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Found 16 results

  1. This week's Nintendo Download brings a legendary game to the Wii U Virtual Console, offers a handful of decent sales, and has a few adventurous games of note. To start with: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 ($39.99) arrived on the Nintendo 3DS eShop this past Tuesday. This game was developed to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the franchise, so expect plenty of added challenge and surprises. The Wii U eShop brings Roving Rogue ($7.99), a clever platformer that...starts at the end of the story, then works its way backwards. You play as Kurt, a heroic rouge who teleports his way across some forty challenging levels racing against rising lava, collapsing walls, and fearsome foes. There's even a multiplayer element to the game. But stay tuned for more from me on Roving Rogue; I'll have a review up in the coming days! This week's Virtual Console release is Ocarina of Time. I wonder how many people prefer the Nintendo 64 game over the visually remastered Ocarina of Time 3D. At least you can play this one on your television! This week's noteworthy sales feature some Ace Attorney games on Nintendo 3DS. For starters, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies will be $16.79 (regular $29.99). And the Ace Attorney Trilogy is $22.49 (regular $29.99). These two games will be on sale until July 16th. Last but not least, this week's themes feature four flavors of Ace Attorney (two from Dual Destinies and two from Ace Attorney Trilogy) and two more flavors of Pokémon (Mega Charizard Y & Mega Rayquaza, plus "Eevee Collection - Espeon & Umbreon). That about covers it for this week. Be sure to check the eShop when it updates at 12:00 PM ET, 9 AM PT for even more sales and additional information. Will you be grabbing Ocarina of Time this week? How about the Ace Attorney games while they're on sale? Be sure to let us know!
  2. So it looks like some guy made a Proof-of-Concept video where he plays The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Oculus Rift. It isn't the full game, of course, but what it is is still pretty cool. Check it out:
  3. "It's a secret to everybody nobody." Okay, that was lame... Let's just get to the point. About two months ago, I shared with you Five Zelda Theories Backed By Hyrule Historia. Hyrule Historia, of course, being the legendary book of everything by the Zelda creators themselves. But the fun doesn“t end with just five, as I“ve got five more for you in Part II of our theory-filled analysis! So sit back, relax, and possibly don“t fall asleep as I conclude Hyrule Theoria with another five theories backed by Hyrule Historia. Warning: Potential spoilers abound! The Deku Mask in Majora“s Mask Holds the Spirit of the Deku Butler“s Son Majora“s Mask is depressing enough as it is, what with a friggin“ Moon about to destroy the world and all. But before all that happens, a Skull Kid wearing a certain mask transforms Link into a Deku Scrub, after which he runs into a dead Deku Scrub before eventually meeting the Happy Mask Salesman. But who exactly is this Deku Scrub? Well, later in the game Link meets a tribe of Deku Scrubs. In this tribe is a butler, who mentions his son leaving home long ago and never returning. And it was strongly implied during the credits of the game that this is his son, as you can see the Deku Butler weeping over this dead Deku Scrub. So then, is it possible that this Deku Scrub“s spirit is what the Skull Kid used to transform Link into a Deku Scrub? Link eventually gets his curse lifted, which then turns into the Deku Mask and allows Link to turn into a Deku Scrub whenever he wants. The thing is, the masks that transform Link into things are inhabited by the souls of the dead. Throughout the game, Link meets some of these dead souls, but never the one living inside the Deku Mask. Many fans believed that this is indeed the spirit of the Deku Butler“s missing son, and that theory was recently confirmed by Hyrule Historia on page 112, which reads, “Link“s transformation into a Deku Scrub is caused by the spirit of a member of the Deku tribe that died in the forest connecting Hyrule and Termina.†The Temple of Time in Twilight Princess Is the Same One From Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess takes place roughly 100 years after Ocarina of Time, so of course you would expect some similarities between the two games in terms of locations. Some of these are more apparent than others, such as the Lost Woods and Death Mountain. But how about the Temple of Time? In Ocarina of Time, the temple is found near Hyrule Castle close to the center of the land. However, in Twilight Princess, the temple is found deep within a forest. This couldn“t possibly be the same Temple of Time, could it? It might seem strange, but when you look at the similarities between the two Temples of Time, the resemblance is quite striking to say the least. Many fans have taken this as a sign that they are indeed one in the same, and that the temple simply decayed and became overrun with plant life over the years. And you know what, those guys are right. On page 117 of Hyrule Historia, it states that “the Temple of Time, home to the Master Sword“s pedestal, has rotted away and lies in ruins within the forest.†There was another theory claiming that the temple was simply moved to another location, but that now appears to be false. Sorry, believers of that theory. The Hero of Time Makes an Appearance in Twilight Princess In Twilight Princess, there are many connections to Ocarina of Time, from similar locations to the same Ganondorf even making an appearance. One connection you probably wouldn“t expect is the Hero of Time, Link himself, making some sort of appearance, considering each Link is a reincarnation of the same spirit. But some people did suspect that, as the Hero“s Shade shares some similarities, such as his left-handed swordsmanship and the nature of some of his dialogue. But that couldn“t possibly be the spirit of the Hero of Time, could it? I mean, that spirit lies within Link himself, so it couldn“t possibly be him. But alas, it is the spirit of the Hero of Time. Or rather, it“s the spiritual manifestation of the hero“s regrets. According to Hyrule Historia, in a note on page 118, “The spirit of Link“s ancestor, the Hero of Time, teaches him his secrets. Ever since returning to the Child Era, the swordsman has lamented the fact that he was not remembered as a hero. This is the reason he passes down the proof of his courage and his secret techniques to the Link of this era, addressing him as ”son.“†The reason for these regrets is, of course, the fact that once Link had returned to the Child Era, he never defeated Ganondorf and saved Hyrule. He saved Termina, but that kind of news doesn“t exactly travel with him back to Hyrule. Not without Link looking crazy, anyway (“I saved a parallel world, I swear I did!â€). Descendants of Ocarina of Time“s Great Deku Tree, Volvagia, and Jabu-Jabu Appear in The Wind Waker When people met the Great Deku Tree in The Wind Waker, a common speculation that was made was that this Deku Tree was the mature Deku Tree Sprout found in Ocarina of Time. This theory was supported by the way they both talk and the fact that The Wind Waker“s Deku Tree seems to recognize Link“s green tunic. And of course, with The Wind Waker being in the Adult Timeline, the only one the Deku Tree Sprout survives in, this isn“t too far-fetched at all. But other than him, there has also been speculation that Valoo was somehow related to Volvagia and Jabun was related to Jabu-Jabu, though these theories aren“t as well-supported. These theories weren“t dismissed, however, as Hyrule Historia touches upon them as well. On page 127 of the book, a note reads “Even after the land of Hyrule was sealed away, the guardian spirits of the three pearls of the goddesses remain. They are thought to be descended from Volvagia, the Deku Tree, and Jabu-Jabu, spirits that existed during the Era of the Hero of Time.†This doesn“t entirely confirm these theories as facts, nor does it say anything about the Great Deku Tree from The Wind Waker being the mature Deku Tree Sprout from Ocarina of Time, but it does support the possibility of Valoo, Jabun, and the Great Deku Tree (WW) being descendants of the three guardian spirits Volvagia, Jabu-Jabu, and the Great Deku Tree (OoT), especially when the authors know all of Zelda“s secrets. At least, I would hope the creators of Zelda would know all there is to know about the series… There Was a Link Before Skyward Sword The Link in Skyward Sword is thought to be the very first Link by many. However, it is also known that that very same Link is the successor to a hero chosen by Hylia herself during the Era of the Goddess Hylia thousands of years prior. In fact, the ceremony at the beginning of the game has Zelda playing the goddess while Link plays this chosen hero. But who exactly is this hero? Could it possibly be an earlier incarnation of Link, rather than simply a successor? Many think so, but no one can really say for certain. However, at the very back of Hyrule Historia is a Skyward Sword manga that tells the tale of this chosen hero, who is depicted as the earliest incarnation of Link, green tunic and all. The 32-page manga also explains that this hero tempered the Master Sword with his spirit, being destined to serve as its master for all eternity. Furthermore, the red loftwing from Skyward Sword also makes an appearance in the manga, somehow having lived for thousands of years, and choosing Link specifically because he is the reincarnation of the first Link. And when the first Link dies toward the end, Hylia says “I will ensure that your gentle, heroic spirit will live on eternally. And I… I shall shed my divinity. The next time we meet, I wish to stand before you as a simple human.†Keep in mind that this manga hasn“t been confirmed as canon to the series, but being included in Hyrule Historia is certainly strong support for that possibility. And to further support the theory that there was indeed a Link before Skyward Sword, Eiji Aonuma himself once stated in an interview the possibility of future Zelda games taking place before Skyward Sword. If this theory is accurate, we may very well see a future Zelda game taking place at the beginning of everything, with Link being Hylia“s chosen hero. Only time will tell...
  4. “It“s a secret to everybody.†This phrase has been said in many a Zelda game ever since a certain Moblin bribed you with rupees in the original The Legend of Zelda. This common phrase has seemed somewhat synonymous to the fact that much of the series has remained a mystery all these years. As such, Zelda aficionados everywhere took it upon themselves to try and solve these mysteries, coming up with their own theories based on what they figured were the most logical explanations for certain questions they were losing sleep over. But now that Nintendo has finished releasing the legendary book The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia across the globe, many of these theories have been either officially confirmed or teased to be truth. So which theories has this book touched upon? How many fan theories are either now facts or at least probabilities? Warning: Potential spoilers abound! Sheik“s Harp from Ocarina of Time is the Same Harp from Skyward Sword Ever since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, gamers have noticed a striking resemblance between the Goddess“s Harp, owned by Zelda - the mortal reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, and the harp that the future reincarnation of Zelda plays in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time under her guise of Sheik. Series producer Eiji Aonuma, when asked in an interview with Nintendo Power if these were the same harp, stated that “The design is the same as the harp that Sheik has in Ocarina of Time.†Not exactly a confirmation, but in Hyrule Historia, there is a note on page 11 that reads, “The harp in Skyward Sword looks a lot like Sheik“s harp in Ocarina of Time. Could it be the same one…?†Considering where this hint comes from, it“s hard not to believe this to be the truth. And it makes a lot of sense, too. As this is the goddess Hylia“s harp, whose reincarnations are all within the Royal Family of Hyrule“s bloodline, the Goddess“s Harp is being passed down from generation to generation. The Ocarina of Time Was Made from Timeshift Stones The Timeshift Stones found in Skyward Sword have the power to control time, as the name implies. Remind you of anything? Perhaps a little instrument called the Ocarina of Time found in a game with the same name? This isn“t the only similarity the stones and ocarina have, though, as both are also the same bluish color. Many fans have noticed this, and have speculated that the Ocarina of Time was actually created from the Timeshift Stones. This is only a theory, of course, but Hyrule Historia gives a pretty big hint that makes this theory all the more believable. On page 53, there is a note that reads, “With this talk of controlling time, one can“t help but think of Ocarina of Time. The ocarina is the same color as the Timeshift Stones. Could they be made of the same material?†While not officially confirmed, it“s doubtful that this would just be a tease of something untrue. The Timeshift Stones can control time, and an instrument was eventually created to harness its power for use by the Royal Family of Hyrule. The Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time Was Built Over Skyward Sword“s Sealed Temple When people saw a Temple of Time in Skyward Sword, they had some questions. For one thing, it“s in the desert. The famous Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time was not. But here“s the thing: those are two different Temples of Time. You see, the Temple of Time seen in Ocarina of Time is actually the Sealed Temple seen in Skyward Sword. Or at least, it was built OVER that temple. This was merely speculation before, but as Hyrule Historia states on page 77, “The only entrance to the Sacred Realm“s Temple of Light, the Temple of Time shares the same name as the temple in the Lanayru Desert of the Era of the Goddess Hylia. It is thought that Rauru built the Temple of Time directly over the ruins of the Sealed Temple.†Sure, it says “it is thought,†but this really is the most likely scenario. I mean, think about it: Who is Zelda? She is the goddess Hylia reborn. And what is the Sealed Temple? The Temple of Hylia. Now think about Ocarina of Time; who is Zelda? She is the Sage of Time. And what is the Temple of Time? Zelda“s designated temple. Not only that, but this temple also houses the Master Sword, which was originally resting in the Sealed Temple long before. Furthermore, there are actual depictions of the six Sage Medallions on the ceiling of the entrance to the Sealed Temple. And as we know, the Six Sages gather inside the Temple of Light in the Sacred Realm. But aside from all that, taking a look at the image above pretty much makes it obvious, doesn“t it? Rauru from Ocarina of Time is Also Kaepora Gaebora Remember that owl that appears in Ocarina of Time? Of course you do. Who could possibly forgot that guy? He goes by the name of Kaepora Gaebora, and he“s actually more than meets the eyes (all four of them). For a while, people thought there may have been some connection between this talking owl who stalks watches over Link during his boyhood adventures and the Sage of Light Rauru. He is a sage, after all, so it“s most certainly a possibility that he can disguise himself as an animal. This has recently been confirmed to be the case. On page 87 of Hyrule Historia, it clearly states that “before Link drew the Master Sword, Rauru took on the form of an unusual bird named Kaepora Gaebora, watching over the boy as he progressed in his adventure.†So there you have it. Rauru, Sage of Light, is officially an unusual bird. Link is Searching for Navi at the Beginning of Majora“s Mask At the end of Ocarina of Time, we see Link“s fairy partner Navi leave him after Zelda returns him back to when he was still a child. After that, Link goes back to tell child Zelda of what Ganondorf is plotting, which results in Ganondorf“s later execution attempt as explained in Twilight Princess. After his warning, Zelda hands Link the Ocarina of Time, which Link takes and, along with his trusty steed Epona, ventures through the Lost Woods in search of a friend. Thus begins Majora“s Mask. But who exactly IS this friend Link is searching for? Is it Navi? Or could it possibly be someone else? It doesn“t really say, even though some might find the answer obvious. In fact, some people argued that this friend is actually more likely to be Saria. However, Hyrule Historia has confirmed that yes; it is indeed Navi whom Link is looking for. On page 110, it clearly states that “months passed as he wandered in search of his companion, Navi, eventually losing himself in a mysterious forest.†So there you have it – Link really digs fairies. To be continued...
  5. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link is a time-shifting hero chosen by the gods to save the land of Hyrule from the most evil man in existence. Yeah, that“s cool and everything, but don“t you think he“s also kind of a ****? I mean, while he does go down in history as a legendary hero, that won“t stop people in his world from perceiving him as a vandalizing, time-wasting, cucco-abusing kid/teenager. If I were in his boots, I think I would do things a bit differently to avoid being seen in any negative light… Put Down the Pots and Stop Stealing Rupees! “In Hyrule, residents have a tendency to stash their money in antique pots they apparently all have plenty of. Knowing that, why am I holding a pot over my head? Was I honestly about to go around smashing them all and stealing other people“s hard-earned rupees? “No, I“m better than this! Sure, it may be tough financially for a fairy boy like me who grew up deep within woods that rarely anyone can even visit, but I have to suck it up! There are more noble ways a hero can earn money than resorting to a life of crime. Maybe I can set up shop somewhere and sell fairies or something…†Don“t Get Distracted By Games! “Alright, I“ve made it to Hyrule Castle Town at last! It“s been a rough adventure so far, and once I meet with Princess Zelda, we can stop this evil guy from wreaking havoc. Now let“s see… Well, I should go ahead and waltz on over to Hyrule Castle now… Oh look – GAMES! I love a fun game! Alright, let“s head into… “Wait a minute, I can“t play games now! I have a duty to uphold. I know games are fun and can help ease the stress this journey has caused me thus far, but this is no time for that. And sure, it may help me financially if I can win at one of these games, but money and ammo aren“t going to help if the world gets taken over by the forces of evil. Unless, of course, I can use my rupees to sue him for all he“s worth…†Put Down That Fishing Rod! “Alright, now that I“ve got a fishing rod, it“s finally time to… Wait, what am I thinking…? Hyrule is being taken over by the King of Evil and I“m actually thinking about fishing?! While I“m off fishing, anything could be happening. I could be here looking for that fabled Sinking Lure while Ganondorf destroys even more of this land. “No, I can“t let myself get distracted like this! No matter how much I love to fish, there are more important things I must attend to. And no matter how hard I think about it, I“m pretty sure a fishing rod will have no effect on someone like Ganondorf. Unless, of course, it somehow slows him down during battle. Hm…†Don“t Mess With the Cuccos! “Lon Lon Ranch, huh? I remember this place from when I was a kid. Yup, that horse is here too. Looks like she grew up since last time. And if I remember correctly, this place should have some – a-ha! Cuccos! Come here, you flightless little… “No wait, am I serious? I did this last time, and back then I almost got myself killed. I really shouldn“t go messing with cuccos if I know what“s good for me. Seriously, they might even pose a greater threat than Ganondorf himself…â€
  6. Jordan Haygood

    Navi Majora's Mask

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Nintendo

  7. Jordan Haygood

    Rauru Kaepora Gaebora

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Nintendo

  8. Jordan Haygood

    Zelda Sheik Goddess's Harp

    From the album: Kaptain's Gallery

    © Nintendo

  9. Adam McCarthy

    Top 9 Video Games Mosaic

    From the album: Adam McCarthy's Album

    A top 9 mosaic of my favorite games of all time.