll definitely want this fantastic collector's edition for Monster Hunter 4 announced for North America. Here is what is included: 3.5" translucent Gore Magala figure (design not final) Felyne (wearing Gore Magala armor) pin Monster icon lanyard Microfiber cleaning cloth (design not final) Supply item box packaging A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS The collector's edition costs $60 and can be pre-ordered at GameStop (information on other participating retailers is coming soon). Capcom says quantites are limited, so pre-order as soon as possible if you're planning on purchasing it! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be available for 3DS in early 2015. Source: Capcom-Unity
  3. Since it was confirmed that the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles compilation was to have a Western release, many fans have been wondering if there was going to be a Collector's Edition available for the compilation, much like the one Tales of Xillia got earlier in the year. Well, wonder no more, as Namco Bandai has announced that there will be a Collector's Edition for the PS3 title. Priced at $99.99 and recieving a limited run of only 15,000 copies, this Collector's Edition will include: A large box with special illustrations Multi-disc soundtrack featuring music from both games A paperback novela detailing the events between the two games Four mini figurines of various Symphonia series characters (officially Chibi Kyun Chara figurines) ...And of course, the game itself. It seems that this limited edition is currently only available in Namco Bandai's online shop, but is available for pre-order now if you want to grab it. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be available in early 2014. Will you be picking up this Collector's Edition?
  4. The upcoming Time and Eternity from NIS America is looking to be an intriguing RPG with hand-drawn and animated 2D sprites to emulate the look of an anime. If it hasn't interested you already, then maybe this recently announced limited edition for Time and Eternity will convince you to buy it. Here's what comes with the limited edition: Full-color hardcover art book Time and Eternity original soundtrack with jewel case "Double Vision" tear-resistant poster Gorgeous limited edition box to hold all these goodies You can buy the Time and Eternity Limited Edition for a mere $65 with free shipping from NIS America's online store. That's a steal considering PS3 games normally cost $60 anyway! Time and Eternity releases for PS3 on July 16th.
  5. Get your wallets ready, Tales fans! Namco Bandai has announced a rather fetching collector's edition for the upcoming Tales of Xillia. This collector's edition includes the game, a 100-page art book, music selection CD, and a Milla Maxwell figure. All packaged in a limited edition box, of course. If you're interested, the Tales of Xillia collector's edition will run you $100 in North America and €100/£86 in Europe. While various participating retailers will have the collector's edition in NA, Europeans are are only able to purchase it at the online Tales' store (limited to 10,000 copies). Tales of Xillia releases for PS3 on August 6th in NA and August 9th in Europe.
  6. Saints Row IV was announced last week by new owner Deep Silver. Alongside the news was a trailer and release date of August 20th. With the game fairly near to release, Deep Silver has now decided to turn to the community. What do you want in a Saints Row IV Collector's Edition? The choice is up to you. A survey is currently live which lets anyone hop in and select what items they'd like to see in such an edition as well as rank how much they want each one. Perhaps Deep Silver is outsourcing these choices to gamers themselves to avoid the disaster that was Dead Island's Zombie Bait Edition. There's a great deal of choice in possible trinkets. There are standards like steelboxes, concept art books, and character figures as choices. For some reason an auto-tune device is also listed despite that already being available with the Saints Row: The Third Special Edition. Other baubles listed include a belt buckle, cloth map, wooden cigar box, and "ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights." Do you think more companies should let gamers have a hand in choosing collector's goodies?
  7. Here's something you don't see every day. Tempest was a popular game that hit arcades in 1980. After, Atari attempted to capture the game for home releases on its Atari 2600 and 5200 systems. However, both versions never managed to be completed and make it out to consumers. For a long time, that was all that anyone knew of the scrapped projects. It was in 1999 that a prototype of game surfaced and was quickly bought by a collector. The prototype code has since proliferated through the Atari community, but the game was still incomplete. More recently, the game's original programmer, Keithen Hayenga, was made aware of the community's interest in the game. He decided to finish the game and now, after around 30 years, Tempest for the Atari 5200 is a finished product. The finished game code has been brought to AtariAge and from there they have produced a cart, box, and manual. Those who want an obscure piece of Atari history now simply have to put down $50 for a copy. Compared to other reproductions this price is actually pretty fair. Those at all interested in the eventual collectability should order soon though, as only the first 250 copies come with the box and manual. Orders after that will only be for a Tempest cart.
  8. Whether they“re called collectors, limited, or special editions, these more expensive editions of video games have become an even bigger part of the gaming landscape since the start of the seventh generation of consoles. In the past, only a select few titles would be lucky enough to get multiple versions. With this current generation, however, we have seen the amount (and price) of special editions skyrocket. Every triple-A title has one, and even more niche games are beginning to get them. With so many special editions vying for people“s attention they sometimes get a little... weird. Just take the recently revealed Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition. Although the edition was never meant to come out in America, many discovered it and instantly started reacting negatively. The set came with many expected tchotchkes but also a “bust” of an unfortunate vacationer from the game. The negative reaction was so big that it even caused the developer to issue an apology (although they have yet to state if they will cancel production of said product). With that in mind, let“s look back at some other eyebrow-raising, creepy, and downright bad special edition that have appeared before. F.E.A.R. 3 Collector“s Edition What is something to truly fear? Apparently the Collector“s Edition of F.E.A.R. 3 which included, among other things, a statue of antagonist Alma. It wasn“t just any Alma though. Nope, this is Alma post F.E.A.R. 2 - adult, nude, and pregnant with a glow-in-the-dark fetus visible. While it could be argued that this was very relevant to the game, it doesn“t change the fact that it was totally creepy. This edition of the game was available in Europe and probably inspired a great deal of nightmares. Record of Agarest War - The Really Naughty Limited Edition Here is an example of a very Japanese-style special edition which was actually brought to North America. Not only was the box adorned with seriously eyebrow-raising pictures on every inch of it, but the contents inside were questionable as well. There was a pillowcase decked out with an anime gal from the game as well as a mouse pad with “breasts” for wrist support. While it may have prevented some gamers from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, it most certainly did not help anyone to become less creepy. Since this, a few other games have taken to bringing over similarly awkward wares. Rez Special Package The PS2 music/shooter hybrid Rez actually had two special editions in Japan. First there was the rare Kanzentousui Set, which included headphones, but that“s not the one we“re going to talk about. No, I'm referring to the “Trance Vibrator” package. While it is amicable to want a rhythm game to really entrance a player, a small vibrating block doesn“t seem exactly the way to do it. DualShock controllers already vibrated to begin with, after all. As such, the peripheral has amused immature gamers for years, and with good reason. Rez“s port on 360 gives players a taste of the Trance Vibrator by allowing other controllers to vibrate in place of it. Give it a shot if you“re interested but unwilling to pick up the actual device. Dead Space 2 Collector“s Edition There are actually a great deal of collector“s editions with goodies that have sexual or creepy connotations. Let“s move away from that now and discuss the depressing Dead Space 2 Collector“s Edition. It came with a few standard extras, but the item which most intrigued fans was the replica plasma cutter. There was no description of size prior to launch and pictures were not the best at showcasing size. When the time came to open sets, gamers were disappointed to see the toy was not only tiny, but also cheap plastic adorned with a "Made in China" sticker. It also didn“t help that the replica was later sold separately as well, making the whole draw of this Collector“s Edition fairly worthless. Cardcaptor Sakura Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen Special Edition Box This obviously Japanese special edition wins the award for being one of the strangest out there. Sure, there are a lot of strange items available across expensive game editions, but the items within this one have not been replicated often to the best of my knowledge. Included with this edition was the expected pillow case but also a fork, spoon, decorative plate, and clock. What exactly does eating have to do with Cardcaptor Sakura? Your guess is as good as mine, and it“s for that reason that this game immediately comes to mind for weirdest collector“s edition out there. As you can see, there have been bad special editions available in all regions. Sometimes they are bad because they“re absolutely disgusting but other times it“s because of how horribly they are attempting to rip off customers. As of now, the trend in special editions seems to be moving towards digital content, but we still see many physical items available. Let“s hope that there is never a time where all collector“s editions are DLC because bad sets are so much fun to look at! What are some of the worst special edition sets you have seen? Which ones were a total rip off or hilarious?
  9. Say it isn't so! The very recently announced Post Pandemic Edition for the hotly anticipated video game The Last Of Us has already been listed as out of stock on the Gamestop website. Considering the price its pretty surprising, isn't it? It might be hard to believe, but if you were to go to the Gamestop website right now in the hopes of preordering the game you would be met with a nice little grey "not available" button. Not all hope is lost yet though. There's always the chance it could go back into stock in the months leading up to the game's release, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that happening considering the similar Dead Or Alive 5 Gamestop Collector's Edition suffered the same preorder shortage as The Last of Us and never came back. If you want a chance at getting a copy of this seemingly rare collector's edition then there is only one option currently available to you, instore preordering. And even then that isn't a guarantee and those could be cut off at any time as well. If you're hoping to snag a copy then you might want to hurry up. You can view the out of stock Gamestop page below. The Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition
  10. Looks like upcoming Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us, is not getting just one special edition, but two! Let's see what's included in these two different packages. The Survival Edition, which will retail for $80, comes with the following: Steelbook edition of the game 170+ page hardcover artbook by Dark Horse Issue #1 of The Last of Us - American Dreams comic Sights & Sounds DLC Pack (game soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie) Naughty Dog sticker sheet The Art of The Last of Us will also have a standalone release that will retail for $40. The Post-Pandemic Edition, which will retail for $160 and is GameStop-exclusive, comes with the following: Steelbook edition of the game 12" statue of Joel and Ellie Issue #1 of The Last of Us - American Dreams comic Sights & Sounds DLC Pack (game soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie) Survival DLC Pack (multiplayer bonuses: bonus XP, melee booster, in-game currency, customizable character items), bonus Joel and Ellie skins) Naughty Dog sticker sheet Get ready for The Last of Us when it comes out on May 7th! Will you be getting the Survival Edition or Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us? Or just a standalone copy?
  11. The Legend of Zelda fans know about the upcoming Hyrule Historia – an encyclopedia chock-full of history and art on the series, as well as the long-awaited official timeline. You can pre-order that now from retailers such as Amazon. ...Or spend a bit more for the recently announced collector's edition. This collector's edition of Hyrule Historia is dressed in a fancy faux-leather hardcover with the Gate of Time debossed on the front. It also boasts shiny gold gilded pages. This comes at quite the price, though – a suggested price of $70, in fact. It is very limited, however, at only 4,000 copies being made, so don't hesitate if you really do want the collector's edition! Will you be getting the collector's edition of Hyrule Historia? Or just the standard edition?
  12. Marcus Estrada

    Tomb Raider Collector's Edition Unearthed

    Lately, it is rare for popular games to not receive some form of special edition. Although we can question how "limited" they may be, they still exist to cater to an audience who wants more content (physical or digital) with their purchase. Toady, Square Enix has announced that the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot is getting a snazzy special edition. The Tomb Raider Collector's Edition is set to include both tangible goods as well as some DLC content. In regards to physical items, it includes a Lara Croft figure by Play Arts Kai which comes with three weapons. Then there is a double-sided map/poster, lithographic print, three iron-on badges, and a CD with 10 songs from the soundtrack. Downloadable content is comprised of a weapons pack. This will all come within a collectible case modeled after a survival tin. You'll be able to grab this edition of the game in either 360 or PS3 forms. Although a PC version is also coming, the details for what editions that may have are still pending. This version of the game will cost $100, which is a pretty fair price compared to some other special editions. Tomb Raider will be available on March 5, 2013. Does this edition interest you or is the plain game a better purchase?
  13. America's got a collector's edition for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance announced, but you're going to forget all about that dumb crap when you see Japan's. Instead of an admittedly pretty fresh lamp to look at, Japan will be getting some sweet toys with which they can play. There are two versions of the Japanese collector's edition: The Premium Package and the Konami Style versions. The Premium Package is what you'd expect, to a large degree. A steel case, the OST, an art book by iconic Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa, and a creepy-looking magnetic Dwarf Gekko. As if those tiny ball monsters with human-esque arms weren't godless horrors enough on their own, they can split in half and magnetically reattach, guaranteeing that I would never sleep if those were in my house. The Konami Style version, however, includes a fully poseable Raiden figure. Don't let anyone tell you that it's a figurine, that guy's got all manner of articulation! The figure is a Play-Arts figure, and has a sword and fancy white body and stuff. It looks rad, as you can see in the gallery below. They aren't cheap. The Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Premium Package will run about $125 USD, or 9,980 in native currency. The Raiden-bearing Konami Style package is 12,980 yen, roughly $162. Raiden also gets a Cyborg Ninja DLC costume code for both, so, you know, don't worry about that. Goes to show... Japan gets way cooler stuff than the West. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be hitting shelves February 19th of next year in the US. But, you know, without the toys.
  14. Just last month Telltale unveiled that they were bringing a release of The Walking Dead: The Game season one to store shelves. It will contain the first five episodes of the game and was announced to cost $30. Now there's word that there will also be a special edition available at retail as well. The Walking Dead Collector's Edition is a GameStop exclusive. It will cost a much heftier $70 and comes with the game, The Walking Dead Compendium One (containing the first 48 chapters of the comic), and a special box housing the contents. The Compendium itself has a price of $60, although you can tend to find it for much less online. Regardless, it's a nice deal for those who wish to get started into The Walking Dead's world. It was said that the Collector's Edition is extremely limited and that it will only be purchasable if you pre-order. It may or may not be truly limited but if you're interested then err on the side of caution! Both the Collector's and standard edition of the game will be out on December 4th. They will also be available for PS3 and 360 with no mention of PC.
  15. We've all gotten used to the fact that today's special editions aren't actually rare. Almost every one you'll ever see has been mass produced to death. Surprisingly enough, that might not be the case with the Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition. Its just been listed as officially out of stock. At least for the Xbox 360 version so far. If you were to go to the American Gamestop website, you would find that the 360 version is currently out of stock. The same thing is true if you were to look on the Canadian EB Games website. Both are completely sold out. While the PS3 version is still available to preorder, postings on the gamefaqs and DOA World forums have stated that people have been turned away at the door when they tried to make their preorders in their respective stores. There's no word on if this is a nationwide occurrence or if either the Gamestop or EB Games websites will remain out of stock, but if you're considering buying it for the PS3 you should probably make your choice soon.
  16. Over the past few days some eagle eyed gamers who we will not judge spotted something odd about the premium swimsuit costumes that are included with every copy of the Dead or Alive 5: Collector's Edition. Namely, some of their underoos had been altered into a slightly more family friendly look. At least as family friendly as you can get with scantily clad women beating the bejesus out of each other. The two characters to suffer these horrible clothing altering indignities were none other than Leifang and Lisa. As you can see from the image below, Leifang's costume was changed from a g-string into a normal bikini bottom, and Lisa's strange butt crack costume was raised a bit to remove said butt crackification. "I will not stand for this!" yelled the man sitting awkwardly. While these changes aren't major in any way shape or form, some communities have been a bit upset about these revelations. They aren't entirely up in arms though seeing as Helena somehow emerged from this "controversy" with her butt floss intact, but this begs the question. Why did she keep hers while the other girl's were changed?
  17. As I'm sure you're all very much aware, the Dead or Alive series will be getting its first real sequel in nearly six years in just seven days from now. Some of you might be excited for this, and others probably just don't care. For those of you who are excited however, you must be wondering about that Gamestop exclusive collector's edition. Yes, I hate that the collector's edition became a Gamestop exclusive just as much as anybody else. Getting my preorder in was needlessly complicated and thanks to the outrageous shipping and handling, cost me an extra ten dollars. Thankfully, however, I managed to cut the price down to $60 after some wizardry on my part. But what about you, the consumer? Should you drop $80 on the collector's edition? It really depends, and I'm about to explain why. Let's just cut to the point. The Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition comes with plenty of extras, but the main attraction is the packed-in premium swimsuit code that comes with every collector's edition of the game. It is the main reason I decided to get a copy of the collector's edition, but I'll get to that later. First we'll talk about the other packed in contents. First of all, the packaging. Instead of the usual steel case that people seem to enjoy so much, Team Ninja opted for a tin case that holds all of the collector's edition contents. Not everyone has been happy about this. Collector's editions usually come in a box with a steel book to hold the game. It makes it to where you can display the box of collectibles and the game itself for easy access. I'm glad they decided to change the cover of the game at least With the Dead or Alive 5 collector's edition, you just get the tin case. It's a weird thing to be upset about, but there you go. On to more important matters, the artbook that is included with the game. Usually I'm not too big into artbooks because every single one I've ever gotten has been the usual paperback leaflet that ends up being smaller than the game case itself. Team Ninja has opted for a full-sized hardcover book which is really the difference between night and day when it comes to artbooks. The little paperback books will usually only cost about ten dollars to buy online, but when you start going into the higher quality hardcovers then the prices take a sharp increase in price. A book that could have been grabbed for $5-$10 after release will now more than likely run someone $25-$30, so that's a nice enough deal for collectors. There's also a poster and soundtrack included, but who really cares about those? You'll look at the poster once and say "I can't hang this up on my wall," and then you'll probably rip the soundtrack onto your computer and be done with it. Instead, let's move on to the premium DLC and why I personally decided to purchase the collector's edition. What exactly is this premium costume DLC supposed to be, you ask? Well, its a random swimsuit costume pulled from Dead or Alive Extreme 2 for each and every female character in the game. They all get different ones, and new ones are apparently being made for the female characters that are new to the game. So, hurray for that. The final count of costumes is between ten and twelve. I'll be laughing my way to the bank (A bank) Seeing as not every female character has been revealed yet, we aren't actually sure what all the costumes will look like, but that doesn't matter to me because I'm already sure of one thing. The price for the DLC after the game releases is going to skyrocket. While people may be paying upwards of $20 extra right now, they're looking to make a huge profit off of the code alone. Just to prove this, let me jump in my time machine for a second. When the newest Mortal Kombat released, anyone who preordered the game got a free classic costume for one random character. I received a Kitana costume I believe. Anyhoo, instead of using that code and getting one measly extra costume, I decided to sell it online. For twenty dollars. One third the price of the game for a single costume. So, $20. Big whoop. Well let me stop you right there! The prices get even crazier. If you preordered The Third Birthday, you would get a code to dress Lightning up as Aya Brea in Final Fantasy Duodecim. When 3rd Birthday finally released, the Aya Brea costume codes sold for over $100 each. Again, a single costume. "This was worth the $100," said the man who lied to himself. Now with the release of Dead or Alive 5, I'm getting over a dozen costumes thanks to preorders and premium DLC. I doubt the codes will be worth as much as the Aya Brea costume, but I'm going to assume they will be the opposite of cheap. The only real problem is speed. When selling a DLC code online, you have to get it out there fast. Just look at the examples I listed above. Both of those codes are a hard sell at one dollar now that the games have been out for more than a year each. This is how it works with all special DLC. As long as the game is new, you can slap practically any price on your code and you'll still get offers on it. Of course, if you think selling codes is too much of a hassle and you aren't interested in the extras then you really should just get the standard game. But there's always the option of selling your preorder DLC... As always, thanks for reading everyone. How do you feel about this collector's edition? Are you going to get it for it's physical contents, for the code, or just plain not at all? If you do get it are you going to try to sell the codes? Why not post in the comments below and let us know?