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Found 16 results

  1. http://www.gamefly.com/Rent-Halo-4/5003713?adtrackingid=cmju029 Halo 4 http://www.gamefly.com/Rent-Paper-Mario-Sticker-Star/5000771/?adtrackingid=cmju029
  2. Jordan Haygood

    Master Chief x Cortana

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Bungie, 343 Industries

  3. While 2012 was certainly the year of the heavy-hitters, it felt painfully derivative and devoid of inspiration for me. Perhaps I'm becoming jaded. Perhaps it simply takes too much to satisfy me these days. Whatever the case may be, I wasn't particularly impressed with the whole of games this year. However, I was able to weed out a few that I did quite enjoy, many of which feel much more like unconventional choices -- are my tastes changing or is the overall quality of the hundreds of sequels releasing each year declining? Who can say? The only thing I'm sure of is this: these are ten of my favorite games of 2012, and I'm hoping you can get behind my reasoning. Let's talk my favorite games of 2012. 10. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Official GP Review Say what you will about this admittedly bland RPG, but I couldn't stop coming back to it. Even when I grew tired of hacking and slashing through the same three dungeons, collecting flowers and herbs, and grinding, I came right back the next day. It's a shame we'll likely never see another, because something about this high fantasy tale rubbed me the right way. 9. Asura's Wrath Official GP Review I'm an enormous Dragon Ball Z fan, and I'll be a shounen anime junkie for life. Perhaps that's why I instantly gravitated toward Asura's Wrath. Maybe it was the Street Fighter IV-esque logo, the over-the-top carnage, or maybe it was the visceral, raw action showcased within. I wasn't even bothered that most of the game took place across several well-positioned quick-time events. It was simply a full-on adrenaline rush that looked as fantastic as it played. Let's not forget how majestic the Brahmastra looked -- seriously, Death Star what? 8. Dyad Rhythm and music games are my forte, but I'm also a huge rail-shooter enthusiast, and the synesthetic sensibilities of Dyad were reminiscent of the many long nights I spent with the classic Rez. Neons, delightful audio puzzles, and pure graphical intoxication made Dyad clearly one of the best downloadable titles (closest to the classics of my personal heyday of gaming) I've had the pleasure of purchasing this year. 7. Halo 4 In many ways Halo 4, like fellow Xbox 360-exclusive stablemate Gears of War 3, is alien to the rest of the series in many ways. But rather than in a disconcerting manner, it hit all the high notes. Updated graphics, a completely retooled soundtrack, and an affecting cliffhanger of an ending were enough to rekindle interest gone by in the long-running franchise, and while aspects of it weren't perfect, it was one of the most human Halo games we've seen yet. And I'm ready for more. 6. Mass Effect 3 Official GP Review Endings be damned, Mass Effect 3 was one engaging ride. Though I was initially lukewarm on the original years ago when I first played through it, the series quickly grew on me with its endearing relationship options, tight combat, and a narrative I couldn't get enough of. I fought until the end, and the backlash meant nothing to me. Mass Effect was a ride I'd gladly take again and again, because you can't denounce an entire franchise when you had so much fun to speak of on the way to the ending. I also cheated on Liara. 5. Minecraft (XBLA) Say what you will about the lack of features in the Xbox 360 release of the wildly popular PC sandbox game, but it drew in brand new audiences and players who may never have been in the line of sight of a creeper on the prowl. Its simplification of a game that might have mystified others with crafting and the various nuances of gameplay turned into a fantastic departure on the Xbox 360, and one I enjoyed with friends who couldn't afford a gaming PC (or PC for that matter) time and time again. It may never be as complete of a package as the PC version is, but it's an extremely competent release that deserves your time and attention, infinitely more so than the mobile version. 4. Borderlands 2 What can be said about Borderlands 2 but loot, loot, loot? While I felt it did little to advance the franchise, it did excel at what the games have done best at so far: giving me stuff to pick up. Handsome Jack was a deliciously devious villain, the additional characters were entertaining (especially latecomer Mechromancer Gage), and I choked back a few tears when some of my favorite teammates were murdered. It was the greatest co-op challenge I had this year, and for that I must thank Gearbox in the middle of wartime debauchery and zombie nonsense for giving me something a little more light-hearted to adventure with. 3. Little Inferno I typically allot little time to independent releases that take only a few hours to complete, but I'm so glad I stopped to see what all the commotion was about here. Little Inferno is a game about burning things: magnets, miniature nukes, cat plushies, and anything you can get your hands on from Tomorrow Corporation's several catalogues, but it's also a post-apocalyptic tale that resonates with the player. You'll laugh your way through the unlockable combos, but come time for the game to end, you'll be singing another tune. 2. Hotline Miami Official GP Review Gaudy fonts, hip techno beats, gore, and violence? Someone tapped into my personal "favorites" list when it comes to design, fashion, and media. All they needed was a little glitter and it would have been set, but Hotline Miami hit the ball out of the park as-is. I won't ruin it for you. Just pick it up on Steam and get ready for some disturbing, action-packed gore -- roll on up in your DeLorean and take everyone out. 1. Persona 4 Golden Persona 4 received a lot more love than my personal favorite, Persona 3, but nevertheless Persona 4 Golden meant the most to me this year in the realm of RPG gaming and more. It sports a phenomenal amount of content packed into a single card. One of the PlayStation 2's greatest role-playing games of all time graced the Vita with slick, vivid aesthetic improvements, loads of additional areas to explore, and tons of reasons to come back even if you've beaten the game into the ground. I'm not one to come back to a game once it's been completed, but this is one re-release that was worth the hype, and quite possibly the most fun I had all year.
  4. Jason Clement

    Halo 4

  5. DarkCobra86

    Free Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack

    I saw this post from Iammilkman on GDD. But basically you can download this for free if you have halo 4. I think you get an email with it. So if you did buy halo 4, definitely look into this. Another member on GDD did say you have to have played it the first day it came out or the first week. So if you didn't I wouldn't be surprised if you can't download it.
  6. American Express teamed with Microsoft for Halo 4 by offering an achievement based promotion earlier this month that provided an opportunity to net an easy $25 statement credit. This long awaited sequel is not quite done with incentives as the Xbox Live Rewards program is now set to reward the most avid online players with a new Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer. The combat offer boasts a scaling system of rewards based on the length of time played online. Halo 4 players who accumulate 35 hours of multiplayer time from November 6 through the end of November will find themselves 100 Microsoft Points richer. The gamers who manage to hit the 70 hour mark are eligible receive 300 points, but the fanatics will reach the maximum yield of 600 Microsoft Points at 140 hours. Xbox Live Rewards will also reward members who purchase any Halo content during the month of November. The maximum reward for purchasing digital goodies is 200 Microsoft Points, which is earned by spending 3000 Microsoft Points on Halo-related items. The Halo 4 Combat Tour offer is considered a 'first-come, first-served' promotion, limited to the first 10,000,000 Microsoft Points earned throughout November, and will be distributed by the end of 2012.
  7. A few weeks ago I posted a news article about Walmart selling Preorder DLC for dirt cheap. As low as thirty five cents for each code. Now that Halo 4 has released, Walmart has actually delivered on all of those preorder codes. But it doesn't stop there. The preorder DLC for Halo 4 is back up for immediate purchase at the low low cost of $5 per code. While that is way more than the original thirty five cent price from last month, you have to take this little fact into account... The codes are selling for between $15-$20 on websites like ebay. So if you want to get that extra DLC for your freshly bought Halo 4, then head down to the link below and don't spend more than you have to on overly inflated codes. Also just a heads up, it can take between ten minutes and an hour before the code reaches your email address, Walmart Halo 4 DLC
  8. Cross-promotional products have been appearing over the last few months as Halo 4's landing date rapidly approaches. Doritos and Mountain Dew offered players double experience, but American Express is jumping onto the Halo 4 wagon in an even bigger way. [Achievement Unlocked] is a beautiful sound for many, but the sound will be just a little bit sweeter for Halo 4 players who are also American Express cardholders. The Halo 4 ad on the Xbox Dashboard is now linking Xbox owners to exclusive offers for American Express cardholders. American Express members will need to synchronize their card through the American Express website in order to receive an access code. The access code provided must then be used on the Xbox 360 console for the player to unlock exclusive offers by earning select Halo 4 achievements. Players unlocking the 'Operation Completion' achievement will receive an email confirmation within 7 days and earn a $50 statement credit when spending $100 at Best Buy with the synced card. 'Operation Completion' is earned by completing a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty. Attaining the 'Wake Up John' achievement will unlock a one-time $25 credit, which should post to the account within 8 weeks of unlocking the offer. 'Wake Up John' is earned by completing the campaign on most difficulty levels, normal or higher. The third Halo 4 achievement-based offer is designed with the most hardcore players in mind, but the reward is well worth the time investment. The first 25 synced Cardmembers to complete the game alone on Legendary difficulty, boasting the 'Lone Wolf Legend' achievement, will win a trip to E3 in 2013 for two. Not an American Express cardholder? First-time enrollment unlocks a standard $10 statement credit, which can ultimately push the net price for freshly minted copy of Halo 4 down to a mere $25.
  9. Obama versus Romney. Romney versus Obama. At this point in the 2012 presidential election you may have seen ads full of political spin or heard excerpts from speeches, but the Presidential debates are approaching and Xbox LIVE is your ticket to hearing the candidates face off. The Xbox Live Event Player will allow Xbox owners to stream the live Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates throughout the month of October and participate in live polling. Registered Xbox Live Rewards members will also receive a golden Halo 4 Warrior Avatar outfit for tuning in to at least three of the four debates. The debates are scheduled as follows: October 3, 2012: Presidential Debate on Domestic Policy (9:00-10:30 PM EST) October 11, 2012: Vice-Presidential Debate on Domestic and Foreign Policy (9:00-10:30 PM EST) October 16, 2012: Presidential Town Hall Format Debate on Domestic and Foreign Policy (9:00-10:30 PM EST) October 22, 2012: Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy (9:00-10:30 PM EST) What better way to celebrate this election than with free avatar armor from an uncompromising warrior who does not put up with any shenanigans?
  10. Fans of the Halo franchise may remember the debut of Mountain Dew's Game Fuel formula during the release of Halo 3. Mountain Dew may have flirted with promotions for Modern Warfare 3 and World of Warcraft, but Game Fuel is returning to the franchise that made the flavor popular. PepsiCo and Frito-Lay are continuing their gaming cross promotion this year with Halo 4. Alongside the return of Mountain Dew's special Game Fuel flavor, specially marked packages of Mountain Dew and Doritos will come with a code that can be entered on their promotional website. Gamers can find codes on specially marked packages between October 15 and November 6 which will queue double experience for Halo 4 and enter them to win great prizes like a Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle, Limited Edition copy of Halo 4 or a Warthog toy. These codes must be used before January 31, 2013 and the double experience matches must be completed before March 31, 2013 or they will be forfeited. Each bottle of Mountain Dew will grant 3 double experience matches, but a 12-pack will grant 6 matches and Wal-mart's 24-pack will unlock 12 matches. Doritos buyers can also unlock 3 matches per bag, however Wal-Mart's 11.5 oz. bag will actually unlock 12 double experience matches. Gamers who redeem codes for both a Mountain Dew product and Doritos product will be granted two bonus double experience matches, but this bonus is only permitted once per week. Are you fully prepared for the release of Halo 4 on November 6 or will you be stocking up on double experience?
  11. We all knew that there was going to be some sort of custom bundle type thing for Halo 4. They've done a lot of custom themed bundles in the past for other games so why not Halo 4? Why not? Well that is apparently what Microsoft thought. Well, maybe. It's not entirely official just yet but we'll have to wait and see about it. However, there are some details that are important to look at: it has a price tag of $399.99, a 320GB hard drive, two wireless controllers with custom work on them, a black headset, and of course a copy of the Halo 4 game. All of which makes for a pretty sweet package. Oh and did I mention there are custom sounds to the thing too? But that isn't all. There are reportedly some virtual goodies stored in the unit too. These include: an armor skin, weapon skin, an emblem, matching avatar armor, and an avatar prop. Of course all of which are Halo themed. Source
  12. Jordan Haygood

    Halo 4 Box Art

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Bungie, 343 Industries

  13. Jordan Haygood

    Halo 4 Box Art

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Bungie, 343 Industries

  14. Dominic Dimanche

    Cortana New Look

    From the album: Stock Footage

    A depiction of Cortana's new look in Halo 4.