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  1. Take-Two Interactive revealed during a financial conference call yesterday that Rockstar Games is working on an unannounced title for next generation consoles to be released this fiscal year. Unfortunately, no other information on the game was discussed which leaves us to do what we do best... Speculate. The title will most likely be the rumored next generation version of Grand Theft Auto V. Retail listings for PS4 and Xbox One versions GTAV have been popping up over the past few months. Additionally, it was revealed that the game had shipped 33 million units and surpassed $1 billion in sales. It wouldn't be surprising if Rockstar wanted to further cash in on this wildly successful video game by bringing it to next gen consoles. If not GTAV, then what? Rockstar has a number of franchises in need of sequels such as Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, and even Bully. The small time window make these far less likely scenarios but we can hope, right? With the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015 news on the unannounced title is expected to come in the near future. Stay tuned to Game Podunk for updates. Source: VG247 What do you think this mysterious release could be?
  2. Now before we get started, I want to make something clear. Every game that is going to be mentioned in this list is arguably pretty gosh darned great, and I genuinely enjoyed my time with them. But that doesn't mean there weren't things I didn't like about them. To keep this article from becoming a book about all the stuff I didn't like, we'll narrow it down to just the characters I couldn't stand. Every game with multiple characters has at least one that the gaming world almost unanimously agrees is just terrible for some reason. Each series just has to have their very own Jar Jar Binks to be complained about in forums for the rest of eternity. It's almost like its mandatory to hurt some designer's feelings after all of their hard work. These are just some of those characters. Hope - Final Fantasy XIII I'm going to let you all in on a little secret: I ended up enjoying both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. I know, I know. I have to live with these sins for the rest of my life. But I wasn't always so peachy keen with the thirteenth game in the Final Fantasy series. This was mainly because the first twenty hours or so of the game were absolutely garbage. Of course, there's another thirty hours of pretty good gameplay after that. But it was a chore getting through those first twenty. I cannot form into words how much I hated him And one of the main reasons for that was the character, Hope. A young teenage boy who at the start of the game, saw his mother die right in front of him while she was trying to help another character named Snow save a train full of exiled people. After her death, Hope holds a grudge against Snow for no good reason for those first grueling twenty hours. While I can understand we're suppose to be seeing a kid dealing with his mother's death, all I saw was an indecisive whiner who couldn't stop dealing with his FEELINGS. I just wanted the side story to end so I could finally go on adventures with a full team of characters who weren't busy torturing themselves over their angst and boohoos. That time finally came, as I mentioned before. But the disdain for Hope stuck with me throughout the game. This was made even worse when he was made one of the only returning characters in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Of all the characters they could have chosen, they got the least liked one?? Ben - The Walking Dead WARNING: There are spoilers for The Walking Dead in this part of the article. I've covered them up to protect you. So open them at your own risk. Ben was such an inept character that his many, many misdeeds almost became funny. Almost. At first I thought he was just making these mistakes because he was a teenage kid who was just trying to do right by the group. And then his idiotic choices started piling up more and more. He was directly putting the group in harm's way every few minutes. It just became annoying. Oh Ben, you were just bad all around He was making choices that no actual person would have made. At one point, he unblocks a door with a horde of zombies he could clearly see waiting behind it and then acts surprised when the group gets overrun by them. And that wasn't even the worst of it. He would actively run away from the group whenever danger arose and he ended up getting multiple people killed in my game. When the time finally came to... After I did it though, I started feeling bad, like I had made the wrong choice. I refused to go back and correct it however, because that would have spoiled the whole point of the game. Then I read online that... That is also one of the reasons I became sour towards The Walking Dead as well. Your choices really didn't matter at all. So thanks a lot Ben. You suck. Jack Marston - Red Dead Redemption This is a case of one character being unable to fill the shoes of their father. At the end of Red Dead Redemption, the game skips forward a fair number of years and puts you in the boots of a now adult Jack Marston, John Marston's son. And after spending a good thirty hours as John Marston, its tough to get accustomed to this new character who, at best, is a pale imitation of his father. And then I threw my game disc in the trash and cried But that isn't the only problem with Jack Marston. Throughout the entire game, John Marston was working towards giving his son a better life than he had as a child. All of the violence and sacrifices that John had to make for his son to grow up as a normal law abiding human being immediately gets thrown aside right after the game's credits come to an end. Jack still becomes an outlaw. He still robs and murders people despite everything John did, and it more or less tells you your whole journey beforehand was for absolutely nothing. It also doesn't help that the game gives you absolutely no option to turn back into John Marston after the game skips forward in time. After you beat it, you're stuck as Jack Marston forever. That's what really made me dislike Jack as a character. Cooke And Mack - Lost Odyssey Around ten or fifteen hours into the Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey, you gain two party members to join in on your immortal quest. Those two characters just happen to be the grandchildren of the thousand year old main character, Kaim. Now that we've got that out of the way, I'm just going to blurt out the bad news: COOKE AND MACK ARE PHIL AND LIL FROM THE RUGRATS CARTOON. I just can't deal with this. I can't. Well technically Cooke is Phil and Lil, but Mack's voice is done by another prominent voice actress for children's cartoons and he ended up sounding just like a Rugrats character as well. Normally I can get past a voice I don't like, but these two characters just drained the life out of the game for me. I loved all of the short stories, but every time they were on screen I just kept thinking about that Rugrats golfing game on the PS1. It completely pulled me out of the story. A big no-no for an RPG. I'm sure there are a million more characters that could make this list, but I'll keep it at four... for now. In the meantime, what characters did you hate in some of your favorite games? Why did you hate them? Why don't you sign up and leave a comment below telling me why?! As always, thank you for reading.
  3. Are you someone who has missed out on playing most of Rockstar's games this generation? While most of us have probably played at least one of their 360 or PS3 games, there are definitely those who have yet to experience them. Those gamers should be happy to know that a collection of Rockstar Games titles is about to arrive in stores. Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1 was announced today, which includes four main games. They are: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, LA Noire, Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition, and Red Dead Redemption. This edition of GTA IV is comprised of the two standalone episodes The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned. Aside from Midnight Club though, neither LA Noire or Red Dead Redemption are specified as being their respective "complete" editions, so they probably aren't. As for naming it Edition 1, Rockstar has yet to explain the purpose of it. However, it would be safe to expect an "Edition 2" to arrive later on with different games in the pack. Regardless, this pack of four games is priced fairly at $60. It will be available on both 360 and PS3 on November 6th.
  4. Unless there's some huge conspiracy going on at every major studio in the world that I don't know about, then I think its pretty safe to assume that all video games are designed by humans. Maybe one lizard man, I don't know. The point is that humans make mistakes or just tend to ignore the obvious flaws in certain aspects of their work. These decisions usually just end up as aggravating aspects in otherwise great games, but that doesn't mean I hate them any less for existing in the first place. We're living in a world where games are now capable of almost anything you can imagine, so why are we still seeing these same old things appear in so many games? Barriers That Aren't Actually Barriers At All I understand that our game worlds can't be endless. Technology has made some huge leaps and bounds, but we're nowhere near capable of infinite (or nearly infinite) game worlds to explore. But that doesn't excuse some of the barriers you'll find in random games. It could just be a lack of attention was paid during these hours of game design, but things can get ridiculous quick. No. It isn't. In Silent Hill: Homecoming, you play as Alex Sheperd, a special forces soldier who returns home to find most of his family is missing. This leads him on a journey through Silent Hill that will unravel his psyche and reveal the horrible truth behind his family's disappearance once and for all. Also Alex can't hop over waist high fences or blockades. Many times throughout the game Alex will be presented with impassable obstacles such as a pile of rocks, an over turned car, and many other three foot tall obstructions. Remember he's a freaking member of the special forces. He's trained for combat and extremely physical tasks. Despite this, he has to backtrack all over town just to find a path that doesn't have something lying in front of him. Even if the main character was an average person with no military experience, you would expect them to be able to hop a waist high fence while they're being chased by a bag of skin that spits acid. I understand Silent Hill needs to have barriers; just don't make them look like minor inconveniences instead of actual blocked paths. Looks like we're trapped. And as an added bonus of "Come on, what were you thinking!?" - here's a door in Fallout 3 with a super hard-to-break lock. Watch out! You'll never get through there. Getting A Game Over Because The Main Character Died I haven't played a whole lot of the newer RPGs on the market right now so I'm not entirely sure just how many games are still affected by this design decision, but just one is enough to make me stare angrily into space for a few seconds. When a team member dies in an RPG, you get a chance to bring them back and continue on fighting. When you die in an RPG game, it's over. You have to reload your save or start over from the beginning of the fight. This can be exceptionally annoying in an RPG because you're only likely to be beaten by the big boss fights. You know, the ones where the boss has six forms, a billion hit points and the ability to kill you instantly. They were all secretly waiting for Yu to die so they could go home I guess One game that I've been playing recently that does this is Persona 4. Any of my teammates can die and be brought back, but if the main character goes down - its over. Despite having a healer in my team, there is just nothing that can be done and it annoys me to no end. I don't die often since I tend to over-level but that doesn't mean the design should just stick around. In other news, Final Fantasy finally got the memo with Final Fantasy XIII-2. I was rather far into the game without a single death so it was rather surprising when a boss knocked out Serah only for Noel to become the party leader. I used a spell to bring Serah back and I was right back into the fight as easy as that. I'm sure the old death mechanic will still be in Persona 4: Golden, but there's always Persona 5, right? Blocking Exploration For No Reason I can praise Final Fantasy and bash it in the same breath. While not exactly prevalent in Final Fantasy XIII-2 thanks to the time travel aspect (a huge mistake story wise; you never involve time travel unless you can get it to make sense, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 did not make sense of most anything.), the game that came before it was rife with missed chances. People bash Final Fantasy XIII for having a very rigid game world. You were practically walking down a straight path the whole game. Randomly your path would break into two or three different directions. This meant that one of these paths had an item to find that could make your journey easier. JUST LET ME GO BACK AND SEARCH THAT AREA, PLEASE! The problem was that the odds of finding the item was essentially a coin flip. If you chose the wrong path - BAM, you've moved on to the next area and you can't go back to see where the other path led. Usually you would end up finding the item because the special path was obvious, but later on in the game it boiled down to going left or right with no indications of where the item would be. Of course you should be rewarded for going out of your way to find secrets, but this wasn't how it was at all. You knew there was an extra path from the moment you looked at the map, you just weren't sure of which path would push the story forward or which path would give you an item. That's not exploration at all. Rockstar Games' Controls Are Crazy Red Dead Redemption was a pretty great game with some awesome DLC packs. I bought it and loved it. But my god, the controls at times were just too much. I don't mean just making your way around the map. I'm talking about all the big shootout sequences peppered throughout the game's massive story. Jokes on him. Red Dead Redemption isn't on the PC. More often than not, a shootout would become a chase. You would hop on your horse, catch up to them, take out their gang members and then ultimately kill them. Sure it was fun, but let me break down why I hated it so much at first. You pull out your gun with L2, your fire with R2, you steer with the left stick, you aim with the right stick, and you move by pressing X. That's at least one more button than it should be. You can do all these things together obviously, nobody would have beaten the game if we couldn't. But every single time someone jumped on a horse, I knew it would be a chore going after them. I'm sure it'll be better in GTA V seeing as you can use our car as a weapon, but in Red Dead Redemption you never had the option to ram a horse off the rode with your horse. Buildings Only Exist To Take Up Space Again, this goes back to that whole part about me saying games can't have endless open worlds just yet. You play games like Grand Theft Auto and Sleeping Dogs where you're in a huge living breathing city only to find that most of the buildings you see are permanently closed off to all of humanity. Really wish I could have gotten in that barn I can deal with this because of the whole "no way you can build an entire city with today's technology." But then there's the ARMA 2 mod, DayZ. You start off with nothing but a flash light and some bandages and the knowledge that you're probably going to die within the next few minutes. I like that sort of stuff. There's a real challenge to push through just to survive. What i don't like, however, is when I find a small town with a few houses and only one of the houses is actually real. The reason is all of the houses look similar. There is no indication that the door you're sneaking up to won't open when you reach it. So for five houses, you're putting yourself out into the open and in danger four times in a row for nothing. In a game where one mistake can kill you, it is incredibly annoying to get yourself killed because someone thought it would be wise to paint a door on the wall. Game developers are making progress. Fewer and fewer games are making use of these archaic design choices and making games better because of it. While there is still a long road ahead, things are looking better than ever for me, the nitpicker. Are there things in certain games that just annoy you to death? Why not talk about them in the comments below? Thanks for reading!
  5. I like to play all sorts of video games, but I've never found myself sticking to just one genre. While on my travels, it is not uncommon for me to stumble upon a game with horror aspects. I'll play and enjoy these games just like any other, but with one small hitch - there are almost always a few kids running around as I play. Horror games become a whole different affair when a child is present. While a spooky atmosphere and a few jump-scares are just another part of the game for me, just seeing the title screen is enough of a horrifying adventure for a child. The horror genre isn't dead, and I have the proof. These are the testimonies of gaming's horror victims. Silent Hill: Downpour Yes, I own Silent Hill: Downpour. It has its problems, but overall it is a pretty alright game. When it comes to Silent Hill games, I have to sneak the disk into the system just to begin playing it. If I try to do it out in the open, I'll usually hear a chorus of shrieks and the pitter patter of children running out of the room. But sometimes I luck out and they come into the room after I've started the game up. They hate it, but they can't help but watch as the horror unfolds. There's the usual questions like, "Is this the scary game?" and the classic, "Can i turn on a few lights?" But when it comes down to just asking them about the game, here is what they had to say (in English instead of baby speak). I will never get over a Korn song getting into the game First of all, the monsters are quite a bit worse than they were in previous games. Even to a child this was apparent. When they watched me play games like Silent Hill 2 and 3, they knew I was dealing with monsters. With Downpour, the monsters were constantly referred to as "zombies." Not what you want to hear from a Silent Hill game. When it came to the scares however, the game didn't disappoint. One of the younger children simply curled up into a ball, wide eyed staring at the screen. I asked them what they though about the monster attack and they just kept asking me to turn the game off. When I told them I needed to get to a save point, they went to walk out of the room, stopped and then asked me to go with them. I could not get them to watch the entire cave sequence. Overall, the kids agreed it was pretty scary on a scale of not scary to really scary. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare I'll be honest right from the get-go. I did lie to the children about this one. Ever since I got the "horse game," the children around me have wanted to ride around the old west and get killed by wolves over and over again. How they manage to constantly find the wolves is beyond me, but they enjoy riding the horses and tipping their hat to passerby. So when I purchased Undead Nightmare it seemed only obvious that they would need to give it a try. I had gotten through the opening sequence with John Marston's family becoming zombies beforehand so they would have no idea what to expect going into the game. Despite this, one of the children asked me if it was a scary game. I'M TIPPING MY HAT TO THEM AND THEY JUST KEEP COMING! No idea how they figured that out before they even played it. But I assured them it was the same old game and that the sky was only green because Halloween was coming. They accepted this without a second thought and started riding towards town so they could tip their hat at random townsfolk. Up to the point of them riding into town, they still hadn't seen a single zombie. They could hear people screaming and they could see houses were burning, but it hadn't registered yet that something was seriously wrong. An odd looking fellow turned the corner and started to shamble towards John. And then a few more "people" came around the corner. Everyone in the room froze. Suddenly they pulled John off his horse. Within an instant of it registering in their heads, chaos erupted. The one playing the game whipped the controller at me and covered their face. Another one ran out of the room screaming "You lied! You lied! You said this wasn't a scary game!" (that time it was true) and another just covered up in a blanket saying "Turn it off." To this day I still can't get them to trust me that I'm just turning on the horse game for them to ride around in. On the scary scale, Undead Nightmare ranks at "You're a liar, this is scary." Dead Space 2 To my surprise, Dead Space 2 didn't rank that high on the scary scale for the kids who watched me play. It was described as "tense", but there weren't any big scares or blowouts. All the children just sat around biting their nails or clenching their fists waiting for the next monster to jump out and scare them. But other than that not much happened. Sorry Isaac, your problems apparently just don't cut it Of course, I kept them away from most of the violence (I played the game a bit before letting them see the areas to avoid any traumatizing scenes of gore) Some people might say this is the reason the children didn't freak out as badly compared to the previous two entries in the list, but my response to that is gore doesn't equal horror. It just equals gore. And I'm pretty sure even the kids wouldn't be afraid of that. On the spooky meter, Dead Space 2 ranks a paltry nail biter. Not bad but not really scary either. Dead Rising 2 I thought for sure they would have actually ended up liking Dead Rising 2 thanks to all the random stuff you can do and the more colorful graphical design choices, but after the surprise upset with Dead Space 2 I guess anything could happen. And let me tell you, they did not like Dead Rising 2 at all. But the timing of everything worked out perfectly. I had just gotten myself acquainted with the game's controls and the layout of the map. I had tucked myself into the corner of a clothing shop looking for a weapon. This is when the children decided to walk in. To the best of their knowledge, this was simply a cartoony dress-up game. Maybe things would have turned out different if he was on a Dune Buggy One of the older children asked if they could try it out because hey, who doesn't love some fun time free roam in a mall/casino? I simply told them "I don't think you'll like this game." Despite this, they insisted on trying it out, so I handed them the controller and waited for the magic to happen. Not even five seconds had passed when a zombie decided to burst through the store window and rush them. It let out a groan and the controller was on the ground as all the children began demanding that I turn the game off. To their horror, I informed them that I needed to get to a save point first. Five minutes later, I had made it to the save point. The entire time the kids were covering their eyes and insisting the noises they heard were just dogs and were in fact, not zombies at all. Dead Rising 2 gets a ranking of "Looks fun, but the zombies make it unplayable." If there is a moral to any of these stories, it would probably be that just because you find the horror genre lacking that doesn't mean its dead. There are still plenty of people out there who enjoy it, and others who are still terrified because of it. As always, thank you for reading.
  6. Video games are clearly magic. This is a fact. No matter how many hours you can play of a game without any interruptions, someone will just happen to walk in during that one moment where things are at their most awkward. And no matter how hard you might try to explain it, there's just no way you'll be able to get it across in words without looking extremely weird. While there are plenty of instances that people are familiar with, the laughing scene from Final Fantasy X and the mission in Metal Gear Solid 2 where you play completely naked just to name a few, there are still plenty more we can talk about. Now for your reading entertainment, here are four more instances you need to worry about. ----------------- Metal Gear Solid 3: Ocelot's Cries When it comes to the Metal Gear Solid series, there are about a million awkward scenes for someone to walk in on at the wrong time. Certain ones can be explained, like just why Raiden is jumping around naked and why there's a woman in a skin tight body suit crawling around on the ground moaning. Well, I can't take him seriously anymore But then there's the scene in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater where Ocelot calls in his men to attack you. While that sounds like it should be straight forward enough, Kojima found a way to make it one of the most awkward scenes in the series. You see, the way he calls his men is by meowing... like an ocelot. And it isn't like it is one quick meow. He does the movements and everything as the meow echos through your soul. It doesn't matter how great the game is, when someone walks into your game room and sees that, they're just going to give up on you as a person. What do you even say to explain that scene? "He was calling... in his friends... He's a cat guy." ----------------- Catherine Is Cool With Butt Chases, Are You? Alright, with Catherine you should have really been ready for anything the game had to offer. I went in expecting sexual themes and all that jazz, but I didn't sign up for no butt monsters that wanted to eat me. No sir, I did not prepare for that. And honestly, how could anyone prepare for something so strange? Deep down, everyone is afraid of being eaten by a butt Now look at that image up there. Hidden behind all that white noise your brain is creating to protect you is one of the strangest monsters in the entire game. It is quite literally a butt with a face attached to it and a few arms thrown in. Did I mention the butt is trying to lick you up as it chases you? When it comes to the game's other bosses, you'll see that each one has a relation to the game's story outside of Vincent's dream world. While I'm sure this one can be explained as Vincent's perversion or something along those lines, I say good luck to you when you try to tell that to the person who just happened to walk into the room as the butt pulled you into it's mouth with it's tongue while making weird smooching noises. Go ahead and try. ----------------- Taking A Trip To Mexico In Red Dead Redemption Another totally awkward sexual moment to be added to the list. Up until this point in Red Dead Redemption, nothing had surprised me. There was the implied rape, the mass killings, and horrific kidnappings. That was expected when I started my journey as a cowboy in the old west. Something is gonna rise up, if you catch my drift What I wasn't ready for, along with the people watching me as I played, was the very sudden full frontal nudity during the Mexican revolution mission. Be honest, did anybody see that coming? Like, at all? Sure it was showing how much of a sexual deviant the character was, but couldn't there have been even a little bit of a warning? This is one of those surprise moments. I had read spoilers before I played the game (not by choice obviously) but at no point did anybody let me know something like that was coming up. Sex is just sex, but surprise sex with a large Mexican woman in front of a few members of your family is a totally different matter. ----------------- Persona 3 And The Evoker If you haven't played any version of the Persona 3 game, then let me fill you in. In Persona 3, you summon monsters to fight for you with a tool called an Evoker. An Evoker is pretty much just a gun. The characters in the game use this "Evoker" by pointing it at their head and pulling the trigger. "Did that girl just shoot herself in the head?" Great, now I have to explain two things. There's a bang, and the person's head jerks to the side. And thus a persona is summoned! Now. Explain that same scenario to a six year old that just happened to walk by while you were in the middle of a fight. And don't even get me started when the main character yells "SATAN!" as he shoots himself in the head. ----------------- There are plenty of other moments in gaming that are just as bad, if no worse. Why do people always seem to walk in at just these certain moments? Why is gaming trying to make everyone feel awkward?! Do you have any stories where something similar has happened? Why not post them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.