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Found 26 results

  1. Quite recently I was convinced into trying my hand at a new MMO called Archeage which you may or may not have heard. Seeing as it was free, I decided to give it a try and joined up with Khorne on the continent of Nuia. The game has four races split amongst two continents, Khorne plays as a Nuian / Human and I chose to play as an Elf since they occupy the same continent and are on the same faction in the games universe. The other two races the Firrans / Cat People and the Hirani / Asians. I experimented with the various races in the character creator (pictures below) but ultimately decided it was better to start on the same side as Khorne so as to be power-leveled through the early stages of the game. Take a gander at the pictures below, and consider joining us sometime! Here's the first character I created, a Hanari I named Kurokame. Here's the Firran I made, but wasn't too big a fan of. Here's my Elf who I am currently playing as (Archer / Ranger) named Narriko. Here are Khorne and I on my mount (a purple Elk) you actually get your mount extremely early on in the game unlike most other MMOs! You also get a Glider early on that allows you to travel by air, quite a fun gameplay element! Here is Khorne posing for the camera. You can also drive cars in the game, here are Khorne and I racing each other on the test drive track... This ended quite badly.... Khorne got his car flipped and lit on fire You can also sail ships which require a crew as you get larger ships. You can also build houses and castles, the latter which can be used to launch attacks onto other guilds and players castles and need to be defended. You can also be a simple farmer and grow crops, or a tradesmen and run trade routes supplying your faction and earning gold. Or just go crazy and be a pirate and raid everyone. Archeage is available to play for FREE at the following website http://www.archeagegame.com/en/play-for-free/ Khorne and myself are playing on the server EZI Remember that you'll have start as an Elf or a Human to be in the same faction as us. Starting as a Firran or Hanari makes you our enemy unless you become pirate in which you're still our enemy but of a different sort. So what are you waiting for?
  2. Saw this on Twitter earlier when RPGsite tweeted about it. I was actually really surprised to see that Lineage 1 is pulling in more than 5x the revenue that Lineage 2 is earning. That's... kind of sad for NCsoft, lol. Also, surprised to see LOTR Online at #5; I didn't know that was still a thing. Shows you how much attention I pay to MMOs nowadays. OH, and Aion - people still play that? I'm curious to see where WildStar will rank in the 2014 chart. What about you guys? Anything surprise you in that sales chart?
  3. There was a bit of talk about this in the ESO thread, but I figured I'd bring into more of a spotlight here: How do you feel about the subscription model many of the new big-name MMOs (namely Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Elder Scrolls Online) are taking nowadays? If you don't like it, what do you think is a better solution? I, like probably many of you, don't like the subscription model. If I were to pay a full $60 for a title, I want to be able to play it without paying an extra $10-15 a month to do so. I do understand the model as a whole, though; MMOs require HUGE costs to maintain, and in reality the one time revenue from that sale won't be enough. Also, many developers think that because WoW gets away with it, they can too, but WoW is just such an entirely different beast that many should not hope to have its amount of success. So, if not subscription, then what? Most people look to the F2P model, but honestly that's not much better. Sure, a game being free to play's great, but then the game shoves a cash shop down your throat, and make the title so grind-heavy that you practically need some of those cash items to have an enjoyable time. Again, developers need to get those maintience costs from somewhere, and if not from an initial purchase/subscription, they'll have to put some highly wanted (and sometimes needed) items up for sale with real money. So yeah, in my opinion both of those suck. The solution I like, though, if the P2P (pay to play) model that Guild Wars 2 has so kindly shown us (as of recent popularity; other games have followed the model as well). You buy the game, then you play it, just like anything else. Yes, the game still has a cash shop, but instead of holding items you really want, it has items that would be helpful or that you may want to purchase. Do you need an extra character slot, with five available already? Nah, but it's there if you want it. However, this model comes with a big barrier... the developer must be confident enough in their game and franchise to know that it will sell well enough on its own to justify its costs. Guild Wars 2 had a huge following from the original, so they had that confidence, but many other start ups don't have the ability to rely on a fanbase to see them through. ...Hmm... so yeah, for the most part I think P2P works best, though it's not always viable. Now that you know my (lengthy) opinion, why don't you tell me yours?
  4. This preview is based on the PlayStation 3 version of the game When the original version of Final Fantasy XIV Online come out, it was met with general distaste. While it was well-intended, bad design choices and its buggy release forced Square Enix to take the game off the servers last year. Since then the company has been hard at work on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a new MMO built from the ground up as an attempt to regain fans and give them an experience worthy of their time and money. Now that the game is entering Phase 4 of the beta, it's time to ask... will A Realm Reborn give fans a reason to come back, or will it be another failed attempt? Jumping into the beta, I was first treated to a beautiful opening video giving some backstory to the world of Eorzea. During a grand war, a moon falls and the elder primal Bahamut is released, wreaking havok upon the world. It isn't certain how exactly the primal is stopped, as it is muddled and misremembered constantly in the minds of the people. However, eventually Bahamut is stopped, and five years after this event (named The Calamity) is where you, as the player come in. The opening video is pretty informative to someone like me, who did not play the original version of Final Fantasy XIV. Also, it's worthwhile to note that this backstory actually ties into the original game. The player's main quest in the original was to find a way to stop or mitigate the damage the falling moon Dalamud would cause, which eventually ended up in the player's failure, thus The Calamity. After the video, it's time to step into the world and create a character. You can choose from five races and eight starting classes. The game assures you that you can change classes later--in fact, it's as simple as changing your equipped weapon! I did not try this myself and just stuck with my original pick of Lancer throughout my time with the beta. The character creation process allows a lot of customization. You can tweak the appearance of your character in a grand number of fashions, insuring that your character will in fact be unique amongst the groups of players. You can also choose one of two sects out of each race, which will affect your appearance. For example, Midlander Hyur (the human race) look like a typical human, while Highlander Hyur are more muscular in build and look more like vikings. Afterwards, you're dropped into one of Eorzea's main cities, after a cutscene introducing you more into the world. Which city depends on your race and class, and every city has a few starter quests to get you familiar with the game's flow, mechanics, and even the city's layout. The city I was in, Gridania, was a wonderful forest city, and was really just a joy to walk through as I completed the quests. It was a bit large for what the city offered, but those bored with walking could easily teleport to various areas of the city crystals and the Aethernet. As with most MMOs, A Realm Reborn focuses a lot on completing quests. Retrieving and delivering items, beating up a set number of monsters, and other staple quests will be found here. However, there is also the neat addition of FATEs, or Full Active Time Events. They are basically world and time-sensitive events that anyone can join in on. For example, one FATE I stumbled across was to beat a large number of the newly-spawned enemy in the area. Players also get rewards based on how well they did participation wise, so you can't just get rewards for coming to the FATE and not doing anything. For a game so focused on 'beat this number of enemies' for quests and the Hunting Log, the battle system has to be engaging and good... and that's no problem for A Realm Reborn. Combat is fluid and fast-paced, and using skills is intuitive. For 'Disciples of War' classes (basically any physical class), skills are used with TP, and for 'Disciples of Magic', their spells use MP. This can help to juggle abilities later on in the game with various class masteries, but in the time I've played in the beta, having both was not all that helpful. My only main concern for Final Fantasy XIV is how repetitive the quests may become later on, a problem with many MMOs. However, with the game's emphasis on story, the main story quests will entertain the typical Final Fantasy crowd well enough. Also, the inclusion of party dungeons helps to keep the MMO fan busy, even when they don't feel like doing the average run of quests. It's also a boon that you level up relatively quickly, so that if you're not a high enough level to attempt the next major story or guild quest, it's only a few minor quests until you're of the right level. Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn may still be in beta, but it's already shaping up to be a great MMO experience. The game comes out August 27th, so if this piqued your interest, consider giving A Realm Reborn a preorder!
  5. Blazeknyt

    The Massively Multiplayer Online Draw

    With the imminent closing of the only MMO that I play, Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO for short), it“s about time I talk about MMOs, and why I like them so much. For those that don“t know what MMO stands for, it means Massively Multiplayer Online game. Most MMOs end up being MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), because it is the format that best fits with keeping a user base, and ensuring longevity for most games. It also allows for the best way to develop a world, a story and lore, and one of the stronger aspects of MMOs, skill trees and play styles. The story and lore surrounding the game is what gets everyone to play through the quests and figure out what is going on in certain areas of the game (supposedly, not everyone really cares about the story). Each set of quests as they are called tends to form a story arc surrounding that area or land. I do my best to pay attention to these, as it“s one of the reasons people play the game. The story of the game is played differently in MMOs. Most of the story arcs may not directly concern your character“s goals and ambitions. For example, in DFO, the slayer class is concerned with the demon that possesses his arm. There are some special class specific quests that deal with this, such as weakening the influence of the demon in order to become a weapon master, or giving in to the demon to become a berserker. Certain quests at certain times deal with this issue, but the overall story of the game has nothing to do with the characters own goals. Once you get through those quests, your slayer is there, as a drifter and wanderer, exploring the world. The class system also plays into how that character or class will grow via skill trees. This is the meat of the MMORPG. It was always there in RPGs, and MMOs just took that concept and applied it in a different way. One basic class could then specialize and branch out into various different forms. The basic warrior could branch out and specialize in a sword and shield style, or use heavy 2 handed weapons. Do not be surprised to see people discussing the best builds, skills, and play styles of a certain class. People even do research on skill trees and play styles before starting the game. I actually did this before starting DFO. This style has become more prevalent in online multiplayer games, where one can pick the mechanic, or the sniper, medic, the warrior, or magician. To further dissect the class systems and play styles, people make characters based on what they want to do overall. PvP means player versus player. Someone will make their character geared toward fighting others. PvE would be a player who makes their character geared toward fighting the regular monsters and fighting in dungeons. There“s a lot that can go into playing an MMO. One of the best aspects is the social part, which consoles have begun to pull off since being able to go online. You never know when you can party with someone, and how long that party will stay. It“s great when you get that perfect party of people you have never played with, and everything manages to work out well. Some players will help the newcomers and even give them free or old equipment. Unfortunately, you may come across some trolls. How they behave varies from game to game. I was fortunate enough not to come across many while playing DFO. DFO closes on June 13, so there are only a few weeks left to get some gaming in. I will make an entry talking about why I loved the game. If anyone else out there plays DFO, get some time in before it shuts down completely. Thanks for reading!
  6. For years, Blizzard was developing a brand new massively multiplayer game to build upon the success that started from their ultra popular World of Warcraft, but reports have recently surfaced that the developer has hit the reset button on the project, according to a source familiar with the matter VentureBeat claims. The team working on the game was once 100 developers strong, but a good 70% of them have now been reassigned to work on other projects, leaving a much smaller team to work on the MMO project, codenamed "Titan." At this point, the title is reportedly not expected to be published before 2016 at the very earliest. Why the delay? It could be in part because Blizzard chose to overhaul the engine or a substantial part of it to take advantage of next generation technology. This seems to be corroborated by the fact that Blizzard is hiring seven positions for a "Next-Gen MMO" as reported by IGN. Whether or not it's referring just to PC or including next gen consoles is currently unknown, however. Titan was supposed to have started development some 5 years ago (in 2008), so the project's restart and delay is a bit surprising though Blizzard has been notorious for cancelling and delaying games in the past. In any case, it's unlikely that we'll hear more about the project anytime soon. Source: VentureBeat Are you surprised to hear that development on Titan is being reset?
  7. Final Fantasy XIV was in an incredibly tight spot when it launched back in 2010. Although it looked far better than the previous online title (Final Fantasy XI), it was met with widespread negativity. Due to the vast issues with the title, subscription fees were delayed for an entire year. Eventually, Square Enix decided to restart the game with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A Realm Reborn is not an expansion pack but a total reboot of XIV's world. Many improvements were brought to the game which will hopefully make it far more successful than its predecessor. The original version was set to release on PS3, but only ever saw PC launch. A Realm Reborn, however, will be the first taste of the game on PS3 later this year. To celebrate the relaunch, a Collector's Edition is also being made available for PC and PS3 users. It includes the game and additional content disc, soundtrack CD, art cards, account security token, and art book. Of course, a few exclusive DLC mounts and armor also come with it. All together, the Collector's Edition costs $80. If you'd rather skip the frills and just get the standard edition, Final Fantasy XIV will cost $40. It's out on August 27th but if you opt for the more expensive version you'll be granted early access into the game.
  8. Marcus Estrada

    Rift Goes Free to Play in June

    Free to play games are one massive trend that show no sign of slowing down just yet. Most every MMO has had to ditch subscriptions for it at one point or another, although some still manage to keep a subscriber base. Rift is one such game that has been going since 2011 with monthly fees. Come June 12th, users won't be required to continuously feed money into the game. Trion Worlds announced that their flagship MMO is joining the ranks of its F2P brethren, although a subscription will still be available. The game itself will be free and there will be no other fees applied to users, unless of course they wish to expand various options. If you buy the Rift now then you'll be granted extra character, bag, and expansion slots. Beyond that, anyone who maintains a subscription beyond the F2P date is set to get a good deal of bonuses applied to their account. They will get things like 15% more currency, daily XP boosts, 10% faster mount speed, and more. The full list of bonuses is available here.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    DUST 514 Officially Launches on PS3 Today

    Today is the big day for DUST 514. The game had previously been available in beta form for PS3 owners but is now fully launched with today's PlayStation Store update. This stands to be one of the most anticipated digital launches in the system's recent history. DUST 514 is an expansion of the EVE Online universe. EVE Online is a PC exclusive MMO which has garnered tons of players since it launched ten years ago. With their latest game, players will be able to still be a part of EVE even though they're playing via PS3. If you're interested you don't worry about paying any fees. Unlike EVE, DUST 514 is a free to play title. Of course, there are still microtransactions available. Those who were a part of the beta don't have to re-download the entire game. All that's required is to update the game and it will be ready to go.
  10. I remember Gai posting the game depression quest a while ago. It was a pretty good game and this video really gives an inside in to the blurred line of being depressed and playing video games vs playing video games and getting depressed. I'm glad gamespot did this video most gaming sites don't want to even bring light to this kinds of topics because it's "bad for business" but gamespot took it head on with a non judgmental way. I hope to see more of this kinds of videos from them as I learned a lot and could relate to some of the things they where going through.
  11. Marcus Estrada

    Minimum Alpha Launches Next Week

    If you followed any of the Aliens: Colonial Marines mess then you're probably already a little familiar with TimeGate Studios. The developer's dubious distinction may be overlooked if their upcoming game is any good, though. The team have been working on a free to play title named Minimum and it's about to launch into alpha. Minimum is a shooter but with a visual style closer to Minecraft than the Call of Duty series. Possibly in a way to absolve themselves of future blame, TimeGate has also said the following: "This is our promise to you. We believe in MINIMUM, and want your Influence, your ideas and your creativity to steer us. Not only will we listen, as every other developer promises to do, but we are also creating a mechanism to empower you, just as our entire team is empowered. The fun, the heart of MINIMUM is no longer just ours, and we can“t wait to see where we collectively go from here." Those interested in testing out the alpha version will be required to pre-purchase on Steam as it's an Early Access title. This is probably set to annoy some, but may become more common in the future. No price for the Early Access copy has been detailed yet. Minimum's closed alpha begins on April 16th.
  12. If you're a Phantasy Star Online fan, then you probably recall that last summer Sega announced Phantasy Star Online 2 for a North American launch. At that time, they said it would come to PC in "early 2013". Well, we've about worked through all of early 2013 so far which pretty much solidifies Sega's next statement. They told Polygon the following: "Originally slated for an early 2013 launch, Sega can officially confirm that PS02 has been delayed. We don“t have any specifics but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share." At least this isn't a cancellation notice. Still, it is a shame to see this anticipated free-to-play title strung out so long in front of fans. Of course, those really hungry to play it could just download the Japanese version instead. Also, we still see no discussion of the Vita version coming West, so that may be completely out of the equation now. Are you interested in PSO2 or is it just another MMO to you?
  13. Marcus Estrada

    Vanquish Heading to PS+ Instant Game Collection

    PlayStation Plus users who have their drives filling with Instant Game Collection content better make a little room. As usual, Sony is peppering tomorrow's PS Store update with a batch of free content. However, unlike some weeks, they are making a particularly loved game available. Then there are a few other things which may be unfamiliar to subscribers. First, the PS3 game getting the free treatment is Vanquish. This Sega game came out in 2010 and accumulated a very passionate fanbase. It didn't make huge waves in general, but those who have played it seem to be glad they did. Vanquish costs $20 as a download normally, but of course Plus users only need to make room for the free download. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is the second free game of the month. If you're thinking this isn't a Vita game, then you're right. It is an enhanced remake of Mega Man X which came to PSP. So, here is one of those rare occasions that a PSP owner can get in on the free game action. Thankfully, it runs on Vita as well so it can be downloaded and played on one just fine. Finally, there is the Dust 514 Starter Pack. In case you couldn't tell by the name, this is not a game itself. Dust 514 is a free MMO available on PS3 already. So what this pack gives you is some of the content you would otherwise be buying with real money to support the game's economy. It's a bit weird but may get some people to actually give the game a shot. Do you think Sony should make more PS Plus games available that run on PSP/Vita?
  14. Jordan Haygood

    WildStar Coming Our Way This Year

    If you've been wanting to play the upcoming MMO from NCSoft and Carbine Studio known as WildStar, it appears that a release window has officially been confirmed. This sci-fi MMO will be available sometime this year, according to executive producer Jeremy Gaffney in a recent WildStar blog post. The blog entry didn't say anything about when a closed beta, open beta, or the final product will be released. However, the post did state that the latest version of WildStar will be featured at Penny Arcade Expo East in March. Any further news remains to be seen. If you don't have a clue what this game even is, WildStar is an MMORPG with a sci-fi theme, featuring a path system that allows quest types to be determined by whatever class players begin the game with. For more on this game, check out this video: Are you looking forward to this MMO?
  15. If you have never heard of Bullet Run before now you wouldn't be the only one. The free-to-play MMO did not receive much media attention when it launched and only saw a handful of reviews. Reviewers didn't much care for the property and it seems gamers didn't as well. Although the game only launched last August, it is being shut down next month. Sony Online Entertainment published the game to expand their MMO catalog, but perhaps they should have shopped around longer. Acony Games certainly tried to create something great, but there are so many F2P options available these days that it's hard to stand out. Bullet Run is a simple MMO shooter which didn't have a chance in the current landscape. Those with any "Station Cash" in the game will not be refunded. Instead, the money will be saved to your SOE account to be used with other games. Beyond that, those who subscribed will see their subscriptions terminated this month and receive prorated refunds. It's always sad to see games end, but with so many vying for users it must be expected that many will fail.
  16. Defiance is looking to be one of the stranger experiments in recent gaming history. The game, developed by Trion Worlds, is not only a shooter MMO, although that would be enough to attract an audience, but part of a transmedia endeavor. This means that the game inhabits the same universe as an upcoming TV series. What this all entails hasn't been fully explained, but basically the show and game will take place in the same time, but in different locations. The show takes place in St. Louis while the game is set in the San Francisco Bay Area. Basically, events that play out in one will also have ramifications in the other. It's certainly ambitious but time will tell if Defiance's gambit proves successful. Although the game itself isn't free, there will be no monthly fee associated with it. This may not be as popular as the free to play model currently, but at least there is no intent to require subscriptions. Defiance is set to hit PC, PS3, and 360 at the base price of $60 on April 2nd. Then there are the more expensive editions which might just interest a few players. The live action trailer promoting Defiance that was released today can be viewed right here:
  17. Are you a fan of The Elder Scrolls? Do you also enjoy playing online games? If so, you're probably very aware of the upcoming game The Elder Scrolls Online. Those antsy to give it a shot will be happy to know that today Bethesda opened up the gates. If you wish to register for the beta, all you have to do is go to the signup page. No, the beta itself is not open yet, but this is your way to be registered into their user banks. It asks standard questions such as what other online games you play but also leaves space for you to woo Bethesda by writing about why you should be chosen. Hopefully if your application is appealing enough you will get selected to play the closed beta in the near future. The Elder Scrolls Online has no release date aside from 2013. Bethesda also released a trailer to promote beta applications, which you can see here:
  18. When Star Wars: The Old Republic was in development, there was hope expressed that same gender romances (SGR) would make their way into the game. It launched, floundered, and took a route toward free-to-play, but gay options were still not a part of the game. Finally the game is getting some though, and now we are hearing the extent to which it will be implemented. In a development blog post, Executive Producer Jeff Hickman noted where they were with SGR options: "First of all, I want to apologize that this is taking so long to get in the game. I realize that we promised SGR to you guys and that many of you believed that this would be with a companion character. Unfortunately, this will take a lot more work than we realized at the time and it (like some other pieces of content we talked about earlier in the year) has been delayed as we focused on the changes required to take the game Free-to-Play. As we have said in the past, allowing same gender romance is something we are very supportive of. Secondly, I want to reveal today that we are adding SGR with some NPCs on Makeb and do intend on pursuing more SGR options in the future. More details to come!" This content is set to be part of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack. This is probably primarily driven by the fact that they were unable to retrofit other portions of the game with all the content they were hoping for. Of course, this expansion is not free so if you want to experience SGRs at all then you're going to need to purchase it. The planet Makeb itself is not a "gay planet" as some blogs have taken to calling it, but the only one that will currently have the SGR options accessible. Hopefully these options will be expanded to the rest of the game at some point so that all players will be able to benefit from them.
  19. Marcus Estrada

    MMO TERA Going Free-to-Play Next Month

    TERA is one of those MMOs with a dedicated fanbase but little acknowledgement outside that group. The game itself launched early last year and has seen a continous, but overall small userbase. Because it is so hard to maintain a subscription-only MMO (if it isn't World of Warcraft), TERA is preparing to add a free-to-play option. TERA: Rising is coming in February and will be the same game, for the most part. What is interesting though is that there will still be a subscription model for those who want more. For example, subscribers who continue to pay past the F2P launch will have cooldown times halved, daily item boosts, and a few other perks. Beyond that though, the two are very similar. Both free and paying members can only have two character slots by default as well as no restrictions on character classes or where they can explore. Subscriptions will be $15 but it seems like the biggest thing TERA is hoping to promote is their in-game store. If either a F2P player or subscriber wants the best benefits, they're going to have to pay extra (such as more character or bank inventory slots). If you've been wanting to play the MMO then February will be your chance.
  20. Marcus Estrada

    Family Guy Online Closing After Beta

    It's not hard for gamers to recognize that MMOs are a very crowded space to get into these days. Still, that doesn't stop company after company from attempting to put their brands out there and hope to gain a large following. Such is the case for Fox's Family Guy Online which has been quietly working through closed and open betas. However, it looks like the game is never going to see an actual launch. As Family Guy Online's open beta closes, so too will the game itself. On January 18th, the servers will be shut down and the game no longer accessible. No reasons were given but it is probably due to lower than expected participation rates. Thankfully, they are not just going to take player's money and run. Despite being only in beta, real-money purchases were allowed. Those who bought anything between October 22nd and December 21st will be refunded in full. Expect to see the refunds roll out in January.
  21. Marcus Estrada

    "Love" MMO is Now Free

    Have you been searching out MMOs that are different from the rest? Although there's tons of them available, most can fall into a few distinct categories. If you've got some free time then maybe Love is worth checking out. The game has been running for a while and used to charge players for game time. Now though the world is being opened up for anyone to experience as long as they like. For those who choose to donate however they will receive a character with "minor perks" such as a persistent character name and look. Beyond that though there will be no marketplace in game to sell various game-enhancing items. So what is Love? It is a dream-like procedurally generated world. In this game there are many ways to accomplish tasks and no one way is right. This is due to having tools at your disposal which can manipulate the world around you. The visual flair of Love is also very much worth noting, as it's far from anything else you're likely to see with other MMOs. Here's a video demonstrating a bunch of methods to simply climb up a ledge:
  22. Marcus Estrada

    Say Goodbye to City of Heroes

    No MMO can last forever. In this current age of games going free-to-play they are able to extend their lives, but eventually newer and fancier stuff comes to replace them. A few have managed to last year after year, but otherwise try not to get too heavily invested in these games. The latest to be having its servers shut down is none other than NCSoft's City of Heroes. City of Heroes arrived back in 2004 and impressed players with a hefty hero editor and a world full of players. A year later, the City of Villains expansion came and drew in even more. The game received a comic based on the world events and things seemed to be doing pretty well. Just last year the game finally switched from a subscription to F2P which signaled a shift. Although it didn't seem like the game was on a doomed path, today an official post on the City of Heroes site said this: “In a realignment of company focus and publishing support, NCsoft has made the decision to close Paragon Studios. Effective immediately, all development on City of Heroes will cease and we will begin preparations to sunset the world“s first, and best, Super Hero MMORPG before the end of the year,” Belford wrote. “As part of this, all recurring subscription billing and Paragon Market purchasing will be discontinued effective immediately." The servers hosting City of Heroes will be shut down on November 30th.
  23. Marcus Estrada

    Second Life is Coming to Steam

    It was only a matter of time until Steam's growing free-to-play MMO market would expand to hold something like Second Life. According to a post on the SL blog it seems like that time is quickly approaching. Although Second Life's time as a media darling has now passed, that doesn't change the fact that it's still a massively popular virtual world. It will be coming in the "next month or so" and basically be the same experience. Why did Linden Labs decide to bring their online game to Steam? It's simple: they'll gain an even larger audience. Here's the official word: "What does this news mean for Second Life? You“ll still be able to access Second Life just as you can today; there won“t be any change to that. But, the more than 40 million people who use Steam will also be able to get Second Life as easily as they can get games like Portal." Have you ever played Second Life? Do you think this will introduce a new audience to the game?
  24. Phantasy Star Online 2 just finally launched in Japan and with that out of the way Sega was finally able to announce the game for other regions. Today via their official blog Sega announced the game will be coming to North America and Europe. For us NA folk, we should expect to see the game in early 2013 and as a free-to-play title, just like in Japan. In PSO2 you'll still have the ability to choose the classes you're familiar with but now there's a very fleshed out character creator too. With it, you can change body size, facial structure, and basically the general things you expect from a modern character creator. Beyond that you can add multiple layers of accessories so feasibly you could have cat ears on top of cat ears. Why you would want to do that isn't known, but hey, you have the freedom to! As was mentioned earlier, the game is going to be a F2P title. What does this mean, exactly? Unfortunately Sega are currently not ready to discuss the specifics of this. However, it's probably a safe bet that the model will work out about the same as it does in other MMOs. So far this announcement is only for the PC version of the game. Japan also received a Vita version but so far Sega has said nothing about this. Hopefully we will also receive that version as it would fuel PSO addictions heavily if it could be played on the go.