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Found 16 results

  1. Level-5 has promised a bunch of new announcements at their upcoming Level 5 Vision 2015: The Beginning event. We've certainly seen events like this in the past. This is where they announced Wonder Flick back in 2013, for example. According to the official website, this event will bring word of several new surprises, including Fantasy Life 2, more information on the seventh Professor Layton game, and a brand new project that is set to "follow up Yo-kai Watch in terms of popularity". The event is set to take place on the evening of April 7th in Japan, so we can expect more information on everything they've alluded to then. We're big fans of Professor Layton and Fantasy Life 'round these parts. Be sure to check out our review of Fantasy Life, if you haven't yet. I'll cover news from the event when it happens, so stay tuned 'til then! Are you excited for Fantasy Life 2 and news of the next Layton game? Be sure to let us know! Source
  2. Included in today's Nintendo Direct was some new information regarding the last chapter in the second trilogy of Layton games - Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Its plot has Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy traveling across the globe in an airship to solve the mystery of a hidden mummy and an ancient civilization, and it also is supposed to connect the two trilogies together. Once again, you'll be solving a variety of different puzzles to advance the story. The good news is you won't have to wait long to play it. It'll be releasing via retail and on the 3DS eShop on February 28, 2014.
  3. Last year, we were given an official announcement for Professor Layton's final adventure in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies. This, of course, was before Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask was even released in the U.S., but the announcement had its charm nonetheless. One thing we didn't get then, however, was an official release date. Well, you can put that puzzle to rest, because an official release date has just been announced for Japan. According to Famitsu, Professor Layton's apparent finale will begin on the 28th of February. Pretty close, huh? Unfortunately, that still means Layton fans stateside will probably have to wait another long while to see an American release. Also, early birds who jump on this puzzle-solving adventure before others will apparently be treated to some interesting bonus material. Alongside other goodies, they actually get either bronze figures or 18K gold coins. Well...only some of them do. Out of all the early customers, only a select (but random) group will get such things. Lucky ducks... Have you played Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask yet? Are you excited to see Layton's prequel trilogy reach its climax?
  4. Developer: Level-5 Publisher: Nintendo Platform: 3DS Release Date: October 28, 2012 ESRB: E10+ There is no such thing as too many puzzles for a true gentleman (or gentlewoman). And in a world where any conflict can be effectively resolved by cracking puzzles ranging from challenging to…more challenging, it“s no wonder our favorite professor has developed a passion for puzzle-solving. But believe it or not, the man under the top hat hasn“t always liked puzzles, nor was he even remotely interested in becoming an archaeologist In the professor“s first foray into 3D, we discover the change of heart as Layton“s journey extends from the present-day mystery of the Masked Gentleman to his early days as a teenager being dragged into an archaeological adventure by his buddy Randall. With such a fascinating story, along with breathtaking visuals and puzzles as mind-boggling as ever, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is one 3DS mystery you won“t want to miss out on. The mystery this time around, as the game“s name suggests, involves a mask that supposedly grants its wearer magical powers. When a theatrical hoodlum calling himself the Masked Gentleman appears in the desert oasis that is the Vegas-esque tourist town of Monte d“Or, Professor Layton receives a letter from an old friend who now lives there, pleading for him to stop by. Upon their arrival, Layton, his assistant Emmy, and his young apprentice Luke witness one of the Masked Gentleman“s “dark miracles†at a parade when some bystanders are seemingly turned into stone. This sets the story in motion as the trio try to dissolve the mystery of the villain“s identity while disassembling his miracles in a very Holmes-esque manner. It“s always exciting to see the professor explain the truth behind these superficially impossible events (in the form of multiple-choice questions), but the game“s plot can unfortunately get a little predictable at times. While the overall narrative is brilliantly done, you may find yourself suspecting the actual culprit a little too early on. The game does do a fairly good job at shifting your eyes to other dubious individuals until the Masked Gentleman“s big reveal, but chances are you won“t have the same intense mystery-solving feeling that some of the past iterations (especially Unwound Future) provided. However, that is but a minuscule dent in the otherwise incredible narrative. While the majority of previous installments relied heavily on how big the mystery was, Miracle Mask relies a bit less on that and a bit more on how the story itself is told. This mainly involves the game“s unique way of giving a backstory. Rather than through text or through simple cutscenes, Miracle Mask actually puts you in the shoes of a teenage Layton as the past unfolds with your own puzzle-solving hands. And these segments aren“t mere scenes that help the story along; there are full-blown chapters devoted to the past. And while the characters in the present will no doubt explain some of the more tragic parts, watching it all happen as you play is quite thrilling in its own right. Of course, as a follow-up to Last Specter, Miracle Mask also has some major connections with its predecessor, as well as being a big setup for the prequel trilogy“s finale. If the Scooby-Doo mystery of this game doesn“t sway you, it“s worth noting that the overarching story for the trilogy it“s in is holding my attention hard with the mighty grip of suspense. It hurts… During its transition from the DS to the 3DS, Professor Layton has made quite a visual leap. While I was skeptical at first about Level-5 scrapping the static 2D art I“ve been enjoying all these years, my skepticism disappeared immediately after witnessing the change first-hand. For one, the characters are now beautifully-rendered in cell-shaded 3D models, which allow them to move around with great buoyancy and let such actions as Layton“s signature finger-pointing flow nicely – especially when that finger pops out in 3D like it“s after your eye. Additionally, I noticed that with the 3D turned off, the characters don“t look too different from the 2D characters of olde, and with the 3D turned on, they seem to transform into their 3D selves. Now THAT“s art! But characters aren“t the only things that had a makeover here. Just like with the hand-drawn character art, static backdrops have also been scrapped in favor of a more 3D environment. Don“t worry, though, as these are still hand-drawn, just with a lot more space to throw in environmental animations such as the flowing of water, the waving of flags, and the bustling of crowds that fit perfectly inside the spacious 3D areas. But what truly impresses me about this is the 3D effect you see when moving your view around in the top screen. Objects around you will tilt as your view shifts, giving you an amazing 2.5D effect. Of course, showing off such effects to their fullest potential required the backdrops to swap places with their usual position in order to be on the top screen. In doing so, the mindless tapping for Hint Coins, collectables, and puzzles has been replaced with a magnifying glass that moves around in the top screen as you slide your stylus along the touchscreen. This change can feel a bit inaccurate sometimes, but it“s well worth the 3D you“re getting. The audio work in Miracle Mask is what you would expect from a Professor Layton game – a feast for the ears. The music is as wonderful as it always is, with every song fitting everything with perfection. The voice acting is also very well-done, even if Luke can get a bit annoying here and there. If the story behind Layton“s adventures are the meaty parts, then puzzles are the bones. And just like any other entry, Miracle Mask certainly has no shortage. For the most part, the types of puzzles offered will be familiar to you. However, with the 3DS“ capabilities, you will also notice some differences, especially with the completely new puzzle types that add variety thanks to the system“s signature effect. There“s also a part as teenage Layton where you and your buddy Randall explore a dungeon with a top-down, Zelda-like mechanic where you solve puzzles by pushing boulders and digging holes. Not to mention the puzzles are all just plain brilliant in design, which makes me glad that Nintendo has decided to release a new puzzle every day for a whole year after the game“s release. That“s 365 puzzles on top of over 100 that the main story already gives you! Challenge accepted. No Layton adventure is complete without a handful of minigames shoved in your briefcase. One minigame has you guiding a little toy robot toward its goal, another has you stacking products on store shelves, and there“s even one where you train a bunny to perform in plays. They“re all quite fun and add a nice little distraction to the story and puzzle-solving. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is not only a fantastic addition to the series, but a remarkable upgrade for it altogether. And that“s really saying something considering how amazing each of its predecessors has been. Sure, some of the game“s mysteries may be uncovered a bit early, but the incredible narrative style and an overall great story easily make up for that. And with its gorgeous visuals that make tremendous use of the system“s 3D feature, superb audio work, and a large selection of brilliantly-crafted puzzles, solving the mystery behind the Miracle Mask is one thing every puzzle-lover out there should put on their to-do list. Pros: + Great story filled with mysteries + Breath-taking visuals, especially in 3D + Superb audio work, as always + Brilliant puzzle designs + Plenty of replayability Cons: - Certain plot points are somewhat predictable Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic Professor Layton's latest puzzle-solving adventure is as charming as it is remarkable. With a great story, stunning visuals, and brilliant puzzles, this is one game that's hard not to recommend.
  5. Level-5 showed off the first glimpse of what is supposed to be Professor Layton's last game this week at TGS. Known as Professor Layton and the Legacy of Super Civilization A, it will also be the last of the prequel trilogy games that started with Professor Layton and the Last Specter, as well as being the second title to grace the 3DS. Right now, no clear release date has been given but it is expected to launch sometime next year in 2013 in Japan. And seeing how the Western territories have usually gotten the games 1-2 years after their release in Japan, a 2014 release seems likely for North America and Europe. Check out the trailer for the game (in Japanese) below! (Thanks, Operation Rainfall!)
  6. Yet another trailer from Capcom as part of this year's Tokyo Game Show! This time, it's for the Level-5 developed 3DS game Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. If you're not in the know, the game is obviously a crossover between Level-5's Professor Layton franchise and Capcom's Ace Attorney franchise that takes place in a parallel universe. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will feature elements from both series – Layton“s puzzles and Ace Attorney“s courtroom and cross-examination gameplay. This particular trailer exhibits an in-depth look at the combination of those two gameplay styles. Take a look below! For those wondering, this mash-up is not being solely done by Level-5. Shu Takumi, the series director for the Ace Attorney series, will be contributing as well by creating Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney's scenario designs. As for the animated cutscenes for the game, they are being done by Bones, the studio behind animes such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, and Wolf's Rain. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will release in Japan on November 29th. As of right now, there has not been a North American release officially announced. What do you think of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney so far?
  7. Recently, we learned that Level-5 has a new (and possibly last) Professor Layton game in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. However, this doesn't seem to be the only new Layton game Level-5 has to offer, as Famitsu has unveiled a brand new installment into the Layton series for both iOS and Android known as Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves. Rather than having you play as Professor Layton and his young apprentice Luke, players play the role of an avatar of their own creation as they search for info on various thieves around London. Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves also has a social aspect to it, as players will be rewarded in some way for cooperating with others to catch these thieves. Furthermore, if you register your game early, you'll earn a cute little Luke puppet for your avatar. Not much else is known about this game, so stay tuned for more info. Does this game pique your interest, or will you be passing it up?
  8. Back from the legal grave, the good Phoenix Wright is in 3D for the latest in the Ace Attorney series. This time, as the whole "in 3D" thing implies, he'll be objecting on the Nintendo 3DS. This news comes courtesy to Famitsu during an article about the upcoming Ace Attorney 5. This release hits two major hallmarks: the first 3DS title for Ace Attorney, and the triumphant return of Phoenix Wright after two Miles Edgeworth games (with one not even hitting our shores) and an Apollo Justice game in between Phoenix's last outing as the defense attorney extraordinaire and now. Without spoiling things, he's taken a break from lawyer shenanigans in the past few games, so it will be interesting to see him getting back into the game, so to speak. It would be crazy talk to think that this has anything to do with the upcoming crossover with Level-5's Professor Layton, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, but hey, stranger things have happened. Lots of stranger things, because that's probably the case. Speaking of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, word on the street, and the very same Famitsu, is that Japan may see it later this year. A puzzle, presented in an ad to be resolved next week, shows the numbers "6211," with the hint of "turning it about." Fans of Phoenix Wright's games should be thoroughly familiar with the phrase "turnabout" in practically everything, and applying the concept to the puzzle, many fans have produced the number 1129, maybe hinting to November 29. This might be the release date, if that is in fact the solution to the puzzle. What do you think? Flimsy? Solid? Completely wrong? Completely Wright? That's all tentative, though. Ace Attorney 5 has no release date right now, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney doesn't either, but we do know that they are both bound for the Nintendo 3DS, and that we won't see either of them Stateside this year.
  9. It's always a great day when a new Layton game is announced, and today is no different as Level 5's CEO Akihira Hino announced the new entry as what many translations (from Japanese) are calling Professor Layton & The Remains of an Advanced Civilization. Now for the bad news - this will reportedly be the last game to feature Professor Layton. However, it seems likely that the spotlight (or top hat, if you will) will be passed on to another character and that the general series will continue on in some fashion, especially since Level 5 has already announced Layton Brothers: Mystery Room (for iOS), which will feature Hershel Layton's son, Alphendi, as the main character. If this is truly the end of Hershel Layton, it will be a bittersweet occasion as the good professor has been a critical element in what makes the series so special, but Level 5 is sure to send him off in spectacular fashion when the game launches in Japan next year. While no release date has been given for Western release at this time, the fifth game in the series, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, is due for release in North America on October 28th on the 3DS.