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Found 14 results

  1. So yesterday we got confirmation that Microsoft is buying Mojang. In some respects, the whole situation really surprised me when we first heard rumors about it last week, especially since Mojang always seemed like they valued the independence from larger corporations that Minecraft was able to give them. What didn't surprise me was Notch's intention to leave. If you've ever followed the type of person Notch is on Twitter, he's really not a business type at all and I couldn't see him working under Microsoft's thumb simply because he likely would not have been allowed to do whatever he wants. Which is fine; I wish the best to the guy in what he wants to do. It appears that the core Minecraft team will be in place and stay after the acquisition is complete, though with most of the senior founders (if not all) departing, it makes me wonder what Microsoft is buying (besides the IP) without them. Is Mojang still Mojang without Notch and the other founders? As long as they have Minecraft, maybe it doesn't matter. I will say the one thing that does make more sense to me now is Notch wanting a larger company to take control of Minecraft in order for it to be taken care of at the rate it's expanding. I can only imagine how much of a pressure that started to be on Mojang itself. What are your guys' thoughts on the whole situation? Are you worried about Mojang's future? Surprised at the whole acquisition?
  2. Mojang announced on Thursday that Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita versions of their uberly popular video game Minecraft will be coming this August. They also provided details on pricing, features and compatibility. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 Editions of Minecraft will be available for $19.99 but you can upgrade from the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions for $4.99. To do so on Xbox One you will need to have either bought the game through the Xbox Live Marketplace or signed in online using the disc-based version. At this time only PS3 owners who bought the game via the Playstation Network will be able to take advantage of the upgrade option. Mojang is working with Sony on a way for blu-ray owners to upgrade but there is not a solution yet. Xbox One and PS4 owners will be available to take advantage of this option for one year after release. Players will be able to import their Xbox 360 saves to Xbox One and PS3/Vita saves to PS4. However, they will not be able to transfer them in the opposite direction. Cross-platform play will not be possible. Most previously purchased DLC will be available for use in the upgraded versions. The Playstation Vita Edition will be a bit different. It will feature cross-buy and cross-save. This means that the Vita version will be free for owners of the PS3 version and PS3/Vita saves will be transferable. Again, Mojang is working with Sony on a way for blu-ray owners to unlock the Vita copy of the game. If you do not yet own Minecraft on PS3, it will cost you $19.99. All previously purchased DLC will be available for use on PS Vita. Well there you have it! We will bring you more on the upcoming versions of Minecraft as the release date approaches. Source: Mojang Which new version of Minecraft are you most interested in?
  3. Chances are, you have heard of Minecraft. You might not have played it yourself, but it“s incredibly hard to escape its presence in the gaming world. It“s a giant on the indie scene which began as a simple, creative blocky title and matured into a still-blocky game with millions of devoted fans. Now, it“s hard-pressed to find a system that won“t offer Minecraft for play. Even the PS4 and Xbox One will have versions of the title. But how did all of this even happen? That“s what is detailed in the upcoming book titled Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus “Notch” Persson and the Game that Changed Everything. If you read the extremely long subtitle then it immediately becomes apparent what this book is about. It“s not just about Minecraft“s climb to fame - although that is there - but about programmer/designer Markus Persson (Notch) and his own life story. As it turns out, the life of much-beloved Notch is far humbler than might be expected. Although it“s not a complete biography, there is far more about his childhood and family shared than was expected. Reading through it, many Minecraft fans would probably be surprised to see what Notch had to overcome in his life and why it“s so exciting to see him succeed now. Of course, there“s also a ton about the roots of Minecraft, such as Notch“s fascination with Infiminer. Journalists Linus Larsson and Daniel Goldberg co-wrote the book and it showcases a great deal of dedication to their subject matter. Almost all aspects of the Minecraft craze are covered, from the school-centric spin off MinecraftEdu to the first MineCon event. It even delves into Mojang“s company history as well and remarks on events such as the Scrolls vs The Elder Scrolls hooplah. There are a few times that it does seem the book veers off into rambling territory, though. For example, the one time Notch posted a Twitter message about wanting to fund Psychonauts 2. You might recall this never went anywhere simply because the game would end up costing a great deal to serve too small an audience. This is a very small footnote in Notch“s history and seems silly to include. The same holds true for a few other tidbits, but they are still interesting all the same. The book previously was a bestseller in Sweden and, if Minecraft fans catch wind of its English-language publication, then it will likely make waves in the West as well. Hopefully there will be enough time before then to make a few factual changes. For example, the book ends on a note about the game 0x10c, which has since been canceled. Aside from that, it is looking like this book about Minecraft is prepared to give readers new insight into Mojang and Notch himself. It is currently slated for a November 5th launch, with the first 300 copies purchased to be signed.
  4. Marcus Estrada


    From the album: Marcus's Album

  5. Marcus Estrada

    Minecon Coming to Florida This November

    There are innumerable Minecraft fans around the planet and there are only more each day. The blocky, enduring indie game has been outrageously successful since alpha until launch. With such a massive fanbase comes the apparent need for a convention. In fact, we're almost to the third annual Minecon. Year one took it to Las Vegas, Nevada while last year's went to Paris, France. The third year brings us back to the states with Orlando, Florida. The convention will run on November 2nd and 3rd. Tickets are likely to sell out fast so if you're interested keep an eye on July, as that's when Minecon tickets are going to be made available. Do you still play Minecraft?
  6. Marcus Estrada

    Scrolls Open Beta Starts This June

    Indie developer Mojang got far more than they bargained for when Minecraft was released. The game, which has gone on to become wildly popular, helped propel them into a position where now most gamers are aware of them. Because of this, many have their eyes on Scrolls. Scrolls is a card-based strategy game. Their trading card game project is certainly far different from Minecraft, but just may capture Magic the Gathering players. There is local and online play in Scrolls as well as a handy interface for trading cards with others. Mojang announced that the open beta begins on June 3rd. Pricing was also announced which pegs the game at $20. This may not be as cheap as Minecraft initially sold for, but Scrolls appears to be much further along in production.
  7. Marcus Estrada

    Scrolls Beta Opens Next Month

    Mojang is best known for their hyper-successful Minecraft but that doesn't mean that's all they're ever going to work on. For a while they have been focusing on a new card game titled Scrolls. It is finally nearing the time that players will be able to get their hands on the game. However, that doesn't mean the finished product is ready. Mojang Co-Founder Jakob Porser spoke to Polygon about the game: "We are aiming for release at the end of April and it's looking pretty good. We've been wanting to release it for awhile because we want to have the same sort of development as Minecraft. We'll release it early at a discount. With the help from our community, we'll take the game to the next level and see what we want to do and what they expect out of the game and you can work around that." Those who played Minecraft before launch are probably set to jump in on Scrolls as well. Players who never experienced Mojang's long alpha and beta periods may be confused by this, but it is certainly an interesting tactic to take. Each major update will increase the price until the game is at full price. For reference, Minecraft costs $27 for PC but had cost much less at its early stages. Here's a gameplay trailer for Scrolls:
  8. There are millions of people out there who play Minecraft. The game has become more than anyone ever imagined with the creation of mods and a multitude of servers catering to every type of fan. As fun as that is for many of us, it could actually be a big headache for parents with children who enjoy the game. Mojang CEO Carl Manneh spoke about a new service which they are working on to address this large group. Something titled Minecraft Realms is currently being tested and may be the next move for Mojang. This so called Realms project is a subscription service targeted at parents. Parents have had children already playing Minecraft since the alpha so what's so special about this? The service is described as follows: "Our costumers [for Realms] are parents who are tired of trying to act as server administrators on behalf of their kids. Minecraft Realms will be a simpler kind of service, aimed at families and kids. In the future we aim to offer certain profiles with mods that are certified to work without crashing, but this will still be a safe and easy way for kids and families to play Minecraft online." The biggest goal is safety of the child when they play online, although it also seems to attempt to take some technical difficulty of setup out of the equation too. If Minecraft Realms does come to fruition it is expected to cost somewhere between $10 to $15 a month. Mojang's current target date for Realms is May.
  9. Marcus Estrada

    Minecraft Could Appear on PlayStation System

    Mojang's Minecraft is an incredible indie success. Since it started out in alpha on PC, it has made its way to Android, iOS, and Xbox Live. Although the game doesn't require high powered gaming PCs to run, there are still many who have yet to give the game a chance. Many of those people are Nintendo and Sony console owners. However, word is now out that Minecraft may be coming to at least one of these companies' platforms. Jens Bergensten, lead designer on Minecraft Pocket Edition, spoke with iGamer (an app-centric digital magazine). Here's what he had to say about bringing the game to yet another console: “Microsoft has an exclusivity deal for consoles. When it runs out we“ll consider Minecraft for PlayStation, but Wii U is very unlikely.” So there's a chance PS3 or Vita players will get a shot at Minecraft. Of course, this is just a possibility and not confirmation yet. Unfortunately, Wii U players will have to get their fix elsewhere. At this point though, most who wanted to play the game probably already have.
  10. Marcus Estrada

    Mojam 2 is Completed; Games Now Available

    Last week we let you know of the Humble Bundle Mojam 2 which had just gone live. This partnership with Humble Bundle made it so that those participating in the second annual Mojam game jam would have their games available as part of the bundle once the event concluded. With the event done, we can now look at (or purchase) the collective works of these indie developers. Here are the games each participating developer made over the 78 hour game jam period: Grapefrukt: Tektonic Ludosity: Space Hulk Mojang: Endless Nuclear Kittens, Nuclear Pizza War, Nuke the Dinosaurs Oxeye: 3918 Protoype Blueprint Wolfire: Low-light Vlambeer: Wasteland Kings Even though the event is over, you can still drop in some funds. All money is going to charity and now you actually have an idea about what games come with the bundle. Unlike other recent Humble Bundles, you can choose to pay any amount at all for this set. That means you could even pay under a buck, since there are no Steam keys to pick up. Regardless, you have until March 2nd to decide if you want these game jam titles added to your collection.
  11. Marcus Estrada

    The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 is Underway

    It might not seem like that long ago, but almost exactly a year ago Humble Bundle debuted the original Mojam bundle. What on earth is a Mojam bundle? Well, while the terminology might not be incredibly familiar, the team behind it should be: Mojang. Minecraft's developer (as well as other indie groups) are participating in a game jam. How does that correlate to a bundle? As the games are created, they will be added to The Humble Bundle Mojam 2. So as long as you put in some funds during the Mojam event, you are going to get a handful of strange, new titles created in the timeframe. Basically, don't donate if you're expecting to get a highly polished game out of it. If you do throw some funds in, perhaps try to do better than the average, as you'll then be entered into drawings. All the participating indie developers are as follows: Grapefruckt, Ludosity, Mojang, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer, Wolfire. They have 78 hours to make their games and, as with last year, will be streaming as they develop them. All the Twitch streams can be accessed straight through Humble Bundle's home page.
  12. Although Markus "Notch" Persson of Mojang hasn't made his dislike of the upcoming Windows 8 a secret, today he was found saying something interesting things about it via his Twitter account. Minecraft is no doubt one of the biggest indie successes out there, and despite the continual growth the game could see by being certified by Windows 8, Notch won't be a part of it. This doesn't mean that Windows 8 users won't be able to play it though. Here's the tweets Notch sent out about it: "Got an email from microsoft, wanting to help "certify" minecraft for win 8. I told them to stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform. I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way.." While it's certainly a fair stance right now, most people aren't planning their purchase of next Operating System based off Minecraft. It's not as if not being certified would mean the game can't run, either. Said process helps to make sure programs work well with newer OSes, but many still run just fine even though they were never certified. If Notch really desired to keep people from using the OS he would do better to find some way to lock 8 users out. But he won't go that far, at least it doesn't seem to be the case yet. Does Notch taking a small stand against Windows 8 matter? Will it stop some gamers from getting it or are there already other reasons not to upgrade?
  13. Marshall Henderson

    MineCon 2012 To Be Held in Disneyland Paris

    Markus "Notch" Persson and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten have big news, everyone. Mojang is letting the details out on Minecon 2012, the Minecraft convention. This year, though, things are going to be getting a little bit European. Last year, Las Vegas hosted MineCon and its 5,000 visitors, adding a bit of sin to the usual celebrations of love and worship for the indie superstar game. Notch and pals appear to have decided to backtrack through the National Lampoon's Vacation films, however, going from Wayne Newton shenanigans in Vegas to the accidental abuse and traffic circles of Europe. Notch and Jeb recorded a short announcement trailer, showing off their sweet office digs and Notch's poor motor skills. More importantly, though, it shows the Mojang crew dropping hints as to where exactly in Europe the next MineCon will be. That place, of course, is Disneyland Paris, and those hints, of course, were in the form of adorably-stylized Minnie Mouse paraphernalia. The announcement can be seen below, but if you read anything above, I just spoiled it for you. Sorry. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but Mojang says that they will be going on sale in the next few weeks, along with hotel reservations.
  14. Jordan Haygood


    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

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