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Found 8 results

  1. Leah

    The Denpa Men 2 - Overworld

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Genius Sonority Inc.

  2. Developer: Genius Sonority Inc. Publisher: Genius Sonority Inc. Platform: 3DS eShop Release Date: May 30, 2012 ESRB: E for Everyone A download code was provided by the publisher for this review What the heck is a Denpa Man? Well, if you never played the original last year, then I“ll fill you in. Denpa Men are little dudes that inhabit the “radio waves†around you. In THE “DENPA†MEN 2 Beyond the Waves, you“re able to catch them and go on an adventure with them. It“s a much more exciting and improved adventure over the first as well. The focus of The Denpa Men 2 is to rescue your family that has been taken hostage. The only way to do that is to travel the land in search of them with a team of strong, trusty Denpa Men! So you know that they“re floating around you, but how do you catch them? With the 3DS camera, of course. When you make your way to the Antenna Tower in Digitown, you“ll enter the Denpa Men catching mode. With your 3DS“s camera on, you must move your 3DS around to see the Denpa Men floating around. Make sure one is not noticing you and simply catch it with the A button. If you want a wide variety of Denpa Men, then it“s time to get out of your room and visit different places. Go to your friend“s house or a restaurant – the “radio waves†(Wi-Fi signals) there harbor completely different Denpa Men. So, now you have some new friends and you“re ready to kick some butt. It“s time to leave Digitown and enter a whole new world! The Denpa Men 2 features a large overworld, various towns, and secret areas that are completely new to the series. For RPG fans, it“s a much needed and appreciated addition that adds a lot of depth to what the previous game lacked. There are also a few other tiny things added to The Denpa Men 2 that are fun and cute. Fishing and growing plants are two features that are entertaining, and also help your Denpa Men out in the long run. Online battles also make their appearance, in which you can fight other players“ Denpa Men teams for medals. Exchange your hard-earned medals for prizes! And then there“s the “Street Lamp.†StreetPasses exchanged with other The Denpa Men 2 players power it, and the more StreetPasses you have, the longer you can explore special dungeons. Battling has remained mostly the same for The Denpa Men 2. It“s a typical RPG affair where you must strategize your attacks and abilities, as well as keeping certain colored Denpa Men in your team. Despite its innocent appearance, The Denpa Men 2 can be very difficult, especially if you don“t have a Denpa Men with certain colors or abilities. Your little guys may die often, but thankfully it“s a lot cheaper to resurrect them in here than in the previous game. As soon as The Denpa Men 2“s title theme played, I knew I was in for a treat. This is a lovingly crafted dungeon-crawler for the 3DS, and deserves to be played by anyone that enjoys playing RPGs. Check it out and make some new Denpa friends! Pros: + Bunch of features and a lengthy main quest offers a lot of bang for your buck + Catching Denpa Men is a unique and fun element + Great music, graphics, and humor Cons: - Might be too unfair/difficult for some - Grinding, grinding, and more grinding Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great The Denpa Men 2 is something different and eccentric that“s sure to relieve that dungeon-crawler itch.
  3. From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Genius Sonority Inc.

  4. Leah

    The Denpa Men 2 - Battle

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Genius Sonority Inc.

  5. Remember The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, the weird little dungeon crawling RPG that came out of seemingly nowhere last year? If not, then you really should check it out since it's pretty great. In any case, it looks like Genius Sonority Inc. is bringing the sequel here to North America! The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves appears to improve on its predecessor in every way, as well as including some exciting new additions. For example, dungeons must now be found on your own in an overworld map, your town can be personalized with flowers, and Denpa Men combat and customization has become much more polished and advanced. You can also battle with your Denpa Men against friends and take on a challenging StreetPass dungeon. You won't have to wait long for this exciting game either! The Denpa Men 2 will be available to download through the 3DS eShop on May 2nd.
  6. Developer: Genius Sonority Inc. Publisher: Genius Sonority Inc. Platform: 3DS eShop Release Date: September 27, 2012 ESRB: E for Everyone Did you know that there are little men floating among the radio waves around you? It“s true. Even though they“re invisible to the naked eye, they“re everywhere. These little guys are called Denpa Men, and THE “DENPA†MEN: They Came By Wave offers you the chance to form a team of them, explore dungeons, and rescue someone that has been captured by the King of Evil. The concept is probably one of the oddest I“ve seen for a game (especially with ), but The Denpa Men“s eccentricity is exactly what I love so much about it. The Denpa Men is a dungeon-crawler RPG that almost feels a bit like a Dragon Quest game. It“s not incredibly complex for a dungeon-crawler by any means, but it“s definitely solid and plenty of fun. And for the newbies out there that still may be intimidated by the fact that The Denpa Men IS a dungeon-crawler – worry not! The game is a great starting point due to helpful features such as auto-attack. One of the best parts of The Denpa Men (and its selling point) is the ability to catch Denpa Men using the 3DS“s camera. The wee folk hang around “radio waves†(Wi-Fi signals, rather), and each radio wave territory has its own unique Denpa Men. That means you“ll want to leave your room and house to try catching different Denpa Men in various places! Try out areas that you know are abundant with strong Wi-Fi signals. There is also a very good reason you“ll want to visit numerous places. Throughout the game, it“s of utmost importance to have Denpa Men with specific abilities or resistances at your disposal. It takes a while for new Denpa Men to show up in the same territory (which is probably your desk or bed), so it“s crucial to go out and about and hunt down some good Denpa Men. You may even find a special one with very high capabilities that will be a powerful asset in battle! Needless to say, the Denpa Man-catching portion of the game is way too fun and a game within itself. Denpa Men themselves are just too adorable and you“ll quickly become attached to your little guys. You“re even able to dress them up in different patterns—which help with their stats and weaknesses, too! Don“t worry about your Denpa Men holding down the fort back at the house, either. They“ll also gain experience while you“re out prowling around in a dungeon so that they“re fighting fit when it“s their turn for battle. Unfortunately, your little Denpa Men can die. They“re not gone for good, though! You can either revive them through the Spirit Shrine or try to re-catch them in the territory that they originally came from. The Spirit Shrine can cost a pretty penny, so you may opt for re-catching them. Trekking back to that Denpa Man“s original territory may be an impossibility, however, so that“s a bit of an annoyance. As you“ve no doubt noticed my gushing over how cute Denpa Men are, the art style for this game is quirky, adorable, and great. I really love the bright, bold colors used throughout The Denpa Men. And you“ll never tire of the limitless possibilities of Denpa Men you“ll come across (some of their faces can be super amusing). The monsters and music don“t seem to receive this same treatment, though, and could use a bit more variation. As a dungeon-crawler, The Denpa Men is definitely a game meant for those who won“t get bored from doing the same thing over and over again. Regardless, due to its unique charm, it will no doubt reel in some who are hesitant and keep them hooked. This game is a wonderful example of some of the different stuff I“d love to see in the game market, and I“d love it even more to see a full-fledged Denpa Men game in the future. Pros: + Catching Denpa Men through your 3DS“s camera is fun and great concept + The combination of Denpa Men“s appearance, abilities, stats, and so on are endless. Plus, they“re super cute. + Game can be challenging or easy, depending on how you want to play. Caters to both newbies and veterans to dungeon-crawler RPGs! Cons: - Dungeon-crawling and battling might be tedious and repetitive to some - Monsters and music could use some more variation Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great This quirky little gem is a must-have from the 3DS eShop. Those who enjoy dungeon-crawlers will have a blast catching Denpa Men and employing them in battle.