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Found 23 results

  1. Jordan Haygood

    Dead Island Art

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    Artwork for Dead Island.

    © Techland

  2. Volition has long been known for their Saints Row series, but now they're finally trying their hand at their first new project in quite a while with Agents of Mayhem, and it's finally coming in late August. Agents of Mayhem may not be Saints Row per se but it carries a lot of the same gameplay characteristics, such as the focus on action, customization, an open world, and even some of the same style and humor. You can see for yourself in the newest trailer below, which details all 12 agents in the game. You can play Agents of Mayhem for yourself when it hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 15. Source: PlayStation Blog Will you be checking out the game this Summer?
  3. It's no hyperbole to say that fans were more than a bit disappointed when Mighty No. 9 was delayed from its Fall release into 2016, but now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Deep Silver has announced the game's new release date as being February 9, 2016 in the Americas. It will then release everywhere else on February 12. Mighty No. 9 is releasing physically and digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and digitally on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Linux, Mac. Digital versions are also in the works for PS Vita and 3DS and will be announced at a later date. Source: Press Release What are your thoughts on Mighty No. 9's new release date?
  4. Dead Island 2 was initially announced last year with little more than a pre-rendered trailer to tease the reveal. Unfortunately, you'll likely not be hearing too much about it anytime soon. In a statement to the press, Deep Silver has announced that they have cut ties with the game's developer, YAGER, saying: "With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve. After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner YAGER. We will continue working towards bringing our vision of Dead Island 2 to life, and we will share further information at a later stage." It would seem Deep Silver was not enthusiastic about YAGER's work on the game, or perhaps there were creative conflicts and possibly other factors involved. Though the publisher looks to be committed to seeing the game to its completion, it will need to find another developer to helm the project, which means it could be another year or two before we hear about a release date; possibly more if the project needs to start from scratch again. YAGER is best known for their work on Spec-Ops: The Line, a game that was praised for its deep storytelling though many media outlets found its gameplay to be a mixed-bag. The first Dead Island and its stand-alone expansion Dead Island: Riptide were developed by Techland, though they most recently worked on Dying Light for WB Interactive, which released earlier this year. Might Techland step back in and save Dead Island 2? Only time will tell now. Source: Press Release Are you surprised to hear that Deep Silver cut ties with Dead Island 2's developer?
  5. Today, Deep Silver announced a collector's edition version of Mighty No. 9 dubbed The Signature Edition that will come with the game and a 6.5-inch, individually numbered statue of the game's protagonist, Beck. However, instead of being a traditional statue, this figure actually has 14 different points of articulation and three interchangeable faceplates. And finally, the box itself will come with a foil signature of Keiji Inafune. Also on the way is free DLC that all launch versions of the game will receive. The first bit of DLC will allow players to play as a Retro Hero version of Beck, sort of like a Minecraft version, while the second bit of DLC will be a one-hit death mode for those looking for a challenge. If the Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition sounds like something you're into, get ready to fork over $59.99 on launch (the regular version of the game is slated to sell for $29.99). Both versions of the game will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U on September 15. Source: Siliconera What are your thoughts on the Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition?
  6. http://www.destructoid.com/deep-silver-is-most-likely-publishing-bloodstained-292917.phtml Honestly, I'm not that surprised, especially after they ended up picking up Mighty No. 9 just a month ago or so. I'd be curious to know if they were the only publisher that expressed interest though, and if not, did they have to win a bidding war (in a manner of speaking)? Another thing that is running through my head is, was this deal already set in motion before the Kickstarter even took off, only to announce it after it was a big success? At any rate, it's surprising to me that more publishers haven't picked up some of the bigger games from KickStarter other than Deep Silver and Atlus. Also, I'll be shocked if no one picks up Yooka-Laylee, though I imagine Deep Silver will snatch that one up too. I guess this is good for their profile, though. Before this and Mighty No. 9, they were pretty much a publisher only known for shooters, so this will help give them more of a portfolio going forward. What do you guys make of this? Do you think Deep Silver is a good match?
  7. It's been a long time since October 2013 when Mighty No. 9 was successfully funded via Kickstarter. Fans have been patiently awaiting a release date, and now (not too far from the end of their promised April 2015 window), news has finally come--with a twist! The game will release on September 15th, 2015 in North America. And it's coming to Europe and the rest of the world on September 18th. Indeed, this is quite far away from the original release month, but there's a reason for that. Comcept has teamed up with Deep Silver (Saints Row, Dead Island and more) to bring Mighty No. 9 to other places, other platformers, and to offer additional content. More specifically: the game will now feature Japanese, French and other voice-overs, and will come to portable platforms sometime later. Also: there's going to be a physical release (different from the Kickstarter-exclusive one that many backed) on all next-gen consoles, and a downloadable character and level--free for backers. Here's a handy little info graphic to go into more detail. Skeptical? Comcept has prepared an FAQ that will hopefully answer your questions. All in all, it seems like this news and partnership (while it comes with a delay) should help make Mighty No. 9 better than it was before, and help it to reach more hands. ​Source: Mighty No. 9 Official Site How do you feel about this news? Are you a backer of the project? If not, are you planning on picking up Mighty No. 9 when it releases this fall? Be sure to let us know!
  8. According to Kotaku, publisher Deep Silver has acquired the rights to the Homefront franchise from Crytek and will be taking over development of Homefront: The Revolution. They will be transferring Crytek UK employees to a new studio called Dambuster Studios to continue work on the game. This acquisition comes as no surprise after reports surfaced that there were serious financial troubles at Crytek UK. In fact, development on the upcoming Homefront title had come to a complete halt when employees stopped coming to work all together. While this is promising news for those anticipating Homefront: The Revolution, the future of other Crytek franchises and Crytek in general remain uncertain. We wish the best for those at Crytek whose jobs may be impacted by these changes. Source: Kotaku Does all this drama mean Homefront: The Revolution is doomed?
  9. Earlier today, Deep Silver announced that they would be letting fans decide what to include in the Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition. A survey has been posted on Google Docs listing 28 Dead Island related items and asks fans to rate them from 1 (Do not want) to 5 (I need this!). The most liked options will presumingly be included in the CE. In addition to the usual content items (steelbook, figurines, digital content) there are some really cool, original ideas. Among them are a Dead Island 2 beach towel, a zombie flag of California, a do-it-yourself weapon crafting kit and oh.. a real zombie. While the real zombie might just be a joke, the other options are legitimate and interesting. This is a great way for publishers to bring their fans the best quality content in a collector's edition and sell more of them at the same time. Dead Island 2 releases on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in Spring 2015. Did you take the survey? What do you want most?
  10. Dead Island 2 was only announced just three weeks ago but Deep Silver seem to be heavily investing in this particular universe as another new entry was announced today, Escape Dead Island, for release this Fall. As you might have guessed, Escape will serve to bridge the stories of the first and second Dead Island games, and Deep Silver's Alexander Toplansky has confirmed that it will also explain the origins of the virus as well as where the events might lead to. The story will be told through the eyes of Cliff Calo—the spoiled son of a powerful media mogul—who has stolen a yacht with his friends and is bent on exposing the truth behind the Banoi outbreak to the public by filming a documentary. You'll freely explore a new, top-secret, quarantined island in the archipelago called Narapela, but things won't necessarily be as they seem as Cliff slowly loses a grip on his sanity and begins to experience stranger things than just zombies. Also, Cliff's moments of delirium are actually shown through comic-inspired visuals to give these parts an added emphasis. Of course, you'll have to wait until the game releases this Fall to discover what exactly is going on with the island, and what becomes of Cliff. Escape Dead Island is slated for release later this year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. You can view the teaser trailer for the game below. Source: PlayStation Blog Are you interested in Escape Dead Island?
  11. "What would you do for your freedom?" That's the main tagline for Crytek UK and Deep Silver's next game, Homefront: The Revolution. A follow-up to the original Homefront, "The Revolution is a free-roam FPS where you must wage guerrilla warfare and ignite the Revolution." The game takes place four years after North Koreans took control of the United States. You play as a resistance leader in the streets of Philadelphia trying to rally others to the cause. Using guerrilla warfare you must fight back the occupiers while inspiring the oppressed citizens of Philly. Homefront: The Revolution will feature a co-op mode in addition to the main story. According the game's official website, the mode allows you to "form your own Resistance Cell and become renowned as Heroes of the Revolution." The Revolution comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015. More information will be coming at E3 next week so stay tuned to Game Podunk for updates. Source: Crytek
  12. Did you know that Deep Silver had a twin stick shooter waiting to be published? They sure didn't seemed to advertise it much. This game goes by the name of Narco Terror and has made its surprise debut on PSN today. Although we don't know how good the game actually is, shooter fans should at least be able to appreciate some of the inspiration for it. The developers named the likes of Commando, Geometry Wars, Ikari Warriors, and Renegade Ops as titles that helped shape Narco Terror. In the title you proceed through a scrolling 2.5D landscape while spewing bullets and destruction at everything in your path. Of course, this is pretty much expected of the genre. There will also be sections in which players use planes and boats although these are not the standard. Narco Terror is $9.99 on PSN today. However, if you can wait one more day the game will also make its way to XBLA and PC for the same price. Well, XBLA's version costs 800 MS Points but that equates to $10 anyway.
  13. A brand new Humble Bundle is out! Unfortunately, it is not chock full of indie games which is what is typically sold through the bundle group. However, many gamers out there are likely going to jump on this sale all the same because it features a handful of games owned by Deep Silver. For any price (over a buck for Steam keys) you get these with the Humble Deep Silver Bundle: Risen 2: Dark Waters Sacred 2 Gold Saints Row 2 Saints Row: The Third If you're willing to raise the price higher to $4.74 or more then you'll nab these additions: Dead Island Game of the Year Edition Saints Row: The Third Full Package And at the higher cost of $25 or more then you see Dead Island: Riptide pulled in as well. Even at the high end of the spectrum, $25 is still a totally fair price to pay just one of these games, let alone all of them. In any case, this may be the best time to stock up on Saints Row lore before Saints Row 4 launches. The Humble Bundle Deep Silver Bundle is running for 13 more days.
  14. Saints Row IV is one incredibly anticipated game coming out next month. If you did not yet pre-order the game or its special edition then you now have the option of grabbing another special edition before the August 20th launch. Today Saints Row IV Emperor Zinyak's Game of the Generation Edition was unveiled. This is an addition to the already existing Saints Row IV The Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition. What reason is there to buy the new edition over the existing one? Well, it comes with a light up display case which has a rotating floor. Yep, that's just what every gamer needs. If you do feel you need a fancy rotating display case then you can pick this version up for $130. In comparison, the Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition costs $100. Of course, the more expensive set comes with everything in the other edition too, but it still seems a bit odd. Then again, Saints Row is known for being strange.
  15. Harrison Lee

    Review: Metro: Last Light

    Developer: 4A Games Publisher: Deep Silver Platforms: PC, XBOX 360, PS3 Release Date: 5/14/13 Rating: M for Mature This review is based on the PC version of the game Spoiler Alert: The ending to METRO 2033 is briefly discussed When it comes to the world of post-apocalypse games, few developers are as talented in realizing hellish environments quite like Ukrainian developers 4A Games. Their work, which began at GSC with the STALKER series, has now matured into the Metro franchise. Gritty, mature, oppressive, and genuinely frightening, Metro: 2033 was a hallmark in survival-horror shooters. It was far from perfect with uneven AI and hit-or-miss combat, but few titles are as memorably atmospheric or intense as 2033. With the new sequel, Metro: Last Light, can 4A retain the franchise's scare factor while fixing the previous entry's problems? Last Light picks up shortly after the events of 2033. Protagonist Artyom has wiped out the mutant Dark Ones with nuclear missiles from D6. Before the Dark Ones are wiped out, Artyom realizes they aren't the blood-thirsty monsters he thought they were. They tried to make contact with the scattered survivors of civilization hiding out in Moscow's metro system, but it only ended in death and desolation. Living with the guilt of killing innocents, Artyom is thrust into another growing conflict. The various factions of the Metro, the Nazis, Communists, and Spartan Rangers, are preparing for an end war to seize control of the dilapidated tunnels. It's up to Artyom to prevent the war and save mankind one last time. The plot isn't the only new thing since the last Metro game. 4A has done an admirable job of fixing Metro: 2033's flaws. The new combat system is vastly improved and feels more reactive to player input. Stealth is also a viable option; enemy AI is no longer made instantly aware of Artyom's presence in darkness. Weapon customization has also been streamlined to cater to player preference, whether it's a larger ammo magazine or a silencer. These upgrades and options present new tactical opportunities to resourceful players. Given how difficult Last Light's firefights can be, every advantage is gladly welcomed. One thing that has remained the same is the use of military-grade bullets as currency. Like 2033, the rare and powerful ammo is still a valuable commodity in the Metro. You can find small handfuls of these bullets scattered about the various levels, but they aren't just for spending. If you're fighting a particularly tough opponent, you can switch to mil-grade to kill off the target faster. Making the trade-off between cash and combat is a challenging balance, though I never felt like I needed to use these rounds. I always had just enough standard dirty bullets to survive the next encounter. While I enjoyed my time with Last Light, not all of the changes 4A made are welcome additions. Since combat has been revamped and the game has taken on a more action-packed feel, Last Light felt less frightening and immersive. Don't get me wrong, the environments and settings are still as detailed and gorgeous as anything from 2033. It just lacks the signature tension I came to love. The new AI can also break the illusion of reality with how idiotic it can be. It's unrealistic to kill a guy right in full view of his buddy and not raise any alarms. As you might imagine, Last Light is a beauty to behold. The visuals and sound design are top-tier, better than almost anything you'll see this year. Character animation and special effects have been improved and the impressive lighting add much to the atmosphere. The sound is also fantastic, featuring a decent musical score and great Russian voice-overs. Don't play Last Light in English; switch to Russian and get the original experience. Thankfully, Last Light is also a lot less buggy than 2033. I rarely encountered any game-breaking bugs during the majority of my playthrough. This is the most stable release from 4A thus far, beating out their original work in STALKER. Unfortunately, I ran into a save corruption which ended up setting me back two weeks in finishing the game as I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It's supposedly a rare glitch, but who knows how frequent it really is. Metro: Last Light is a great game by itself. But when stacked against the superior 2033, Last Light struggles to live up to the towering legacy. I was one of the few to absolutely love 2033, and I'm a little disappointed that the sequel doesn't hit all of the same high marks. It's still a great experience and one that I definitely recommend. But with the Ranger mode being offered as DLC, a weaker ending, and a few missteps in the AI, Last Light is not as great as the original. Pros: + Great atmosphere + Improved combat system + Weapons customization + Technically stunning + Relatively stable Cons: - AI hiccups - Ranger mode is DLC - Weaker ending Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great Metro: Last Light is a great shooter and a decent sequel. While it's not as great as Metro: 2033, I still recommend for those looking for something new.
  16. Chances are this may be one title that has slipped past your radar. Ride to Hell: Retribution is a game that was developed by Eutechnyx which focuses on the 1960s bikers in North America. As the title suggests, you play as a character who is seeking revenge over the murder of their brother at the hands of a biker gang. it sets the stage for a heaping lot of fighting as well as motorcycles, which may be appealing to you. Ride to Hell: Retribution launched today on XBLA, PSN, and PC via Steam for $30. Here is the trailer:
  17. Marcus Estrada

    E3 2013: Hands-On With Saints Row IV

    For a long time, it seemed that Grand Theft Auto was the main series people went to for sandbox style exploration and intense levels of possible violence. Of course, there are other games that exist with expansive worlds to explore (and possibly wreak havoc in) but GTA stands as the best known. When Saints Row first came out, many took it as an obvious copycat of the GTA formula. Although the game wasn“t great it did manage to carve out a new identity for itself. It wasn“t trying to be serious in any way, but to mock the establishment of GTA. Saints Row 2 worked to further tailor this image and by Saints Row 3 we had a perfectly capable and hilarious franchise. How does Saints Row IV fare? From what I tried of the demo at E3, it is shaping up to be the most incredibly asinine versions of Saints Row yet - and that“s a good thing. The game started me off with little pretense. Thanks to the ad campaign around the game I was aware that I“m playing as the President, but nothing in the game really alerted me to that. Instead, I was popped out into the middle of a city, given slight explanation of buttons, and then free to wreak havoc for ten minutes. The first thing I realized was that I could fly. For reasons that must make sense in context, the President has powers that grant him the ability to jump really high, run super fast, and glide around high in the air. It seemed that the main character was overpowered just with these functions, but it“s possible the demo had these abilities maxed out or something. Either way, after bouncing around off buildings onto unassuming people, I decided to check out the weaponry. There are some “normal” weapons in the President“s stash, but also a handful of wacky weapons. First, I made use of the dubstep gun because, honestly, how can anyone ignore it? The results were as funny as expected, wherein the gun blasts dubstep music at its targets as they crumple to the ground. Other weapons included what looked like a water gun with lasers, a black hole gun, and lightsaber lookalike. Beyond using some incredibly strange weaponry, I was also able to hijack cars and motorcycles to head toward glowing markers. These areas featured a handful of side quests, although the ones I visited weren“t particularly interesting. One was based around matching objects that the game requested. For example, there was a human-shaped silhouette which I had to fill with a distraught citizen. The event was timed and pretty dull. The same could be said of a race I entered which had the President running at full speed down busy streets. With that said, the full Saints Row IV is obviously going to have far more to show for itself than these two minigames, including a story. I feel that the story is what will really set this game apart as the wackiest yet, and since I didn“t get to experience it in the demo I“m really missing out. So far though the game looks great, controls well, and has a nice set of weapons and abilities. Fans of the series won“t be disappointed by what IV brings to the table.
  18. There's so much done in the modern game market to try to generate as many launch sales as possible. This is due to the way the market gauges success, wherein a game is required to make a certain amount in a specific small time frame to be considered a success. Such has generated the existence of pre-order bonuses, and the more modern "upgrades" to so called special editions. Saints Row IV is just another game this generation following that path. It's still unknown if an actual special edition is coming (but there was a survey asking about tangible items for it). Either way, anyone who pre-orders the standard game is "upgraded" from a regular purchase to the Commander in Chief edition. As you might expect, this change which has no extra fee is basically just another way to describe pre-order DLC. It comes with an Uncle Sam outfit, a jet that is painted to look like a bald eagle, and the 'Merica weapon. Really, that gun in particular looks the best with its flamethrowers, "dub step guns", and rocket launching capacity. It's a shame that it apparently won't be a part of the game proper. Saints Row IV is set for launch August 20th for PS3, 360, and PC. It will also be the first Saints Row game published under Deep Silver as they purchased the IP in THQ's collapse.
  19. Saints Row IV was announced last week by new owner Deep Silver. Alongside the news was a trailer and release date of August 20th. With the game fairly near to release, Deep Silver has now decided to turn to the community. What do you want in a Saints Row IV Collector's Edition? The choice is up to you. A survey is currently live which lets anyone hop in and select what items they'd like to see in such an edition as well as rank how much they want each one. Perhaps Deep Silver is outsourcing these choices to gamers themselves to avoid the disaster that was Dead Island's Zombie Bait Edition. There's a great deal of choice in possible trinkets. There are standards like steelboxes, concept art books, and character figures as choices. For some reason an auto-tune device is also listed despite that already being available with the Saints Row: The Third Special Edition. Other baubles listed include a belt buckle, cloth map, wooden cigar box, and "ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights." Do you think more companies should let gamers have a hand in choosing collector's goodies?
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Saints Row IV Announced for August Launch

    When THQ folded and began selling off assets, many were worried about how their favorite franchises would be split up. Deep Silver nabbed the Saints Row name and are ready to help see the next game in the series see completion. Today they announced that they're bringing Saints Row IV out this year. The game, still developed by Volition, was described as follows: "Now the larger-than-life insanity of the Saints series gets a new twist with a catastrophic alien invasion, and the aliens have transported the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation. Wield gargantuan superpowers and fight to free humanity from alien granddaddy Zinyak's mental grasp. Escape the simulation that's trapped the Saints crew, or die trying. Saints Row IV lets players delve into an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology that will turn each Saint into an ultimate entity of destruction. Utilize out-of-this-world superpowers to fight all the way to the top. With intensified action and enhanced customization, players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis in the greatest, most insane installment of Saints Row yet." There's no doubt that the upcoming game will still be incredibly strange, but in an even more obvious fashion than usual. However, those who would have liked to see the next game on a new system are going to have to wait for "Saints Row V", as Deep Silver made the announcement for current gen consoles as well as PC on August 20th. Joystiq then received clarification on that statement and were told their plans do not include a Wii U release.
  21. According to MyNintendoNews, one its readers had been contacting different third party publishers to see if they had any intention on bringing games to the Wii U. Dead Island publisher Deep Silver did in fact respond to his query and said yes, they do. It's unknown exactly what they will be publishing yet, but I suppose it's possible we might see Dead Island: Riptide on the console. What do you guys think? Suprised? Not surprised?
  22. Marcus Estrada

    Dead Island Trailer Screenshot

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  23. Dead Island fans are in for some particularly good news this afternoon. The zombie craze has not subsided. Deep Silver struck gold with the 2011 release of Dead Island, despite the game“s mixed critical reception. The company followed the game“s retail success with an announcement for a sequel. The next installment for the franchise, Dead Island: Riptide, will wash ashore on April 23 and feature a character import option, new zombies, new locales and a new class. The official release date nears, but Deep Silver has remained rather silent on the results of last year“s community survey, which helped determine the contents of Riptide“s limited edition. After sifting through "tens of thousands" surveys, the results are tallied and the limited edition is officially detailed. The Rigor Mortis Edition features a few extra digital bonuses like downloadable content and a strategy map, but the meat of this $79.99 Collector“s Edition comes from its physical bonuses. This ”limited“ edition comes equipped with a miniature zombie arm that doubles as a magnetic bottle opener, replica bungalow key, a zombie hula-girl for a desk or car dashboard and suitcase to house all of these goodies. The official press release tags that last item as a replica suitcase, but its picture has all of the hallmarks of a tin lunchbox. The company did not offer any rough estimate of how many will be made, but noted this edition is quite limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. The physical and digital goods combined with the moderate price tag should have collectors erring on the side of caution, making an early pre-order to avoid missing an undisclosed cut-off. Will you be picking up Dead Island: Riptide? If so, which version?