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Found 4 results

  1. So I didn't hear until a day or two ago that the whole Joakim Mogren and Moby **** Studios developing the Phantom Pain schtick was actually a ruse, and that Mogren was actually an actor hired by Kojima and whatnot. It's not too surprising to hear though, given that it's unlikely an external developer would be given control of Metal Gear Solid V while Kojima is still in control. Anyhow, the question is - do you think it was a successful ruse? Even though many people knew it from the start and that The Phantom Pain was actually Metal Gear Solid V, there's no denying that it got everyone on the internet talking, and buzz about the game couldn't be higher. I thought it was a pretty clever social marketing idea, as most people also bought into the whole "Is Joakim Mogren real or CGI" bit as well. What about you guys? Do you think it was successful, and would you like to see more stunts like this in the future?
  2. Let me start off by saying that I'm going to feel really really bad if it turns out this Joakim Mogren person is real. Not real as in his name is Joakim and he runs a company called Moby **** studios, but real as in an actor portraying the character Joakim. Imagine how weird it must feel seeing people debating on whether or not you are a real living person. Now that we've got that out of the way, I'm here to present my findings after going frame by frame through the entire Joakim Mogren interview multiple times looking for any possible oddities that would prove he was real or not. My verdict is... I'm not sure. I want to believe he's CGI, and there's evidence to support this, but all of the evidence is easy to explain away. Read on to find out what I mean. The Introduction First things first. As far as we can tell from the video, Joakim Mogren is a head and possibly a shirt. At no point do we ever see any other part of him. We do see a set of hands holding an iPad, but you never actually see him holding it. He never raises his hands and the camera is zoomed in so close to his face that the only evidence of him even having a shirt is that fact that the area beneath his head is darker than the wall behind him. Geoff Keighley also has a much better lighting position than Joakim does. This could just be a way to obscure who Joakim really is, but it could also be a way to hide any imperfections in a CGI model. If he is CGI, it would easily explain how Kojima and company were able to make him look so gosh darned realistic. Not only are they just animating the head in a dark shadowless area, but they don't even have to animate the whole thing. The bandages work as a great cover to mask anything that might have made him look less realistic. Of course that won't work forever, because at some point those bandages have to come off. Absolute 76% proof that something might be wrong Now, onto the oddities of Joakim Mogren. At almost no point in the three minute interview do his eyes ever move. Sure they appear to be looking in different directions at different parts of the video, but they only ever actually changed position when he had his eyes closed. That is, except for one time. At about 44 seconds in, Joakim's eyes are only half closed when he moves them, and in that split second, something weird happens. As you can see in the above gif, a white dot appears in Joakim's right eye as it moves to the side. It vanishes and then reappears as his eye finishes moving, and then it completely disappears forever. Now, my first thought was that it was just light reflecting off his eye. But when you watch the video you'll see that the dot appears for less than a half second and then never comes back. No matter what position he's in or how he's moving his head the light never reflects it again. It happens so fast you can barely even see it unless you're looking for it. Again, it could just be a reflection off his eye, but its something to look at. The End What you're going to see next is a bit more well known on the internet, but I wanted to talk about it anyway. At the very end of the video it is revealed that the Phantom Pain will be running on the Fox Engine, much to the shock and feigned surprise of Joakim. When he lets out his gasp, a few different strange things occur. First of all, the shadow on his neck flickers once or twice as he leans back. The people that think Joakim is a real person believe this flicker is caused by the iPad that Joakim may or may not have been holding. The smoking gun of maybes. While that is possible, and makes a lot more sense than him being CGI, I must point out that it was a still image on the screen and therefor wouldn't cause a flash (unless he turned it off or something, but what are the odds of that?). Another point made by people who believe Joakim to be CGI is the fact that he does a weird half blink as you can see in the gif posted above. I've been doing the same facial expression for the last half hour and can confirm that it is possible to do, but it feels unnatural. It could really go either way. I'll have to do it for another half hour to be sure. And then finally, the apparent clipping on the right side of his neck. As he leans back, it appears his shirt gets pulled slightly to the side and a tiny bit of his shoulder becomes exposed. While that is what I think is happening, if you look closely at the gif, it looks like his shirt is sliding out from underneath the bandages on the front of his neck. Something deemed pretty much impossible to actually do. I'm going to go with the more logical answer here simply because if they worked so hard to make Joakim look real, how could they miss something as big as his neck poking through his bandages? When it comes down to it, I think he's a real person. Every piece of evidence that states otherwise can kind of be debunked from what we see happening in the video. I'm really hoping that I'll be eating my words when we learn the truth in the next week or so when The Phantom Pain gets fully revealed at the Games Developer Conference. Until then, let's keep debating on whether or not a person exists because what else do we have to do? As always, thank you for reading.