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Found 6 results

  1. A few game announcements (and one that is rumored), some interesting industry tidbits, and the King of Pop round up today's headlines. Check 'em out below! Yes, Michael Jackson DID work on Sonic the Hedgehog 3's soundtrack Sega-philes have known for a while about the rumor that Michael Jackson had contributed in some form to the soundtrack, but recently we've received possibly the closest confirmation we may ever get to an official acknowledgement from Huffington Post's Todd van Luling in a new article that sheds light on the long-speculated matter. Of course, SEGA won't spill the beans, and some of that could be for legal reasons, but in an interview with the game's composers, they all confirm that Jackson did have a hand in composing some, if not all, of the game's tracks. Reportedly, one of them even signed on to the job because he was told he would be working with Jackson. In the end, two things seem to have contributed to Jackson's name being pulled from the credits. One was the 1994 scandal in which he was accused of molesting a boy (in which case SEGA would want to distance themselves from the accusations). The other is that Jackson apparently was disappointed with the way the final soundtrack sounded, with the Genesis not being powerful enough to simulate the music and instead being reduced to "bleeps and bloops." Regardless, it's a fascinating read. If you want to read more, check out the source link below. Original Source: Huffington Post (now seen on GeekWrapped) Mighty No. 9 is delayed for a third time No, unfortunately this isn't a joke. Mighty No. 9 has officially been delayed yet again, as mentioned in a note to backers of the Kickstarter today. The game's creator Keiji Inafune mentions that the delay is due to issues with the multiplayer mode -- something that was added as a stretch goal when the Kickstarter campaign was going on. Inafune has expressed his apologies over the delay, mentioning that there's 'no excuse' for disappointing fans and backers once more. Unfortunately, there is no new release date, though Inafune says he expects it to be in Spring 2016. Source: Engadget Rumor: Paper Mario Wii U will be announced this year Could it be? Even after making his appearance in the recently released Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Paper Mario might be getting his own standalone Wii U release courtesy of Intelligent Systems. We totally called this last year, by the way. According to industry pundit Emily Rogers (who has leaked game announcements successfully before), both have confirmed with five separate industry sources close to the matter that a Paper Mario game for Wii U is indeed in the works and will be announced at some point this year (probably E3). Whether or not the game is an RPG like the first two games in the series is unknown at this point, but hey, one can always hope. The latter two games have strayed a bit from the original formula, with 2007's Super Paper Mario opting to be a bit more of a platformer, and 2012's Paper Mario: Sticker Star was more of... well, its own thing, I guess (we reviewed that one here). Nintendo has not confirmed this leak, so it remains a rumor for now, but the info does line up with reports from last Summer about how Intelligent Systems put out a job listing with Paper Mario on Wii U being listed, so make of that what you will. If true, this will be the first Paper Mario on a console in 9 years. Source: Emily Rogers (via Twitter) SEGA 3D Classics Collection is coming to 3DS Last Thursday, SEGA gave us a little taste of something they're bringing to 3DS soon -- SEGA 3D Classics Collection! While SEGA has bundled their classic games in collections previously, this collection specifically houses their classic titles that have been ported by M2 to 3DS with 3D functionality added (and sometimes additional options). Here's a list of the games that will be available in the collection: Power Drift Puyo Puyo 2 Maze Walker Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa Fantasy Zone II W Sonic the Hedgehog Thunder Blade Galaxy Force 2 Altered Beast Since the collection is missing some of the more recent 3D classics that SEGA has recently put out (3D Gunstar Heroes, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2, etc.), it seems likely that there will be a Volume 2 at some point as well. SEGA 3D Classics Collection will be available for $29.99 on April 26. Source: SEGA Blog Shutsumi blasts its way to Wii U eShop next week Choice Provisions announced earlier today that Shutsumi will be making its way to Wii U eShop next week. The game originally released last year on Steam, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita, and features a muscle-bound fish defending the seven seas in a randomized shoot-em-up campaign. Also, isn't that promo image amazing? Source: Choice Provisions Ubisoft dev speaks on why he went indie Ever wonder what drives developers at AAA companies to go indie? You probably already know, but a Ubisoft dev recently wrote at length about his experience at the company and why he chose to go it on his own. He has some pretty interesting things to say about working on games such as Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, the Wii U version of Assassin's Creed 3, and even his own internal game pitches that eventually were shot down and cancelled. Check out the full post at the source link below. Source: gingearstudio.com Are you disappointed in Mighty No. 9's delay? And what are your thoughts on 3D SEGA Classics Collection as well as the new info about Michael Jackson composing Sonic the Hedgehog 3's soundtrack?
  2. It's no hyperbole to say that fans were more than a bit disappointed when Mighty No. 9 was delayed from its Fall release into 2016, but now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Deep Silver has announced the game's new release date as being February 9, 2016 in the Americas. It will then release everywhere else on February 12. Mighty No. 9 is releasing physically and digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and digitally on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Linux, Mac. Digital versions are also in the works for PS Vita and 3DS and will be announced at a later date. Source: Press Release What are your thoughts on Mighty No. 9's new release date?
  3. Thought this would make for an interesting topic - are there any developers out there that you don't trust? I should mention this is somewhat different from developers you don't like since I'm sure there are plenty of those. Not liking a developer is one thing, but not trusting them is a whole nother story, basically meaning that you don't believe in their ability to deliver on a game and such, let alone the quality of it. Recently, Comcept has been thrown into the spotlight on this subject because of the fact that Mighty No. 9 might slip to a 2016 release (or at least the physical version might) when it was due out in September. That, combined with the Red Ash Kickstarter going up even before Mighty No. 9 was released made it seem like they were jumping the gun quite a bit with funding and such. And now they revealed that they have a publisher backing the game and that the Kickstarter would just fund extra stuff. It's easy to see why a lot of people wouldn't trust Comcept going forward, but this actually also reminds me of the Gearbox debacle from a few years back when it was revealed that they didn't do due diligence on Aliens: Colonial Marines, where they instead outsourced almost all of it. They were also accused of using SEGA's Aliens money to fund Borderlands 2 at the time, which they deny. I could go on about other developers as well, but I'm curious - are there are any developers out there that you don't trust now, and why is that the case?
  4. Jonathan Higgins

    E3 2015 Hands-On: Mighty No. 9

    There have been so many Kickstarters created in the same spirit as Mighty No. 9 since comcept first revealed it to the world. There“s “Not Castlevania”, “Not Banjo-Kazooie”, “ ” and possibly more where those came from. But... what do you all look for most, when it comes to judging a game based on the thing it“s trying to closely emulate? Do you judge Beck and friends based on personalities and characterization, as well as plot? Do you judge presentation-related elements like visuals and sound? Or is gameplay all that matters in the end? When it comes to these various “Not” projects, I tend to examine physics and gameplay elements before anything else. I even made a point to play some of Mega Man Legacy Collection immediately before getting my hands on Mighty No. 9 at the Square-Enix booth. I“ll talk presentation first, though. These visuals are somewhat difficult for me to describe. It“s indeed an attempt at modern design, but I“m honestly not sure if I“m happy with how the character and enemy models themselves turned out. I am, however, satisfied with the various environments they populate. And at least the two mesh well together. I may not be able to pinpoint what I don“t like about the visuals, but the soundtrack is completely satisfying. I only really got the chance to immerse myself in an ice level, but I made a point to play every level in the demo so I could hear its music. The level I did play featured some fairly well-written dialogue that was filled with puns and the kind of humor you“d expect to find in a Mega Man game. Ultimately, the presentation side of things is consistent, even if I“m not necessarily a fan of certain aspects. Is Mighty No. 9 a successful attempt at recreating Mega Man“s gameplay? The answer is yes. If you“re looking for a specific comparison, I“d say to expect the gameplay of Mega Man: Powered Up, except you can burst forward infinitely versus a limited amount. Enemies go down easy, but not too easy. The bosses I faced required me to shoot them a lot first in order to weaken them, then charge into them to finish the job. Charging itself--that burst forward--has a combo system attached. Beck moves and jumps like he should. Ultimately, in terms of physics and how Beck himself “feels” — comcept did not miss the mark. At first, I thought the gameplay was too easy. But by the middle of the level, I was falling down a long-winded path of spikes on either side of me that was very difficult to navigate. I“m not sure if they“ve quite nailed down the concept of “Mega Man hard” with the level I attempted, but it“s certainly no slouch. All in all, I“d say Mighty No. 9 has been worth the wait. And it“s worth looking into if you never did wind up backing the project during its beginning phases. I may not consider it a phenomenal, groundbreaking, hype-generating experience, but... if you temper your expectations and peg Mighty No. 9 as simply a return to (Mega Man) form versus something that“s going to be masterful material, you won“t be disappointed. If you want to learn more, check out the official website.
  5. Today, Deep Silver announced a collector's edition version of Mighty No. 9 dubbed The Signature Edition that will come with the game and a 6.5-inch, individually numbered statue of the game's protagonist, Beck. However, instead of being a traditional statue, this figure actually has 14 different points of articulation and three interchangeable faceplates. And finally, the box itself will come with a foil signature of Keiji Inafune. Also on the way is free DLC that all launch versions of the game will receive. The first bit of DLC will allow players to play as a Retro Hero version of Beck, sort of like a Minecraft version, while the second bit of DLC will be a one-hit death mode for those looking for a challenge. If the Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition sounds like something you're into, get ready to fork over $59.99 on launch (the regular version of the game is slated to sell for $29.99). Both versions of the game will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U on September 15. Source: Siliconera What are your thoughts on the Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition?
  6. It's been a long time since October 2013 when Mighty No. 9 was successfully funded via Kickstarter. Fans have been patiently awaiting a release date, and now (not too far from the end of their promised April 2015 window), news has finally come--with a twist! The game will release on September 15th, 2015 in North America. And it's coming to Europe and the rest of the world on September 18th. Indeed, this is quite far away from the original release month, but there's a reason for that. Comcept has teamed up with Deep Silver (Saints Row, Dead Island and more) to bring Mighty No. 9 to other places, other platformers, and to offer additional content. More specifically: the game will now feature Japanese, French and other voice-overs, and will come to portable platforms sometime later. Also: there's going to be a physical release (different from the Kickstarter-exclusive one that many backed) on all next-gen consoles, and a downloadable character and level--free for backers. Here's a handy little info graphic to go into more detail. Skeptical? Comcept has prepared an FAQ that will hopefully answer your questions. All in all, it seems like this news and partnership (while it comes with a delay) should help make Mighty No. 9 better than it was before, and help it to reach more hands. ​Source: Mighty No. 9 Official Site How do you feel about this news? Are you a backer of the project? If not, are you planning on picking up Mighty No. 9 when it releases this fall? Be sure to let us know!