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Found 9 results

  1. I think all of us can agree that Sony's 2015 E3 Press Conference was pretty sublime, but for all of the excitement over the holy trinity of games being revealed, they actually didn't announce many first-party games for this Fall, if any. We know Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is on the way and they might spend more time showcasing that at Gamescom next month, but what else do you think they'll have to go along with it? It's just strange to me that The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, and presumably Horizon: Zero Dawn are all 2016 games, but there's nothing beyond a collection for this year just yet (unless I'm forgetting something?). So do you think more first-party PS4 games will be announced for Fall release at Gamescom? If so, what do you think they could be?
  2. Ninja Theory, the developer behind Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and DMC, gave a presentation at Gamescom this year entitled, "The Independent AAA Proposition." The speech detailed the history of the studio as well as the ups and downs they've had with major publishers. While they were grateful for the opportunities publishers allowed them, the past loss of creative rights and freedom had Ninja Theory unhappy with their position in the marketplace. Then one failed project led them to change it all, coin the phrase "Independent AAA" and start work on Hellblade, That project was Razer. According to Ninja Theory, Razer, "was going to be a mix of melee and gunplay,' where players would be, "fighting an ever adapting enemy that required you to collaborate in squads and constantly adapt and change your attack pattern." They called it "the world“s biggest boss fight." The game would revolve around a "Beast" that had invaded and taken over the Earth. From a technical standpoint, "the creature was a beast that lived in the cloud driven by a complex adaptive AI server. Tens of thousands of players would take part in taking down this monster over the course of months and years. The game relied on procedural techniques to create millions of missions all over the planet." So how could such an awesome concept not go into full development? Destiny. When Destiny was announced by Bungie, no publisher wanted to challenge it outright. It stopped Razer cold in its tracks. Looking on the bright side, perhaps it truly was destiny for Ninja Theory to get halted in the publisher pipeline. To be forced to create a new niche of self-published AAA games. Hellblade may be the answer to that. Stay locked on Game Podunk to find out. Source: Ninja Theory
  3. Sony introduced a mysterious Playstation 4 horror game titled "P.T." during their Gamescom presentation on Tuesday. After showing a brief teaser they directed people to continue the experience on the Playstation Store by downloading and playing an interactive teaser available immediately. The terrifying demo ended with a trailer that among other things revealed a title... Silent Hills. Apparently, the name "P.T." stood for "playable teaser" and was created to maintain secrecy until fans could uncover the truth for themselves. Who else could be behind such misdirection other than the one and only, Hideo Kojima. We now know that the new Silent Hill game is being created by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. It will also feature Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) as the lead character. Release date and platforms (outside of PS4) have yet to be confirmed. Expect to hear more on Silent Hills in the coming weeks and months. Until then check out the teaser below. What do you think of Kojima's sneaky marketing strategy?
  4. Housemarque, the developer known for their fast-paced twin-stick shooters, announced Alienation today exclusively for the Playstation 4. The Gamescom announcement was accompanied by an exciting trailer. The trailer opens with a space marine getting brutally attacked by an alien monster, his head exploding from some sort of parasitic projectile, and closes with a plant-like organism spreading from the helmet of the same marine. In between this two part scene is gorgeous gameplay that seems to combine the co-op twin-stick shooting of Dead Nation with the graphical polish of Resogun. Not much more was revealed however, and a release date has not yet been announced. The independent studio has been hard at work over the past year releasing Resogun, Resogun downloadable content, and Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition all for Playstation 4. Expect to hear more on Alienation over the coming months. Excited for more of Housemarque's twin-stick shooting awesomeness?
  5. Do you remember a game going by the name of Adrift? If not, it's nothing to worry about as very little about it was ever shown back when it was announced at Gamescom last year. At this yer's expo though you will probably be more apt to know of the game by its new name: Remember Me. Capcom unveiled both a story and gameplay trailer for it today as well as some screenshots. The story focuses around the character Nilin in a futuristic setting. Her profession is that of a "memory hunter", which means she is skilled with manipulating and even stealing memories of people. However, she somehow managed to have her own memories wiped by someone else. That's the impetus to get the game going and have Nilin searching and fighting to find the truth. Capcom also put a video showcasing the current state of Remember Me's memory remix gameplay. This gameplay element has Nilin jumping into the memories of characters. From there, she is able to watch memories and then alter them so the person really thinks things happened that way. In the video, we see a memory change from a simple angry breakup into murder. Remember Me is set to launch around May 2013 and will be available for PS3, 360, and PC. If you're interested in seeing a bit more then check out our image gallery!
  6. Who doesn't love cowboys? Red Dead Redemption's sales sure seem to indicate that people do, so Sony decided to set that as September's game of the month for Playstation Plus. For just a small subscription membership, one of the most critically-beloved games ever will be free to play for the course of September. But if those cumbersome saves are jacking up your PlayStation 3 hard drive, don't worry, because PlayStation Plus's Cloud Storage is increasing to 1 gigabyte. Of course, that comes at a cost, but PlayStation Plus is basically the premium edition to Sony's online free-to-play service, so if you think it's worth the cost for a free game for a month and a gigabyte of cloud saves, hey, here's where ya go.
  7. Assassin's Creed III Liberation adds new features, utilizing the touch screens on the PlayStation Vita. The front and back touchscreens will be used in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, as surely no one was particularly that surprised by. Specifically, it's used for touch-to-kill and movement. Now, movement should be familiar to the world of handheld gaming, using the touch-screen to move about being a staple on a number of DS and 3DS games. It's the killing that is interesting. No details are shared particularly, but it looks as though, when logos appear above enemies, the screen can be touched to move the player to kill those enemies. Assassin's Creed III Liberation is aiming for an October 30th launch for the PlayStation Vita, which fits it nicely with the console release of the main game.
  8. Marcus Estrada

    Gamescom 2012: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

    EA's conference ended earlier today and so now it's time for Sony to take the stage at Gamescom. Here's hoping they can get started on time and bring us all an exciting conference. 10:02 - The stage lights up and a video begins playing showing off some of their most anticipated titles. The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, PS All-Stars, Assassin's Creed III and more. Oh, there's even some Move games in there like Sorcery, Datura, The Unfinished Swan, and some sports and dancing games. 10:03 - Vita games are being displayed such as new ones like Assassin's Creed III: Liberation but also already available ones such as Uncharted and Gravity Rush. 10:05 - Jim Ryan, president and CEO of SCEE has taken the stage. He is discussing how modern gamers wish to play across devices, socially, and the like. 10:07 - Today's conference will start up with discussion about the Vita. Thank goodness, as E3 really was lacking with Vita content. First up is LittleBigPlanet on Vita. A trailer for it plays which shows off new touch and tilt functions for the game. It also shows off using the Vita's cameras to take pictures for your game. 10:10 - A PS All-Stars trailer follows up. It shows off Ratchet & Clank, Spike, Dante, and Sackboy. Spike, by the way, is from the Ape Escape series. Dante is of course the new rendition of himself from DmC. 10:12 - Using Cross-Play you can play the game with people on PS3 or Vita. More excitingly though, the Cross Buy function is going to be a part of PS All-Stars. This means that if you buy one version then you will be able to get it on another system at no extra cost. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Ratchet & Clank Q-Force will also have the Cross Buy feature. 10:13 - Now it's time for some ACIII: Liberation gameplay footage. You can use the front touch screen to tap on enemies to kill. Similarly, you can use the rear touch pad to move your character about (the video shows this being used to "row" a boat). 10:15 - Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified will feature 4 vs 4 multiplayer via wi-fi. Maps are even being built specifically for the Vita platform. 10:17 - That was quick. Now they're speaking about the holiday season. Starting August 28th, PSone Classics will be all playable on Vita. Apparently 60+ games will be available for the system by the end of the year. 10:18 - Alex Evans of Media Molecule has come up on stage now to demonstrate some of what they're working on. The game is called Tearaway for Vita. The world is 3D and "made" out of paper. Tapping the rear touch pad lets you interact with the world (shown here as causing a drum to vibrate). 10:22 - Using the same touch pad you can also push through the paper of the world. This is demonstrated by opening up the ground beneath enemies' feet. The feature is also used to push a block along the ground. 10:24 - With the trailer playing we're now seeing other features of the Vita. For example, you can blow on the screen to blow away objects in game. Tilting also causes the world to change. Making noise into the mic, touching the front touch screen, and using the camera all work as well. Media Molecule definitely seems to have put tons of thought into how to best make a Vita game which uses all the functions of the system. 10:25 - A trailer is playing now. It's for Killzone: Mercenary. It only shows off a bit of gameplay but you can see that the touch screen can be used to execute kills on enemies. 10:28 - Now they're discussing PlayStation Mobile. It's a "seamless" gaming experience across your various platforms (that support PS Mobile). These would be all PS Certified devices. This includes the Vita but also various tablets and smartphones. 10:31 - Again, Cross Pay is talked about. If you buy a game once once then you get it across all your mobile platforms. Thank goodness. 10:32 - Now the talk shifts to PS3 again. Games like Dust 514, LittleBigPlanet Karting, PS All-Stars, Assassin's Creed III will all be available this holiday season. ACIII in particular will have that "over an hour" of extra gameplay on PS3 and some DLC on launch. 10:33 - LBP2 Cross Controller DLC... This lets you use the Vita as a controller on PS3 with the game. The Vita is used for control but also can be used as an extra screen. It shows off a view altered from the main screen though, so it seems like a "unique" feature we might expect to see from the Wii U game pad. It's too bad this is only available for LBP2. 10:35 - Using the touchscreen functions with the PS3 game make it seem to have about the same amount of extra functionality as LBP on the Vita will have. For example, with the DLC you may move objects in the game world that you wouldn't otherwise be able to move. Another feature shown was making the Vita act as an X-ray over the main gameplay screen. This can show off objects that are invisible on the main game screen. 10:41 - The conversation now jumps to PlayStation Plus. Red Dead Redemption will be September's PS3 game addition for subscribers. Cloud storage is also being increased to 1GB. Finally, PS+ will be extended to Vita. 10:44 - Wonderbook time, wee! Book of Spells is the first in the Wonderbook series... So far they're not saying anything which we haven't already heard from E3. Either way, they've brought a trailer to showcase the title. Now we see a better shot of the actual book though, which seems to have QR code-style images on the pages for the system to read. 10:47 - Diggs Nightcrawler is another upcoming Wonderbook title. It's got a film noir vibe but is still kid friendly with its anthropomorphic characters. The Walking with Dinosaurs IP will also be coming to the Wonderbook line. 10:53 - FIFA 13 time. They're going to show off how the Move can be used to play the game. Using the controller you can mark which player you want to pass to. One interesting feature is that you can "paint" a path by drawing on the screen where you'll want the player to go. 10:55 - Until Dawn is a new IP being shown off. You'll play as seven characters as you progress through the story. It seems like your typical teen horror flick and utilizes the Move. 10:59 - Now we're about to see two new games brought by Sony's Japan Studio. The first game features an invisible boy. His silhouette is only viewable when drenched in rain. The game's current working title is, predictably, Rain. 11:01 - Puppeteer is the next new announcement. Its story is focused around a boy who is transformed into a puppet and then things get weird from there. For example, the main power the lead character has is to switch his head with other objects which grant specific powers. 11:06 - We're now getting another look at The Last of Us. There's a tiny bit of story scene on display before we're treated to lots of gameplay scenes. 11:08 - Conference is now getting wrapped up. Just before the end though there's a trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified. It did seem odd that they discussed it earlier without an accompanying trailer. It's over!
  9. Marshall Henderson

    Gamescom 2012: EA Press Conference Liveblog

    It's Gamescom time again, and EA is bringing the heat with the first conference. What'll we see today? Sports? Medal of Honor? Need for Speed?! Probably, yes. So come along to the distant and magical land of Cologne, Germany, as we go together in a liveblog journey to Gamescom! [4:08 PM] Okay, we're getting the music treatment and the not-much-else treatment... [4:09 PM] Explosions and helicopters and Army of Two-style masks. There goes the helicopter! Yep, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. March 2013. "It Takes Two." Two games to warm up and become a good series? [4:10 PM] Overkill lets players bring Massive Destruction! [4:11 PM] A live demo. Eliminating enemies enables Overkill, which we're about to see. [4:12 PM] It's not split-screen, despite them playing together... Is this effect or is there actually no splitscreen?! Doesn't seem to be our buddies from the first two games, either. [4:13 PM] The ever-so-modernly-popular door breach to bullet time. Their guns are destroying all sorts of property. One dude's up in a chopper now, the other's on the ground. A bad guy glitched into the wall and is limblessly seizing.... [4:14 PM] Bad guys are highlighted for the chopper dude with little red reticles. The guy on the ground has to take out an RPG-wielding bad dude to save the chopper. [4:15 PM] A prompted melee kill, also pretty popular these days. Knocked down an antenna for the guy on the ground to get across. The chopper just blew up. Chopper guy (Alpha -- probably not from Power Rangers) was just narrowly saved. [4:16 PM] Just bullet time killed a bad guy in a chopper, and the propeller flew into the screen to end the demo. [4:17 PM] Peter Moore and Jens Uwe Intat of EA are up on stage. Show's stats... [4:18 PM] Hockey player on the stage now for NHL 13. Dean Richards challenged Jens and Peter to a fight, but they backed down. [4:19 PM] More stats... about NHL and hockey. [4:20 PM] GM Connected is a dynasty mode that allows up to 750 people playing in a 30 team dynasty mode. There's a mobile app for "keeping connected." [4:20 PM] True Performance engine makes the game "more authentic." [4:21 PM] Explosiveness is the acceleration. Top-End Speed letting players move really fast. Momentum allows players to have to work with real physics and stuff. [4:22 PM] Creativity allows for more than a thousand new skating animations. [4:23 PM] This is just the tip of the iceberg... The ice-skating berg. The demo will be live for Xbox 360 and PS3 August 21st/22nd. Releases September 13. [4:24 PM] Looks like a Need for Speed trailer, maybe? As usual with racing games, those cars are really pretty. I think... Baba O'Riley was playing? Hard to tell over the cars. [4:26 PM] So yes, Need For Speed: Most Wanted. An open-world game with open game structure. They can drive any car they want, so long as they can find the car. Race/chase/explore to upgrade cars. [4:27 PM] Autolog 2 automatically tracks gameplay and allows them to integrate into friends' gameplay. [4:28 PM] Earn Speed Points by playing any of the different consoles. They believe it's the "most socially connected" game of this generation. [4:28 PM] Hamish Young is going to show us some gameplay. He's driving an Astin Martin, if I am to believe the text that appeared overhead when he began. He's creeping up on the other car, and just bodyswapped with a neat car insignia logo sweeping the screen. [4:30 PM] He's just pulled up to the race line and is beginning the race. Race intro thing is a pretty Mad World-in-red thing, and the race is beginning at full acceleration. [4:31 PM] He's smashing other cars down and tearing through. The UI seems pretty crisp. Lots of dust particles, wet sheen to the road. Police can be heard over the radio. [4:32 PM] Oh, now the police officers are trying to take him down too. [4:32 PM] Hamish won! Good on ya, mate! Back into the real world, he still has the police on his tail. He just smashed through some guy's face on a billboard (likely the top-ranked person for that jump, according to the previous thing). [4:33 PM] November 1st release in Euope, October 30th in North America. [4:34 PM] Battlefield talks now. Frostbite 2 and Battlelog are the commonalities between Battlefield and Warfighter. Share, compete, and communicate with Battlelog. [4:35 PM] Greg Goodrich is to talk about Medal of Honor Warfighter. Inspired by "real warriors, real operations, and real places." Placing players in the boots of real warriors. [4:36 PM] Gamers can represent their own nation online, Web-based metagame where 193 nations are represented. Now the trailer. Different nations and classes are represented via different uniforms in combat. [4:36 PM] Prompted melee kills, of course. Explosions, dudes dying. Pre-order grants Battlefield 4 beta. October 23rd release. [4:38 PM] The Simpsons... D'oh! The Simpsons Tapped Out is launching again in the US and worldwide over the next month. There are going to be some tie-ins with episodes as they come out. The reactor just blew up. Everyone should be dead, but instead, they're rebuilding somehow. [4:40 PM] Now with Improved Gameplay and Enhanced HD Graphics! [4:41 PM] Time to talk about Origin! "The vision is to deliver an experience" that's more than just buying games. Mac Origin, sharing gameplay, achievements. Continuing to add new games. [4:42 PM] Free to play games, videos, stuff like that. Origin's catching up with Steam, basically. [4:43 PM] SimCity time! Humans like to be challenged and figure out complex systems. SimCity allows city specialization, reflecting decisions of what sort of city the player wants. Casino town, University town, stuff like that. [4:44 PM] A deep single-player experience, but each city is interconnected in "SimCity World." Not SimWorld... Okay. [4:45 PM] Allows players to play together, alone, with friends, or with the whole world. A dynamic world. Industries grow, prices fluctuate. An interesting concept, at least. [4:46 PM] Go to SimCity.com to register for the beta. Maxis is bringing SimCity to Mac through Origin. Tepid applause, probably for the "Origin" part. [4:47 PM] Battlefield 3 Premium time. Early access to stuff like maps and weapon. Two expansions are already available. Armored Kill adds new vehicles, launching September 4th, for PS3 Premium members. [4:48 PM] Aftermath allows for new maps. Endgame adds motorcycles and new maps also. [4:49 PM] Battlefield 3 Premium Edition. Game and Premium. A "multiplayer welcome kit" that adds weapons and upgrade kits. [4:53 PM] Crysis 3 revealing Hunter Mode. A ship has been shot down, the people have to fight to survive. A large team is a Cell Team, and the smaller team is the Hunter. The Hunters hunt the Cell team armed with nothing but a bow When a Cell Trooper dies, they become a hunter. [4:55 PM] Prompted melee kills. The Hunters are invisible, which means they're basically the Predator, and the Cell team is Arnold. [4:56 PM] Matches seem relatively short. [4:57 PM] "Thank you guys for a job well done. You showed those Cell ... bastards." [4:57 PM] MULTIPLAYER HAS EVOLVED, EVERYONE. [4:59 PM] That guy just kicked a car onto one of the Cell guys. [5:00 PM] Star Wars: The Old Republic. Matt Bromberg, BioWare Austin General Manager is here to talk about it. [5:01 PM] "As a company, we believe in free-to-play." I'm sure you are now. More frequent content updates. Next month, "Terror from Beyond" is a new Operation. Soon after, some 50+ space missions. PVP missions. The Grand Acquisition, which encourages players to race across the galaxy. [5:02 PM] That was the least informative trailer ever. Bromberg seems really depressed. [5:03 PM] A live-action trailer in the real world, where people are coming to clash in the streets... Also extremely uninformative, except it says they're going free-toplay. [5:03 PM] Jesse Abney is here to talk about Dead Space 3. Drop-in, drop-out multiplayer. A weapon-crafting system. Submit a "dream weapon of choice." Winner has a likeness in the game. [5:04 PM] A derelict flotilla while Isaac's ship is being torn apart on approach. Audio's dead or something? I hear explosions, some pointing. I see the pointing, not hear it. [5:05 PM] Audio's cut back in. The ship is rolling. Damn it, Fox, don't do a barrel roll now! [5:06 PM] Isaac's getting suited up. Uh oh! Wall tore open and he got blown out into space. He had to go fetch his helmet or he would've gone all Baby Bear from Event Horizon. [5:07 PM] Good to see Isaac's Dead Space 2 potty mouth is back. He's using rocket boots to fly through shrapnel and try to get back into his ship. This doesn't look fun at all. [5:08 PM] February 8th in 2013 in Europe, February 5th in North America. [5:09 PM] Coffins everywhere! Looks nice and action-y. Necromorphs all over the place. "It's happening again!" [5:10 PM] Sports time. Two fan favorites, FIFA 13. Now he's gonna talk about the FIFA world. [5:13 PM] Team of the week challenges, auction market, other such shenanigans. [5:14 PM] David Rutter is here. He's a dork. FIFA 13 is all about unpredictability and capturing the true drama. Romantic subplot? I don't know. [5:15 PM] Complete dribbling, attacking AI. Apparently Head to Head seasons were super popular last year. [5:16 PM] 2v2 co-op play, trophy cabinet. MatchDay, the "deepest and most meaningful integration" of real world and in-game stuff. In-game commentary will reflect real world stuff. [5:20 PM] Players in or out of form will have their stats change relative to their performance on the real field. You'd better do your homework if you want to play this game! [5:21 PM] Demo on September 11th. Ships September 28th in Europe and 25th in North America. I know nothing about FIFA or soccer in general. [5:23 PM] That's it for today! Good work, everyone, good work... Well, that was it for EA's Gamescom performance. What do you think? Good showing? Bad showing? Medium showing? No showing? Let us know!