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Found 22 results

  1. With E3 coming nearing under a month, we all wonder what to expect and what surprises will come to us. Who's going to have a good conference, average, worst, best. etc. Anything can happen. What are your predictions of what you like to see and what rumors you've heard that might show up at this year's biggest gaming event. _________________________________________________________________________________ Here are some of my thoughts/predictions: I think Square-Enix will show plenty of development footage of Kingdom Hearts and FFVII Remake and I don't expect a release date this year and possibly release late next year or 2018. Sony will definitely show more of the VR stuff, PSNeo, Price Drop, and more gameplay footage from the developed games that will be released this year. If they want to wow us they'd have to make an awesome announcement like getting the Crash Bandicoot rights back and announcing a PS4. I expect a Shenmue III trailer at the end of Sony's conference as surprise or somehwere along the show. Another surprise is teaser to Last of Us 2 I heard that Nintendo isn't doing a conference? Not sure though, but NX isn't showing up this year and the new Zelda game is their main focus. Other than that most of their showing is at their digital event Microsoft doesn't feel like they have much to show, but I think their biggest game to reveal is Gears of War 4. They did show their VR stuff last year and I guess they could show more and possibly a release date. I am definitely looking forward to Kojima's next game since he has his own studio working with Sony and with Norman Reedus I think. There's a lot more to say, but I don't want hog all the info lol. So what are you guys thoughts and predictions?
  2. TKtheknight

    The Cheap Deals Thread

    We all share gaming deals on this site and I thought hey what about sharing deals besides gaming. Share anything you find like electronics, food, clothing, or whatever deals that are worth looking up to share with everyone and hope to save a lot of money. Everyone likes to save money and find the best deals possible. Thought this thread could be used to find great cheap deals. Anyways I'll start off. I was reading an article about a $37.99 Tablet and the guy shared his experience and thoughts about it. I already have a tablet I got for free from school a year ago and thought if any of you need a tablet thought I'd share this deal. Might be a good deal for that price and I usually just use my tablet to watch streaming on Crunchyroll, Youtube, Twitter, and few games so nothing too fancy to buy an expensive tablet. You can buy it here
  3. Game Podunk Community E3 Prediction and Discussion Thread That time of year is almost upon us, this year is looking to be chock full of announcements and reveals. Post your predictions and thoughts here! Schedule I'll keep a running list of predictions here if you guys want to compete and see who can get the most correct! GO~ Sony Microsoft Nintendo EA Ubisoft Activision Capcom PREDICTIONS TK -The Last Guardian finally making an appearance (dreams will never die dang it!) -There's bound to be a knight game or a game that has a knight character or knight class -Half Life 3 (unlikely, but surprises can happen at any moment) -Kingdom Hearts 3 previews, footage, trailer, etc. -Final Fantasy XV stuff -Star Ocean V -barrel posting stuff about JRPG games -Jason covering Nintendo -Venom adores Ratchet and Clank -Laddie's favorite moment is gonna be something about Uncharted 4 or Tomb Raider -Chris and Jonathan's bet on Twitter -Jordan is gonna have another amiibo E3 giveaway special -Royzoga excited for a fightning game that could be announced -Super Smash Wii U Character DLC reveal -Splatoon announcements like new maps, weapons, events, etc. More modes please! -I could go on, but want to let others predict as well. . . Ciel will be drunk about a game that excites him and gets hyped. -Ubisoft's conference is gonna be funny with Aisha. mr.me -The Last Guardian gets a release date and gameplay footage -Metroid U -Paper Mario U -New platformer from Sucker Punch(possibly Sly 5) -LA Noire 2 -Quantic Dream's new game -Eternal Darkness U -The return of Kevin Butler Khorne -Dubstep Jared -Project Morpheus gets a price announcement, Sony will go cheap with it in an attempt to get a better foothold on the market. $200/$250 is what I'm guessing. -The Last Guardian will appear because it has to. Everyone who disagrees can shut up and stop trying to kill my dreams! Surprise in the trailer will be Project Morpheus support. No idea how it would work, but that's just a crazy prediction. -The ruse cruise pulls into port, Kojima reveals that he's still developing Silent Hills/PT. A new portion of PT is released for free on the playstation store.
  4. TKtheknight

    3000th Post Giveaway

    Hey everyone it's been 3 years since I've joined Game Podunk and I thought for my 3000th post I've decided to have a giveaway for you guys. You guys have been awesome and took care of me when I needed it the most. Lended me your hands for guidance. We've been through ups and downs and provided each other comfort. It's been a great ride so far and hope to keep that momentum going. This is actually the first giveaway I've ever done so I wanted to make it special for you guys. Feel free to ask any questions and comment. Game Podunk is the home for the gamers. I hope to stay in this home as long as I can. Follow: @TKtheknight RT or Tweet whichever you like: https://twitter.com/TKtheknight/status/576445000742871040 *Remember to post your entries. More entries and more chances to win. Entries Ludo-2x Jason-2x Cobra-3x Venom-2x Marcus-2x Liz-3x Kezins-3x mr.me-3x Shin-3x barrel-1x
  5. Too many games.....too little time..... My plans could always change but for now, my goals are to finish up with the following games in the next few weeks. Madden 15 - I'm mostly playing in an online franchise with my high school buddy. We're getting close to the end of our second regular season. We were both eliminated in the first round of the playoffs our first year. I'm coaching the Buffalo Bills with John Madden using Carr as my QB. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Played about an hour and a half last night with TK & company. The game is outdated but I like it enpugh to keep going. Lol Natural Doctrine - I've played a couple hours of it and enjoy the game so far. Hoping I can get pretty deep into it soon. Mass Effect 2 - Doing my second playthrough but on the PS3 this time. I'm probably going to do my 3rd playthrough of the first game as well. Those four are definitely enough to gouge into my precious free time in the next month or so. If anyone is interested in playing some Madden, ND or D&D, definitely HMU. I haven't played enough Natural Doctrine to have a solid opinion but I do like it so far. The washed out colors and funky camera angles are my main complaint at the moment. Some people have complained about too much information being on the screen at once but I actually love that aspect.
  6. I'm bored out of my mind and thought of a nice discussion topic for the community. There are many great games that received little hype promoting and turned out to be awesome gems. In my mind there are plenty of games that had that. I'll start off the bat. Valkyria Chronicles is a game that I really enjoyed and loved when I first got my PS3. I remember hearing nothing much about it and didn't get hyped or promoted enough. This was one of the best tactical games I've ever played on the PS3. How about you? What games you've played turned out to be awesome that wasn't hyped?
  7. Intersting to hear that Capcom is available for purchase. Hmm Read more here What do you guys think? Who should buy Capcom? I really think NIntendo should take a chance and buy them. I mean Capcom's games on Nintendo's handheld and console has been a huge hit. Since Mega Man is on Smash, It would be awesome to see Nintendo bring him back for his own game again.
  8. sookielioncourt

    Review: HonorBound

    Developer: JuiceBox Games Publisher: JuiceBox Games Platform: iOS and Android Release Date: February 2014 Rated: 4+ HonorBound boasts elements that a role-playing game (RPG) must exhibit: a turn-based gameplay, character modification, progressive levels, and orchestral visuals, and scoring. Players are tasked to choose their heroes to send in the battlefield, to bring stability to a land of chaos. Similar to Monster Legacy that we“ve previously featured, HonorBound employs a Pokemon-style mechanism, as you beat monsters and turn them into playable heroes. Below is our comprehensive review of this mobile game. Gameplay The goal is to create and lead a squadron of warriors to save a fantasy world dominated by witches and zombies. You will need to choose one character from five elemental heroes. As the game progresses, you need to bank on your strategy to form the rest of your squad. In completing your team, there“s an option for summoning the forces of good, including a wizard or an archer, which can be done using your initial allotment of treasure. Starting the game becomes a breeze, with the ability to collect player points and potions to use in battles later on. But, if you“re saving these for more important actions, you can recruit your party from the battlefield, by weakening your enemies and slowly recruiting them to your team. You can buy new gears, educate them on spell casting, and even combine two heroes to conjure a superior one. Upgrading player ranks Away to level up your characters is to battle them out -- the more difficult the battle is, the higher the chance of getting experience points. Write Party said you can earn more points from a player VS player (PVP) battle, as opposed to a player VS enemy (PVE) one. If you recruited a new hero, the best way to increase their statistics is to take them into an easier level, before proceeding to a more challenging one. In the commander“s case, there“s no need to battle to increase stats. There“s a plus sign located next to the rank category, which spends embers to upgrade when tapped. Ritual 2 and Ritual 3 You can evolve your cards upon reaching Ritual 2. There“s a star ranking, indicating if your cards have fully increased its stats, which can be anywhere between 1-4. If your Warrior Rank has one gold star and three gray ones, it means it can still evolve three times more. Meanwhile, reaching Ritual 3 allows you to fortify your gaming cards. In the middle of a battle, you can pick one gaining card and some sacrifice cards. Take note that the gaining card will yield large amounts of experience. This comes in handy when dealing with tougher enemies and battles. Graphics and sounds In terms of graphics, JNM Tech gives it an 8/10, saying it boasts of flash animations and cartoon-styled worlds and characters. “Menu items look smooth with no glaringly obvious blocky textures,†the article said. These graphics are best exhibited by an iDevice such as the iPhone 5S, which comes with a Retina display that takes care of loading periods and response time. Meanwhile, the graphics are complimented by an overlay of orchestral musical scoring, reminiscent of an old school RPG game. This is best experienced with a handset with a cutting-edge sound technology and graphic prowess like the HTC One M8. It“s one of the latest HTC smartphones that has a revamped BoomSound, as confirmed by O2, which delivers a powerful sound experience without causing distortion. Inside the battles PocketGamer said that the pitfalls are found in the game“s design choices. If you“re not in a battle, you basically just wander in search for treasure. The environments have a claustrophobic element, wherein a battle can be triggered by just a simple interaction with your opponent. Lastly, each step costs energy. When you ran out of them, you either wait for it to be recharged or purchase for energy. PocketGamer said there are certain areas you need to traverse, which are over your maximum number of energy. Conclusion: Overall, HonorBound is an addicting RPG game, appropriate for all players with varied skill sets. The combat provides enough room for players to exercise their freedom in creating their own tactics. What do you like about this four-month-old RPG game?
  9. DarkCobra86

    4 free games on Desura

    http://www.desura.com/groups/desura/news/freedom-friday-nov-15? [unnamed], Amazing Paulsonothon, Stack Overload and Polarium
  10. I don't know how familiar you are with the term "Anti-Aliasing" but you experience it whenever you play a game. Basically, Anti-Aliasing is a technique used to smooth "jaggies" in 3D games. This is very apparent when going from early 3D games on the N64 and even up to the PS2 era where there was little, if any, anti-aliasing in effect. This past generation saw it starting to be used on consoles, though the lack of it in certain areas is still very apparent. Enter, the PC master race. While console games are constrained by the limitations of their hardware, PC games can be tweaked and forced into using several types of anti-aliasing. I won't go into the specifics of the various types and how they work, but needless to say, the difference is immediate. This little blog post spawned out of me playing a few rounds of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) and becoming frustrated as to why the cars looked so terrible despite running at 3200x1800 resolution with maximum settings. Depending on your GPU, you can use different programs to achieve the same result and in this case I used Nvidia Inspector which allowed me to directly hack into the games graphics profile and increase the amount of anti-aliasing exponentially. Below are the comparisons. Without With And here's a close up of the hood of the car and the roof, can you tell which side is which? And that's all for now! I'm always messing around with graphical tweaks and such so there will definitely be more where that came from (or more pictures in the game screenshot thread) Here are some bonus shots!
  11. So since the start of Summer, I've been playing a lot of games to beat as much from the backlog. It's a very hard thing to do as a gamer since it requires a lot of motivation, heart, and time management to get through them. Beating 11 in the last week of May through the entire month of June surprised me a bit as I've never beaten so much in that time span. I keep thinking man how the heck did I do this?! Going on a gaming rampage got me very exhausted and realized time flew by pretty fast. So far this month of July I've beaten 7 games with Ni no Kuni being the 7th one. With a few weeks left this month, I might possibly pull another game or two beaten to make it 8 or 9. Honestly I have no idea how I'm able to conquer a bunch of backlog of games, but If I can do this so can you. Hopefully I can inspire to kick the backlog's arse. It will take forever, but hey believe in me. Believe in the TK that believes in you! Hopefully I can inspire you guys to take on the backlog challenge and slay those games. Anyways I'm curious to see what's the most games you have beaten in a month. Does it take more than a month for you to beat a game? How motivated are you? With summer being over next month, I can tell my gaming will decrease due to school and stuff so I'm going to beat as much games as I can.
  12. <my 2¢> I've been gaming for enough years to transition through several stages in my life where I have varying time available or vacillating interest in particular game genres. Old school JRPGs were my go to games in periods of my life with ample time. Devoting 60+ hours per RPG game was the price of admission and grinding through some levels was just how it was. The grind was unavoidable but I had the time and enjoyed the journey as well as the destination. More recently, I can squeeze in a few hours in between work, parenting, and social life, but picking up a 60+hr title can occupy close to two months of gaming for me. Consequently, I find myself drawn to closed worlds or linear tracks where I know I'll come out of a 15 hour experience having experienced the story and a fair quantity of game play. In the context of a game I purchase for a fixed price it seems to me we're at a stage in game development where the player should have the freedom to avoid grinding or skip all fetch quests and not be hindered in advancing through the game. Multi-player games presumably should start with a level playing field, but even there we've seen double XP bonuses and myriad of "pay-to-win" (or at least "pay-to-save-time") mechanisms where for some cash, you can save time and advanced more quickly. These mechanisms and many more within the creative vision of developers I think would broaden the fan base of many games by letting is control or scale some of the aspects of games. The rate experience is earned, gore level, AI tenacity, quantity/quality of loot dropped, travel speed, random encounter rate, and countless other game variables could all be sliders at the users control so we can scale aspects of the experience to suit our individual interests closer. Game statistics could even be captured showing the modifications people most preferred using and can be taken into account for future games. Naturally, the defaults would be the game as the developers originally envisioned, and I'd be fine with turning all/some of the trophies/achievements off for games once you start messing with some game systems. The long story in short is that I think we're at a development stage where allowing the user to scale aspects of the game would not be very difficult to implement and may open or enhance the experience for many gamers. I, for one, could go from 2-3 RPGs a year to 6-7. And, in games that aren't really resonating with me, rather then shelving them, I could tear through them and be part of the conversation at least and maybe contribute to the game's buzz. I'm sure some of these ideas have been implemented on smaller scale in PC gaming, and I don't want to come off like an entitled gamer, but rather, this is an easy means by which the gaming industry as a whole will get more of my money. Everybody wins :-) Cheers! </my 2¢>
  13. http://getloadedgo.com/ Mafia II Darksiders II Spec Ops: The Line Serious Sam 3: BFE Batman Arkham City Deus Ex: Human Revolution Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Civilization V Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Just Cause 2 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition Dirt 2 Quantum Conundru Pick two for $10 This offer will only last for 72 hours.
  14. It ain't easy buying video games these days. With home console games costing around $60 at retail, just buying two will cost you well over a hundred buckaroos. And last time I checked, $100+ isn't all that easy to spare for a lot of people. At least, I can rarely spare that much these days... Things get even crazier when you think about how much you'd be spending for, say, 10 home console games. That's over $600 at retail! And let's not forget that the next generation of consoles has begun, with the Wii U already out and the PS4, and possibly the next Xbox, being released by the year's end. So chances are, gaming will be pretty hard on your wallet for a while. And handheld games are no exception. With handheld gaming being a cheaper option, it can still be pretty expensive when things add up, especially if you're spending on home consoles at the same time, which I'm sure most of us are. And while there are plenty of great 3DS and Vita games out there, a lot of people are hesitant about dropping up to $40 for a 3DS game and up to $50 for a Vita game. So basically...those questions up in the poll. I guess I'm fine with the retail price of some games (certainly not all of them), but I would prefer it if they were a bit cheaper. I understand that developers need to make money and all, and that games cost more to make these days than they used to, but do games really have to cost so much to earn devs a profit? My wallet can only take so much abuse...
  15. Jared

    shelf Of games

  16. As I write reviews, I often wonder: would my reviews be more enjoyed in the first-person point-of-view, or is it best to go the third-person route? I've heard people say that reviews should always be done in third-person, but I've also heard that first-person is just as good. So I ask you, what point-of-view do you guys prefer reading in reviews: first-person or third-person?
  17. 2013 is a day away but it feels like I still have so much left to do in 2012, at least where gaming is concerned. I've probably played more new releases in 2012 than any other previous year in my life-as-a-gamer. That said, my played to finished ratio is terribly out of balance and there are quite a few games that would have likely made this list had I played them before writing this list (Journey, Tokyo Jungle etc). Still, it was a fantastic year to be a gamer and here are a few of my personal favorites of the year. 10.Retro City Rampage (PS Vita, PS3, PC) It's a bit of a love-hate relationship for me with Retro City Rampage. On one hand the retro-GTA feel of the game coupled with the plethora of old school in-jokes and references make this game a blast to play. On the other the story and missions feel a bit lackluster to me, and I fail to find any interest in them so far. Still, for a game that has been in development as long Duke Nukem Forever it definitely has more to show for it. 9. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS) Being a huge Fatal Frame fan, this was one of the first games I picked up for my shiny new 3DS. It's not a very good game all things considered but the niche Japanese horror style, and the use of AR, 3D and the 3DS's cameras make it a fun experience for fans of the genre. 8. XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3,360,PC) I'll be honest, I've never played an XCOM game in my life. I have no idea what they're about. But people were hyping this game up as one of the best strategy games of the year, and seeing as it's made by Firaxis, the studio behind Civilization (another favorite of mine), I decided to give it a whirl when it popped up for under $20. This game is a BLAST. It's got all the elements of a deep strategy game mixed with faster pacing and style of an action game. Naming your squad members also gives it an added layer of depth as losing squad-member "Kawaii Khorne" (Nationality: New Zealand) to the alien scourge is alot more engaging than losing Joe XCOM. A must play for strategy lovers. 7. Silent Hill Downpour (360, PS3) Despite not actually having finished Downpour, I can still safely add it to my list of "good Silent Hill games". The tone of the game feels right, the combat and gameplay is clunky (As it should be). The rain adds a new layer of environmental decore to the game. It's not a perfect game, but it's a great entry into the Silent Hill series. 6.Uncharted Golden Abyss (PS Vita) Here's a title that I personally haven't even started. The little bit I HAVE played of it was on a friends system. That said, it still manages to snag a spot on my list because it does what Sony promised Vita games would do, bring the console experience to us on the go. It's not a watered down version of Uncharted with less features, or a shorter campaign. It's a fully capable entry into the series, every bit as good as it's console brethen. That alone puts it on my list. 5. Binary Domain (360, PS3, PC) Originally I brushed this off as just another third person shooter set in the future. But after giving it more of a chance I came to love this game despite its faults. At it's core it IS just a third person shooter but on top of that it tells a great story and shows wonderfully deep interaction between it's characters. You eventually come to like everyone in your squad (Well, except for Big Bo) and that just makes the events and choices that much more personal. 4. Walking Dead (360, PS3, PC) Not too much to say about this that hasn't already been said. Another great action-adventure game from Tell Tale with a much more emotional story than seem in their light-hearted Sam and Max series. While I got a bit chuffed at the fact that your choices ultimately don't affect the overall direction of the story the fact of the matter is, the story is excellent and you don't see many of this quality in videogames very often. And speaking of choices... 3. Mass Effect 3 (PS3,360,PC) Lets just get it out of the way. The ending was garbage. Even after they "fixed" the ending it still wasn't what most Mass Effect fans envisioned as the finale of the space adventures of Commander Shepard. Still the preceding 30 hours of gameplay were great. And while the third installment of the Mass Effect franchise goes in a very scripted third person shooter direction, the story and characters that you've grown to love over 5 years and 3 games are all there. 2. Persona 4 The Golden (PS Vita) I've been meaning to play Persona 4 for years now, but never got around to doing so. The Golden has finally gotten me to make the jump. And I'm sure glad I did. This is by far one of the best RPG's I've ever played, and perfectly suited to Sony's handheld system. This may be the only Vita game I've played so far but it already has justified my $170 purchase. 1. Sleeping Dogs (PS3,360,PC) You all knew this was coming didn't you? Sleeping Dogs takes everything I love about Hong Kong action movies and puts it into videogame form. It's got an amazing line up of top notch voice actors, the story is extremely engrossing and the gameplay is some of the most fun I've had in an open world game since Saints Row the Third. The visuals are jaw dropping, especially on a high end PC and the soundtrack is a wonderful mix of Chinese pop songs. I only had a few quirks with the game, mainly regarding the accuracy of the city compared to Hong Kong itself, as I am very familiar with the Streets of Hong Kong. But I can forgive it that because it truly was my GAME OF THE YEAR.
  18. Out of all the strange games I've played this generation, I'd have to say Ar Tonelico 3 was the strangest experience so far. Any game that embarrasses you when people walk into the room is a winner in my book. What strange experiences with games have you guys had?
  19. I was wondering what games everyone is looking forward to in 2013. I'm excited about the following: Tomb Raider BioShock Infinite Grand Theft Auto V Star Wars 1313 Dragon Age 3 Yakuza 5 Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Sacred 3 Outlast So far it looks like next year will end up being a real good time in gaming...definitely a lt if interesting titles coming out.
  20. Adam McCarthy


    From the album: Adam McCarthy's Album

    Showing the Concept Art Booklet for the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2
  21. Adam McCarthy


    From the album: Adam McCarthy's Album

    Concept Art from Metroid: Other M
  22. Adam McCarthy


    From the album: Adam McCarthy's Album

    Concept Art from Fallout 3 drawn by Adam Adamowicz