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Found 1 result

  1. If you are looking to get paid writing a blog here on Game Podunk, then you'll have to write blog entries that the staff deems worthy enough to be featured. Every registered Podunker is welcome to blog, but obviously, we want to inspire great commentaries. If you want your blog to get featured, your goal should not only be to write an entry, but to construct an interesting point that not only gets noticed by the community, but by the Game Podunk staff so that we might feature it. Read the featured blog guidelines below for tips on our quality standards: Getting Started Getting started with blogging is relatively easy: Become a Podunker! If you haven't registered already, CLICK HERE. Create a blog. To do this, go to the 'Blog' tab up at the top of any page on GP. Next, click on 'Manage Blogs' (alternatively, you could simply click on your name at the top and click 'Manage Blogs'). Lastly, click on 'Create a Blog' and give your blog a name and a brief description. Keep in mind, though, that this is the blog space itself and not your first blog entry. You will be adding entries to the blog(s) you create, so don't go naming your blog whatever you plan on naming your first entry. Add an entry to your blog. You can do this by clicking on 'Add Entry.' Creating the Content Now it's time to start writing an entry for your blog: Choose a topic. You can write about basically anything you want, as long as it's video game related - video games specifically, the gaming lifestyle, the industry, etc. Just remember to avoid offensive and promotional entries (they will get deleted and result in a warning). Include a striking headline. In other words, make sure that the title of your blog article catches people's attention and makes them want to actually read it. Really, all you need to do is give it a proper title and you'll be fine. If you need examples of proper titles, browse the articles written by our staff. Write the introduction. In one or two paragraphs (though there technically isn't a limit), introduce your topic and tease what your article is about. Write the body. This is the main attraction of your blog entry and the thing the readers came to read, so make it count. This section should be at least three decent sized paragraphs long, though we recommend making it longer than that if possible. If it's a list, then you'll need to write a paragraph for each item on the list. Write the conclusion. Your final paragraph should end the article. You can do this by dedicating the final paragraph to concluding the topic or by simply writing a conclusive sentence or two in your last paragraph. If it's something like a top 10 list, then a conclusion is not all that necessary, though we do recommend that you end the article with something like a question to the readers asking for their opinion and what they would have included in the list. Add images. Using image sites such as Imgur and Photobucket, upload images you'd like to include in your article. Then, once you're ready to add them to your article, copy an image's URL, click on 'Image' within the GP editor (between 'Unlink' and 'Code'), paste the URL, and click 'OK.' Make sure you center the images. Give credit where credit's due. If the images used are not your own, make a section at the very end crediting the site(s) you got them from and/or the people who created the images. If the images are simply screenshots from a game or the image's creator already gave permission to anyone wishing to use it and isn't asking for credit, then you don't have to add this section. Refer to the 'Rules' section for more info on using images. Check for errors. Before you're finished and ready to publish your blog entry, you'll first want to make sure it's free of grammatical and spelling errors. A blog entry riddled with errors is much less likely to get featured. Publish! Once you're ready, publish your blog entry. You can save your draft throughout the writing process, but once your ready for it to go live, hit 'Publish' on the right side of the GP editor. Required Format Your blog entry must be formatted properly: Include a proper headline. The title of your blog entry must be relevant to the topic. And DO NOT use a click-bait title. For example, blog entries with titles like "You Won't Believe What Konami Said About Hideo Kojima!" or "Nintendo Is Doing WHAT With Mario?!" will immediately be disqualified. Only blog entries with proper headlines will be accepted. Write no less than 500 words. Anything under 500 words will not be featured. Write no more than 1,500 words. While we might make exceptions, we'd prefer you not exceed 1,500 words. If you need help figuring out your word count, use a program such as Microsoft Word or just go to www.wordcounttool.com. Give proper spacing between paragraphs. Make sure there is a clear separation between paragraphs. And definitely make sure you use multiple paragraphs, rather than making one paragraph a ridiculous length. Use consistent fonts and font styles. Use the default font size for most of the entry and increase font size, bold, italicize, etc. where appropriate. Have at least one image. An Entry Image is required, at the very least. However, you're more likely to get featured if you add images throughout the entry. Don't overdue it, though. Center all your images. Make sure all of your images are centered for professional display. Don“t forget to fill in your tags! Use relevant keywords and add as many tags to your entry as you can. Note: While it is not required, you can create categories to place your entries in. Refer to the space to the right of the GP editor to check it out. Rules There are a few important rules to keep in mind before publishing a blog entry: No plagiarism! We will NOT tolerate blog entries that aren't your own original work. If you copy someone else's work, let's just say our mods won't go easy on you... Your writing must be exclusive to Game Podunk. If you post your work to multiple sites, it won't get featured. Simple as that. Don't write anything that is offensive/inappropriate. This basically includes anything that is considered vulgar, hateful, sexually-oriented, obscene, or humiliating to any race, sex, and religion. Don't write flamebait. For example, don't hate on another company/game just because. If there's no real point to take away, don't write it. Criticism is fine, but make sure that there's merit to your argument instead of being a blind negative reaction. Basically, writing a negative piece just to be sensational and attract attention is unacceptable. Do not use copyrighted images without permission. If the image you use is copyrighted and you are not legally allowed to use it (be it a photo, piece of art, stock image, etc.), then don't use it. If you can manage to get permission, then by all means, use it (giving proper credit, of course). Images from a game, movie, etc. (such as screenshots and official artwork) or images that have been provided by developers and publishers themselves are almost always okay to use. If you're not sure whether or not an image is copyrighted, then you should probably play it safe and not use it. FAQ Questions you may have about blogging and the featured blog contest: If my blog gets featured, how will I get paid? Game Podunk will notify you to obtain your PayPal address (currently the only method of payment). We can also pay international writers if you accept PayPal. How much do I get paid when my blog entry gets featured? Currently, we're paying $10 to every Podunker who gets their blog featured. We'll be increasing that amount over time, though. One day, we're hoping to pay $50 per featured blog entry, like Game Podunk did last time we held this contest. How many blog entries will Game Podunk feature regularly? It really depends on the quality of entries submitted, but right now, as the money is coming right out of our own pockets, we're looking to feature just one entry a week. That will change in time, of course, as the site earns more money. Eventually, we're hoping to feature 2-5 a week like GP did in the past. What if I'm not a good enough writer to get featured? You never know until you try. We suggest not to think of this writing opportunity as anything too difficult since you can only get better with time and practice. Try different styles and approach to build your creativity skills and to keep your audience engaged. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Maybe you'll get your blog featured next time. I“m a fan of one or many systems. If I write about one in particular, will my article be dismissed as biased ranting of a fanboy or fangirl? Yes and no. It really depends on how you communicate your points. We“re all fans of something, and I'm pretty sure there will be others who feel the same way as you do. Your opinions are yours and should be respected, as long as you“re expressing them without putting another system or competitor down. Can I write on a recent news story or press release? Absolutely! We like to see fresh perspectives, but be sure to do more than a quick rehash of the same story. You“ll want to craft an interesting reflection and make a unique point. Also, it“s a good idea to provide a link to the original story you“re commenting about. Can I contribute a video game review? Great question! Unfortunately, while anyone can add a review to their blog, there's a slim chance that it will get featured. This is because we want all the featured game reviews to follow a consistent format, which requires its own guidelines. So for now, only our staff members will have their reviews featured on the site. This doesn't mean, however, that we'll never feature a game review from our members. If we see an exceptional review that followed GP's game review format, we'll contact you to possibly feature it! If you're curious to see what GP is looking for in game reviews, check out pretty much any review our staff has written for guidance. How do I set future publish dates for each of my drafts? To the right of the GP editor, under 'Publish,' click on 'Publish Immediately (Change).' Then, simply set when you want your entry to be posted to your blog and hit 'Publish.' Good luck and thanks for your interest. Game Podunk and the community looks forward to reading the best from you!