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Found 24 results

  1. Steve Bitto

    First Details Emerge for Suda51's Let it Die

    The first gameplay details have been revealed for Grasshopper Manufacture and Gungho Online's Let it Die. The Playstation 4 exclusive was announced at Sony's E3 conference but was accompanied by little to no specifics. Finally, we can tell you more. Death will play a pivotal role. Obviously right? Let me explain. Each particular player in Let it Die starts with nothing and must defeat enemies to gain experience, weaponry and other items. Pretty standard. However, it starts to get interesting when you figure out who it is trying to kill you. The enemies are the shades of other Let it Die players. Every time a player dies, their character information (loadout, skill set, etc) is uploaded to a Let it Die server. These saved versions of people's characters are then used to populate another player's world with enemies. Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, "I see dead people." Interestingly enough, it has not yet been explained what happens to players after they die themselves. Oh and the skateboarding Grim Reaper seen in the title will officially make an appearance in Let it Die. It wouldn't be a Suda51 game without some ridiculousness like Death on a skateboard. Let it Die launches on Playstation 4 as a free-to-play game in 2015. Keep it locked on Game Podunk for more on this and other upcoming software. Source: Joystiq Were you a fan of previous Suda51 titles?
  2. Good news, Suda51 fans. Killer is Dead now has a release date and details have emerged on extra goodies included in all launch copies! Here's all the cool stuff you can get for only $60 when the game releases: Killer is Dead game 80-page hardcover art book Soundtrack CD with 25 songs "Smooth Operator" DLC, alternate costumes for Vivienne and Mika, and a bonus "Gigolo Mission" with Betty Additional "Episode 51" Killer is Dead will be hitting stores for both PS3 and 360 on August 27th.
  3. Marcus Estrada

    E3 2013: Hands-On With Killer is Dead

    Suda 51 is a name that became known in the West primarily after the release of the stylish and gory Killer7 on GameCube and PS2. The cel-shaded graphics were used to great effect in the geopolitical thriller and made an impression on many, including myself. Ever since then, I“ve been happy to play other Grasshopper Manufacture games but have never felt the way I did as with that first foray into Suda-ness. Killer is Dead doesn“t bring back that old feeling, but it seems far more like his older style than other, more recent diversions, such as the No More Heroes series. In the game, you play as Mondo Zappa, an assassin, who spends most of the game slicing things up. Despite his handsome appearance, he also seems to be rather hit or miss with wooing women. The demo I played was specifically tailored to give a good taste of one chapter in Killer is Dead. Starting off on the level, I am immediately surrounded by enemies and must kill them all with my katana. This works very smoothly and there didn“t seem to be any issue with simple button mashing. Of course, you can also dodge which I found very useful as well. Enemies seem to always make you aware of their incoming strikes, making it easy to duck away at the last moment. I was also able to harness some special abilities which took the form of Zappa either performing extra gory kills or professional wrestling moves. Yes, Suda“s love for suited men and wrestling moves are still present. Fights as a whole were very frantic and at times were hard to comprehend. This has often been the case with his more recent work though, where blood and gore complicate the visuals beyond recognition. Of course, even when they're impossible to discern, the graphics are still incredibly stylish. A slight bit of the story was shown as well, which focused around some sort of monstrosity that murdered a young woman for her “perfect” ears. This seems like a very Suda style storytelling device and one which many Western players appeared confounded by. It“s definitely weird, of course, and the rest of the story is probably far stranger. Of course, without context we can only speculate as to how odd it is. After that, I fought a boss who was pretty easy enough to take down without fear of death. My experience on PS3 was just fine, but the 360 dev kit situated next to me was not. People who played that version were forced to deal with color bars on the screen, crashes, and moments where the game would simply not restart. I“m not sure why the 360 version is in such a poor state right now, but owners of both systems may be wary about where they purchase in case all these problems aren“t cleared up before release. Playing Killer is Dead was fun, even if it tired my hands out from the copious swordplay required. This is a good thing, though, considering the recent Lollipop Chainsaw almost felt like a step backward in regards to modern, speedy attack controls. Judging from the story showcased, it“s safe to say that Killer is Dead will satisfy a specific audience when it launches this August.
  4. Grasshopper Manufacture, home of acclaimed developer Suda51, has officially been bought by up-and-coming publishing powerhouse GungHo Online Entertainment. The news was announced through GungHo's website and states that GungHo is "fusing the planning and development power of Grasshopper Manufacture with the power of managing online games cultivated by both companies to produce higher quality content" (as translated by Gematsu). GungHo is most notable for producing the massively popular MMO Ragnarok Online, and already has a stable of developers under its belt, including Game Arts, Gravity Co and Acquire. One of their last major releases was Dokuro for the PS Vita (of which our own Marcus Estrada gave a very favorable score to in our official review). Just last year, the company established GungHo Online Entertainment America, which is being led by former Square Enix and XSEED executive Jun Iwasaki. As for Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio is most well known for developing cult classics Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Lollipop Chainsaw among others. They are currently in the midst of developing their newest title, Killer is Dead. Via: GamesIndustry Source: GungHo (as translated by Gematsu) Are you surprised by GungHo's acquisition of Grasshopper Manufacture?
  5. We might be seeing some news soon regarding Killer is Dead's North American localization. For now, though, we just have some registered web domains to go off of. Sometime last week, publisher XSEED registered three domains that sound like they're related to the Suda51/Grashopper Manufacture game: killerisdead-game.com, killandlove.com, and loveandkill.com. XSEED nabbed the publishing rights to Pandora's Tower recently and also brought us The Last Story. They've come up a bit from publishing just niche games! The publishing company has simply replied with “Xseed Games cannot confirm that they are publishing Killer is Dead in North America.†so far. What do you think about XSEED publishing Killer is Dead in North America?
  6. Just yesterday, Famitsu revealed information as well as screenshots for Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming project Killer is Dead. As part of this sudden swarm of attention, they also released the game's first trailer to the public. Thankfully, it is more of a trailer than teaser (meaning you see some gameplay). So far, the game looks to be in keeping with the hyper-violent nature of Grasshopper Manufacture's other popular titles (No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw). Something about it also hearkens back to Killer7 as well, but overall it appears to be promoting itself as a bombastic, bloody experience. The trailer is risque in regards to sexual and violent content, so keep that in mind before choosing to play the video. Killer is Dead has no Western publisher attached to it yet, but was previously noted as having a worldwide release. The game is expected to launch in Japan this summer.
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Killer 7 Moon

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  8. Marcus Estrada

    Killer 7 Emir

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  9. Marcus Estrada

    Flower, Sun, and Rain

    From the album: Marcus's Album

  10. Killer is Dead is a game which has been floating around for a while. However, all we really had to go off was some concept art and brief ideas. The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had a big real about the game this month which should tantalize interested players. First, we're learning a bit about the story of the game. You start Killer is Dead as a man named Mondo Zappa. With such an unusual name, the man has some weird traits, such as an arm which can transform into various weapons. He is also a swordfighter who uses his katana to drain blood from enemies. This blood in turn powers up his "augmented" arm. Mondo is a killer but he isn't alone in his task. The Execution Office that hires him includes a cast of interesting characters, such as a retired killer and a few assistants. Killer is Dead is set to hit Japan this summer for PS3 and 360. No North American release has been announced but with all of Grasshopper Manufacture's latest works coming over, it is doubtful that we won't get this game too.
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Review: Black Knight Sword

    Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture/Digital Reality Publisher: D3Publisher of America Platform: 360 (XBLA), PS3 (PSN) Release Date: December 12, 2012 ESRB: M An XBLA download code was supplied by the publisher for this review Over the years, Goichi Suda (otherwise known as Suda 51) has created many unusual but intriguing titles. Under the banner of his company Grasshopper Manufacture, he and his team have made their mark on Western players with games such as Killer7 and No More Heroes. Lately, they have jumped on the digital bandwagon and created a handful of titles, some with outside help as well. As is the case with Black Knight Sword, both Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality combined forces to try and create something special. Black Knight Sword is a very distinctive game visually. By simply loading it up and checking out different options in the menu anyone will be able to see this, but the look is most drastic during gameplay. The entire screen is bordered by red curtains which give the air of a stage play. On the stage, where gameplay occurs, everything is designed to look like flat paper figures and backdrops. Although on one hand it is meant to appear as a play, it is also meant to look like a big, creepy picture book. Gameplay is a standard mix of platforming and beat ”em up... at the start. You head right, left, up, and down as you traverse 2D levels with all sorts of dangers lurking. While enemies pose a big threat, so too do spikes and bottomless pits. As you play, you gain a couple special attacks and magic automatically. However, depending on difficulty and level, there will be a fair amount of times the player is required to dodge enemy bullets much like a side-scrolling shooter. It isn“t tremendously complex as some can get, but definitely not something that players are probably going into the game expecting. During these scenes, it is initially very difficult to determine your hitbox. Both characters you will be using during these scenes are fairly large and it is hard to determine where you“ll be safe. After a while, you understand and learn to tune out the extraneous stuff, but that doesn“t make it perfect. The sections add nothing to the game as they are not at all fun by shooter standards. Some may be humorous, but that doesn“t aid it. Grasshopper“s flair for the weird is in full effect. Enemies are routinely grotesque and spew bright red blood upon death, although it is not nearly as copious as in some of their other titles. It isn“t just the wrinkled or sickly faces that are disturbing either. The sounds that enemies make tend to sound like enemies are in a great deal of pain, and other times they sound scarily erotic. Although there are only maybe ten or so enemy designs, they manage to each look fairly different and most are not simply a recolor of another one. Backgrounds have a similar polish. During levels, the background routinely is changed out as if it were a play. Certain elements in the background may even be animated or have sound effects of their own as well. Combining the backdrop with the actual levels, they fit together quite cohesively. The backdrops themselves are quite neat though as they often give you hints about the boss you will be fighting later in the level, as well as just looking very nice. Just because things look good doesn“t mean they play as well. Unfortunately this is the case with Black Knight Sword. Slashing with your sword is easy enough, but some of the new attack abilities can cause more trouble than help. For example, some ask you to hold down or up while hitting a button. That is easy enough to understand, but the game or controller itself seem to work against it. There are times that my character would simply jump instead of doing a kick or doge. As you might expect, that causes trouble when you“re trying to engage in very careful combat. Because of this, most of the extra goodies probably will be ignored due to their unpredictability. Without much else to vary fights, or even with those few extra attacks, you are still forced to play through a rather tedious game. The visuals are truly outstanding but the gameplay does not back it up. It is also tough, which will be exciting to some and offputting for others. There are three difficulty settings, ranging from easy to hard, and they mostly live up to their names. However, anything other than easy truly is a challenge. Even on easy, the final boss is a step above the rest of the game. In comparison, other difficulties are set to give you a really challenging time. While there is nothing wrong with challenge, there is with a game that is all style and no substance. When you aren“t truly compelled to play, curiosity of what the next level looks like will only take you so far. Because the game is so tough, you can spend a long time on the handful of levels it offers, but most probably will not want to. If you adore games with creative visuals then Black Knight Sword may be up your alley. Otherwise, kick back with a different Grasshopper game. Pros + Fantastic backdrops which perfectly match the environment + Handful of creepy enemy types to defeat Cons - Gameplay simply cannot live up to the visuals and is dull - Unleashing varied attacks is muddled Overall Score: 5.5 (out of 10) Average Black Knight Sword is a let down with gorgeous graphics but average gameplay underneath.
  12. Number 905

    Review: Liberation Maiden

    Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture Publisher: Level 5 Platform: 3DS eShop Release Date: Out Now ESRB: T for Teen If there“s one thing that Grasshopper Manufacture is known for, it“s games with crazy premises. Responsible for games such as Killer 7 and Lollipop Chainsaw, there“s good reason to expect the wildest. Surprisingly, Liberation Maiden serves up a more grounded premise. Rather than some insane, supernatural romp, Maiden is a shoot-“em-up where you pilot a robot suit and fight for your country. Despite the simple premise, Grasshopper“s made a solid game, even if it doesn“t quite feel like it“s theirs. Set 100 years in the future, the story concerns the rebellion of New Japan, led by President Shoko Ozora, against the world-conquering super nation Dominion. Piloting a state of the art mech, the Liberator “Kamui,†Shoko sets off the free New Japan from Dominion by purifying the land and reclaiming their resources. Although moderately interesting, it's a simple premise and it doesn“t develop much between missions. Unfortunately, it ends prematurely and leaves the plot hanging. The gameplay is simple as far as the genre goes with little precision required in both shooting and movement. Basic movement is handled with the circle pad while the L button is used for strafing and can be configured to be toggled or held. The rest of the controls are left to the touch screen. Kamui“s basic missiles are fired by sweeping across targets to lock on, scratching to charge, and then releasing to fire. The laser weapon simply fires based on where you touch. Tapping an icon in the top right of the screen switches your weapon and an icon in the top left launches a bomb after chaining enough kills. What“s challenging is knowing when to attack and when to dodge. Kamui“s attacks use Deflector Nodes, which also comprise the suit“s shield when inactive. This means that attacking for too long leaves you open to damage. Although the controls are technically solid, they aren“t without issues. The biggest issue is that there“s no option to switch handedness. The touchscreen movements required aren“t very precise, but left handed players should be aware that no concessions are made for them. It“s worth noting that your liberation of Japan will probably take under two hours. The replayability comes from meeting the conditions to unlock gallery items, replaying again at higher difficulties, and score attacks of the stages. There is no online leaderboard for this mode, though, so you“re left with trying to improve your personal best instead of competing with others. Accompanying the fast paced action, Liberation Maiden“s soundtrack delivers an impressive collection of songs that fit the thrill of combat. It“s disappointing that there isn“t a sound test mode included with the unlockables. The voice acting in the game is also very well done, even though the cast is comprised of a couple of actors. Visually, the animated cutscenes are well done and the in-game graphics are solid, though lacking in detail. The 3D effect is also average. Terrain and key buildings popping up nicely, but most of the cities remain fairly flat and uninteresting. Ultimately, Liberation Maiden fits how I feel about most of Grasshopper Manufacture“s games: nothing special but definitely fun to play. It“s not a game that will last you long unless you love self-improvement, but it“s a fun concept that is executed well and leaves you wanting more. Pros: + Fun and simple gameplay + Great soundtrack and voice acting + Involved multi-stage boss fights Cons - Anticlimactic ending - Low replayability - No left-handed control scheme Overall Score: 7 (Out of 10) Good It doesn“t last long, but Liberation Maiden is still a lot of fun despite the tiny package.
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Black Knight Sword Out Next Week

    Grasshopper Manufacture has put out a fair amount of content over the past year. Between development for the likes of Lollipop Chainsaw, and digital endeavors like Diabolical Pitch and Sine Mora, they certainly have shown the capacity to do a lot at once. One title that has been known of for a while is Black Knight Sword, although little else about it ever came out. Today however it was announced that the game will be out soon. How soon? It will be out next week on December 12th for XBLA. When digital games simply pop out of hiding to release like this it can be either a blessing or a curse. Let's hope word of mouth will remind players about it when it is finally out. Much like Sine Mora, this game was also developed via a collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. What is Black Knight Sword? It is a 2D game which takes on a very fairytale book sort of world. The graphics look like drawings made of paper and seem to take place on a stage. What we don't know yet of course is how good it will actually be. Here's hoping the distinctive visual style isn't the only appealing aspect.
  14. Marcus Estrada

    Sine Mora Heading to PC Soon

    Way back in March the sidescrolling shooter Sine Mora came to XBLA. We reviewed it positively, as did some others, but after that it mostly disappeared. If there was one issue with the release it was probably due to having only the Xbox audience to enjoy it. Now the word is out that the game is being brought to PC to hopefully expose it to an even larger audience. Sine Mora, a collaboration between Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture, is being published by Kalypso Media on PC. It will arrive on Steam, GamersGate, GreenManGaming, and a few other digital outlets on November 9th. Fans of the genre should definitely give it a look if they haven't yet. Apparently this isn't the last port we'll see of the game either. In June, it was stated that the game would be reaching the PS3 and Vita as well. There is no more known about that currently except that it hasn't been canceled. The Vita version will even have a few exclusive features like a character cameo from Under Defeat.
  15. Leah

    Lollipop Chainsaw 4

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Grasshopper Manufacture/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  16. Leah

    Lollipop Chainsaw 3

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Grasshopper Manufacture/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  17. Leah

    Lollipop Chainsaw 2

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Grasshopper Manufacture/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  18. Leah

    Lollipop Chainsaw 1

    From the album: Leah's Review Images

    © Grasshopper Manufacture/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment