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Found 19 results

  1. Marcus Estrada

    Could Seaman Return on a Nintendo System?

    Stranger things have happened, but if there's one thing we weren't expecting it was the possibility of a Seaman resurgence. If you're not familiar with the name it was that of a game on the Dreamcast where your goal was to take care of a pet fish and speak to it using a microphone. Oh, and the fish had a face and could talk. The freaky fish was voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Although this game came to America, Seaman 2 on PS2 was relegated to Japan. However, it was a far different sort of adventure where you cared for a Peking Man rather than a fish. Years later, Nintendo has secured two trademarks which heavily imply they have a new Seaman game in the works. These two are: "Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face and Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face". Now, these recently registered trademarks could be for something other than Seaman, but it doesn't seem too likely. "Fish With A Human Face" just jumps out as seeming to explicitly point to it. In either case, they were filed by Nintendo of Japan. Did you ever play Seaman on Dreamcast?
  2. There's something about the Dreamcast that fans still love to this day. As a testament to their love, games have continued to come out for the system long after its untimely demise. Redspotgames have been one team working hard on a shoot 'em up by the name of Sturmwind, which is finally approaching release. The game is set to launch on April 24th - this very week. As fans of the Dreamcast exist everywhere, the game is also region free with support for NTSC and PAL TV sets. Sturmwind is a shooter with sixteen stages to progress through and exceeds the level count to pack in twenty boss battles. A limited edition is available through PlayAsia. It includes the game, soundtrack, color game manual (an asset in the modern age), guidebook, special case with model kit, and plush kraken. It costs $130 to purchase. The game by itself is selling for a much fairer $40.
  3. It's been 14 long years since gaming giant Sega released their last console, the Sega Dreamcast, and gamers everywhere have been wishing for them to jump back into the game and release a new console. But the possibility has been extremely unlikely, and the chance of Sega coming back into the console market has declined with every passing year… Until now. Earlier today, Sega president Naoya Tsurumi made a surprising announcement: “When we first shifted over to being a third-party developer, it was always our intention to shift back when the time was right. Now, that time has come. This holiday season, alongside Sony“s and Microsoft“s new consoles, Sega will be re-entering the console market with our first new console in over a decade – The Dreamcast Lucid.†Shortly after the announcement, the console“s official logo was revealed: No console was shown and no specs were released, but Tsurumi promises an in-depth presentation at this year“s E3 that is sure to change the way we think about gaming. Are you excited to see Sega finally re-entering the console market? Will you be purchasing a Dreamcast Lucid when it launches this holiday season?
  4. Jordan Haygood

    Dreamcast lucid

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Sega

  5. Are you tired of news about special edition after special edition for modern consoles like PS3 and 360? If you've still got a Dreamcast kicking around then perhaps HuCast Games will have you covered with their upcoming shooter. The Ghost Blade is currently up for pre-order and it's a nice little edition. The vertically-scrolling shooter currently has no release date but that didn't stop it from having a collector's edition created. The set will contain a copy of the game, soundtrack CD, SuperPlay DVD, color manual, sticker set, beta demo discs, and a 24 page art book. It might not be the most impressive collection out there, but you have to keep in mind that this is a homebrew developer we're talking about here and not a massive company. The Ghost Blade Collector's Edition is set to have a very limited print run. There will be only 300 made, although the game itself will be available in larger quantities. This edition costs approximately $110 so hurry and get it pre-ordered if the CE is that appealing to you.
  6. Go to any major search engine and just slam your hands against your keyboard. What comes up on the search bar will more than likely just be gibberish, but I can guarantee* you'll still find at least six articles mentioning how badly people want Shenmue 3 to release. When it came to Duke Nukem Forever, the hype was a bit more than absolutely insane. But to be fair, that was entirely warranted. The over-the-top nature of the game's twelve year marketing campaign perfectly matched the game's history. It didn't save the game from bad reviews, but it cemented it in history. This is not the type of hype that follows the hope of a Shenmue 3 announcement. After enough time had passed, the hype behind Duke Nukem was more of a joke instead of actual interest in the game. The hype behind Shenmue 3 is that of pure desperation. So why hasn't it been announced yet? Well here's the most obvious reason. The Shenmue series bled so much money that there was never any chance of the games making even the smallest amount of profit. To put just how expensive Shenmue was into perspective, its been said that Sega would have had to sell at least two copies of the game to every single Dreamcast owner just to make a profit. As you might be aware, that is simply impossible. At the time of it's release it was the most expensive game ever made and took a whopping seven years to produce. At that point Sega had no choice but to continue working on it. They were simply in too deep. The fact that we even got one sequel to the game at all is absolutely amazing, but not completely unwarranted. I'm looking for some sequels Once the game's engine was created, Shenmue 2 was actually a breeze for Sega to make. And it was just good business sense. Despite being unable to sell an infinity amount of copies of Shenmue, it still sold considerably well. If Sega wanted any chance at making some money off their IP, then Shenmue 2 was their only route. Shame that the Dreamcast was already knocking on death's door at that point. No matter how much people enjoyed Shenmue 2, there was never any chance of it saving Sega. But that wasn't the end of the franchise by any means. There was still the chance of porting the game to a different console! And that's exactly what Sega did... to disastrous effect. Because Microsoft had exclusive rights to Shenmue 2 in America, the Dreamcast version of the game never made it to our shores. This means that any of the original fans of the Dreamcast version of the game couldn't play it, and any Xbox users who didn't own a Dreamcast couldn't play the first game to be able to follow the second game's story. Have you seen any sequels around here? Sega effectively locked out any potential consumers and killed any chance of Shenmue ever making a profit on it's new console. To make matters worse, the game was poorly advertised in the American marketplace, so any Dreamcast user who was willing to buy an Xbox for the game ended up getting left out in the dark with no knowledge of the it's existence. Since then, Sega hasn't exactly been able to rebuild itself. They've made plenty of great games, but they've gone on record plenty of times saying that if they tried to make another game as ambitious as Shenmue, it could very easily tank the company. So how could they pull it off? Well, it isn't exactly going to be easy. But it could be done. Option One: Sell The Rights While I'm sure it would just kill Sega to sell off one of their most beloved franchises, it seems like it would be a better use of the IP than shoving Ryo into different racing games or trying to set up some sort of social cellphone game using his image. But here's the problem. Shenmue has proven time and time again that it is revenue poison. Both games in the series managed to end up costing Sega millions of dollars, so why would someone want to buy the series off of them? Option Two: HD Remakes Sega has really been on a roll with all these HD remasters they've been churning out this last year.You would think with so many iconic Dreamcast games already on the different console stores that Shenmue 1 and 2 wouldn't be far behind, right? Could you help me find some sequels? Well you need to remember that those games are a completely different beast compared to Space Channel 5 and Sega Bass Fishing. While the cost wouldn't be astronomical, it could end up eating into the profits of all the other remasters they've already released! And I already mentioned that whole exclusivity mess that went into releasing Shenmue 2 into the west. While I have no idea how it would end up working with an HD remake, let's just assume Microsoft wouldn't take a Shenmue 2 release on the PSN very well at all. Option Three: Just Go For It We already know that Sega can't handle the stress that would accompany a game as costly Shenmue in this day and age, but what about a budget Shenmue title? Couldn't Sega release a watered down version of the game just so people could finish the story? Well of course they could. They could release the next Sonic game one level at a time and try to sell the rest of the game as DLC if they wanted to. The reason they don't is simple. They would kill their fanbase and possibly even hurt sales for their games with larger budgets. Sega knows that if they ever had a chance to make another Shenmue game then it would have to be top notch. They'd just be wasting money otherwise. Barring the possibility of someone over at the SEGA headquarters winning the Powerball and then funding the Shenmue 3 production by themselves, we probably won't ever see Shenmue 3 come to light. There's just too much going against it. But Sega is still a game company, and as long as they live there is always hope for a sequel. Just not much. Thanks for reading!
  7. Jared

    Shenmue logo

  8. Things can get confusing when it comes to my taste in games. I enjoy games that give me total control of character customization, but at the same time I can't help but love games that keep me in the dark on what my character will ultimately end up looking like. This brings me to games with an evolution mechanic. One minute you're a monkey beating lizards to death, the next minute you're suddenly a monkey horse that can breathe fire. I live for those moments, and now I want to share some of them with you. Of Course We're Going To Talk About Pokemon Remember when Pokemon was just about catching monsters and training them? The only thing that went into evolving a Pokemon was the amount of Rattata heads you had to smash in before it happened, or the fact that you could never get a Golem because you didn't have a trading cable. Those days are long gone, my friends and acquaintances. The days of simply grinding away with your Pokemon have been replaced with moods, natures, special stats and more. This isn't a bad thing, obviously; having more options can't be bad! The problem is that people go insane with it. Graveler is for free. Golem's gonna cost ya. You can look on Youtube to see what I mean. There are multiple videos showing off computer programs that estimate where your best odds of finding a shiny Pokemon are. Other videos where kids have four Game Boy Advances stacked side by side all playing the same game in the hopes of getting one of the rare Pokemon. They put so much work into getting the one perfect one that the rest of the game just becomes a blur. Everything is going towards the statistically perfect team so they can beat more people online. There are levels of insanity and dedication going into this new form of Pokemon that not even the Elite Four could hope to achieve. Have You Heard Of Seventh Cross? Enough complaining about things I know I'll never fully comprehend; now we'll be talking about Seventh Cross: Evolution. As a game released in the very early years of the Dreamcast, Seventh Cross never really had a chance to become a big name title in the console's lineup. To be fair, it wasn't that great of a game, but the random nature of the game's evolution system was a lot of fun. Players were given a 10x10 grid and told to fill it in using six different colors, with each one representing certain traits. When you finished, your first creature was born. It was either this or a fish with human legs beating up an octopus. This was fun because there was simply no way of knowing what you were going to get. You would always start out as something small and simple like a microorganism, and as you fed on plant life and wiped other creatures out, you would then get the chance to draw another image. Eventually you would be quite the monster after enough evolutionary changes. I personally ended up with a monster that had a human head, gorilla arms, a lizard tail, and horse legs. Did I mention he would spit fire at people? The game was seriously flawed, but the random evolution system made it so worth it. Seaman Don't Stay Fish For Long If I asked you what Seaman was about, you would probably give me one of two answers. Had you known anything about the Dreamcast game, you would say it's a game where you talk to fishmen. But if you don't know what Seaman is, you would probably giggle and think I was weird. Both answers are incorrect though! True, you do talk to fishmen at one point in the game, but that doesn't last forever. In fact, there are multiple stages of the Seaman's life. First you start out with some eggs that get eaten by a Nautilus. Then you have the baby fishmen. After a few days you'll get the normal fishmen, or as Leonard Nimoy calls them, "Gillmen." STOP EATING THE FREAKING SPIDERS, CHARLIE. After a few days with the Gillmen, something terrible happens; they start killing each other! The few that survive this purge begin to change. They'll start sprouting legs and lose their gills. They'll jump to the top of the tank for air, even. At this point, you empty out their water and turn up the humidity. The Gillmen are now frogmen. It was a surprise for me when I first played the game because nobody ever mentioned the frogmen, and probably for good reason; it was really hard to get to that point in the game. To be honest, I never even beat it. I was very close, I'm sure of it. But after my Gillmen turned into frogmen, they decided to eat some spiders that got into their habitat and died. Kind of sad after all that time I spent raising them. Huh... E.V.O. The Search For Eden: Just As Insane As It Sounds Of all the things I've written about so far, E.V.O. is easily the most insane. Sure, none of the other things I've listed come close to hoping to make sense or even resemble evolution in any way shape or form, but E.V.O. actively tries to make things crazy...and it succeeds. In E.V.O. The Search For Eden, the player is tasked by Gaia (daughter of the Sun) to achieve higher intelligence so they can take the throne at the Garden of Eden with Gaia as their wife. The player does this by ruthlessly killing Gaia's other creations and eating them so they can evolve. Did you catch all that craziness from the game's cover? Evolution is handled in parts. Literally. You have eight body parts that you can pour evolution points into to make your creature stronger, faster or more defensive. Depending on what areas you increase, your creature will change accordingly. This all sounds straight forward enough, so let's get into the aliens portion. As you evolve along the planet's timeline you'll encounter strange crystals. The animals that eat these crystals become hyper evolved and quite insane. Gaia tasks you with putting these creatures out of their misery and bring peace to evolution once again. But where do these crystals come from? Spoilers, the answer is aliens. They came from aliens. Martians to be precise. They were raining evolution crystals down onto planet Earth in the hopes of speeding up evolution so they could have partners in the intergalactic side of things. Upon learning that their crystals are doing more harm than good, the Martians are like, "Whatever," and then they stop paying attention to Earth. Oh, and then you become God of the Martians or something. Go figure. You can hardly even call the things I listed above "evolution." They're more like some strange form of metamorphosis. Like when a caterpillar turns into a dog sometimes. Either way, I love when games use mechanics like these. What are you some your favorites? Why not post them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    Sega "Katana" Development System

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Divers 2000 Dreamcast Series CX-1

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Dreameye Dreamcast Webcam

    From the album: Classic Gaming Expo 2012 (CGX 2K12) Photo Album

    "To celebrate the sale of 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles, Sony unveiled limited edition color (alleged to be 666 of each) systems at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show. Labeled "The 2001 European Automobile Collection", these systems can be found in "super red", "metallic silver", "astral blue", "snow white", and "light yellow". The case, controller, and system stand are the only unique items in this otherwise stock PS2."