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Found 15 results

  1. While 2012 didn“t mark the end of the human race, the release of the Wii U has made it the start of the end for the current console generation. Despite studios gearing up for the future, 2012 saw a slew of great games come out. It might not have been from cosmic destruction, but this year certainly went out with a bang. My biggest regret, and it“s a big one, iis that I haven“t played nearly as many of this year“s releases as I should have. I“ve done GOTY lists before, but never have I wished I had more to say than I have with this year. My list is small and humble, but for those interested, these are the five releases from this year that stand above all the rest for me. 5. Legend of Grimrock This is the odd-man-out entry on my list, being the only game that I haven“t beaten. That said, I don“t hesitate to call it one of my favorites this year. For someone unfamiliar with the old-school first-person dungeon crawler, Grimrock is a fiendishly hard and tense experience. It“s fun to play and builds a great atmosphere that, I“m not ashamed to admit, creeps me out a more than a fair deal. Challenging puzzles round out the experience, making for a game that“s definitely worth checking out if you can. Even after the main game is done, there are custom campaigns to check out on Steam Workshop. Hopefully, someday, I“ll be man enough to finish it and dig into the community content. 4. Scribblenauts Unlimited I haven“t had much experience with the Scribblenauts franchise before, with only a little time spent with the original game. The release of Unlimited on the PC made me want to see just how far the series has come and I definitely wasn“t disappointed. It“s simple, but being able to type out the words on a keyboard makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Solving the puzzles is definitely fun, but the most enjoyable aspect is seeing just how outlandish of a solution you can get the game to accept. It“s sort of a your-mileage-may-vary affair, as you can definitely keep using the same go-to items, but those looking for a fun and imaginative game can certainly make it one. 3. Lollipop Chainsaw Official GP Review Before I played Lollipop Chainsaw, I“d hesitate to call any Suda51 game good. I“ve always enjoyed what I“ve played, but none of them stood out as solid games on a fundamental level. Then Juliet came along. I“m a fan of the hack-and-slash genre in general and while Lollipop is on the simpler side of things, the presentation is top-notch. I“m also a huge fan of works that are self-aware; things that know what they“re good at and just go with it. The whole-hearted embrace of the B-Movie aesthetic is something I love and I had a blast playing through the game multiple times. It might not have the depth of something like Bayonetta, but Suda51 definitely delivered a satisfying experience. The amazing soundtrack didn“t hurt, either. 2. Persona 4 Arena Official GP Review I“ve always been a casual fan of fighting games, though never have been good at them or stuck with them very long. I“d also never played a Persona game until this year, when I played through both Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4, but it“s a series that really grabbed me with its story and characters. I got Arena just expecting a simple tie-in and was blown away by the depth of the content. I easily spent 30 hours going through the story mode and enjoyed it thoroughly. Even the new character, Labrys, is a great addition to the cast and has a good backstory. On top of pleasing the Persona fan in me, it“s also an amazingly solid fighter, especially as far as netcode is concerned. Arena is definitely no cash-in on a franchise“s name and I couldn“t be happier about it. 1. Katawa Shoujo Official GP Review Another first for me, this year marked the first time I tried out a visual novel. Katawa Shoujo is a game I went into with great reluctance and I was anticipating it to fail and flat-out offend. I think it“s hard not to go in with that attitude when you consider the general concept of the game and the origins of the project. Still, I started hearing many people, GP's own Marcus and Leah included, talking up the game and being genuinely pleased with it and decided to try it for myself. I“m glad I did and I“ve never been more glad to be wrong. I spent an emotional 50 hours going through all the content and was left with a great appreciation for a genre I“d never given much consideration before. It“s a wonderful, touching experience and, best of all, it“s free for you try at your leisure. Please do. There“s still a lot I regret not having played. Looking through all these lists definitely shows just how many wonderful games came out this year. There may be some repeats and stand-out favorites, but there are also a lot of differences as well. In a year that“s been painted by analysts as bad for the industry, I think these lists definitely prove that it“s been a fantastic year for the medium.
  2. 2012 was a very interesting and different year for gaming. Depending on how diverse your gaming tastes, amount of free time you have available, and the gaming hardware you have access to, it was either very much a blessing or a curse (in more ways than one). Because there aren't as many obvious and clear contenders, like the AAA titles of last year represented, it will really boil down based on preference despite how a lot of genres were incredibly well represented this year from retail and digital forms for gaming. For me, well, I think it will be shortly apparent what genre I may have an (unreasonable) affinity for, but I certainly have had a lot of great gaming experiences during 2012. 10. Tales of Graces F Official GP Review If I were to make an incredibly specific category for this year, this game would probably steal the "Most Fun RPG Battle System Of The Year" category. I have my reservations about how the very cliche story beats are handled and some annoying dungeon design, but I would be lying if I didn't say I had a lot of fun with this game despite that. While Tales of the Abyss probably had the best storytelling of the series, and Tales of Vesperia having the best characters/overall style, Tales of Graces F I simply enjoyed the most of the whole series as a game. Sporting a very deep and entertaining combat system, light-hearted nature, and wealth of optional content, it was simply an adventure I proudly went out of my way to play through twice despite its flaws. 9. DJMax Technika Tune Even though I find myself playing rhythm games occasionally, I've rarely been invested in them outside of a group/party environment. Having said that, and I know it's probably odd, but playing DJMax Technika Tune really solidified me being content with my Playstation Vita purchase. It doesn't flip the music game genre on its head, but it somehow really resonated me with its very catchy, unique song selection that I normally wouldn't expose myself to, responsive and entertaining gameplay, and very slick design/presentation. I still find the game immediately tempting to play every time I boot up my Vita even when I have games like Persona 4: Golden and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward begging me to continue playing them (I love you two, I just have a problem... and the only cure is more DJMax.). 8. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Official GP Review The best word I can use to describe Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time is 'endearing.' It tickles a certain earnest old-school gamer itch that just doesn't exist in RPGs nowadays. To call Wayfarer of Time simply 'old' and nothing else, however, would be very insulting. Hidden beneath its dated presentation lies a very dense SRPG with plenty of challenging fights, intriguing narrative and character interactions, and a multitude of endings. Wayfarer of Time certainly takes the best title I've played in the series and I have no qualms calling it the PSP's proud swan song. 7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Official GP Review Despite being quite a fan of strategy games and especially their RPG variations, it has been a while since I've played a strategy game that felt like a sincere breath of fresh air (that I wanted to keep playing), since probably the original Valkyria Chronicles. XCOM: Enemy Unknown manages to reinvigorate the classic PC series while also capturing the devious spirit as well. Despite that, Enemy Unknown is surprisingly easy to get into and is very engaging throughout with its complex and strategic combat system, well-implemented base managment system, and enticing replay value. 6. Xenoblade Chronicles I“m still relatively surprised we even got both The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles in the United States even after the European release, but what I“m even more surprised by is how much more I liked Xenoblade of the two. The Last Story was probably the more ambitious game, and I really enjoyed my time with it, but Xenoblade really sold me with its incredibly grand scope, fantastic musical score, engaging storytelling, and just plain refined RPG structure. Proving that, even on dated hardware, big things come in small packages… wait, I set up something I shouldn“t have, didn“t I? 5. Mass Effect 3 Official GP Review I“ve always been a sort of blasphemer when it came to this series, where even if I enjoyed the original two to a certain extent, I felt like I played them more out of obligation than any true personal enjoyment and investment. That really changed when I played 3, however, which not only fixed a lot of my complaints about the series as a game, but really drew with me in terms of writing/narrative, great voice acting and musical score, and just plain overall design more so than the previous games. Sure, the ending still blows and some story elements could“ve been handled better (or been outright omitted), but I will not let that detract from what I thought was a strong experience and easily one of my all-time favorite western RPGs this generation. 4. Persona 4 Arena Official GP Review If there was a gaming match made in heaven catered almost specifically to individuals like myself, this game would fit the bill. This game combines one of my all-time favorite RPG properties and has my favorite fighting game developer realize it into one incredibly well-crafted fighting-game package. Admittedly, despite the praise it got for its storytelling, though solid, I desired a bit more out of it (even as a fan). As a fighting game, though, my minor quibbles were more than balanced out by the entertaining and frenetic combat system that is easy to learn but hard to master. Seriously, I just have a blast playing even now, whether it be competitively online with the great netcode or among my circle of friends regularly. 3. Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Official GP Review Making for what was probably my most unhealthy gaming addiction this year is this little odd title... 40 hours in 4 days -wait, that wasn't subtle at all. Most will reasonably overlook this niche title, but I know I'm secretly on the right side of history for playing easily one of the best RPGs this year. Regardless, I had a great time seeing the Arland trilogy come to a close and will secretly miss the light-hearted and cavity-inducing character interactions, fun RPG mechanics, rewarding exploration/development and deep crafting system, and my homies Gio and Sterk; well, at least until Atelier Ayesha is released. 2. Journey Official GP Review For an individual who usually gets nothing out of playing “arthouse” games, playing Journey was nothing short of a pleasant surprise to me to put it lightly. Featuring an incredibly immersive setting/atmosphere, captivating musical score, and some surprisingly poignant moments in an anonymous online environment, which would be very difficult to articulate for the uninitiated, I sure as heck wouldn't trade the 2 hours I got with Journey over many other games. 1. Devil Survivor 2 Official GP Review It seems like Atlus has a habit of releasing great RPGs late in the cycle on perceivably dead systems and Devil Survivor 2 is no exception. Out of all of the games I've played this year, Devil Survivor 2 may actually be the hardest to rationalize as the #1 place on this list. It shares a lot of the same strengths as my previous listings (great storytelling, branching narrative, enthralling combat etc), and is probably the most visibly incremental of the bunch, despite being a deceptively much-improved sequel. Beyond that though, Devil Survivor 2 has a sort of intangible appeal to it that I may irrationally place right on the top of the proud #1 throne. I find it incredibly hard to nitpick its faults as a whole, even as an iterative sequel, and it was a game I didn't want to stop playing until I saw EVERYTHING it had to offer. Honorary #11: Sleeping Dogs, Gravity Rush, Binary Domain, Borderlands 2, Katawa Shoujo, and The Last Story. I would love to have more excuses to give shout-outs to many games games I've played or I haven't gotten around to finishing (My deepest apologies Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, The Walking Dead, and Mark of the Ninja!) this year since I look back on it pretty fondly. 2012, as a whole, was very much a pleasant surprise for a year I didn't expect too much of going into. So much so, that even if not a whole lot impresses me in 2013, there are still a lot of games from 2012 I'd love to play... or unhealthily keep playing.
  3. Marshall Henderson

    Persona 4 Arena's 360 Version Suffers from Lag

    Persona 4 Arena's Xbox 360 version seems to suffer from some lag, according to Persona's PR team. This is bad news bears for people hoping to punch their distant friends on 360. Persona's PR team does have some suggested short-term solutions, suggesting that players select "custom match," "same area," and "good connection" when going online in order to optimize their gameplay. Again, though, this is only the 360 version, so PlayStation 3 fighting game/Persona nerds, fear not, for you shall be mostly unaffected. Atlus supposedly is looking into a solution for this, so don't worry, everyone, a patch may make it home in time for Christmas. In the mean time, you can check out this recent trailer showcasing Elizabeth's sweet moves and how to do them. Persona 4 Arena releases on August 7th on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.
  4. Jason Clement