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Found 1 result

  1. With so many video games released every year it would be foolish to expect all of them to be marvelous. In fact, a great deal of them are fairly mediocre while others are downright stinkers. Every so often, a game manages to be so bad that it causes an uproar. Gamers don“t just avoid these special games, they rant and rave about them for months and years down the road. Will Aliens: Colonial Marines join their dubious ranks? It hasn“t been long enough to tell, but in the meantime, let“s visit the hall of fame which no game ever hopes to be inducted into. Daikatana Games are regularly seeing longer and longer development cycles, some of which are more infamous than others. Daikatana was one such game that seemed to languish in development for a while. Many began to see developer John Romero as a pompous, spoiled guy rather than someone trying to create their dream game. It was an ugly situation leading to launch and even uglier once the product was out. Thanks to numerous delays, Daikatana hit the market looking graphically worse than other games of the same year, despite having hoped to be technically superior. Then there was the gameplay itself which suffered many glitches. Aspects touted as revolutionary, such as AI partners, ended up being more laughably broken than anything else. A patch came to make the game more playable, but by then the damage was already done. Devil May Cry 2 The original Devil May Cry was a rousing success in creating a truly exciting action game with a real sense of difficulty. With such a high starting point, fans eagerly waited to get their hands on Devil May Cry 2. Unfortunately, the sequel did not live up to lofty ideals set by fans and even failed to attain the same finesse of the first. Criticisms were lobbed chiefly at lowered difficulty, although that wasn“t all it got wrong. The character of Dante seemed changed in personality as well, which is still something fans have wrangled with (see DmC). Basically, it seemed that all the changes to the game were ones which brought it down a peg from the bar Devil May Cry had set. It“s true that games must be updated at some point to stay innovative but this seems more an example of how not to handle sequels. Duke Nukem Forever When modern gamers reflect on games that truly defined the worst of this generation, it is Duke Nukem Forever that tends to come to mind. Initially, this 3D Realms-developed title looked like it would be something monumental. As the years wore on, and as the game got tossed around, it seemed that the game would never make it out of development hell. After fifteen years, Duke Nukem Forever finally launched, but it would have been better if it never did. Gamers immediately found themselves disgusted by the game. Not only did it play like a relic from years ago, but it had the mindset of a goofy teenager. While the “humor” and narrative might have passed for good in the '90s, it did not fly in 2011. Waiting years for a game that just turned out to be bad made gamers rightly unhappy, and now it stands as a warning to any games with incredibly long development cycles. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial The infamous Atari 2600 E.T. game never had the chance to be good. In anticipation of the Christmas season, programmer Howard Warsaw was given only five weeks to create a game based off the smash hit film. He did what he could, but there wasn“t nearly enough time to create something good with the license. What was sold to customers was a sore excuse for a game that“s biggest resemblance to the film is an E.T. shaped sprite. As it turned out, consumers were not ready to accept such tripe disguised as a game. Instead, people returned the game in droves, as well as the subpar port of arcade classic Pac-Man. Of course, that doesn't mean other bad games weren“t coming out for Atari, but these were the biggest names that flopped. It“s one thing to say a game sucks, but a whole other thing to be pinpointed as a reason why the entire video game industry crashed in 1983. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty There“s one untruth that still lingers about Metal Gear Solid 2. It isn“t that bad of a game. However, it received completely warranted hate when it launched due to how Hideo Kojima knowingly duped the gaming audience prior to its launch. It“s something only Kojima could conceive and seems impossible to pull off in this day and age. Basically, everyone involved in Metal Gear Solid 2 made sure to keep the game“s true protagonist a secret. Gameplay footage showed Snake just as everyone expected. Once the game was out, though, people began to play and realized that the large majority of it focused around playing as Raiden. Described as a “bishonen” by Kojima himself, Raiden being the star instead of Snake made fans rabid for being totally deceived. With all that said, there are dozens of other games that received strong negative reactions from gamers. Some games that are much loved now were the subject of much hate, such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Resident Evil 4, Superman: The New Adventures, and more. On the other hand, some games that went mostly unknown in the past have gained a large following over their awfulness, such as the Nintendo properties on CDi. There will always be bad games coming out but hopefully players will be able to spot them from a mile away.