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Found 6 results

  1. There once was a time when the only type of Pokémon storage was a series of boxes within a PC in whichever game you were playing. When you put the game down for good, your Pokémon were doomed to remain in their boxes ‘til the end of time. With the release of the Nintendo DS came a way to migrate Pokémon from the Game Boy Advance games to the DS iterations. And then came Pokémon Bank, which supplied a way to store Pokémon from the DS and 3DS games and move them around between any of the 3DS titles. Times have changed once again. Now that we have the highly popular mobile app that is Pokémon GO, the Nintendo Switch titles Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, and the upcoming Switch titles Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, a new storage method has been born – a cloud-based mobile app called Pokémon Home. Announced at the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference, the app is basically a ‘home’ for any Pokémon you have, housing creatures from GO, Bank, and any of the Switch titles. As the creators themselves explain it, it’s “a place where all Pokémon gather.” Storing and transferring your Pokémon aren’t the only things you can do with Pokémon Home, however. You will also be able to trade with friends, strangers nearby, or people in other parts of the world. They need the Pokémon Home app, too, of course. Pokémon Home will be available in early 2020, so stay tuned. Source: YouTube
  2. Jordan Haygood

    Pokémon Sleep Turns Snoozing Into Gaming

    For the past few years, millions have been enjoying the best excuse to get out of the house since a burning house, fittingly titled Pokémon GO. As the name implies, you play by...well, GOing places in the real world, doing all sorts of Pokémon-related activities, such as catching the creatures, battling with them, hatching eggs, and collecting items. It was a brilliant idea, to say the least. Now, it's time to take the idea a step further. No, we won't be playing in space or anything crazy like that. Instead, we'll be playing in our sleep. Nope, nothing crazy at all. Announced at the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference, we will be getting a brand new mobile app known as Pokémon Sleep, which will "turn sleep into entertainment." So basically, while Pokémon GO tracks movement to reward you for being active, Pokémon Sleep will track your sleeping habits and reward you for getting the sleep you need. In the end, the folks involved with these apps really want us to be as healthy as possible by using the Pokémon IP. And what better way, right? Coinciding with Pokémon Sleep will be a new gadget to play with. Remember Pokémon GO Plus? Maybe not. It's a little pokéball themed gadget that connects with GO to add a new and simple way of playing that didn't require looking at your phone. Well, get ready for a new version called Pokémon GO Plus+. No, you read that right. It's a bigger pokéball themed gadget (still small enough to stick in most pockets) that does what the original Plus did, only you can also put it next to your pillow when you sleep to use with Pokémon Sleep. Both Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO Plus+ will release sometime in 2020, so stay tuned. Source: YouTube
  3. Roughly speaking, Nintendo appears to be off to a pretty good start with their smartphone games. SURE, there was a bit of outcry over the fact that Super Mario Run was $10 and people who regularly play free-to-play games weren't quite used to that but it also ended up energizing sales for Super Mario Maker 3DS and other Mario titles since its release. And y'know, there's the whole Pokemon GO thing as well, even if that's actually developed by Niantic and not Nintendo (though they have some stakes in it), but that's neither here or there. At any rate, you can expect Nintendo to keep up the smartphone releases for the foreseeable future. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima stated in a recent investor Q&A that the company plans to release "two to three" games a year and that they would primarily serve as a way of introducing the company's intellectual property to a wider audience. So far the company has released three games on smartphones since March 2016: Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and the recently released Fire Emblem Heroes. An Animal Crossing game was expected to release before the end of this March, but has now been pushed back to the end of 2017. Given that two games have been announced for this year so far (and one has already released), it's likely we'll hear about a third at some point. Source: Nintendo (via Gamasutra) What are your thoughts on Nintendo's smartphone games so far?
  4. If you've been following the Pokemon GO craze over the past month, it might not surprise you that Niantic's mobile game has done very well. Crazy well, in fact. The official report is that Pokemon GO has grossed a record-breaking 200 million dollars in the 31 days since it first released in North America. Niantic is still in the process of rolling the game out in other regions around the globe as we speak, so there's much more room for sales to grow. To put things in perspective, popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga made $25 million in its first month, and Clash of Clans made just under five times that much in the same period. In addition, the latter game's developer, Supercell, posted sales of $2.3 billion over the last year, so one can only imagine how much Niantic will make if Pokemon GO holds up among mobile players throughout the year. So hats off to Pokemon GO; now we wait and see what's next in store for the ultra popular app. Source: Destructoid Are you surprised that Pokemon GO has made as much money as it has in the last month? Do you think it'll make even more in the next month?
  5. So Pokemon GO finally launched this last week on mobile phones, and it's been tracking pretty big on Twitter and other social media so far. I haven't downloaded it just yet since I've been out of space on my phone for the longest time, but I'll probably try to make room for it some time this weekend. So far, I'm hearing that it's pretty cool, but not necessarily as deep as the core games on 3DS and the like. I guess the major appeal is in finding the Pokemon in real world areas as opposed to the fighting and such. What about you? Have you made the dive into Pokemon GO yet? If so, share some of your stories that you've experienced playing so far!
  6. Welcome to the thirty-seventh week of my Pokémon feature here on Game Podunk! In case you missed the last one, check it out! Stay tuned for future entries coming every Friday. -------------------------------- Going Places I was ready for it to be another slow week in the world of Pokémon. With Super Mario Maker releasing today in the west/already out in Japan, and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon headed their way next week...kinda figured we“d not get any major announcements until the end of the month. ...Hoo boy, was I wrong. I was nestled in bed yesterday evening, and I happened to check Twitter and see that a Pokémon Press Conference was happening. I was restless, so I stayed up and saw Pokémon GO revealed to the world. I“ve always felt creating a “Pokémon MMO”, like what so many want, would be an impossible endeavor. Perhaps talking about this new announcement at length will eventually beget an explanation as to why I feel this way--look for that soon! At any rate: The Pokémon Company and new partners Niantic, Inc. are effectively trying a different massively mutliplayer approach to break down the fourth wall. Millions of people will download the app, no doubt, and begin a quest to “catch ”em all” in the real world. Every type of Pokémon player across the globe -- young kids, young adults, and full grown folk like me -- will need to interact with one another in person, if they want to battle and trade the Pokémon they“ve caught. Everyone who plays this game will become a “real life” Pokémon Trainer. There are three ways that people reacted to this news. I“ll dismiss the first of these -- the “RIP FOREVER Pokémon THE MAIN GAMES ARE DEAD & WE“RE MOVING TO MOBILE” school of thought -- right away. Many reactions I saw last night were truly reaching, in this respect. We already have a confirmation that the will be revealed in next month“s CoroCoro. I suspect we“ll see the Pokémon Z-related announcement everyone“s been waiting for around that time. Even if Pokémon GO interacts with the main games and allows folks to transfer Pokémon they“ve caught on their phones to their respective Nintendo games, it“s best to treat the iOS and Android game as what it is -- an ambitious spin-off. If the game is met with wild success, it could ignite further integration into the main games over time, but: Nintendo and the Pokémon Company will never abandon their major-market handheld devices like the Nintendo 3DS (and possibly the NX going forward -- who knows?) in favor of smartphones. Optimism, and even excitement, are two perfectly understandable reactions to this news. Longtime fans of the series no doubt dreamt of a world where Pokémon were “real”. Augmented reality is about as real as it gets. Your quest to become a Pokémon Master will stretch as far as you do. Just the fact that this game exists could get people of all ages outside, actually exploring the world around them, hanging around places they normally wouldn“t. I recall Ingress, also by Niantic, Inc., inspiring my friends who played it to stretch their physical boundaries. We didn“t get a ton of information during the half hour-ish conference, but we got enough for people to go wild with possibilities and... their conjectures may not be too far off. Hopefully the confirmed micro-transactions will be painless and fair, like Pokémon Rumble World. If Pokémon GO leaves you elated/excited for the possibilities of what“s to come, I“m certainly all the more happy for you. Unfortunately, I“m in the opposite camp. I“m not going to spend too much time deconstructing the concept of Pokémon GO, because I“m really not a fan of raining on people“s parades. Even if I don“t like the idea or something doesn“t necessarily sit well with me about it, I know there are people who do. And it“s certainly an interesting premise, one I will give a chance before writing it off for keeps. Creating a “real” experience from a video game is something that“s always made me uncomfortable. When I“m not alone, I don“t like physically blowing away leaves on my DS screen in Pokémon Pearl. I wouldn“t go out of my way to engage in any activity that encourages me to break the fourth wall while playing a game marketed towards children. If I“m on a handheld in a public place -- which is no doubt what Pokémon GO would push its userbase to do -- I am far more likely to be found huddled in a corner in solitude versus hanging out with a group or community. I also miss the days of being able to stand outside your GameStop store offering an Event Pokémon via wireless and get it without drawing attention to yourself versus engaging a store clerk and obtaining a scratch-card with a code. I am an extroverted introvert at heart. I am fairly capable of being social and talking to friends and strangers alike. But gaming -- unless I“m with my closest friends -- has always been a more isolated experience for me. I rarely play multiplayer games. I set and reach my own goals. My Pokémon journey is a personal one that happens to involve folks like my girlfriend and close friends because... I let it. An experience like what Pokémon GO will attempt to do is just... as far away from my preferred type of gameplay setting as you can get. Gaming for me is about establishing a comfort zone, not stepping outside of it. And I“d much rather do as much as possible alone versus the face-to-face mentality that everyone behind Pokémon GO wants to encourage. ...So that“s that. Don“t worry; you“ll never hear the “mobile gaming is ruining everything” spiel from me. Even if I am averse to iOS and Android experiences in general, I know there“s a market for it, and there have been heaps of great games to come from the platform. A Pokémon spin-off game going in this direction makes perfect business sense, and it“s probably going to make a killing for the Pokémon Company. I hope they find success! I just probably won“t take part in it, beyond trying it on for size for a while, or experiencing it vicariously through Holly and other friends who“d be into this kind of thing. How did you react to this new direction? Are you elated or disappointed? I“m always eager to hear what you all have to say!