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Found 4 results

  1. So according to this handy dandy little list from BoxOfficeMojo, Deadpool has officially cracked the top 10 highest-grossing comic book adaptations of all time, beating out every other Fox superhero movie including the well-regarded X-Men films (and X-Men 3) and even passing biggies like the first two Iron Man movies. It's not trailing too far behind Guardians of the Galaxy at #9, so it could move even further up the list before it ends its theatrical run. This is pretty big for a movie that the studio had such little faith in that it barely got greenlit in the first place, and shows that the dreaded "R" rating doesn't necessarily hurt a movie's chances of hitting it big. With that news, Batman Vs. Superman is also releasing an R-rated version (on DVD only, theatrical will be PG-13) and Fox has already greenlit a sequel to Deadpool. So with all this going on, the odds are looking pretty good that studios might be more willing to invest in some of the more "mature" franchises to bring to the big screen, and may allow some of the darker undertones to slip into established franchises. My question for you is - would that be a good thing or bad? Do you like superhero movies to be mostly family friendly popcorn blockbusters, or would you rather see movies that tackle some of the edgier storylines that never make it into movies? Are there any comics that would have never been made into movies before that you think have a shot now? Let's hear your opinion!
  2. DarkCobra86

    Another Deadpool Trailer

    This trailer is freaking funny as heck. "Don't leave me with Jose Conseco" hahahahaha. I didn't know X-men was in this movie though and who is the girl that run and has fire on her? And didn't now Jim Gordon's girl was in this movie as well. Anyone excited and going to see it firs thing when it is out? I'll wait though but I will eventually watch it. I'm excited for this and I hope it will be good. Lots of expectation from Deadpool's fans.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Deadpool

    Developer: Half Moon Studios Publisher: Activison Platform: 360, PS3, PC Release Date: June 25, 2013 ESRB: M for Mature This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Chances are if you“re a Marvel Comics fan, then you“ve heard of Deadpool. The character, originally introduced in the early 90s, has found himself only increasing in popularity as time goes on. This is likely to do his incredibly psychotic personality as opposed to the majority of other heroes and anti-heroes out there. Yet, Deadpool hasn“t received his own video game like Batman, Superman, and others have all had various times. That is, until High Moon Studios produced Deadpool. That introductory paragraph is about all I know about the character. Yes, Marvel and even comics are not my forte. So those of you hoping for a review focusing on how well or badly the developers portrayed the character will have to look elsewhere. Instead, this review would best service those who want to know about the game without necessarily worrying about comic lineage and gauging how the character“s mannerisms do or don“t make me want to jump into Marvel Comics. At the onset, I was very amused by what Deadpool was offering. The very start of the game focuses on screwing around with stuff in Deadpool“s apartment as he cracks a million jokes to no one in particular. Breaking of the fourth wall was established from the onset which definitely helped set the tone for the rest of the game. It“s a shame the whole game couldn“t ride on his charismatic stupidity. I say this because when the title fully accepts itself as an extension of Deadpool, it manages to become fun. For example, early on there is a point where he spends all of High Moon“s budget. As such, the next room takes assumes a top-down Legend of Zelda mode complete with pixel-styled 3D creatures. As Deadpool pipes about his love of “8-bit” games, his mind chides him about the 3D graphics not actually being 8-bit. Aspects where the game makes fun of itself, as well as gaming culture, are hugely appreciated. But then there“s the meat of the game which, between funny/weird story segments, is about as dry as any other game cluttering store shelves. Deadpool is basically a beat ”em up with adventure and puzzle elements. You can attack with the standard two katanas or pistols, or unlock a couple other guns and weapons. There aren“t a great deal of items to unlock, but at least each has its own level up tree. Alongside these specific upgrades are ones based around Deadpool himself, such as increases in health. Pre-set combos are also initially restricted behind upgrades. Still, you don“t even need them as you can beat the game with the same few attacks you“ll likely get accustomed to using. There is not a huge amount in variation between enemies and most all are dispatched in the same way. There are a few minibosses that alter this formula, but not enough to be interesting. Instead, they end up as mostly annoyances that you wish could have been toned down. Fighting is simplistic enough for most players to slice through it, but they likely won“t have much fun doing so due to the lack of variation. It must be emphasized that the fighting is boring because that“s what you“re doing 70% of the game. The rest of the time you are doing a bit of platforming, exploring, and/or puzzle solving. Of course, the puzzles are incredibly simplistic but if you can“t figure them out then Deadpool basically tells the player what to do after a few minutes. As far as these aspects go they are not very worthwhile either. They“re not bad or broken, but entirely average. The game, removed of Deadpool himself, is all entirely average. The only thing that kept me playing was to see what inane thing that Deadpool would spout next or if he would really finally succeed in his goal of killing Mister Sinister or fail yet again. Working through hordes of enemies was a chore and not one that I“d look forward to again. The anti-hero“s personality shines through as the only reason to play the game, and likely the only reason anyone might buy Deadpool to begin with. There“s fun to be had with the utterly random babblings of Deadpool, although some jokes miss the mark. However, the player themselves must consider if they love Deadpool enough to experience those great moments sprinkled within an otherwise monotonous playthrough. For some, the answer will be a definite yes. If you have no previous affiliation with Deadpool as a character though then I“d suggest skipping over Deadpool. Pros: + Deadpool + Great deal of jokes concerning games/game culture + Ability to level up various weapons Cons: - Gameplay is routine and barely varied - Great property is squandered by mediocre fighting mechanics Overall Score: 5.0 (out of 10) Average Deadpool is a game that hardcore fans may want to play to get an extra helping of their favorite anti-hero but even his constant fourth-wall breaking antics can“t make the gameplay interesting or enjoyable.
  4. Deadpool fans rejoice! Marvel has announced that a brand new game for the character is in development by Transformers: Fall of Cybertron developer High Moon Studios. The title is simply Deadpool, and it's coming in 2013. No specific platforms have been announced just yet. IGN seems to believe that none other than Nolan North (voice of Nathan Drake in Uncharted) is voicing Deadpool, but this was not confirmed with the announcement of the game. As for the actual game itself, Deadpool looks to be pretty faithful to its comic book counterpart, meaning the game will feature lots of foul humor and over-the-top violence among other things. And judging from the trailer, it looks like it will likely be an M-rated game instead of the T-rating that Marvel games typically get. Check out the official trailer on IGN (forewarned, it does feature mature language and humor as well as excessive violence).