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Found 37 results

  1. Jonathan Higgins

    E3 2016 Hands-on: Song of the Deep

    2015 brought some of the best Metroid-likes ever created to enthusiasts like me. Axiom Verge still reigns as the new king of the genre, for me. Ori and the Blind Forest was pretty top-tier as well. Since this is a genre I'm extremely proficient with, I'm always looking for new contenders. Heart Forth Alicia is a recent game I“ve played that showed a lot of promise, and... so too, does Song of the Deep, from Insomniac Games. I could spend a while discussing why I think the term “Metroidvania” and even my often-used “Metroid-like” are a couple of bad labels -- because the first thing that comes to mind about Song of the Deep is how it“s not a game where causing destruction will solve problems. Before I even get into the story and art-style, I“m going to just say right from the onset that this game is not very “Metroid-like” at all, despite the obvious label attached. The submarine that“s piloted during the game is a fragile thing, not some ultra-destructive force. I have no doubt that, throughout the game, combat will become a slightly larger focus as the submarine gets more parts. But I still feel that exploration and story are more philosophically important than killing everything you see, like other parts of the “Metroid-like” canon. Song of the Deep tells the story of a little girl, Merryn, and her father. They live meager lives, but they“re happy. Merryn“s father would often tell her stories about creatures that lived in the sea through verses of song. One day, her father doesn“t return. And then she has a dream that a terrible fate had befallen him, and she heard him calling her name for help. That“s when she built a fragile submarine from pieces of scrap -- to help her find her father. And the rest... is in the mechanics. I think you“ll be doing more skillful navigating than intense bits of combat. I don“t think fighting“s the point (at least not initially), this time. Merryn's journey already breaks one conventional rule of the “Metroid-like”... there“s no jumping. I think this is the first game in the genre I“ve heard of where 100% of it will probably be spent underwater, where gravity and jumping height are never a concern. Within minutes of gaining control of the submarine, I saw the bits and pieces of where the developers got their inspirations from. You can expect currents, pesky enemies to electrify you, multiple checkpoints to make any journey more bearable, and multiple difficulty levels to make the journey more (or less) possible. There was a much greater emphasis placed on grabbing and moving various objects to solve puzzles and gain items than there was on combat. Enemies were there, and they were tricky at times, but they weren“t numerous. And it“s not like you could shoot them up at first, anyway. Much of the first leg of the game that I played during the demo involves the use of a claw you get at a certain point. The claw can grab objects, destroy walls that are heavy enough, and defeat enemies with enough persistence. Puzzle-solving was intuitive, not too cumbersome and back-tracky. It“s all going to feel right at home to someone who“s played many a game like this one. The thing that sets Insomniac Games“ latest effort apart is its presentation and soundtrack. This is definitely going to be a tale full of child-like wonder, under the sea. I“ll embed the debut trailer below so you can see for yourself. But suffice to say: I“ve played many a Metroid-like in my time here on the site. Song of the Deep breaks enough conventional rules even with its basic concept, for me to say “consider giving this one the time of day”. You won“t have to wait much longer to do so, if you“re interested. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on July 12th. If you want a physical version, you can grab one via GameStop -- the retailer who“s actually publishing the game. Otherwise, the game will be available digitally as well. We“ll offer more information and further thoughts as that July 12th date gets nearer.
  2. News of the Third Wave amiibos broke from Japan yesterday; that much we already knew. But if the whole scare about save data on the figures didn“t get people talking yesterday, I“m certain this bit of news will. Keep an eye out for something we didn“t already know in this latest advertisement from Nintendo of America about the Third Wave amiibos: In case you didn“t catch it: “Certain retail partners will release [various] amiibos as exclusive figures. So stay tuned for details.” What does this mean? If Xenoblade Chronicles being released exclusively through Gamestop is any indication, I“ll bet Shulk“s amiibo will be released exclusively through them, and nowhere else. Oh. Wait. Looks like it“s already confirmed. Is anyone upset by the news of amiibo-exclusivity? Will this help or hurt Nintendo“s mass market appeal in the long-run?
  3. If you're a Monster Hunter fan, then you'll definitely want this fantastic collector's edition for Monster Hunter 4 announced for North America. Here is what is included: 3.5" translucent Gore Magala figure (design not final) Felyne (wearing Gore Magala armor) pin Monster icon lanyard Microfiber cleaning cloth (design not final) Supply item box packaging A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS The collector's edition costs $60 and can be pre-ordered at GameStop (information on other participating retailers is coming soon). Capcom says quantites are limited, so pre-order as soon as possible if you're planning on purchasing it! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be available for 3DS in early 2015. Source: Capcom-Unity
  4. The release date for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is drawing near. In the mean time, you can visit your local GameStop in order to receive two special Pokémon for X and Y! A shiny Gengar holding a Gengarite Mega Stone will be the first Pokémon to be distributed. With the Gengarite Mega Stone, you'll be able to use a pretty shiny Mega Gengar in battle! The code card for this Pokémon will be available between October 13 and October 26. Immediately afterwards, a code card for Diancie will be available from October 27 until November 16. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will include the Diancite Mega Stone, so you will have to transfer your Diancie to those games if you wish to Mega Evolve it in battle. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be available for 3DS on November 21. Source: The Official Pokémon Website
  5. GameStop is no stranger to offering exlusive DLC pre-order bonuses for big games when you buy from their store, but according to Venturebeat, they may be gearing up even more to fight back against the eventual takeover of digital distribution. An analyst from R.W. Baird revealed that the video game retailer had recently sat down with the investment company and mentioned that they wanted to partner with developers and publishers to offer more ways to provide value to their pre-order games. Due to this, GameStop is looking to get involved in the development process with developers to help create what would be exclusive content for big name titles that would only be available to those who pre-order from their store. Venture Beat confirmed with the company that this is actually their plan and vision, but there's no word on when we can expect to see this happen with new releases just yet. Exclusive content that could include new modes, characters, and even new levels could be a big disruption for the retail world, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more retail chains (such as Walmart) eventually follow suit. For the time being, however, it seems you can expect to see minor exclusives like DLC costumes and such as pre-order incentives, but come next year it may be a whole new ballgame. Source: Venturebeat Photo Source: Thedroidguy.com What do you think of GameStop attempting to get involved in the development process of games for more exclusive content?
  6. Vocaloid fans probably already have the upcoming Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F game pre-ordered at their favorite retailers but may need to change their plans if they want to snag some exclusive DLC. Those who pre-order Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F from GameStop get a couple of digital goods. First, there is a custom PS3 theme which comes with 10 Hatsune Miku backgrounds. You also get two snow Miku 2013 outfits in game. Sure, these digital goods might not be a big deal to you, but there are definitely Miku fans out there dying to deck their system out with official themes. When should you order by? Well, just get a pre-order squared away some time before launch. Project Diva F will land on PS3 on October 27th. The game is also to be sold at a slight discount of $50 as opposed to the more standard $60 new game pricing.
  7. Pikmin 3 comes out in less than a month, but if you live near select GameStops, you just might have the chance to try it out and even download it on your Wii U a day before it officially launches! There are two days to try an in-store demo of Pikmin 3: July 20th and July 21st (click on either date to find a store near you that will be hosting the event). If you pre-order the downloadable version of Pikmin 3 during this event, you will be able to download the game a day before it launches on August 4th! If you need more details, Reggie Fils-Aime has them for you in the video below. http://youtu.be/AFynjjTEKLw
  8. Marcus Estrada

    GameStop to Stop Taking PS2 Trade-Ins This Summer

    Many may dislike GameStop, but it doesn't change the fact that the store is the leading name for video game trade-ins. After enough years, they cannot continue to support every system though, which is why the GameBoy Advance, Xbox, and GameCube have been phased out of the store in the past few years. Of that era, only PS2 continued to be available in some locations. Coming June 1st, trade-ins will no longer be accepted for the system. Whether it's games, systems, or peripherals, you won't be able to go there to sell them. As a result, store locations are going to have their PS2 sections dwindle until nearly nothing is left. From there, minimal stock shall be shipped either to one central store location or back to a warehouse to be available online. If you've shopped for PS2 games lately in GameStop then you were probably already aware of this change coming. Stores have lessened PS2 shelf space to a minimum, if they even have it. Those who want to sell their PS2 games should either hurry to GameStop to get a few pennies for them or look toward another option.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    GameStop Expo 2013 Pegged for August

    These days it seems that gamers are spoiled for conventions, at least if they're anywhere near some metropolitan area. PAX Prime, PAX East, EVO, Indiecade, and others such as Comic-Con are enjoyed by fans and industry alike. GameStop Expo is a relatively new name to the game as they hosted their first convention only last year. Still, they are able to reel in big companies thanks to their brand. This is a tradeshow which happens to have open admittance to pretty much anyone. According to Troy Bartel, president of GameStop, there will be 80 developers, publishers, and vendors present this year. The highlight of the event is that the PlayStation 4 is going to be showcased, which is a system that would otherwise be relegated to press-only events such as E3. If you're interested in checking it out, then hopefully you live in or near Nevada. GameStop Expo 2013 is heading to Las Vegas on August 28th at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Those with a PowerUp Rewards membership can apply their points toward an admission ticket (which otherwise costs $35).
  10. Gaming retailer mega-giant GameStop have recently released their sales and earnings report for the fiscal year 2012, and... well, the company seems to be struggling a bit. The report shows a net loss of $269 million, despite the corporation making a profit of $8 billion during the year. What's the reasoning behind this? It's a little hard to tell, but this tidbit from the report might shed some light: "New hardware, new software and pre-owned sales each declined year-over-year primarily due to the effect of the longevity of the current console cycle." It makes sense, especially with CEO Paul Raines' comments for the upcoming year: “As we look towards the start of the new console cycle, our industry market model indicates a return to growth with the launch of new game systems. GameStop is strong, healthy and ready to lead the industry and its customers into the next phase of gaming.†Will GameStop bounce back from this hit? While it seems likely, only time will really tell. Source: GameStop Do you think GameStop will be okay after this sizeable loss?
  11. There's been a lot of discussion these last few weeks about how next gen consoles might have security checks in place that make it impossible to play a game on more than one console. By the way different publishers and company executives are talking, it just might become a reality. But I'm here to say it can't. At least, if the company wants to survive this generation, it can't. Anyone who attempts to block the sales of used games or the ability to play their games on multiple consoles will not last long for a number of reasons that I'm about to explain below. Before we begin, let's discuss what we've heard so far from the front lines of the next generation. On the Xbox side of things we've had Ian Livingstone from Eidos mentioning that the next Xbox could have always online DRM and no used game blocks on their discs. This is to be taken with a grain of salt due to it not coming directly from Microsoft, but we'll see. On the Sony side of things, its all still a bit muddled. They've said its an important issue and that they'll do the right thing, but they've also said it won't block used games and it'll be up to the different publishers if they wanted to block them or not. I'm worried that they don't have a straight answer, but hopefully that means they just don't know yet. Now onto why having no used games would be disastrous for anyone who thinks they can get away with it. We'll start with the retail side of things. You might not want to admit it, but Gamestop is a pretty big deal. It's the main place where all the kids buy their Call of Dutys and Pac-Mans, and it is also a business that exists thanks to used sales. If Sony and Microsoft cut out any of the places that make their money off of used sales, they're also cutting off their most used retail markets. When you see a midnight sale for Call of Duty - it isn't at a Walmart; it's at Gamestop. And those Gamestops are practically everywhere. Cutting them out of the deal would be like studios cutting out DVD sales and exclusively dealing in Blu-ray. Sure, they don't have to deal with an older dying technology, but now they're missing out on the millions they would have made if they had just accepted that people still use DVDs. Gamestop is the DVD in this situation. If you get rid of Gamestop, you might be getting rid of used games, but you're also getting rid of the place where most casual gamers get their games. While not a death blow for the console giants, it would take a cut out of their oh-so-important casual market. But odds are if just one console does do away with used sales, Gamestop won't die. They'll just stop stocking that system's games or severely cut down on its stock of them. Look at the PC section in your Gamestop (assuming it even has a PC section). They don't get used sales from PC games, so they just don't stock them. Imagine what kind of damage could be dealt if the PS4 shelf was just as small as the PC shelf at launch. To be fair, what I just described is more or less the doomsday scenario, and rather unlikely to happen. That doesn't mean it can't happen, but I would be surprised if things really got that bad next generation. What is more likely to happen, however, is a death by their own consumer. While losing the casual support of Gamestop would be a pretty bad deal, losing the support of the more hardcore crowd would be even worse. We've seen it before. Companies have used stupid practices to make it harder to pirate their games, only to see sales drop because actual customers were the only ones being negatively effected by the hurdles beings placed in front of all of their games. To make things worse, if only one console blocks used games or things end up being on a company to company basis, then those locked games will be on the shelves alongside games that won't lock you out. Which one are you more likely to give your money to? The one that makes things harder for you, or the one that you're free to play on any console? People will just stop buying the games that can't be played on multiple consoles. Why should they be locked while others aren't? The answer is they shouldn't be locked in the first place. If you lock your disc then you're locking out your consumers. You lock out your consumers and they'll stop buying your games. They stop buying your games and you die. The end.
  12. Jared

    shelf Of games

  13. Marcus Estrada

    Ouya Coming to Non-Dev Backers Soon

    At the very end of the year, certain Ouya backers began receviing their system. The highly-successful Kickstarter project had a great deal of tiers and included some which shipped consoles out sooner than others. Those more expensive developer-intended tiers helped many get their hands on the device early which has allowed for game development before standard release. If you backed the system for cheaper then you are part of the standard crowd. This massive group of customers now have only a month to wait for their own Ouya. The systems are set to ship out on March 28th. Although it may have been hard waiting three months for a system, every Kickstarter participant is still getting it before launch. Ouya has an official launch month of June, after all. If you were unable to get in on the campaign while it was live, there are still many ways to secure yourself a system. First, the official website is still taking pre-orders. Consoles are also available officially through Amazon. Those who just want to walk into a store and grab and Ouya will have that option too as it will be available in BestBuy, GameStop, and Target.
  14. Marcus Estrada

    GameStop Gearing Up to Close 250 Stores

    It was being rumored for a bit, but today there is finally confirmation that GameStop is scaling back their operation. This was announced during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference by CFO Rob Lloyd. However, it's not over for the retailer just yet, who is still set to open other stores as well. Which stores will be getting the ax? Of 250, 200 will be within the US. The other ones will be outside of our market. GameStop stores that are unprofitable, as well as those only making small profits, are being taken down. These most often are in areas where there are already other GameStops nearby. This is certainly an issue with the company's over-excitedness to expand over the past few years. Although a large amount of stores are being closed, the company will attempt to recoup itself by opening up more in other locations. Around 60 new stores will be opened across the nation. Then, they also will contend with the 40 or so stores they gained from GAME in Europe.
  15. There are more and more retailers which have begun dealing in reselling used games, but GameStop is the leader of that pack. As it stands, they manage to make half their profit off of used games, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever traded in a game there. As such, all the rumors swirling around Sony and Microsoft's latest consoles have got them talking. In an e-mail to Bloomberg, GameStop spokesman Matt Hodges shared his company's opinions on what anti-used consoles would result in: “We know the desire to purchase a next-generation console would be significantly diminished if new consoles were to prohibit playing pre-owned games, limit portability or not play new physical games.” Regardless of how you feel about GameStop and their practices, they do not believe that either console will block access to used games. They also are of the opinion that the majority of gamers still want to be able to buy used. If it turns out that GameStop is wrong then they'll need to work very hard to find a new stream of revenue. When yesterday's Xbox rumors broke, their stock dropped 6%. It would go much lower if any of these rumors turn out to actually be true. Would you be less interested in buying the upcoming Xbox or PlayStation systems if they blocked access to used games?
  16. http://playstationgang.com/about-500-gamestop-stores-going-out-of-business/ I found an article talking about how Gamestop had a bad fiscal year. There's a lot of excuses, I'm sure, but it boils down to this: Gamestop's going to have to close some of their doors. 500 stores nationwide, to be exact. Unfortunately, the post above doesn't really have links or anything officially from Gamestop, so I'm not sure how true the numbers are. If anyone knows for sure, I'd be happy for you to confirm it. This kind of thing is often taken from a letter to stockholders for the company, so that's where I assume the info comes from. Lack of links aside, what does everyone think? I'm honestly a little glad about this... the way Gamestop treats their customers and employees alike is far from top-notch, and companies like that need to be taken down a peg. Then again, 500 stores might not be THAT big of a loss, but a loss is a loss ;D
  17. It's Meloetta's time to shine! For a limited time, this legendary will be available as a GameStop-exclusive download starting March 4th (and March 9th for Canada at EB Games). Meloetta can be downloaded onto copies of Black Version, White Version, Black Version 2, and White Version 2. Meloetta in its Aria form is Normal/Psychic, and Normal/Fighting in its Pirouette form. There is no known end date to this special distribution as of yet. Will you be downloading Meloetta to your game(s)?
  18. Say it isn't so! The very recently announced Post Pandemic Edition for the hotly anticipated video game The Last Of Us has already been listed as out of stock on the Gamestop website. Considering the price its pretty surprising, isn't it? It might be hard to believe, but if you were to go to the Gamestop website right now in the hopes of preordering the game you would be met with a nice little grey "not available" button. Not all hope is lost yet though. There's always the chance it could go back into stock in the months leading up to the game's release, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that happening considering the similar Dead Or Alive 5 Gamestop Collector's Edition suffered the same preorder shortage as The Last of Us and never came back. If you want a chance at getting a copy of this seemingly rare collector's edition then there is only one option currently available to you, instore preordering. And even then that isn't a guarantee and those could be cut off at any time as well. If you're hoping to snag a copy then you might want to hurry up. You can view the out of stock Gamestop page below. The Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition
  19. Looks like upcoming Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us, is not getting just one special edition, but two! Let's see what's included in these two different packages. The Survival Edition, which will retail for $80, comes with the following: Steelbook edition of the game 170+ page hardcover artbook by Dark Horse Issue #1 of The Last of Us - American Dreams comic Sights & Sounds DLC Pack (game soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie) Naughty Dog sticker sheet The Art of The Last of Us will also have a standalone release that will retail for $40. The Post-Pandemic Edition, which will retail for $160 and is GameStop-exclusive, comes with the following: Steelbook edition of the game 12" statue of Joel and Ellie Issue #1 of The Last of Us - American Dreams comic Sights & Sounds DLC Pack (game soundtrack, PS3 dynamic theme, PSN avatars: Winter Joel & Ellie) Survival DLC Pack (multiplayer bonuses: bonus XP, melee booster, in-game currency, customizable character items), bonus Joel and Ellie skins) Naughty Dog sticker sheet Get ready for The Last of Us when it comes out on May 7th! Will you be getting the Survival Edition or Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us? Or just a standalone copy?
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Pink 3DS XLs are Coming Soon

    What better way to celebrate this consumer-driven month than with another new 3DS color? Specifically, the 3DS XL is getting a color which many will be excited about. It is the much-anticipated pink (and white) version! Although this system has been seen before briefly on a no-name shopping site, it is now officially heading to the US. This news comes thanks to GameStop's latest ad, which features the system prominently. It is only noted as "coming soon", but that soon probably means before Christmas and New Year (or even this Sunday). Also of note for pink fans, GameStop has also called this a limited edition color. Whether or not that turns out to be the case though is currently unknown. If you do decide to go through GameStop to get your pink on, then at least they're offering a promotion with it. However, it might not be the most exciting bunch of titles. You get your choice of one of the three Nintendogs + Cats games and a copy of Steel Diver.
  21. We've all gotten used to the fact that today's special editions aren't actually rare. Almost every one you'll ever see has been mass produced to death. Surprisingly enough, that might not be the case with the Dead or Alive 5 Collector's Edition. Its just been listed as officially out of stock. At least for the Xbox 360 version so far. If you were to go to the American Gamestop website, you would find that the 360 version is currently out of stock. The same thing is true if you were to look on the Canadian EB Games website. Both are completely sold out. While the PS3 version is still available to preorder, postings on the gamefaqs and DOA World forums have stated that people have been turned away at the door when they tried to make their preorders in their respective stores. There's no word on if this is a nationwide occurrence or if either the Gamestop or EB Games websites will remain out of stock, but if you're considering buying it for the PS3 you should probably make your choice soon.
  22. Marcus Estrada

    Still Need a Wii U? GameStop Has a Wait List

    Just last week Nintendo finally shared the information we had all been waiting for about the Wii U. Two prices were announced as well as a launch date on November 18th. After that, it only took until the next few days for practically every big retailer to stop taking preorders on the system. GameStop in particular was the first to declare the Deluxe Set was sold out. A week after that announcement, GameStop has started up a Wii U Wait List. If you're a PowerUp Rewards member then you can give it a shot. You may be either a Pro or Free member and all that's required is that you visit a participating store and ask to be put on it. There's no deposit requirement or limit, and in fact won't even be allowed to put one down. All this list is for a small feeling of security that you are promised a Wii U system at some point. When? As this is just a simple wait list you're really not going to be privy to any information. There's no way to know what number you are on the list or when exactly your system will arrive. Currently GameStop is even saying they can't promise that a system will be guaranteed to wait list individuals before the holidays are over. At the very least, they have said they will give monthly updates through email but didn't offer more detail. Once your system is available you have only 48 hours to pick it up or miss out. Would you be willing to get on a wait list for the Wii U?