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Found 11 results

  1. Check out the Golden Joysticks HERE *Voting in this enters you to win an iPad* I just wanted to go through my picks for this years Golden Joystick because it's fun! I've been pretty bad about playing games this year so my picks are far from definitive. Best Original Game My Pick: Child of Light Runners Up: Broken Age, Shovel Knight So many great games in this category, but sadly I've only played a few. However I went with Child of Light mainly because I'm playing it now and absolutely loving it. I considered Broken Age and Shovel Knight but having played neither I couldn't put my pick on them. Most Wanted My Pick: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Runners Up: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne SUCH A HARD CATEGORY. Ultimately I picked Metal Gear V because it's probably my favourite franchise of all time, preceded only by Resident Evil. Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted fall in the same boat of being action adventure games that I love, it'll be interesting to see which one comes out on top since Tomb Raider 2012 was better than Uncharted 3. Bloodborne is something I've been following with increased interest... but really, most of the games on here I'm looking forward to anyway. Best Indie My Pick: Broken Age Runners Up: Republique I was able to give Broken Age some love here, because I really think it deserves a win. Had Republique not gone the iOS route I'd have likely played and picked that. Best Visual Design My Pick: Transistor Runners Up: Child of Light, Valiant Hearts Child of Light is love to my eyes but despite not having played it I really dig Transistors style, and the art I've seen for it is just beautiful... I had to pick it. Valiant Hearts has a great art direction as well but sadly not enough to put it over the top for me. Best Multiplayer My Pick: Mario Kart 8 Runners Up: None... Since CSGO wasn't on the list I had to pick the game that I had the second best multiplayer experience this year, Mario Kart! Best Audio My Pick: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Runners Up: Legend of Zelda ALBW, Transistor I feel like this is a bit of a surprise for me but in terms of sheer audio quality it has to be Black Flag, not only because of the soundtrack which is full of shanties and upbeat pirate tunes but the environmental sounds as well, the crashing of waves, the creaking of your ship.... fantastic! My runners up were briefly considered because they both have wonderful soundtracks. Best Gaming Moment My Pick: The Last of Us Left Behind - The Kiss Runners Up: Titanfall - Calling in a Titan, Ground Zeroes - Rescuing Kojima Bit of a spoiler filled category eh? But mine has to easily be the Last of Us Left Behind, that DLC was amazing and that single moment just convey more emotion than most games do in their entirety. Titanfall was neat in the beta because the Mechs were pretty cool and rescuing Kojima was just plain awesome. Best Story Telling My Pick: The Last of Us Left Behind Runners Up: Child of Light, Wolf Among Us Last of Us again for obvious reasons, I shouldn't have to explain. Child of Light has really drawn me in and Wolf Among Us had a pretty cool story going on (Though admittedly I haven't finished it). Best Online Game My Pick: Realm Reborn Moving on. Best Handheld Game My Pick: Link Between Worlds Runners Up: Pokemon X & Y, Bravely Default Zelda is just so pure and fun, and is pretty much perfect in every way. Pokemon is fine, though I grew bored of it and didn't finish it and Bravely well.... I spent more time in the demo than the actual game but it really is quite good! Best Mobile Game My Pick: N/A I skipped because I don't play mobile games. I might've given it to Republique had they included it on this list. Gaming Platform of the Year My Pick: PS4 Runner Up: Vita, 3DS The PS4 has just had an EXPLOSIVE launch and the months thereafter. It's provided tons and tons of free games via PS Plus and is just about everything you would want from "next gen". the Handhelds have both really shone as well this past year having tons of really good exclusive games. Studio of the Year My Pick: Nintendo Runners Up: Media Molecule Nintendo has been KILLING it this year with first party games, no other studio can top them! Media Molecule gets an honourable mention though for having the highest average metacritic score for any studio. Innovation of the Year My Pick: Dualshock 4 Not really an innovation (all the choices suck) but I really do like the DS4, probably one of the best controllers ever (right up there with the 360 controller). Personality of the Year Let's see.... #girlwood, #gamergate, Some British guy, Dude that abandoned Day Z, Occulus Guy, Luftrausers Guy, YOSHIDA SAN, No, and....some other British guy? Yeah, YOSHIDA SAN wins this for me. My Pick: Shuhei Yoshida Game of the Year While MGSV Proper will probably get GOTY when it comes out, Ground Zeroes wasn't enough to warrant it being GOTY. So this title goes to Zelda for me! My Pick: Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds So now it's your turn! Go out and put in your votes (and enter to win an iPad Air!) and then report back here. Post away!
  2. You may all remember the wonderful gaming gem that was Revelations 2012. A deep and riveting game set during the Mayan apocalypse featuring fantastic 4-player co-op and was TOTALLY not shameless using another game's engine... REGARDLESS. After finishing the first game with several of my fellow GPers (905 and Pixel amongst a few others) we did what undoubtedly everyone who'd played the game had done. Asked ourselves if we would be graced with a sequel. And so, this tweet gave us a glimmer of hope. https://twitter.com/DarkArtzEnt/status/327866632720482305 You heard it here first folks. We may be getting a sequel to GOTY 2012. Oh, and here's some footage from Revelations.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Island-Game-Year-Online/dp/B008NAYASM/?t=slickdeals&tag=slickdeals&ascsubtag=8LKHIp0TEeK5lEI0s_I9Fgz9E1_W4hV3_0_0_0 *LIVE* PC Digital Download: Dead Island Game of the Year Edition $5 Source DVG *Starts 04/04/13* Looks like an $8 credit towards Dead Island Riptide might be added to sweeten the pot woot With the Dead Island Game of the Year Edition players get the chance to experience the full story behind the Banoi Zombie Outbreak. The GOTY includes Dead Island Maingame Bloodbath Arena DLC Ryder White DLC Blueprint "The Ripper" Weapon Get ready for your return to Dead Island, a paradise to die for!
  4. DarkCobra86

    Borderland GOTY $6 on GMG

    Great game, you must pick up the GOTY edition if you never played it and own a computer that can play the game. PC Digital Download: Borderlands Game of the Year Edition $6 Apply Code = GMG20-NT7TS-SY2RT Final Price $5.98 http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/shooter/borderlands-game-of-the-year-edition/
  5. Tribes: Ascend is a fast-paced futuristic shooter that came out of open beta in April of last year. The free-to-play game generated a lot of interest and currently has a fairly sized userbase. Hi-Rez Studios is hoping to get even more players into the game with the impending release of a GOTY edition. This is definitely not standard procedure for F2P games, but actually doesn't sound awful. You see, the Tribes: Ascend GOTY Edition unlocks every paid item currently in the game. That grants players access to some hundred weapons, twenty one perks, and all nine of the character classes. Basically, everything from the past ten expansions is available to GOTY purchases immediately. In this age of monteization, this seems like the next logical step. Tribes: Ascend GOTY Edition launches tomorrow and will be available on Steam, as it is only sold digitally. If you buy during launch then it is discounted to $30. However, those already paying a Tribes: Ascend VIP subscription can buy at the discount of $20.
  6. 2013 is a day away but it feels like I still have so much left to do in 2012, at least where gaming is concerned. I've probably played more new releases in 2012 than any other previous year in my life-as-a-gamer. That said, my played to finished ratio is terribly out of balance and there are quite a few games that would have likely made this list had I played them before writing this list (Journey, Tokyo Jungle etc). Still, it was a fantastic year to be a gamer and here are a few of my personal favorites of the year. 10.Retro City Rampage (PS Vita, PS3, PC) It's a bit of a love-hate relationship for me with Retro City Rampage. On one hand the retro-GTA feel of the game coupled with the plethora of old school in-jokes and references make this game a blast to play. On the other the story and missions feel a bit lackluster to me, and I fail to find any interest in them so far. Still, for a game that has been in development as long Duke Nukem Forever it definitely has more to show for it. 9. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS) Being a huge Fatal Frame fan, this was one of the first games I picked up for my shiny new 3DS. It's not a very good game all things considered but the niche Japanese horror style, and the use of AR, 3D and the 3DS's cameras make it a fun experience for fans of the genre. 8. XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3,360,PC) I'll be honest, I've never played an XCOM game in my life. I have no idea what they're about. But people were hyping this game up as one of the best strategy games of the year, and seeing as it's made by Firaxis, the studio behind Civilization (another favorite of mine), I decided to give it a whirl when it popped up for under $20. This game is a BLAST. It's got all the elements of a deep strategy game mixed with faster pacing and style of an action game. Naming your squad members also gives it an added layer of depth as losing squad-member "Kawaii Khorne" (Nationality: New Zealand) to the alien scourge is alot more engaging than losing Joe XCOM. A must play for strategy lovers. 7. Silent Hill Downpour (360, PS3) Despite not actually having finished Downpour, I can still safely add it to my list of "good Silent Hill games". The tone of the game feels right, the combat and gameplay is clunky (As it should be). The rain adds a new layer of environmental decore to the game. It's not a perfect game, but it's a great entry into the Silent Hill series. 6.Uncharted Golden Abyss (PS Vita) Here's a title that I personally haven't even started. The little bit I HAVE played of it was on a friends system. That said, it still manages to snag a spot on my list because it does what Sony promised Vita games would do, bring the console experience to us on the go. It's not a watered down version of Uncharted with less features, or a shorter campaign. It's a fully capable entry into the series, every bit as good as it's console brethen. That alone puts it on my list. 5. Binary Domain (360, PS3, PC) Originally I brushed this off as just another third person shooter set in the future. But after giving it more of a chance I came to love this game despite its faults. At it's core it IS just a third person shooter but on top of that it tells a great story and shows wonderfully deep interaction between it's characters. You eventually come to like everyone in your squad (Well, except for Big Bo) and that just makes the events and choices that much more personal. 4. Walking Dead (360, PS3, PC) Not too much to say about this that hasn't already been said. Another great action-adventure game from Tell Tale with a much more emotional story than seem in their light-hearted Sam and Max series. While I got a bit chuffed at the fact that your choices ultimately don't affect the overall direction of the story the fact of the matter is, the story is excellent and you don't see many of this quality in videogames very often. And speaking of choices... 3. Mass Effect 3 (PS3,360,PC) Lets just get it out of the way. The ending was garbage. Even after they "fixed" the ending it still wasn't what most Mass Effect fans envisioned as the finale of the space adventures of Commander Shepard. Still the preceding 30 hours of gameplay were great. And while the third installment of the Mass Effect franchise goes in a very scripted third person shooter direction, the story and characters that you've grown to love over 5 years and 3 games are all there. 2. Persona 4 The Golden (PS Vita) I've been meaning to play Persona 4 for years now, but never got around to doing so. The Golden has finally gotten me to make the jump. And I'm sure glad I did. This is by far one of the best RPG's I've ever played, and perfectly suited to Sony's handheld system. This may be the only Vita game I've played so far but it already has justified my $170 purchase. 1. Sleeping Dogs (PS3,360,PC) You all knew this was coming didn't you? Sleeping Dogs takes everything I love about Hong Kong action movies and puts it into videogame form. It's got an amazing line up of top notch voice actors, the story is extremely engrossing and the gameplay is some of the most fun I've had in an open world game since Saints Row the Third. The visuals are jaw dropping, especially on a high end PC and the soundtrack is a wonderful mix of Chinese pop songs. I only had a few quirks with the game, mainly regarding the accuracy of the city compared to Hong Kong itself, as I am very familiar with the Streets of Hong Kong. But I can forgive it that because it truly was my GAME OF THE YEAR.
  7. Cipher Peon

    My Top 5 Games Of 2012

    I look back at 2012 as one of the strangest years of gaming for me. I graduated high school and went to college, and although I have ridiculous amounts of free time, I spend almost none of it on gaming. Especially since I have to budget myself, the amount of new games I get have drastically decreased. But worry not, as my Top 5 games this year are still extremely fantastic titles that I'm simply dying to talk about. Without further ado... My Top 5 Games Of 2012! 5. Spec Ops: The Line Oh Spec Ops. I heard great things about you, and I knew what you were about even before I played you. But even though I knew every trick you had up your sleeve, nothing could stop you from impressing me. It's rare that I would play through a game immediately after I beat it, but Spec Ops delivers. With unforgettable characters, astonishing setpieces, and enthusiastic intelligence, the game does all it can to provide an extremely powerful narrative that simply blew me away. The really small details stuck with me, especially regarding how your main character behaves during gameplay during the later stages of the game. It's the small details that reward players who are paying attention that make the game shine brightly. I can see myself playing this game long after the other games on this list. It's simply that good. 4. Lone Survivor Wow. Just... wow. I'm a very vocal Silent Hill enthusiast, so this year has been... mixed to say the least. Silent Hill HD Collection ended up being a bad collection of 2 classics, and Downpour was simply just awful. I loved the two titles, but their flaws were incredibly apparent, and it bummed me out that the series had lost its way. Then I played Lone Survivor. If anything could rekindle my love for a Silent Hill game, it was a completely unrelated indie game whose very existence is a love letter from a dead spouse. The game oozed style and charm, and when 16 bit graphics are scaring you much more than Japanese horror films, then you know you're doing something right. The atmosphere was tense, the journey was incredible, and the gameplay is... addicting. That's kind of bizarre considering that it's a survival horror game, but I can't put it down. I look forward to seeing its impact on the horror industry. 3. Rock Band Blitz Ahhhh, the token Rock Band entry. This should surprise absolutely nobody. With incredible Facebook integration, great tracklist (it grew on me after a while), complete compatibility for all Rock Band songs, and a still updating goal system, the game is perfect for a quick solo session. And it doesn't hurt that I'm pretty good at the game. AND THIS GAME EXPORTS TO ROCK BAND 3! Just more reason to get this game, because it's an incredible value and it's just really really fun. Harmonix really is a fantastic developer, and I'm excited for their future. 2. Kid Icarus: Uprising The controversial entry on my list. For me, anyway. If you followed me on Twitter, you know how much I moan about my grievances with Kid Icarus: Uprising. Or rather grievance: it's completely stupid plot. What angers me about this game is that it tries so hard to have a great plot, and the fact that it fails so miserably upsets me, especially since everything else about this game is fantastic. I know people are down on the controls, but I personally found them incredibly natural WITHOUT the dumb stand. With addicting gameplay, incredibly fun multiplayer, and tons of content, Kid Icarus: Uprising is the absolute BEST game to get a 3DS with. It'll last you a ton of time, and it's actually good, unlike Super Mario 3D Land and Kingdom Hearts 3D (which are both very mediocre in my book). Also this game has Pyrrhon. That guy is awesome. And my Game Of The Year IS... ... ... ... Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward I can not tell you how much I thought this game was going to blow. I really enjoyed it's predecessor Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, and found it engaging all throughout except for the finale, which introduced psychic shenanigans that for me broke the realistic atmosphere the game tried so hard to make. Especially since I DETEST time travel stories (yes, I don't like Doctor Who), the curveball left a bad taste in my mouth. When it came time to play the sequel, I only had one request, to integrate the time space stuff throughout the story and have them weave into the exposition naturally. And did Virtue's Last Reward hit it out of the park. Although the To Be Continueds were detrimental to flow, the game handled my request beautifully. My other fear was that the original felt compact and definitive, so I thought a sequel would only try to make things BIGGER in order to outdo the original (ala Ghostbusters 2). With 24 endings (over the original's 6), fully voiced cast, 3D models, etc, I had good reason to fear this. And while the game is "sequely", the execution is done so well that I can't complain. And the twists, oh the twists blew my mind away in every conceivable level. When a game's story is keeping you up at 3 in the morning, you know something is done right. And this game is about the Prisoner's Dilemma. As someone who LOVES economics and is fascinated with game theory, this game's very core made my tremble with excitement. On the negative side, the cliffhanger ending was disappointing, and the save glitch (which I thankfully did not go through) and some of the puzzles can go die horribly. However, I left the game (which is about 3-4 times longer than the predecessor) with a huge smile on my face and sky high expectations for Zero Escape 3.
  8. 2012 has been a really strange year for me. Throughout the start and middle portions of this generation of gaming, I have been a big fan of playing everything possible. Any game that was said to be good or at least a triple-A title was on my radar. Even for genres I was not entirely fond of, if the game was good, I would get it. By now, though, that passion has dwindled and actually created a neat trend this year. Instead of playing much of any obvious big name games, I spent my time with indie titles. It seems this was the best choice as they have provided more fun than other, more famous franchises. With that said, here are my top five games of the year. Analogue: A Hate Story Official GP Review Those who have never played a visual novel will probably find this game quite a jarring experience. In it, you have boarded a space station which has been left floating in space. When there to collect data, you discover the stories of those who had lived there and things get pretty dramatic. Although it is text heavy, the stories told within are enthralling, depressing, and very much worth reading. FTL: Faster Than Light Official GP Review Roguelike-like is a genre which has made itself quite popular over the past year. Although these games typically aren“t up my alley, FTL immediately became an obsession. What is so cool about running a ship and all its components while fending off enemies? It must have something to do with how inherently simple the controls are that makes it easy... until you come across enemy ships far more adept than you are. From then on, all you ever want to do is prove you can explore longer and destroy everything in your path along the way. Katawa Shoujo Official GP Review How hard is it to convince someone to play Katawa Shoujo? Near its release, it was a fairly difficult obstacle. This is due to the fact that the game centers around the prospect of dating one of a handful of handicapped women. It sounds like the visual novel really must be quite awful in execution, but in fact it turned out to be one of the most heart-wrenching stories to be told in games this year. Silent Hill: Downpour Official GP Review Here is the one example of me really being into a game which had a load of money poured into it (as far as I know). The Silent Hill series has been angering fans for a while now, but it was with Downpour that I felt a developer outside of Team Silent had finally set upon a worthwhile new course for the series. It is different in many ways from the Silent Hill titles of years past, but it works. It was obvious that no one can ever replicate the originals so all we can do is move forward. Silent Hill: Downpour is that revitalized step forward. The Walking Dead Here is an example of an indie game which managed to rile up a whole load of people. Telltale has been creating an updated formula of adventure games for a while now but this is the first time it has played well with the mainstream. Maybe it's because it has to do with zombies, or the popularity of the TV show, but Telltale“s The Walking Dead is a great experiment with making adventure games accessible. Beyond that, it just has a great story and tough choices which are worth experiencing at least once.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    Nine New PS3 Ultimate Editions Available

    Ultimate Editions are something that Sony came up with earlier this year, but have not been adding to the library much since. Ultimate Editions are versions of popular games bundled with all their DLC. What makes this different from the multitudes of Game of the Year Edition sets and others? Basically, Ultimate Editions are available only as digital downloads via the PS Store. These are most useful for those who prefer digital, although prices may also be better at times. Here are the newest additions to the Ultimate Edition collection: Alice: Madness Returns Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed Revelations Deus Ex: Human Revolution Homefront Mass Effect 2 Red Faction Armageddon Saints Row 2 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Some of these games seem odd choices since they already have or will soon have bundled versions such as Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect 2. However, other choices such as Alice: Madness Returns are much less likely to get GOTY editions so they may be the best additions. The cheapest Ultimate Editions are $20 and include Homefront and Alice: Madness Returns. Assassin's Creed Revelations comes in at the most expensive with a $50 price tag. However, during launch week PS Plus owners get discounts on all of these titles. In the case of the expensive Revelations​, it gets discounted a full ten bucks to $40. These games will all be available on PSN tomorrow.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Batman: Arkham City Covers

    From the album: Marcus's Album