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Found 8 results

  1. Today, Poria Torkan, producer on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Killzone: Mercenary, announced new downloadable content coming to Shadow Fall this June. The online cooperative mode titled Intercept tasks a four player team of VSA special forces to go into Helghast territory and obtain enemy communications. Infiltration is just the beginning as players then have to transmit the communications back to the VSA while fighting off waves of Helghast soldiers. There are four character classes to choose from: Assault, Marksman, Medic or Tactician. Each has a special skill set allowing for different tactical options. Torkan pointed out that enemy strategy would evolve during the course of the battle, throwing different tactics at the co-op squad. He added that, "the enemy can call on special Helghast champions with unique abilities, based on key characters from the Shadow Fall single-player campaign. Expect to go up against some very familiar faces…" In addition to featuring four "arena" style maps the DLC brings a perk system allowing players to call in missile strikes, use jet packs, among other bonuses. The Intercept expansion will be available for free to season pass holders this June and everyone else sometime later this year. Pricing details were not disclosed for the standalone version. For more news on Killzone: Shadow Fall keep it with Game Podunk. Source: Playstation Blog Excited about online co-op coming to Killzone?
  2. Steve Bitto

    New Vegas Writer Headed to Guerilla Games

    IGN reported that Killzone developer Guerilla Games hired John Gonzalez who was the lead writer and creative designer on Fallout: New Vegas. For those of us who wanted more depth and creativity in Shadow Fall, it looks like we might get our wish. Well kind of. It might be too late for Killzone: Shadow Fall but hopefully we will get a game that combines the breathtaking graphics Guerilla is known for with the great storytelling from Fallout: New Vegas. I wonder how long it will be until this project reaches us... Here is the link to the article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/11/27/killzone-dev-hires-fallout-new-vegas-writer
  3. Harrison Lee

    Review: Killzone Mercenary

    Publisher: SONY Developer: Guerrilla Games Platforms: PS Vita Release Date: September 10, 2013 Rating: M for Mature A download code was provided by the publisher for this review The PS Vita has always struggled to find the killer app that screams, "YES, buy me and enjoy this amazing experience that only I have!" Laughable attempts to bring Call of Duty and Resistance to the powerful handheld hit the market dead-on-arrival. The Vita, which should lend itself quite well to shooters and console-quality titles, has been left relatively barren save for a few notable exceptions. Finally, however, a developer has cracked that mysterious code and created a truly great Vita game. For all of its flaws, Killzone Mercenary is that special Vita-exclusive experience we've been clamoring for. Mercenary wastes no time in dropping players into the thick of the fictional sci-war between the ISA and black armor-clad Helghast. For those familiar with the plot, Mercenary roughly takes place between Killzone 2 and 3. Newcomers need not worry as the plot is fairly straightforward. Players will take on the role of independent mercenary Danner and lay waste to soldiers from both sides of the conflict. Neither the Helghast nor the ISA are as good or evil as previous games have shown, and Mercenary rides the line of moral ambiguity better than the heroic presentations of the ISA from previous entries. The Helghast, while still evil, are portrayed less harshly this time around. Despite the new storyline, a deep plot is nary to be found. There's the token super weapon both sides need, the defecting doctor and other standard sci-fi tropes. Playing for both sides also isn't a choice and largely doesn't change the gameplay experience. You'll shoot a few types of grunts and heavier enemies as you progress throughout levels to complete objectives. It all sounds pretty standard but feels great thanks to Mercenary's great gunplay and action. Like the console entries, weapons are meaty and feel thunderous. Enemies explode in showers of red and vibrant special effects really make the title stand out. Mechanically, Mercenary is the same as the PS3 counterparts with a few notable changes. Movement is faster and more focused on fast gameplay. Stealth has been made a valid, even desirable, option and the new weapon purchase system provides plenty of tactical options. For every action Danner commits, he gets cash. Killing enemies and destroying objects yield in-game currency to buy new guns and equipment. Weapons might have scopes or silencers and can be paired with special side arms and equipment. Flash grenades and silent body armor with a tranquilizer gun make for easy stealth kills. Mercenary's in-game store offers great flexibility for every play-style. The biggest addition is the VANGUARD system, which offers rechargeable drones, shields and missile launchers to the already-potent loadout. Each VANGUARD comes at a premium price; since every purchased weapon is made available for multiplayer, it's best to buy them when you can. To earn more cash, players can interrogate or melee enemies. This triggers a touch-screen action that is reminiscent of the early gimmicky iOS games. While relatively unobtrusive the touch-based QTE moments are a bit silly and unnecessary. The rear touchpad also caused me to randomly sprint or crouch when I didn't want to, leading to one or two odd deaths. Like the control nubs and cramped controller design, the touch-based controls can get a bit tricky against the AI. Multiply that difficulty when facing human opponents. Mercenary's campaign is sadly short, clocking in at about 5 hours. For added challenge players can take on Contracts, which add secondary objectives to each mission that earn bonus cash if completed. Level design is as solid as the console entries, if a bit smaller in scale. Again, the gameplay is tailored towards shorter sessions and faster completion. For a handheld title, the faster pace and short campaign length feels appropriate. If I had one particular beef with the campaign, it's the lame boss fight at the end. I won't spoil it, but suffice it to say the fight felt anticlimactic and forced. When I fired the game up, I'll admit my jaw dropped a bit. Mercenary can be stunning in motion, even when small visual glitches pop up or the framerate drops. Guerrilla has made few concessions to bring the full Killzone experience to the Vita and it absolutely shows. Animations are strong, effects are beautiful and the environments are nicely detailed; this is easily one of the best looking titles available on the Vita. Audio is well-done with decent voice-overs, strong sound effects and an inoffensive soundtrack. While the script delivery can come across as hammy or forced, it feels right at home for the meat-and-potatoes violence on display. The action sounds great with headphones as bullets clang against cover and explosions rock the landscape. Guerrilla is to be commended for how much of the experience they've managed to transfer from PS3 to Vita. I've spoken at length about the single-player, but how does the much-touted multiplayer hold up? As you might expect, Mercenary's online component is fun but limited in scale. Four-on-four matches across the three game modes is entertaining in short spurts but lacks enough variety to keep it interesting. Mercenary comes preloaded with free-for-all, team deathmatch and the objective-oriented Warzone. Warzone is the gold standard of the Killzone franchise and is still as fantastic as the console brethren, albeit with a limited number of maps. To make things more exciting, random VANGUARD pods will drop from the sky, up for grabs for the first player to reach them. Opening a pod leaves players exposed, creating a cat-and-mouse game when the free pick-ups appear. Unfortunately, VANGUARD weapons do tend to unbalance the game against new players and can feel cheap at times. Other times I loved having their utility at my disposal. When all is said and done, the multiplayer is a mechanically-sound, fun experience designed for short spurts. Mercenary is certainly the most competent online shooter on the Vita and, with enough new content, could be a big hit. Coupled with a short but entertaining campaign experience, flexible loadout system and awesome combat system, Mercenary is a great value for those wanting the definitive Vita shooter. From the visuals to the multiplayer, Guerrilla has done a great job of emulating the Killzone experience on a mobile platform. While some features have had to be trimmed to account for the Vita's limits, Mercenary maintains a fantastic amount of what makes the series great. It may not always be technically sound or control the tightest. No one, however, will question Mercenary's status as one of the Vita's best experiences. Pros: + Excellent gunplay + Entertaining campaign + Caters to different playstyles + Visually stunning Cons: - Framerate drops - Limited multiplayer - Campaign is a bit short Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great Killzone Mercenary is the Vita game you should own. It's one of those special showcase titles that's fun to play.
  4. Marshall Henderson

    Sony Shows Off Four Games for PlayStation 4

    Four by four, Sony marched in with their announcements today, discussing four exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4. Killzone Shadow Fall, Driveclub, inFAMOUS Second Son, and The Witness each got floor time at Sony's press event today, dazzling people away from the dearth of Vita titles. Guerilla Games's presentation for Killzone Shadow Fall wasn't there to show off a gripping narrative, but certainly demonstrated what the PlayStation 4 is supposedly capable of doing. The footage showed a giant, foggy city, at pre-rendered cutscene-quality for many other games, that came down with a sudden case of First-Person Shooting. Knife kills claimed the lives of several Helghast-looking people, and an assault rifle that could transition into a sniper rifle claimed the lives of a lot more. In the end, enemy helicopters surrounded the main character, and the demo ended. Shooters, though, are not everyone's thing. Some people just want to race cars and do so in style, which is the goal of Evolution Studio's Driveclub. As is the standard for most 'realistic' racing games, Driveclub took great cares to make pretty the cars. Of course they were shiny, but headlights showed light refracting through the wax in rainbows, and the interior materials supposedly reflect light differently. Time, of course, will tell. Driveclub seems to focus on team-based racing, and takes a first person view from inside the car. If you loved the driving in Far Cry 2... It's been a while since Sony gave fans of inFAMOUS anything to cheer about, so inFAMOUS Second Son apparently intends to rectify that. Taking place within a city under martial law, Second Son seems to center around rebels that are fighting for freedom, with superpowers, of course. Unfortunately, there didn't appear to be any live gameplay, so how pretty the shown footage was shouldn't knock anyone's socks off. The big-ticket games are well and good, but indie games are where the wealth in original ideas come from, so Braid's Jonathan Blow came out to talk about The Witness. The Witness is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and centers around exploration. Straddling the line between pretentious and visionary (or perhaps favoring one side more than the other), Blow described the open world puzzle game as an open-world game that focuses on cutting out redundant features, centering on concept-pertinent puzzles, and having the theme of epiphanies. It's an attractive enough line-up, but hopefully that doesn't peter off after release. Of course, Sony would never do that. The current date for release is, of course, Holiday 2013 for the console. You can look forward to new details as they arrive, and we'll have 'em right here, nice and warm for you.
  5. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale's release date is coming up fast. As we approach closer and closer to the release date, more details about the game's story and characters are being revealed. While I'm eagerly anticipating the game's release, I've started to wonder something- just what is this game going to be rated? We've gotten characters from games ranging from E for Everyone all the way up to M for Mature. If it was just the character's themselves then this wouldn't be a problem, but as we all know Playstation All-Stars will have a story mode to worry about. How will some of the more mature characters handle the transition to a more family friendly setting? Out of the twelve characters announced so far, four of them are from M rated games. Sweet Tooth, Kratos, the Big Daddy and Colonel Radec. I'm sure we'll see a few more M-rated characters before the game's release this October, but we'll focus on these ones for now. Colonel Radec probably won't be that big of a deal going into All-Stars seeing as he's just a war nut who will stop at nothing to win. Sweet Tooth Things get more complicated when you get to Sweet Tooth. One of the main characters in the Twisted Metal series, Sweet Tooth was an ice cream truck driver who snapped and murdered most of his family while dressed as a clown. It then became his mission to find his surviving children and kill them too. While dropping him into a T-rated game should work, they'll have to seriously nerf his story if they expect to keep their rating at a T or lower. Kratos Then we have Kratos, killer of Gods, layer of women. Each sequel he starred in was pretty much just an exercise to see how brutally he can kill someone given the newest leaps in technology available to the team that created him. As we've seen from the gameplay trailers, Kratos has been tamed down considerably. At no point will he be pulling off Nathan Drake's head. In fact his story will probably just be about him finding whoever forced him into these fights so he can rip them in half off screen. The Big Daddy Finally we have the Big Daddy. A character who's soul mission in life is to stop people from murdering the children they protect. As far as I know, they don't really do much else other than that. Will the Big Daddy be fighting off Heihachi and Parappa from trying to kill a child? Doubtful, but I'm interested to see how they'll possibly involve that in the story. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale will not get an M-rating. There's no way it could become Sony's answer to Smash Brothers if it did! But just how will these characters work in a T rated setting? And what if Superbot decides to goes for an E-rating? Only time will tell, but until then I'll be looking forward to even more character reveals. ---------------------------- How do you think Superbot will handle these rather violent characters in a game geared more towards a family friendly crowd? Do you think they'll be pulling punches when it comes to the stories of some of the more insane characters? Why not tell us what you think in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.