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  1. Jonathan Higgins

    E3 2016 Hands-on: Wild Guns Reloaded

    The peak of the 16-bit era in gaming wrought many an arcade-style shooter on consoles. None of these examples are really 16-bit, but plenty of people remember Time Crisis and how it had a pedal on its arcade machines to actually reload ammunition and duck & cover when you stepped off it. And there was stuff like House of the Dead and the old Jurassic Park games from SEGA that integrated fancy mechanics and controllers into your otherwise conventional, quarter-eating arcade experience. But at home, where recreating these arcade machines was an impossible endeavor, there were experiences that emulate the “right in your face” philosophy of games like the ones I just rattled off, without the need for all the extra bells and whistles. I think the one with a cowboy western theme that most people love is Sunset Riders. After all, the SNES version fetches a pretty penny in the retro-gaming market. But my go-to "western shooter" was actually Wild Guns. The retro-gaming crowd I follow on Twitter reacted with the same level of surprise that I did, when Natsume suddenly announced that Wild Guns Reloaded was a thing. How many more hidden gems from childhood will be brought back into the limelight? Can I get an Arrow Flash sequel, please? Anyway, I was expecting to see a graphical departure from the 16bit original in favor of flashy 3D polygons and what have you -- but the single biggest takeaway from my time with the game is that... it“s faithful to the one that came before it in every way imaginable. To elaborate on what I meant by “in your face” before and describe the basic premise of games like Wild Guns Reloaded: Your character (who has multiple color options and can be male or female) is fixed on the front of the screen, and you can run (and jump) in only two directions. Enemies appear all around you, and you aim and shoot at them accordingly. Left stick moves you, right stick moves your crosshair. There are charge shots and cool stuff you can do to mix up otherwise basic gunplay, but it“s more about the things you destroy than how you destroy them. There may be a buildup that leads to a particularly satisfying battle scene unfolding, but you“ll only realize that if you“re good enough to get there! Just take a look at those screens above. These aren“t from a game made twenty years ago -- they“re from a game that properly honors twenty years ago! Natsume actually details how Wild Guns Reloaded features redrawn pixel art in modern resolutions, in an effort to stay completely faithful to the original, here. Couch co-op with up to three other players will yield hours of fun in the form of multiple explosions and gunmetal action. It plays and feels exactly like any game made in that era should. And goodness gracious, did it chew me up and spit me out. It takes lessons in difficulty from the school of Contra, to be sure -- but that's how the first one was. Before all of us playing faced our inevitable doom, we fought off cowboys, crooks, and giant robots. If you're looking for a game to remind you of arcade shooters and days gone by, Wild Guns Reloaded seems like an ideal experience to consider. The game will be available this fall, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. We“ll offer more information as it comes.
  2. Last year, we were met with a Harvest Moon game that wasn“t actually part of the long-lived Bokujou Monogatari farming series. You see, XSEED is now publishing the Bokujou Monogatari games in North America. But because Natsume owns the rights to the Harvest Moon name, XSEED couldn“t title the recent Story of Seasons as such. Natsume decided to take advantage of the fact that they still had the Harvest Moon name, and so they delivered their own brand new creation called Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for 3DS. This Minecraft-esque farming simulator paled in comparison to the Bokujou Monogatari series and was extremely repetitive and empty. It seems Natsume hasn“t given up hope, however. They“ve listened to fans“ criticism of The Lost Valley and are aiming to make a (hopefully) better game with Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Very eager to see how different this upcoming title from Natsume would be, I had the lucky opportunity to try Seeds of Memories out at E3. Natsume boasts that Seeds of Memories is “inspired by the old-school gameplay of the very first games.†If you couldn“t guess from that, yes, Seeds of Memories has a top-down 2D view like the older Harvest Moon games versus The Lost Valley“s completely 3D one. The graphics alone already show a definite improvement over those of The Lost Valley. While it“s not a complete throwback to the days of old with pixels and such, it“s still a nice 2D cartoony art style that suits the game. Unfortunately, Natsume“s demo for Seeds of Memories at E3 didn“t really go into gameplay such as taking care of crops or animals. All it had you do was go around the town and talk to villagers. “Wait, Leah. Did you say ”town“?†I most certainly did! If you played The Lost Valley, one of the first things you probably noticed was the lack of a town, which was one of the biggest factors in making the game feel terribly empty. Thankfully, Natsume realized how important such a thing was in these types of games and implemented one in Seeds of Memories. Seeds of Memories“ plot is pretty basic as far as Harvest Moon games go. Basically, you must “unlock the titular Seeds of Memories†by performing tasks such as giving a villager their favorite item or catching a giant fish. In a way, this premise sounds very much like collecting musical notes in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for the GameCube. If you liked that particular Harvest Moon title, then Seeds of Memories might be right up your alley. Natsume hopes to release Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories sometime this winter for Wii U, Steam, iOS, and Android. While the demo that Natsume presented at E3 didn“t really show much to judge it properly, I am really hoping that Seeds of Memories is a lot better than The Lost Valley.
  3. Jason Clement

    Natsume Announces E3 2015 Lineup

    We're less than two weeks away from the biggest video game convention in the industry and now we're beginning to see publishers make most of their E3 games known (well, those that aren't holding big press conferences like Sony, Nintendo, EA, etc.). Natsume is one such company that's revealing its cards, and this year, they will have at least four titles on the docket. First up is Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, which was initially revealed a few days ago and will hearken back to earlier games in the series. It's also the first Harvest Moon title to be coming to mobile devices (both iOS and Android) in addition to coming to Wii U and 3DS. Ninja Strike is the second game in the lineup, and it's a side-scrolling action platformer where you'll be able to choose from 5 different ninjas to play as. This one is coming to Wii U as well, presumably through the eShop. Gotcha Racing is the third title, and it's a top-down racing game where you'll be able to customize your car (also known as a Capsule Machine). There will be 12 different tracks, 6 different grades, grand prix races, and lots of Capsule Machines to unlock. This one is coming to 3DS in July. Brave Tank Hero is the last big game on this list, and it's a 3D action tank game featuring three playable tanks, 50 levels, upgrades, and tactical strategy to boot. It's coming to both 3DS and Wii U in August. Additionally, Natsume has confirmed that they'll be talking about upcoming Wii U GBA Virtual Console games, including Medabots, Pocky & Rocky With Becky, and others. If there's one thing that's surprising about this list, it's that there are no Vita releases this time around. Is Natsume pulling away from Sony for now? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on Natsume's E3 lineup?
  4. In keeping with Natsume's usual plans of announcing most of their games before E3 starts, the company announced a new game in the Harvest Moon series today, this time called Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Said to be inspired by the old-school gameplay of classic Harvest Moon games, this installment will feature the usual scenario where you'll need to revitalize a farm and raise crops and animals. And by befriending people in the village and doing other tasks, you'll unlock the titular Seeds of Memories, though what exactly these are, Natsume isn't saying just yet. Also new to the series is the introduction of a bobcat, which will be wild at first, but if you manage to befriend it, you'll be able to take it on as a pet. And of course, horses, sheep, cows, and chickens are all included as barnyard animals once again. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will be coming to Wii U, PC, iOS, and Android this Winter. Expect more details to surface at E3 2015 in two weeks. Source: Press Release What are your thoughts on Seeds of Memories?
  5. Natsume announced today that the upcoming Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley has officially gone gold and is being prepped for a release in early November. Two versions of the game have been announced thus far; a standard edition and a collector's edition. The former will include a 5" dog plushie for anyone who pre-orders the game at GameStop (or EB Games in Canada) or Natsume's website, while the latter will be available exclusively from Natsume's website and will be bundled with a premium 12" rabbit plushie. For more thoughts and information on the game, be sure to check out Marcus' impressions from the E3 2014 demo as well as the trailer that released earlier in the Summer. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will release via retail and on the 3DS eShop for $29.99 on November 4. Source: Press Release Are you interested in playing this newest installment in the series?
  6. While it may be a tough idea for some fans to get used to—the thought of Minecraft-like gameplay being mixed in with traditional Harvest Moon gameplay—Natsume's first video trailer for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley might make it a little easier to comprehend. The video focuses extensively on showing how the player can build up the land to form raised areas of land (or even mountains, presumably) as well as digging up land to increase the size of rivers and valleys and such. Also shown are series staples such as fishing, planting and watering crops (as well as picking them when they're full-grown), chopping trees for wood, and even socializing with the game's many characters. There's still no specific release date yet, but Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is set for release on 3DS this Fall. If you're interested on further impressions of the game, check out Marcus's hands-on experience with the game while at E3. Source: Does the game's trailer make you more interested in the game?
  7. Harvest Moon has been through some really interesting events lately. First, there was the news that XSEED Games had gained publishing rights to a new Harvest Moon game. However, without the rights to the actual name “Harvest Moon,” they had to name it Story of Seasons instead. A week later, Natsume shocked fans with news that they also had a Harvest Moon project in the works - Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Natsume had a build of The Lost Valley available for play on the E3 show floor and it showed just a snippet of a very new brand of Harvest Moon. First off, the company stated how this was the “first 3D Harvest Moon” but what did that mean? It actually relates to a very interesting new feature of the series, wherein players can plant their crops at various heights by digging down or building up land. Controlling the height of land plots may change how plants grow. For example, pumpkin seeds may become normal pumpkins but become jack-o-lanterns when built above ground level. Interestingly, this intense attention to planting detail has created another big change for the series. Now, any land you can plant on—as well as many other locations—are comprised of cubes. It honestly looks a lot like Minecraft. Everything needs to be blocky to utilize land raising/lowering features effectively as each block can hold one planted crop. With that said, it is still kind of difficult to look at The Lost Valley and not feel like the game is a cousin of Harvest Moon rather than a new Harvest Moon. There are a host of quality of life improvements to the latest game as well. Players won“t need to collect their various goodies off the ground after farming activities. For example, if there are ten pieces of wood that can be collected, they will be immediately deposited to your items. Similarly, the player can carry up to 99 of every item in their backpack at a time. Finally, tools are all context sensitive. This means that you won“t have to equip a shovel, hoe, or axe to perform their respective activities. They“ll simply activate as you would expect when walking up to a task. Despite changes, there“s still a Harvest Moon game at the core of the experience. It still begins with your girl or boy character discovering a fairy and being assigned a task. However, you don“t simply reside in a farm next to a town (as most games begin). Now you“re in a more open environment which invites exploration. That“s about all we know about the game thus far but more information should be available in the following months. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is coming to 3DS this Fall.
  8. Earlier today, Natsume revealed that a new Harvest Moon game was on track for release later this year, and now they've revealed their lineup for the rest of E3 next week. Well... almost everything! Natsume announced on their Facebook page that they would be bringing at least two games for Sony platforms, three for iOS devices, and three new announcements for Nintendo platforms. Naturally, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley counts as one of the latter, but what's especially interesting is that the two remaining games are not classic eShop titles, and Natsume is teasing that at least one of the two may be a Wii U title. What could they be? With Natsume increasing its original IP to include the likes of the Gabrielle and Yumi's Odd Odyssey series, it's possible it might be one of those, or a classic IP revival (Lufia, perhaps?), or even something entirely new. For now, here are the games you can expect to hear about at E3- Sony games End of Serenity - a PSP JRPG similar to Mystic Chronicles New Reel Fishing title for PS Vita (obviously not the game's actual title) iOS games Gabrielle's Monstrous Duel Hometown Story: Pocket Ninja Strike Nintendo games Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley ?????? (Unrevealed Mystery Title 1) ?????? (Unrevealed Mystery Title 2) eShop classic titles Source: Facebook Are you looking forward to seeing the games Natsume has in store for E3?
  9. If you're a fan of the Harvest Moon series, no doubt you've kept in the loop over series creator Yasuhiro Wada's newest project, Hometown Story. The good news is the game just went gold and is now confirmed for a release later this month. Fans who pre-order the game from GameStop, Amazon, or Natsume's own online store will receive an exclusively colored version of the Ember the Dragon plushie, with Amazon being red (ruby), Gamestop's being green (emerald), and Natsume's being Sunny Yellow. In addition, a premium edition of the game featuring an 11" long Pochica, a sprite that helps you run your shop, will be available for pre-order on the Natsume online store soon. Unlike the Harvest Moon series, which focuses on restoring a farm, Hometown Story's plot revolves around restoring a shop that the player inherits from their recently deceased grandmother. The game will available on October 22 through retail and digitally on the 3DS eShop. Are you excited for HomeTown Story?
  10. gaiages

    Review: Mystic Chronicles

    Developer: Kemco Publisher: Natsume Platform: PSP ( PSN) Release Date: July 16, 2013 ESRB: E10+ A download code was provided by the publisher for this review Mystic Chronicles is an interesting little title. Originally released on the iOS under the title 'Fantasy Chronicles', this title was picked up by Natsume and completely re-translated before being ported to the PSP. While this was a game originally for mobile devices, the fact that Mystic Chronicles is a classic turn-based RPG made it easy to port to other platforms. With a major translation overhaul and a new audience to appeal to, will this RPG manage to impress in this relative onslaught of similar downloadable PSP games? In Mystic Chronicles, you follow the story of Lux, a young man who seems to have a lot of bad luck, with all of his hometowns getting destroyed and all. However, it's not all bad for the red-eyed youth, as a Guardian Spirit comes to his aide, and together with the companions he meets, goes forth on a quest that eventually entangles them with the fate of the world. This plot seems like the standard RPG fare, and it mostly is, but there are enough twists and nuances to keep you interested until the game's conclusion. Also, the characters you meet--old friends and new allies alike--are pretty likeable, and no one's lines really seem overly silly or out of place. As for gameplay itself, battling is a standard turn-based RPG affair... but two features of Mystic Chronicles set to make the title stand out amongst the crowd: Guardian Beasts and bonds. First, Guardian Beasts are best thought of as extra party members that you cannot directly control. They have HP and stats just like the normal party members, but also have powerful skills to help you in battle. These skills depend on the Beast in question. For example, Lucius tends to have physical attacks, while Grace is pretty much a straight up healer Beast. As they're attacked, they can become enraged, and as such will release their special skill, which could range from a super powerful physical attack to a fulling healing spell. Guardian Beasts are a neat little addition, but you do have to be wary of how their AI is set, or else you could be setting yourself up for a world of pain. As for bonds, whenever a party member is paired with a Guardian Beast or when two or more party members coordinate their attacks, they increase their bond level. When someone's bond level increases with someone else or with a Beast, they can do more damage with their attacks, or other neat effects. It seems to be a neat addition, but in reality bond levels between Beasts don't level up fast enough to make a difference, and bonds between party members require using pricey special moves, most of which you wouldn't want to use unless you're in a boss battle, if even then. Basically, bonds don't help as much as you would want them to. Despite not being a standout of the RPG genre, Mystic Chronicles can be fairly enjoyable to play through... as long as you don't mind the grind. This title is pretty grind-y, where the introduction of a new area typically results in you having to do every quest before you're well enough off in order to move on. These quests are rather dull MMO-style affairs, challenging you to beat X number of enemies, get X number of items, or kill a super hard monster. Doing these quests gets you rare items and is your main source of income, but just as importantly makes you go out and grind. Levels do come pretty easily in this title, but the pitiful stat growth for everyone makes it so that a single level rarely makes a difference. Because of that, you have to rely more on your equipment to survive difficult encounters. Thankfully, Mystic Chronicles has a great forging and tempering system to make sure you're prepared for the fights ahead. Out in dungeons you can gather resources (and a little later make some weird cat creatures help), and for the most part you can use these resources to temper your weapons and armor. Upgrading your equipment leading to branching paths you can take when making your equipment. You want your armor to give you defense against earth magic, or maybe heal you a little every turn? Well, you get to decide that. When you visit new areas and explore dungeons, you can also find Training Books that'll allow you to make even more equipment. Of course, you can buy the new equipment, but it's incredibly expensive and is far more cost-effective to temper the equipment yourself. Forging and tempering also costs money, though, and for that reason that you'll have to grind through the guild quests in order to really make progress in the game. If you're looking for a somewhat classic RPG experience on your PSP to enjoy, Mystic Chronicles isn't a bad bet. It's pretty enjoyable for the most part, even though the title really doesn't try anything new. The $14.99 price point might be a bit too high for the non-hardcore RPG crowd, but those who do take the dive will get a 20 hour or so adventure that will surely stay entertaining throughout. Pros: + Engaging story with good characters + Tempering and forging equipment is easy and rewarding + Enemy sprite work is amazingly well done Cons: - Nothing really stands out in terms of gameplay - The music is pretty boring (barring the normal battle theme) - The grinding may turn gamers away Overall Score: 7.0 (out of 10) Good Mystic Chronicles is a nice game for RPG fans looking for a solid albeit typical experience, but others may find the grinding too tedious to their liking.
  11. Hometown Story is the first game for Toybox Inc., a new video game company founded by Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada. It also has Nobuo Uematsu and Atsuko Nishida working on it. This mix between Harvest Moon and Recettear is looking to be promising with all this talent! Now Natsume is giving you another reason to get this upcoming 3DS game. A special pre-order plushie! There are two to choose from, in fact. If you pre-order from GameStop in-store or online, you'll receive the green Ember plushie. Please note that this is not the same as the E3-exclusive Ember plushie, which is blue. It has not yet been revealed how to get the red Ember plushie, however. Natsume promises to let us know how it will be attainable soon. Which Ember plushie would you get? Red or green?
  12. So, Natsume's having a sale on their online store. The cool thing about it, though, is that some of their out-of-print and hard to find releases (Rune Factory 3 anyone?) have been re-printed just for this sale. That's pretty cool of them, and they're not charging full price, either. Most of the titles sit at $19.99, though a few are more. Check it out here: http://www.natsume.com/store/index.html Also, at the moment Amazon isn't price matching (and likely can't with all the titles, because resellers), but if any of them do, hopefully someone will give a heads-up!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/notes/natsume-inc/contest-carnage-everywhere/564268806926969 Natsume's running a contest to win a copy of Carnage Hearts: EXA (PSP download; also playable on the Vita). What you have to do is in the link, but you need to think of a neat mech that you'd use in the game if it existed. Relatviely painless.
  14. Despite the PSP getting along in age, companies are seemingly pampering the system more. Between a handful of PSP games announced so far this year Natsume is bringing their own to the table. RPG Mystic Chronicles has been announced for a PSP launch later this year. Amazingly, this is not Natsume's only upcoming PSP game. Mystic Chronicles is second to Carnage Heart EXA which Nastume grabbed late last year. So, let's explain more about their latest announced title. The game actually already exists on the iOS marketplace but most gamers would probably rather play it on a Sony or Nintendo handheld. The game has turn based fights as are the standard for JRPGs. Alongside top down pixel graphics, Mystic Chronicles is definitely trying to appeal to fans of retro RPGs. Natsume currently has the release set for Summer 2013.
  15. Jason Clement

    Pucker up! Chulip Now Available on PSN

    It was only just a few weeks ago that we first heard about Chulip being rated by the ESRB, and just like that, it's already up on the North American Playstation Store! Originally released in 2007 on the PS2, Chulip puts players into a world where kissing is as common as a handshake. You play as a teenage boy in the village of Long Life Town as you attempt to gain reputation by kissing the town's inhabitants so that you can capture the heart of the girl of your dreams. Without spoiling anything, the game isn't just about kissing though; your journey will lead the hero on an unlikely adventure that's full of surprises. Chulip is available for purchase on the North American Playstation Store for $9.99.
  16. Chances are, you haven't heard of this niche PlayStation 2 title. Chulip is the quirky little game about a boy who's turned down by the girl of his dreams. To capture her heart, the boy must raise his reputation by impressing and then kissing the residents of Long Life Town. Yeah, that seems pretty weird. In any case, if you're intrigued by this adventure/simulation game now, then you're in luck. The ESRB has just rated Chulip with Sony Computer Entertainment America as the publisher, which means a PSN release as a PS2 Classic sometime soon. Hopefully that now means more attention for the originally GameStop-exclusive game. What are your thoughts on Chulip? Will you purchase it when it is available on the PlayStation Store?
  17. Developer: Marvelous AQL Publisher: Natsume Platform: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: October 19, 2012 ESRB: E for Everyone It“s been a whopping 15 years since Harvest Moon saw its first release. Since then, we“ve seen the series span over various consoles with over twenty different entries. There has even been a spin-off series created, Rune Factory, which consists of RPG-esque gameplay with Harvest Moon elements. A New Beginning marks Harvest Moon“s first true step onto the 3DS (as The Tale of Two Towns was only a port of a DS game). Not only does it offer the classic farming action that we“ve loved for so long, but presents new and exciting features such as in-depth customization. But is this “new beginning†a step in the right direction for Harvest Moon? Right away, you“ll notice one of the bigger new features that Marvelous has decided to implement into a Harvest Moon game – full customization of your playable character. Having a diverse wardrobe in previous games was fun (and there“s an even bigger one in A New Beginning versus the other games), but this is even better. You“ll get to choose from a wide variety of different hair styles and colors, eye styles and colors, and skin color. And don“t fret if you end up disliking your initial choice. You can change any of these features later whenever you unlock the appropriate villager! After creating your character, A New Beginning“s story commences. You“re heading to an old farm in Echo Town that you“ve inherited from your father. On your way there, you come across an old man that has passed out on the path. The man“s name is Dunhill, and he explains that he“s friends with your parents and that he“s been expecting you. He also tells you about Echo Town, which is pretty much desolate since everyone has left. After some (rather lengthy) chit-chat and tutorials, you and Dunhill devise a plan to restore the tiny, barren little village so that it becomes a bustling town again. This strategy to revive Echo Town is comprised of five Town Renovation Plans. These plans have you perform tasks such as building various structures and new houses for people to move into and unlocking new festivals. There“s no time limit to completing these plans, but I guarantee you that it will take at least two or three years of in-game time to finish all five plans, which may equate to 100+ hours of gameplay for you. Nonetheless, it“s a fantastic and rewarding feeling to complete each Town Renovation Plan – and ultimately that final fifth one. It“s also a great way to have added a story to a Harvest Moon game (a series where plot is usually absent). On a similar note, let“s turn our focus to the town and farm customization aspect of A New Beginning. It“s probably the best addition ever made to a Harvest Moon title. As mentioned before, you“re able to construct a bevy of buildings and houses, as well as decorations, roads, benches, fountains, and so forth. Not to mention all the amenities for your farm. With the ability to arrange and place objects in any way that your heart desires, the possibilities are endless. My only complaint is that I wish the editing mode, where you place and arrange objects, was refined a bit more to make the process easier. Yet another new feature that A New Beginning offers is its mulitplayer mode. With it, you“re able to exchange items and interact with other players“ livestock via local connection or wi-fi. Not only is it a great way to make money since you“re able to milk and shear other players“ animals, but also for getting your hands on a particular item that you may need to make a certain building or piece of clothing. It“s an absolute lifesaver and an entertaining timewaster. And let“s not forget the most important part of Harvest Moon… farming! Each season will have you growing different vegetables and fruits on your fields (that you can also place and arrange anywhere on your farm!). It“s still as great as ever and will appeal to fans of new and old. On top of the classic cows, chickens, tomatoes, and corn, there are new animals to take care of and new crops to grow and sell such as llamas, yaks, lotus root, wasabi, and cotton. Romancing and marriage are also still very prevalent, of course. There are six handsome bachelors and six lovely bachelorettes for you to choose from – all wildly different from each other with engaging personalities. It“s super hard to choose just one person! But when you finally do settle on a lucky lover, you“ll be able to go steady with them before marriage, which offers more intimate dialogue between the two of you versus other Harvest Moon games. Unfortunately, gay/lesbian relationships are still not an option, but the crossdressing that A New Beginning offers the chance for those out there who want a semblance of that. As much as I adore A New Beginning, it isn“t without its faults. The first season that you“ll experience is absolutely boring. It“s riddled with tutorials and there“s nothing to do but forage and plant a few crops here and there until you have the ability to finally do fun things like customize the town. But please, tread on no matter how slow it may seem because A New Beginning becomes a hundred times better by the time Summer comes along. A New Beginning is the best Harvest Moon game since Friends of Mineral Town or Harvest Moon 64. Multitudes of new features such as the town/farm and character customization make for an exciting and jam-packed farming adventure. And just to give you an example of how addicting and fun it can be, I“ve spent 130+ hours on A New Beginning already and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. To those longtime Harvest Moon fans out there that have been hesitant to try the newer games (and to those who haven“t played a game in the series at all!): please pick up A New Beginning. I guarantee that you“ll love it. Pros: + Town/farm and character customization offers limitless possibilities and entertainment + Multiplayer that lets you exchange items and milk/shear other players“ animals + Wonderful selection of genuine bachelors and bachelorettes + Farming is as fun and extensive as ever Cons: - First season of the game is boring and littered with tutorials that may turn off some players - Localization work has more typos and grammatical errors than you can shake a stick at - Music can be repetitive and annoying Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic A New Beginning is the best Harvest Moon game in years. Definitely grab it if you“re interested in farming, customization, and cute little yaks!
  18. Just a couple days ago, Natsume reported that Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for 3DS went gold as we slowly approach its release date of November 6th. They had also recently announced that pre-orders for the special 15th Anniversary Edition (that includes a 12" cow plushie) would end on October 23rd. But as of yesterday, there's a bit of pleasantly surprising news for those who have been eagerly awaiting their copy of A New Beginning. Yup, pre-orders for A New Beginning will start shipping TODAY. And that's not just for the 15th Anniversary Edition orders from the Natsume online store, either. This also applies to shipments to retail stores like GameStop, where you will see copies sitting on shelves as early as next week. For those worried that they should have ordered the 15th Anniversary Edition for that super cute, ginormous cow plushie sooner... It's still available for purchase until the 23rd of this month, as originally said!
  19. Great news, Harvest Moon fans; Natsume announced that Harvest Moon: A New Beginning has officially finished production and gone gold, meaning that it will enter the printing phase shortly. This particular entry in the Harvest Moon series is the first game specifically designed from the ground up for the 3DS, and will feature two new animals; one of which will be a yak. Speaking of which, Natsume has also announced that, due to overwhelming demand, pre-orders for the game from Natsume's online store will be ending on October 23rd. Pre-ordering the standard version will net you a free yak plushie, and pre-ordering the special 15th Anniversary Edition will net you a 12" cow plushie; the latter of which is only available on Natsume's online store. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is set to release on Nov. 6 for the 3DS.