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  1. UPDATE: According to Polygon, Sony provided a comment clarifying that only two PS4 games will be offered for free in 2019. It was only a matter of time before this happened but today PlayStation finally announced that it will be dropping PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles from the monthly PlayStation Plus free game lineup in 2019. Both platforms have continually seen an audience decline ever since the PlayStation 4 launched and neither can be widely bought at retail stores now either. However, the good news is that you'll still retain the ability to download any PS3 and PS Vita games that you've already gotten for free through the PlayStation Plus service. With PlayStation Plus pivoting to PS4-only games, the real question is whether the selection will expand from the current two free games to encompass the other four empty game slots that will be left vacant by PS3 and PS Vita or whether we'll only get two games from 2019 on. The official post on The PlayStation Blog doesn't give any indication, so we'll have to wait and see, though it's a good bet Sony doesn't feel the need to offer so many free games now since the PS4 is (and has been) selling like hotcakes for some time. Source: PlayStation Blog What are your thoughts on PlayStation dropping PS3 and PS Vita games from PlayStation Plus?
  2. PlayStation Plus' free games lineup is about to get a pretty big bump in March 2018. For the first time in a while, Sony is offering two big first-party titles with From Software's Bloodborne and Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank. The former has been widely praised for being a great Souls-like game that's exclusive to PS4 while the latter received critical acclaim for being an excellent reboot of the Ratchet and Clank series. The rest of the offerings include THQ Nordic's Legend of Kay (an adventure game starring anthropomorphic animals) and Comcept's Mighty No. 9 for PS3 (the latter of which is Mega Man-like that's cross-play with PS4), as well as horror game Claire: Extended Cut and arcade game Bombing Busters (think Bomberman-like gameplay) for PS Vita; both of which are also cross-play with PS4. Here's the full list: Bloodborne (PS4) Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Legend of Kay (PS3) Mighty No. 9 (PS3, PS4) Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita, PS4) Bombing Busters (PS Vita, PS4) And if you haven't heard yet, Sony announced that PS Plus will be dropping PS3 and PS Vita titles next year. What are your thoughts on March 2018's free game lineup for PlayStation Plus?
  3. PlayStation Plus games for October 2017 were finally announced today and... ...Metal Gear Solid V is part of the lineup! Here's the full list below: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4) Amnesia Collection (includes Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs) (PS4) Monster Jam: Battlegrounds (PS3) Hustle Kings (PS3) Hue (PS Vita, crossbuy with PS4) Sky Force Anniversary (PS Vita, crossbuy with PS3 and PS4) So here are my thoughts- MGS V is cool and a good get, but I wonder how many people really haven't played it at this point. Amnesia Collection is also another impressive get, but the rest of those games don't really strike my fancy (other than Hue, which I already have). Also, I could swear we got Hue at one point on PS Plus already? What do you guys make of this October's selection?
  4. Sony just revealed the Playstation Plus lineup for June, giving you some new games to play while you wait for all the awesome new games that will be shown at E3. Here's the full lineup: Killing Floor 2, PS4 Life is Strange, PS4 Abyss Odyssey, PS3 WRC 5: World Rally Championship, PS3 Neon Chrome, PS Vita (crossbuy with PS4) Spy Chameleon, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4) Killing Floor 2 and Life Be Strange are the obvious standouts here. I haven't played either one (I've had Life is Strange on Steam forever and still haven't gotten around to it...) but compared to the rest of the lineup they're relatively big-name games. Abyss Odyssey is pretty cool, though it's a shame it's not cross-buy with the enhanced PS4 version. Spy Chameleon is kinda fun, I dunno anything about WRC or Neon Chrome though. Anyway, what do you all think about the lineup? If nothing else maybe we could all get together for some Killing Floor 2 matches sometime.
  5. Sony has revealed next month's lineup of free games for PS Plus members, and, well, just have a look for yourself and decide if you're excited! Full lineup: Tales from the Borderlands, PS4 Abzu, PS4 Blood Knights, PS3 Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, PS3 Laser Disco Defenders, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) Type:Rider, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4) So, from me, Tales from the Borderlands is hilarious and worth playing even if you know nothing about the Borderlands series, so that's a big plus for next month's selection. Of course it was also on sale for like $3 a while back so anyone interested probably already has it now. I know Abzu will be interesting to some people, so I'll leave my personal feelings on it aside. Blood Knights is an okay-ish hack 'n slash and I don't really know anything about the other games, so it doesn't seem like an amazing month but I guess it's not the worst month ever either. What do you all think?
  6. So today the PS+ lineup for August was revealed, and it's...different? Full lineup: Tricky Towers, PS4 Rebel Galaxy, PS4 Yakuza 5, PS3 Retro/Grade, PS3 Patapon 3, PS Vita Ultratron, PS Vita, PS3, PS4 Tricky Towers looks like some kinda crazy version of Tetris, so that could be fun, and I'll probably try Rebel Galaxy. My PS3 isn't working otherwise I'd give Yakuza 5 a shot too, but I have Retro/Grade on Steam already. I dunno anything about Patapon so I'll have to look that up, but Ultratron (which I also have on Steam) is pretty fun. Overall doesn't seem like a terrible lineup, but also nothing really stands out, besides maybe Yakuza 5 since it was one of the last big PS3 releases and isn't that old yet. Anyway, what do you think about August's PS+ games?
  7. Welcome to the "Official" PlayStation Plus thread! February Game Collection Transistor (PS4) Apotheon (PS4) Yakuza 4 (PS3) Thief (PS3) Rogue Legacy (PSV) Kick and Fennick (PSV) January Instant Game Collection (Leaving 2/3) Infamous: First Light (PS4) The Swapper (PS4) Prototype 2 (PS3) Duke Tales: Remastered (PS3) Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PSV) Whoa Dave! (PSV)
  8. Sony's recent debacle with Driveclub's unspecified delay and a set of mildly disappointing November releases received a notable amount of criticism over the last month. Playstation Plus managers usually keep a tight lip when it comes to the new titles being added to the Instant Game Collection, but the Playstation Blog exploded with a preview of Playstation 4 titles being added through 2015. The excitement for the December and January line-ups is understandable, but this announcement comes far in advance of Sony's normal routine. A brief apology regarding the Driveclub delay is immediately followed by the announcement that Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition and Secret Ponchos will be headlining December. Injustice claims the spot as the first retail release to hit the Instant Game Collection for Playstation 4. Sony intends of bringing in the New Year with two new titles for January: Infamous First Light and The Swapper. Do you think this early announcement will hold negative implications for the developers and publishers of these projects who hoping for Holiday sales?
  9. Steve Bitto

    Playstation Plus May Lineup Revealed

    Sony has announced the titles coming to the Instant Game Collection for Playstation Plus members in May. Playstation Plus has impressed in recent months offering quality titles like Bioshock: Infinite, Batman: Arkham City and Tomb Raider. Next month will be no different. Among the games available is the fantastic Puppeteer which we absolutely adored! Here is a full breakdown of May's PS Plus offering: PS4 Stick it to the Man! PS3 Puppeteer Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Skullgirls Encore PS Vita Surge Deluxe Limbo Take a peak at the quirky puzzler Stick it to the Man! for Playstation 4: Source: Playstation Blog Do any of these games have you excited for the May PS Plus update?
  10. Sony's PlayStation Plus service is steadily gaining momentum as they recently revealed that subscriptions are up threefold since the launch of the PlayStation 4 last November. A large part of that is likely due to the fact that a PS Plus subscription is being required to play PS4 titles online, but Sony UK boss Fergal Gara mentioned that he believes the value offered by the service continues to be a driving force in getting new members to join. In the meantime, Sony recently announced the February lineup of Instant Games for PlayStation Plus, which includes titles like Outlast and Metro: Last Light.
  11. We're at the tail-end of January, and you know what that means - the reveal of next month's PlayStation Plus Instant Games by The PlayStation Blog! For February, a whopping six games will be cycled into the PlayStation Plus lineup, including three PS3 titles, two PS Vita titles, and one PS4 title. Hopefully the PS4 will get more games on a monthly basis in the future, but for now it's understandable (if disappointing) since it only launched a few months ago and thus has limited games so far. In any case, here are the Instant Games that PlayStation Plus subscribers have to look forward to next month- Outlast (PS4) Metro: Last Light (PS3) Payday 2 (PS3) Remember Me (PS3) Street Fighter vs Tekken (PS Vita) Modnation Racers: Road Trip (PS Vita) What do you think of February's Instant Game lineup? Let us know!
  12. It's always an event for Playstation Plus subscribers when the new monthly Instant games are announced, and for good reason too. Over the last year, Playstation has been on fire with a number of big titles coming to the subscription service for free, with titles like Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and more being rotated in as of recent. So what's in store for Playstation Plus in September? Feast your eyes on the list below: Galaga Legions DX (PSN) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP) ICO HD (PS3) Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection (PS3) Rayman Origins (Vita) As usual, we won't know which games will be replacing which when they debut in September, nor do we currently know what dates they'll roll out on, but that is a pretty solid selection of choices, so fans will likely be pretty happy with them. See anything you're interested in? Let us know in the comments below!
  13. I'm excited for the Playstation 4. In fact, I still have my preorder set up and ready to go in the event that I change my mind. But I've come into a bit of a problem when it comes to actually purchasing the system. That problem just happens to be the Playstation 3. And time. But we'll get to that in a minute. First we'll talk about what that pesky Playstation 3 is doing to sabotage my interest in the PS4. Playstation Plus Has Given Me A Backlog I don't normally buy video games right when they come out. I'm a spend thrift at heart, and only the most hyped up or story driven titles can get my attention right when they release. This has worked out for me for the last few years thanks to the fact that more and more AAA titles seem to tank in price after the first two weeks of being on store shelves. But in the last year or so, something new came onto my radar. I've still got three years of the stuff left That thing was of course, Playstation Plus. I've only ever actually paid the full five dollars for a single month of the service. Despite this, I'm currently all paid up through Christmas, 2014. Aren't contests just great? The point is, I've got a lot of free games being hurled at me with very little time to actually play them. Of the dozens of games I've already received, I've probably only beaten three of them. The rest? All in my quickly forming backlog. To make matters worse/better, the Playstation 4 will be included in the Playstation Plus service from day one. So not only do I have a huge backlog of unplayed games, but the longer I wait to buy the new console, the bigger of a backlog I'll have waiting for me once I take the dive. Games, Games, Games The fact of the matter is, none of the Playstation 4's launch titles really excite me. Knack looks like a winner and I'm sure I'd play Killzone: Shadowfall at some point, but nothing they're offering at release is really a "must have" title so far. Of course, there are a lot of really big games releasing in the months following the system's release, but those are still almost half a year away. I'm only getting this game for the Willem Dafoe aspect I'm okay with waiting for those. In fact, waiting might even land me a better deal on the console after it releases, and that would just make it all the sweeter when I do go out to buy the console. Until then, the PS3 is here and ready to go, and there are still some pretty big games coming out well into the PS4's release. Games like Grand Theft Auto V and Beyond: Two Souls. While those are the only two releases I'm really hyped up for at the moment, that is still $120 out of pocket for those since I'll be buying them on day one. Not a lot of money considering it'll be spent over the span of a few months, but it is chump change compared to the problems the PS4 would cause for my wallet. Remember Remember, What Comes After November The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are both seemingly scheduled for release this November. Just in time for the chaos brought on by Black Friday to take system sales by the horns and really bring up each competing company's sales numbers right out of the gate. While that is all great for them, it causes one serious problem for me. And that is Christmas. Santa really hasn't been carrying his weight lately I've got a very large family, and each year during the holidays I make it my mission to knock their socks off on Christmas morning. As you might expect, this makes things very expensive for me very quickly. But that isn't the problem for me. The problem comes from me spending half a grand on myself a month before Christmas. I just can't do it. If I did end up buying a Playstation 4 this year, it would end up being a gift for someone else just because of how close to the holidays that the console giants are releasing their systems. Of course, this shouldn't stop you from buying yourself one of the big three later this year, but don't be surprised if you start hearing about more people cancelling their pre-orders as the months drag ever closer. As always, thank you for reading.
  14. I've been a member of Sony's Playstation Plus service since just about the very beginning. I might have missed a month or two and had a few complaints to lob at Sony about some of their stranger choices with their service, but I've enjoyed everything they've had to offer me this past year or so. But I have had one rather nagging problem with the service - it's made me afraid to buy things. Just think about it. Month after month Sony would roll out a new free game every Tuesday with little to no warning whatsoever. While a free game every week sounds like a pretty great deal, it was actually pretty gosh darned terrifying to a penny pinching monster such as myself. I was afraid because I didn't want to accidentally buy the game that was going to be free in the next week or so. But of course I had absolutely no way of telling whether or not the game I wanted to purchase was going to end up being free three days from then, so I had only two choices: Buy the game and just hope it doesn't become free, or wait until Tuesday passed to see what the free game was. The problem was that each week I would see the game I wanted wasn't the free one, but I would still hold off on buying it until the next week just in case it ended up being free then. Of course, this problem didn't plague everyone, but there was still the fact that nobody knew what would be coming on a week to week basis and it made people more apprehensive with their virtual wallets. This was a lucky break, I was just about to buy The Cave But all of that could be changing with Sony's new way of rolling out news postings about their Playstation Plus service. Instead of keeping everyone in the dark all month about what could be coming to the free section of the store, they've recently begun posting a list at the beginning of the month showcasing everything that will be free over the next few weeks. This new setup immediately knocks out any fears from the bigger penny pinchers among us, myself included. While this just appears to be an article about how much I enjoy Sony's new method of updating the Playstation Plus service, there's actually another reason I'm making this post. This whole showing us what we're getting before we actually get it setup is only temporary. Sony is likely just testing it out to see how fans react to it and to see if it helps raise sales for games not posted on their monthly list. In other words, we could lose our nice new setup if Sony ends up deciding we don't care for it for some totally ridiculous reason. So here's what you need to do - just go to the Playstation Blog and tell them you want them to keep the new setup the way it is. Let them know it's a million times better than their old way of keeping us in the dark. If we're lucky, they'll have the sense to keep doing things the way they are now. If not, then I guess it's back to holding my money in a death grip for fear of buying something that will be free later. Let's hope that isn't the case. As always, thank you for reading.
  15. This new bundle is sure to appeal to anyone looking into buying a new PS3. Not only is this particular PS3 a sexy "Classic White", but it also features 500GB of hard drive space. So what does the rest of the bundle include? A 1-year membership of PlayStation Plus 12 great games from the Instant Game Collection such as LittleBigPlanet 2, inFAMOUS 2, and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One 6 additional games unlocked for your Vita The Classic White PS3 bundle will be available in North America on January 27th for a suggested retail price of $300. Are you interested in getting this bundle?
  16. THQ has been the subject of debate as a company in turmoil quite a bit over the last year and are now seeking to unload intellectual property. The company utilized Humble Bundle and a few other alternative funding sources to help birth some extra revenue. The Playstation Blog announced today that the THQ epic, Darksiders, will become the next title available for Playstation Plus subscribers“ Instant Game Collection. This news is particularly great for those who forgot to pick up the Humble THQ Bundle and do not have access to a quality gaming computer. inFamous 2 shall rejoin the Instant Game Collection in tomorrow“s update after having its availability mistakenly removed. The store update will also be offering a 50% discount on StarDrone Extreme for Plus members, costing buyers a measly $2. Do you consider Darksiders as a worthy addition to the Instant Game Collection?
  17. Christmas is just around the corner. While most responsible people have their shopping all done and gifts wrapped, there will always be the kind of people who wait until the last minute to get it done. Fear not, as we at Game Podunk have come up with two lists of last minute downloadable gift ideas for the gamers in your family. In fact, we comprised a list for those who need to shop for family friendly titles and a list for the more 'hardcore' gamers. Oh, and did we mention that it's all affordable too? Most console games are expensive, especially considering the economy nowadays, and though there's many that are well worth their higher asking price, we'll be focusing on quality games that are under $25. Check them out below! For the Whole Family Journey Platform: PSN (PS3 only) Price: $14.99 (USD) Offical GP Review A beautiful game that puts more focus on a deep, emotional narrative; exploring the vast scenery; and relying on random strangers to help you reach your goal; Journey is a game that doesn't just have stunning art but offers anonymous online players to help others who might be having some trouble getting to the huge mountain. This PSN only title might be on the short side (clocking in at 2 to 3 hours) but everyone in the family will want to play it over and over again. Rock Band Blitz Platform: PSN (PS3 only), XBLA Price: $14.99 (1200 MS points) Official GP Review Chances are, you've owned at least one entry in the peripheral instrument-based Rock Band series. And maybe you even splurged and got the full set: guitars, microphone, and drums. Rock Band Blitz takes the fun part of the series and makes it more accessible by removing the need for all those instruments. It comes with 25 tracks but you can also import your Rock Band 3 DLC to jam out to. It's also great to know that you can use the 25 tracks from Rock Band Blitz in Rock Band 3 whenever the hankering to dust off those plastic instruments. The Unfinished Swan Platform: PSN (PS3 only) Price: $14.99 Official GP Review Another short game that still manages to deliver on stunning graphics and touching story, The Unfinished Swan has players use their imagination and the ability to toss black paint to uncover the vast white world around the orphan Monroe as he sets out to find the titular unfinished swan in his favorite painting of his mother's. Crashmo Platform: 3DS eShop Price: $8.99 Crashmo is the follow-up to last year's eShop puzzler sleeper hit, Pushmo. It expands on the puzzle gameplay introduced in the first game by adding the ability to push blocks around the grid and in turn, letting blocks stacked above fall down. There are new special floating blocks and other puzzle elements added as well, ultimately making this a much more complex and satisfying game overall. For puzzle fans, this is quite possibly one of (if not the best) third person 3D puzzlers out there right now; don't miss it! Playstation Plus Platform: PSN (PS3 and Vita) Price: $49.99 for 12 months; $17.99 for 3 months Okay, maybe this one is cheating a little (since the higher tier subscription is over $25) but if you own a PlayStation 3 and haven't purchased a monthly subscription to Sony's PlayStation Plus, then you're missing out. Available in three month ($17.99) and twelve month ($49.99) purchases, it averages out to about $5 a month. The PlayStation Plus service doesn't just you give the ability to use the 1GB of online data storage for game saves; each month, Sony offers free games to your library as well as huge discounts on select titles. The catch is that free games are only accessible while your subscription is active, so it's comparable to a service like Netflix; however, any discounted titles that you pay for are yours to keep forever. For the More Experienced Gamers Fez Platform: XBLA Price: $9.99 (800 MS points) If you have a lover, family member, or friend who“s been begging for a game featuring a fez hat (Santa gets that request all the time), FEZ has got you covered. This little puzzle-platformer puts you in the 2-dimensional shoes of a little guy named Gomez. Living without a care in his 2D plane of existence, Gomez comes across a strange artifact that grants him his game“s namesake, which allows him to shift the dimensions of the world itself. In this game, players must solve puzzles and clear levels with this power as they help Gomez save the artifact that granted him the fez before it gets ripped to shreds. Spelunky Platform: XBLA Price: $14.99 (1200 MS points) Here“s a game that“s perfect for Indiana Jones, if he was into video games. Providing him with tons of cave exploration, rope-swinging action, and his biggest fear – snakes, he“d certainly feel right at home with Spelunky. This game has you playing as an explorer who stumbles upon a cave filled with treasure. The cave isn“t any normal cave, however... Seriously, before digitally gift-wrapping this downloadable, make sure the gift“s receiver can tolerate dying a billion and a half times, because this game is hard. Mainly, the hardcore difficulty is a result of the game“s randomized cave layout. Once you die and are transported back to the beginning of the level, you will quickly notice that the level has become completely different from what you just played before. This means you will have no choice but to die, die, and die again until you manage to beat a level in one go. Fortunately, Spelunky is also quite funny, so you“ll have something to help you calm your frustration a bit over the holidays. Mark of the Ninja Platform: XBLA Price: $14.99 (1200 MS points) Whether your loved ones love ninjas or just enjoy sneaking into the kitchen for late-night snacks without being seen, Mark of the Ninja is a stealthy little game that“s sure to take them by surprise. In this stealthy action platformer, you play as a ninja assassin sent to find the truth behind his mystical tattoos, which amplify his powers at the expense of his mind“s slow destruction. The story is an interesting one with a variety of different choices, which is sure to keep you invested while hiding in the shadows, sneaking up on victims of your razor-sharp katana, and doing whatever else ninjas are prone to do. And with such slick controls, being a ninja has never felt better. Trine 2: Director's Cut Platform: Wii U Price: $19.99 (on sale for $14.99 until 1/4/13) Non-Director's Cut version also available on Steam for $14.99 regularly, as well as on XBLA, PSN, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you or your loved ones had the opportunity to purchase a Nintendo Wii U, or are getting one for Christmas, Trine 2: Director“s Cut is a great downloadable title to add to its library. It“s not only an insanely pretty game, but it“s so good in general that many of the more expensive games currently out for the console don“t even match it. This physics-based puzzle-platforming title puts players in control of three heroes, each of whom have been bound to a single entity, and the player must switch between the three as they try and find out how to progress through each level. Tokyo Jungle Platform: PSN (PS3 only) Price: $14.99 Official GP Review Tokyo Jungle is without a doubt one of the most unique games of the year. Set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic future where humans have disappeared, you play as one of 40+ different animals who either used to be household pets or have escaped from the zoo, and your only purpose is to survive in the iron wilderness of a Tokyo that's been overrun by nature. Though the mechanics are somewhat simple (eat, mate, defend yourself, and survive), the random variables the game presents (weather, pollution, what animals are in a certain areas) all make each playthrough a fairly unique experience and one of the must-play games of the year. Article was written by Jordan Haygood and Elizabeth. You can follow them on Twitter as @KaptainJ and @TheLiztress.
  18. So a lot of you might already know this but for those who don't, here it is. If you want to download a free PS+ game to play through at a future time but don't have enough room on your hard drive AND it's going to disappear from the Playstation Store as a free game soon, just go to the game on the store > start downloading it > and then immediately cancel the download. That way it'll show up in your downloads for you to download later as long as your PS+ sub is active. This tip actually came from one of the guys on Playstation Blog, so go figure.
  19. Yeah, so if you weren't aware, Starhawk's single player campaign is now free for PS Plus members starting yesterday. Anyone planning to play through it?
  20. Vita owners are rejoicing in unison as Sony finalized plans to include Playstation Vita titles in the Playstation Plus ”Instant Game Collection.“ The company intends to roll out firmware update 2.00 for the Vita next week to accompany the additional games, which will include key feature updates like automatic trophy synching and cloud storage for the portable system. The main attraction for Playstation Plus continues to be the Instant Game Collection, boasting a robust starting line-up with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, Jet Set Radio HD, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion. Playstation 3 owners will also receive a new game as Dungeon Defenders joins the queue. Sony's support of the Vita through the instant game collection is welcome news, particularly for those who are planning to pick up a discounted portable system on Black Friday. Playstation Plus is a subscription-based service priced at approximately $49.99 per year, but is also available as a three-month subscription for $17.99. Will the addition of Vita games be enough to entice you to subscribe or are you already a long-term subscriber?
  21. Last week, NFL Blitz was made available for free to Playstation Plus members, and now it turns out that we'll be getting another free game this week as well - King of Fighters XIII. Add-ons for the game will also be 30% off the PSN sale price (which is 50% off of the normal price. Additionally, two other games will also be joining KOFIII in the Playstation Plus deal this week: The Revenge of Shinobi (which is on sale for $1) and Derrick the Deathfin (on sale for $5.59) which was announced as a PSN exclusive a couple of weeks back. King of the Fighters XIII was initially released last Fall and to mostly positive reviews, so this marks one of the bigger free releases to Playstation Plus since Borderlands came to the service last month. Will you be downloading King of the Fighters XIII or the other deals this week?
  22. Borderlands 2 may be just a few weeks away from release, but for those of you who missed the first Borderlands, you'll be glad to know that it'll be free to download on Playstation Plus starting next week on September 4th! There will also be a special sale for all of it's Add-Ons as well, which will be 50% off for two weeks. Or if you prefer, you can grab the Add-On bundle, which will also be 50% off. Borderlands will be replacing The Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2, so for anyone who's still interested in playing those two, be sure to download it before next Tuesday. Also, other new Playstation Plus deals include the following: On 8/28 Space Channel 5: Part 2 - PS+ price: $2.99 Reg Sale: $4.99 Spelunker HD - PS+ price: $5.00 Reg Sale: $9.99 On 9/4 Daytona USA - PS+ price: $2.99 Reg Sale: $4.99 Greed Corp - PS+ price: $2.50 Reg Sale: $4.99
  23. I can describe my relationship with Playstation Plus in a single word: sporadic. It is certainly a good service if the monthly freebies are things you don't already have, and the special discounts are nothing to scoff at. While all of these perks are certainly worth the price of admission, I'll usually find myself taking periodic breaks from the service. It isn't the fault of Playstation Plus, I'm just sporadic in my gaming habits. One month I could burn through multiple games, the next month I won't play many games at all. Throughout my time with the Playstation Plus service though, one thing has constantly nagged at me - the price. It seems to fluctuate depending on what advertisement you're looking at. You see, the Playstation Plus service has three different value amounts. You can pay less than five dollars a month, five dollars a month, or slightly over five dollars a month. The price doesn't depend on where you live, it just depends on what ad you happened to stumble upon while looking for Playstation Plus time. There are three common ads that you can find when you're looking to buy time for the Playstation Plus service. You can be offered the price of four dollars a month, six dollars a month, and the insanely confusing price of five dollars a month. I'll get into why the five dollars a month is confusing in a minute, but first we'll deal with the $4-$6 price points. Going off of the Playstation website, you can buy three months of time for $17.99, which equals out to about six dollars a month for the service. For those of you that haven't learned simple math for some reason, that is two dollars more than the advertised price on the official Playstation website. If you do want to get the advertised price of less than five dollars a month then you'll have to spring for the full year of Playstation Plus service. At a solid fifty dollars for the card, you can see why people might spring for the oddly priced and more expensive three month card. You're actually losing more money while spending less. On one side you have an inflated price for a three month subscription, and on the other end you're paying the advertised price of four dollars. But then things get complicated when you see the Playstation Plus advertisements that say the service costs five dollars a month. At no point does this five dollar price point ever come into play, so just why are there ads saying otherwise? I know, I know, I'm splitting hairs. Whether you're spending six dollars or four, you're still getting a great deal. But this sort of stuff just bugs me! Why can't they just choose one price and stick with it? Why even advertise certain prices that aren't even available? This can't be bugging just me! Obviously this isn't an actual problem, but what do you think about all these pricing shenanigans with the Playstation Plus service? Why doesn't the service cost as much as it is advertised? Why does it cost more at times? Feel free to leave your comments below. As always, thanks for reading.