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Found 11 results

  1. Jason Clement

    Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2

    Developer: WayForward Publisher: WayForward Platform: 3DS (eShop) Release Date: June 13, 2013 ESRB: E10+ A download code was provided by the publisher for this review Mighty Switch Force! 2 has the innate honor of being WayForward's second original IP to get a sequel, only behind the purple-haired genie Shantae herself. As such, it's easy to assume the first Mighty Switch Force! was a pretty big success, or at least large enough for WayForward to consider building it into its own series. Not only was it one of the best games to release on the eShop in its time, but it also had one of the best soundtracks as well (thanks to composer Jake Kaufman). Can this sequel leave up to the original's legacy, though, or is it up in flames? Once again, protagonist Patricia Wagon is on the call to save the day, but this time she's suiting up to fight some fires and rescue some people rather than chase down escaping criminals. Ironically enough, the same girls she had pursued in the last game, the Hooligan Sisters, are now reformed and the table is turned as you attempt to rescue them from a blazing inferno around them. And instead of your trusty energy gun, you'll be using a special fire hose to douse flames and break apart mud blocks with. Initially, I was a bit worried that this slight change in mechanics would result in only a marginal difference from the first game, but as I kept playing, it was apparent that there's a bit more than meets the eye. While it's true that the box/barrier switching mechanic is still very much the same here (and there are some reused ideas), the fires and flames themselves introduce an interesting new mechanic into the mix. There are fires that you can permanently put out, and then ones that are actually stoves which will only put out temporarily before reigniting; some of the newer puzzles use these as an impetus for faster problem solving and thinking on your feet (especially if you're standing on them) while you try to figure out the switch mechanics for a puzzle. You'll also use Patricia's hose to spray a path through pre-defined switch puzzle openings that you need to arrange in a proper order so that the water reaches through to break apart mud blocks and the like. It's a fascinating new way to create puzzles and obstacles at the same time. Speaking of which, the focus in this game is still on speed-running, to a degree. It's still optional, as you can play through without it, but a lot of the replay value comes from trying to best the "par" time, and for the most part, it's quite a challenge. Also new to this game is the addition of Ugly Secret Babies, which players will remember this joke started in the first game with the Ugly Checkpoint Dog, who still continues his job here. The USB (as he's called for short) is an easter egg of sorts that becomes increasingly harder to find and get to in later levels; it's another challenge that WayForward has tossed into the game should speedrunning prove to be too much of a breeze for you, and it's a welcome addition as it really does introduce some really tough puzzle solving later on. If there's one thing that I have to dock against MSF2, it's that it reuses a lot of the enemies from the first game. There are a few new enemies here and there, but for the most part, it's the ones you've seen before or slight variants on them. Otherwise, the game still looks and sounds fantastic. Composer Jake Kaufman's sizzling soundtrack in this game is arguably better than even the first game's, which is a huge achievement in itself. Most are retro-inspired tunes intermixed with some dubstep and electronica, and almost all are incredibly catchy and pretty great; I'd be remiss if I didn't mention you can download it on Kaufman's bandcamp page. Even with new mechanics, it can often be tough for a sequel to one-up its predecessor, but WayForward has seemingly done it here. Almost everything in the original game has been made even better here, even if the switching mechanic isn't as fresh as it was in the original. Mighty Switch Force! 2's biggest downfall is that it's still a relatively short game, but if you can stomach that, you'll find a lot to like in this charming little sequel. Pros + New hose mechanic changes up puzzles in a meaningful way + Controls are tight; visuals have a great aesthetic + Soundtrack is fantastic; one of the best of the year Cons - Still a short game - Some assets were reused from the first game, like certain enemies Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a great example of a sequel done right. It's still short, but manages to introduce a great new mechanic that changes things up in a challenging new way. Plus, the soundtrack is bangin'.
  2. E3 may still be going on but that doesn't mean the eShop is taking a break! One of the biggest releases this week is that of retro-inspired 12-bit platformer Mutant Mudds Deluxe (from Renegade Kid) on the Wii U eShop. On the 3DS eShop, there's a slew of new content including WayForward's Mighty Switch Force 2, a new Picross title called PICROSS-e (from the developers of The World Ends With You, no less). Nintendo and SEGA are also making good on their promise to bring more Game Gear titles to the eShop by releasing Sonic the Hedgehog, Columns, Dr. Robitnik's Mean Bean Machine, and Shining Force: Sword of Hajya. Check out the full list of games below: Wii U eShop Mutant Mudds Deluxe - $9.99 3DS eShop Mighty Switch Force 2 - $5.99 PICROSS-e - $5.99 Big Bass Arcade: No Limit - $6.99 Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear VC) - $4.99 Columns (Game Gear VC) - $3.99 Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Game Gear VC) $2.99 Shining Force: Sword of Hajya (Game Gear VC) $3.99 DSiware No new announcements
  3. Wayforward announced just over a month ago that development had come to a close on Mighty Switch Force 2, and now they finally have a release date confirmed for the much anticipated sequel - and it's closer than you think. You'll be switching things up once again next week as the game releases on June 13th in North America and then on June 27th for Europe. Mighty Switch Force 2 will have protagonist Patricia Wagon trading in her police badge for a fire hose as she attempts to save the newly-reformed Hooligan Sisters from a blazing inferno in each level, and the addition of fire should make for an interesting new take on the switching puzzles this time around. And of course, the game is also slated to have new weapons, enemies, music, unlocks, and more. Check out the latest trailer for Mighty Switch Force 2 below.
  4. Jason Clement

    Development On Mighty Switch Force 2 Finishes

    WayForward announced earlier today that Mighty Switch Force 2, the upcoming sequel to their 2011 3DS eShop hit, has finished the bulk of development and would be proceeding with QA from this point forward. This news seems to reaffirm WayForward's release schedule for the game, which is slated to release on the 3DS eShop sometime this Spring. Of course, it's up to Nintendo to set the final release date for the game, in which case it could incidentally fall into a Summer release if things get postponed on that end. As detailed earlier, Mighty Switch Force 2 features the return of protagonist Patricia Wagon as she fights fires this time around. Source: WayForward Are you excited for the release of Mighty Switch Force 2?
  5. Just a few short weeks ago, WayForward's Austin Ivansmith spilled the beans that they were working on Mighty Switch Force 2, and now WayForward is pulling back the curtain and dishing out the details on the upcoming 3DS title. As stated before, protagonist Patricia Wagon will be returning, but it seems she's taking a break from police work and fighting fires this time around. And in another twist, you'll be rescuing the reformed Hooligan Sisters this time around instead of arresting them, as well as USBs (Ugly Secret Babies; a nod to Mighty Switch Force's UTD, or Ugly Twitching Dog). WayForward is promising new puzzles, weapons, enemies, unlocks, and more. Jake "Virt" Kaufman is returning once again as well to compose new music for the game's soundtrack. Though no specific release date has been mentioned yet (since they're decided by Nintendo), you can expect to see Mighty Switch Force 2 on the 3DS eShop sometime this Spring. You can check out screenshots of the game in the gallery below. Source: WayForward Are you looking forward to Mighty Switch Force 2?
  6. Jason Clement

    MSF2 4

    From the album: Mighty Switch Force 2

  7. Jason Clement

    MSF2 3

    From the album: Mighty Switch Force 2

  8. Jason Clement

    MSF2 2

    From the album: Mighty Switch Force 2

  9. Jason Clement

    MSF2 1

    From the album: Mighty Switch Force 2

  10. Jason Clement

    MSF2 5

    From the album: Mighty Switch Force 2

  11. Jason Clement

    WayForward Working On Mighty Switch Force 2

    Developer WayForward announced to Destructoid that Mighty Switch Force, which originally debuted on the 3DS eShop and then was later remade in HD for the Wii U eShop, is getting a sequel soon. Main protagonist Officer Patricia Wagon is confirmed to be returning but will be taking a break from her police work, according to Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes. Jake Kaufman is also returning to compose the soundtrack, which is great news since the first game's soundtrack was easily one of the best and most critically lauded game soundtracks of 2011. This news comes after the announcement last year that WayForward is developing another game in the Shantae game called Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, also slated for release on the 3DS eShop. In the meantime, WayForward hopes to have Mighty Switch Force 2 out in Q1 or Q2 this year. Source: Destructoid Are you excited to hear that WayForward is developing Mighty Switch Force 2?