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Found 5 results

  1. Hilarious really glad I watched it. First impressions anyone?
  2. Jason Clement

    Far Cry 3

  3. Jason Clement

    Far Cry 3

  4. I don't think these videos were posted here before so I'll put them up. Far Cry 3: Far Cry 3 could be really good. It sounds like the developers are fixing a lot of problems people had with Far Cry 2 along with bringing back some elements that people liked about the first game. This looks better to me than any other shooter this year. Tomb Raider: This game is definitely following the Uncharted formula to a T. The survival elements could be good if done right but some of it just looks like a low rent Uncharted, though it still looks pretty good. I like the big environment that they showed off in the hunting section, I hope there's a lot more like that. DMC: This looks like it could be a pretty good action game with some cool visuals. People might not like some of the changes to the series but it doesn't look half bad, apart from a couple weird choices here and there. I may just have to pick this game up.
  5. Cassius Orelad

    A cry for help

    The story of Far Cry 3 begins with a group of friends visiting an island; found somewhere in between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. As they arrive on this tropical ”paradise“, they soon find out that their stay won“t be as pleasant as they thought so and soon they find themselves as captives under the control of the game“s major antagonist, Vaas Wahine- who is in fact utterly crazy but you will discover that in the latter part of this document- whom is able to torment Jason Brody (Far Cry 3“s protagonist/hero) and his friends and eventually killing one of his friends as viewed from the Stranded Trailer. As a result of his friend“s murder, Jason manages to escape the overlord“s clutches and escape into the jungle but as he keeps on venturing deeper and deeper into the jungle he realises that the island is far more mystical than he“d ever imagined and it is because of this that fuels players to lurk even deeper into the abyss of the tropical and dense forests. The narrative of Far Cry 3“s plot is all so ever-expanding mainly because of the different character encounters that players manage to confront whether it is a mentally deranged doctor (called Dr. Earnhardt) who has been living on this island as a hermit locked away from society“s view, with the occasional paint-the-house-with-a-different-colour-so-the-pirates-won“t-find-us attitude , he is able to patch you up with a variety of medications including some strangely coloured and shaped plants that can elevate your senses into a new state of rejuvenation. What is most important about your doctor is that as you use up his supplies of meds, he will start sending you to different locations of the island, to recover new supplies, ranging from damp lizard-crowded caverns to booby-trapped archaic lost temples which will provide you with a new experience each time. This part-experiencing different journeys each time- is one of the key features that the devs decided to concentrate the most and that is as quoted, ”What“s really going to set Far Cry 3 apart is what we call a 360 degrees approach… It“s not just talking about the actual physical space of the level itself, but it“s also talking about what the player brings to the table as well “ by executing a series of actions based on your style of play, this will allow your character to utilise complete control of the environment to successfully accomplish your objective, by using slow, careful and decisive tactics or by running directly into the action, shooting your Kalashnikov recklessly on a bunch of panicked and unaware pirates. Furthermore, you will be able to meet other characters that will replenish your need for action by handing out certain quests-similar to the doctor- that will have you trekking across the entire island, i.e. Hurk and his bomb-carrying monkeys will have different missions for you that will transpire at different lengths of time, depending on your gameplay style. The Ubisoft marketing team are striving as they try to advertise one of the most important games in this year with the new ”Insane Edition“ for Far Cry 3 with its contents: Monkey Business - Discover Hurk, a new memorable character and quest giver, and his four unique missions (one hour additional gameplay). The Lost Expeditions - Two suspenseful action packed missions totaling over 40 minutes of additional gameplay and an exclusive weapon (The Japanese gun). The Hunter Pack - The M700 hunting rifle and its three collector's skins. The Warrior Pack - A handcrafted dagger and two exclusive tribal tattoos. The Predator Pack - Four exclusive rare predators and a multiplayer bow. An 'Insanity Guide' containing hints and tips to help you survive the island. A 12cm Vaas Wahine with bobble head. The details of the collector“s edition stipulates an idea of what to expect from the game with the introduction of predators(no, not the ones from the film), we will notice that the developers have implemented a new system in their game and that is hunting. For example, there will be wild boars to slay and even ferocious tigers and crazed disciplined dogs as stated by Ubisoft , ”As for the dogs, they're one of our cool enemy units. You must be very careful when dogs are present as they will easily catch your scent if you come too close to them which will lead to a rush of enemies looking for blood.“ In addition to hunting, we have another clue that will affect your story deeply and that is the tribal tattoos! Although unknown how you receive them we know from the developers that each tattoo focuses on the change that Jason is going through but also on the issue that surrounds his friends concerns- will his friends recognise him by the end of the story or will he be a different man? With regards to the different characters, it is one of the developers“ main concerns that each and every one of the character models has their own unique, specialised yet stunning personality since it is from the characters that will emphasize and enrich the narrative with their ingenious lectures. For instance, we have Vaas, the villain of Far Cry 3, and from what the E3 videos managed to prevail is that Vaas is not one of those frequently used archetypical villains in several past shooters but instead gives a new ,extreme ”definition“ to the word 'narcissism'. Even Ubisoft has its say on the matter of Vaas: “Vaas is basically the very dark side of an alpha male. He“s on this island that has no laws, no rules, no police, and he“s power hungry. He“ll do whatever it takes to make money and control people.†Turning to a different part of the game; Multiplayer! Multiplayer will feature several game types such as the common team deathmatch and the recently released footage of domination where each team secures and holds each point and wins if the team has gathered the most points overall, with rewards being given with each successful capture i.e. a sprint boost or faster reload. You will also be treated to an animation in the end of each match where you are faced with a choice to either humiliate the other team by killing the number one player of the defeated team or set the hostage free to show that you respect him as an enemy. To conclude, I believe that Far Cry 3 will keep its reputation for being the game with the most enticing moments filled with a number of unique scenes. Be sure to expect more at E3 starting on June the 4th .