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Found 13 results

  1. Royzoga

    Review - Resident Evil 6 + DLC

    Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Platform(s): Playstation 3, Windows PC, Xbox 360 Release Dates: October 2nd, 2012 for consoles, March 22nd 2013 for PC ESRB: M Note: This review is based on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Capcom's beloved 'survival-horror' franchise makes its new entry with Resident Evil 6. After the controversy and mixed opinions on Resident Evil 5, Capcom continues to try and evolve the series pasts its origins. Sadly this desire for the new leaves a lot to be desired. Anyone ever gone to start a game and instantly been thrown into it, no menu, no choices? As soon as the player starts the game they are forced to play through a single player tutorial, somewhere much later in one of the main protagonist's, Leon Kennedy, campaign. This forced learning proves to be a little awkward, as the pacing for it doesn't seem to make much sense. One minute the main characters are limping, barely able to fight with no ammo in their handguns, the next they are completely fine, every weapon in the game at your ready to fight a random zombie horde. What a strange and awkward transition, not to mention that the majority of those weapons won't be at your disposal until much much later, it just feels like a big tease. Then when the player finally completes it and they are able to navigate a main menu, a sigh of relief can almost be heard. Never had I been so happy to see a main menu, letting me actually decide what I want to play, and wow, there is a lot to play. The game offers three different main campaigns that albeit a weird and complicated story, are fairly entertaining, long, and fun to play, especially with a partner. A fourth campaign can even be unlocked by completing the other three, which actually fills in a lot of the gaps of story quite nicely. Mercenaries mode also makes a comeback, with three different maps to play from as well as additional ones which can be purchased for as low as a dollar a piece. Even after completing mercenaries with every character, as well as every campaign, my co-op partner, Ludono and I had sunk around 35-40 hours in, but we had barely scratched the surface it seems. With Resident Evil 6, there are a few downloadable modes that incorporate online cooperative and competitive play. These modes range from a competitive version of mercenaries called Onslaught a kind of prey versus predator mode aptly named Predator, a competitive versus mode called Survivors, and an escort type mission called Siege. The maps earned and bought for mercenaries mode will also be used for these, really stretching that dollar bill of the player. Despite multiple frustrations, Ludono and myself continue to play, well into the 50-60 hours range. Guess Capcom found a way to keep players playing! Unfortunately, tons of play time doesn't completely make up for the hiccups the game seems to suffer so badly from. Gone are the merchants from Resident Evil 4 and 5 so upgrading, or even purchasing weapons is impossible. If the player misses it in the completely linear campaign levels, they'll have to replay the entire thing. The upgrade system is instead replaced with a skill system, and with the exception of a few skills, seem to do just about nothing. These skills can be purchased after or before every mission, points being found from killing enemies or breaking jars, pots, barrels, etc. Capcom even removed the shared inventory system and seemed to pollute the area with herbs and ammo, making it nearly impossible to ever really run out. I recall one time, only one time in the entire time Ludono and I played through our 35-40 hour campaigns, on both PS3 and X360, where either of us complained that we didn't have ammo or healing. As much hate as Resident Evil 5 receives, at least the shared inventory and partner system seemed relevant, it proved to be rather difficult to solo the game, at least the first time around. Resident Evil 5 was actually a pretty well constructed game, at least when I played with Ludono. Bosses were difficult, or had a certain trick to beating them, the story made sense, weapons could be purchased and upgraded and even shared! Even if the horror element was taken out of the game with the addition of co-op, it still added the constant dread of hearing your partner go down or run out of ammo completely. Hell, even BSAA emblems were more fun to find than Serpent emblems. I would actually even give it game of the year when compared with Resident Evil 6. In a long running game franchise like Resident Evil it's important to add diversity, to change the game a bit. Resident Evil 4 did and it turned out to be a huge success. People today still claim it as their favorite. This always struck me as odd, mainly because people complain about how bad the fifth and sixth games are automatically for adding co-op. Co-op doesn't make a bad game, it doesn't make a good game, but it is something I value. Honestly if Ludono wasn't my partner through Resident Evil 6, I doubt I would have been able to stomach it, but since I played a co-op developed game with a co-op partner, it was fun and at least somewhat enjoyable to say the least. It's not fair to the company or the game to write it off because it's changing things, at least try before you criticize. Pros +Enjoyable co-op experience +Hours upon hours of content, even without DLC +DLC is actually fun and worth the few dollars! Cons -Uninteresting, linear, and confusing story and campaign -Forced tutorial at start is annoying -Too many healing items and ammo around -Lack of upgrading weapons and sharing inventories makes diversity between players difficult Overall: 6.5/10 Decent Despite Resident Evil 6's obvious flaws, it still proves to be fun and definitely worth the time and extra money as long as you have a partner to play with.
  2. Earlier today, Capcom announced that they would be teaming up with Valve for a Resident Evil 6 X Left 4 Dead 2 crossover project. However, this isn't a new game; in actuality, it's a crossover that will affect the already existing games from each franchise, so characters from Left 4 Dead 2 will show up exclusively in the upcoming PC version of Resident Evil 6 and vice-versa. The good news is that the content is being made free for fans of both games to access and play. In the PC version of Resident Evil 6, players will be able to select one of the four survivors from Left 4 Dead 2's cast (Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle) and have a special customized weapon load-out while playing the PC exclusive mode: The Mercenaries No Mercy. Two of the Special Infected zombies will make an appearance as well: the Witch, and Mini Tank. As for Left 4 Dead 2, three of Resident Evil 6's enemies will make an appearance in the game: Lepotitsa, Napad and Ogroman. Commenting on the crossover project, Chet Faliszek from Valve stated: “We“re huge Resident Evil fans, so when the opportunity arose to work directly with Capcom to combine L4D2 and RE6, we jumped at it.” Resident Evil 6 Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi added: “The Resident Evil 6 team really enjoyed working on this crossover, and we“re confident that our fans will have a great time with it too! We hope you enjoy this unique content.” The new added content for Resident Evil 6 will automatically be downloaded in the background to owners of the PC version on April 6, and the Left 4 Dead 2 content will be coming sometime in the Spring. Are you excited for this crossover content? Would you want to see more like it?
  3. When Resident Evil 6 hit the market, it was met with very mixed reviews. The 3DS ex-exclusive title Resident Evil: Revelations, on the other hand, was well-praised as a sort of return to form for the series after the very action-filled Resident Evil 5. Now that Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to home consoles, the game's producer Masachika Kawata has stated that Capcom plans on watching the port's reception upon release, and use that feedback to determine the series' future. "I think we'll get a lot of input from the fanbase and the media on what it means for Resident Evil, and what it could mean for the future of the series," Kawata told Eurogamer. "We'll definitely be looking at that as a signpost for where we need to be going next." Kawata also said that, depending on the reception of the Revelations port, Capcom may very well start focusing more on "the horror aspect and fear in the series" when developing upcoming titles. To give you an idea of how good the reception might be, the 3DS version, which was released about a year ago, has an 82 over on Metacritic. Capcom is certainly pleased about this reception, considering the game a success, but Kawata said that they would have liked it better had the game sold more. "Given the large development costs we had on the 3DS version, we would have liked to have even a little more sales than we did in the end," said Kawata. "But that doesn't mean we saw it as a failure by any means," If you would like to get Resident Evil games in the future that are more like Revelations, tell Capcom with your wallets when the game releases for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on May 21. Will you be buying Resident Evil: Revelations when it hits home consoles? If you've played the original, would you like to see the series be more like that game?
  4. If you are one of those who enjoyed Resident Evil 6 and own the 360 version of the game, you might be happy to know that Capcom comes bearing gifts this holiday season in the form of three new multiplayer modes. These are indeed exclusive to the Xbox 360 and will cost you 320 MS Points a piece, or you could get them all together for just 720 MS Points. The three new modes in question are Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught. Official descriptions for each are as follows: Predator - In a series of quick fire rounds, up to six players take their turn as the fearsome Ustanak with full access to its weapons, while the others must avoid capture or worse. Human players score points for successful attacks, but lose points for being caught or taken down. The match is over once all have played as the Ustanak, with the participant with the most points crowned as the winner. Survivors - This is the Resident Evil 6 take on the classic solo and team based deatchmatch mode. Like Predator, you“ll compete for the highest score, but once a player is taken out, they respawn as one of the game“s enemy characters, and must then defeat another human character in order to return to the fray as their original player character. Survivors is available for two to six players. Onslaught - Chaining combos is the key to success in this two player mode where each must clear waves of oncoming enemies. The twist comes when a player completes a combo chain as this will send enemies over to their opponent“s screen. Expect the balance of power to constantly shift in this intense addition to the Resident Evil 6 experience. These three new multiplayer modes are all out now, so if you have the 360 version of Resident Evil 6, enjoy it, and can spare the points, why not show some Christmas fear and download this? It's unknown at this time whether or not Capcom will be releasing these modes for other versions in the future. Did you enjoy Resident Evil 6? If you have the 360 version, will you be getting this DLC?
  5. Once upon a zombie, there was a certain lack of survival horror titles bracing the gaming landscape. Sure, we had games like Sweet Home and Clock Tower, but gamers yearned for more. That was about the time when the world was introduced to a little game called Resident Evil. This was pretty much the pinnacle of the survival horror genre as people knew it back then (being the game that defined the genre), along with Alone in the Dark, both of which helped shift the genre into the 3D realm and popularized the fixed camera angle for survival horror games to come. But over time, the Resident Evil series evolved, as all franchises must do to keep with the times. Beginning with Resident Evil 4, the series ditched the old fixed camera angles for a third-person view, added quick-time events to make the gameplay more engaging, and threw in some cinematic spectacles, giving the series more of an action vibe to accommodate the increasing demand of action games. And back when that game came out, it was very well-received by critics and fans alike. But with the additional changes made in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, now it "appears" that the series has fallen. At least, that“s what the word is on the (zombie-ridden) streets. I, on the other hand, think differently. In fact, there are plenty of flaws that made the classic Resident Evil games far less “awesome†than people think they are. And much of this love for the classics is due to nostalgia, or simply because of the age fans were when they originally played these games, making them seem more frightening than they actually are. Having reviewed Resident Evil 6 myself, I decided to go back and play the originals, and there are several things I noticed about them that makes these complaints seem like a bunch of nonsense to me… The Classics Really Aren't That Scary The dialogue sure was scary, though... One complaint I hear a lot is that “Resident Evil used to be scary and isn“t anymore.†No, I wouldn“t say it“s all that scary, to be honest. Seriously, a lot of what made classic Resident Evil scary were simply things jumping out at you, which gave the game some suspenseful sections where you anticipated that situation to happen quite a bit. The modern games had those too, though, such as with those freaking Regenerators from Resident Evil 4… And sure, they also set creepy tones quite nicely back then, but the new games still have their moments. Going back to the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4, the areas where those things are roaming around with those spine-tingling noises coming from their gaping mouths are just plain terrifying. Resident Evil 5 was a bit too sun-soaked to be truly unsettling, I“ll admit, but Resident Evil 6 did go back to having a more creepy tone, albeit not all the time. Simply put, most people who complain about the series losing its scary nature do so for one simple reason: they grew up. Seriously, I got pretty scared back when I first played the originals, and now that I“m 22, playing them for the first time in about 10 years, they simply don“t scare me that much anymore. They still have their moments, sure, but they aren“t NEAR as frightening as people remember them being. The Series Was NEVER About Zombies Say NO to braaaaaaains Contrary to popular belief, the Resident Evil series is NOT supposed to be about zombies. In fact, it never was. Ever since Resident Evil 4 took away the notion of the undead, fans have been complaining about the games not being true to the series“ roots because the enemies aren“t actually zombies. But what those guys don“t seem to understand is that the Resident Evil series is, and always was, about bio-engineered creatures being used as weapons, not the reanimated dead. And when you look at the classic Resident Evil games, you can clearly see that zombies aren“t at all the only enemies in the game, and far from the most important. Throughout the first game, for instance, you fight several other monsters, such as giant spiders, a giant snake, and various artificial creatures such as Hunter, Chimera, and the primary adversary known as Tyrant. Really, zombies were just the result of a virus that transformed humans and animals into the undead. So in that sense, the creatures introduced later on, such as the J“avo, are no different. The Series Hasn“t Changed, the Genre Has It just hasn't been the same since they discontinued the Jill Sandwich... Fans like to complain that the series has changed and so now it sucks. Guys, if the Resident Evil series kept on doing what it was doing before Resident Evil 4, it simply wouldn“t work very well. Why? Because traditional survival horror became less popular after the millennium as the console market drifted more toward Western-style action games, which means Resident Evil would have had a hard time retaining a large audience. Some franchises remained truer to the more traditional style after this point in time, such as Fatal Frame, but localization of that series ended at around the time Resident Evil 4 came out. The fact of the matter is people became tired of traditional survival horror, which is the whole reason why the genre transformed. Not many other big franchises kept the classic survival horror aspects they once had. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark - they all changed with the genre. There are games that still use many of these aspects, however, such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender: The Eight Pages, but these are independent titles. And the reason these games work well is because they don“t have to compete with AAA titles. The developers spend less and the consumers pay less (sometimes nothing at all), making these games work after traditional survival horror became less popular. Had these games cost $60, there“s a good chance the fan base would have been a bit smaller. The main point I“m trying to make here is that this whole Classic Resident Evil vs. Modern Resident Evil debate is just plain stupid. People complain about how the games aren“t scary anymore; how the series is supposed to have zombies; and how the series isn“t even survival horror anymore. Well, I beg to differ. One thing I like to ask people when they bash the newer titles is, if these games weren“t Resident Evil games, would you still hate them?
  6. Jordan Haygood

    Review: Resident Evil 6

    Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Release Date: October 2, 2012 ESRB: M for Mature This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game Zombies. Zombies everywhere. I had just been thrown into a car by the powerful force of a massive explosion, and when I returned to consciousness, all I could see was the devastation that riddled the streets of Tall Oaks in what almost seemed like some sick re-enactment of the Raccoon City incident 10 years ago. It was like living a nightmare; like Hell on Earth. This is, more-or-less, how Resident Evil 6 opens. As you can tell, this game certainly isn“t afraid to open up with a bang, nor is it afraid to throw “bangs†in anywhere else. There are times in which the game seems to go back to the series“ roots, pitting you against zombies in very dark places, while at other times it tries too hard to be an action-packed spectacle Michael Bay would be proud of that it falls flat in areas that would otherwise make it a truly frightening game. Resident Evil 6 definitely has a lot going for it that makes it quite solid, but with its overzealous attempt to be everything at once, you will sometimes find yourself more frustrated than frightened. Our story begins with a little tutorial of sorts, throwing you into a part of Leon“s campaign closer to its end to make sure you have a good grasp at the game“s tone, controls, and co-operative play before truly sinking your teeth into the game. After the tutorial ends on a cliffhanger, you can finally start one of three campaigns, with a fourth one waiting to be unlocked once you complete the initial three. That“s right; Resident Evil 6 is a fairly lengthy game, featuring a larger-than-life storyline that is divided into four campaigns, each with a different story to tell. And with all these stories coming together so seamlessly, it“s obvious that Capcom knows a thing or two about storytelling. It“s interesting to play through a campaign and arrive at a scene that leaves you with questions, and then have those questions answered in another campaign. It“s this kind of storytelling that makes you want to play through all four campaigns in order to fully understand the plot. Unfortunately, the stories intertwining like they do also results in a bit of unwanted repetition, since you will have to re-watch certain scenes and replay certain fights. Each of the first three campaigns feature a dynamic duo, with Leon S. Kennedy teaming up with U.S. Secret Service newbie Helena Harper; Chris Redfield teaming up with fellow BSAA member Piers Nivans; and series newcomer, as well as series veteran Albert Wesker“s son, Jake Muller teaming up with Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2 (she“s also the child of an antagonist, by the way). These teams all take the co-op from Resident Evil 5 to new heights, which is definitely a good thing, because nobody likes a partner who mooches off of your inventory… But what really makes the co-op so top-notch becomes apparent when playing with a human partner, whether locally or online. Once you decide which character to play as (during whatever campaign you choose), the other character becomes readily available for anyone else to just drop in and play as. And depending on your settings, the game will even search for potential partners whenever you aren“t fighting for your life. Of course, once you unlock the fourth and final campaign featuring Ada Wong, expect to go it alone, because… well, let“s just say she“s single. This game not only manages to fit four whole stories into one game, but each campaign also plays differently from one another. Leon“s campaign feels like a throwback to Resident Evil 2, featuring the zombies we all know and love and an overall classic feel. Chris“s crusade, on the other hand, is much more action-oriented, and basically feels like they took Resident Evil 5 and updated it with darker, creepier locales (de-steroidizing Chris a bit, too). As for Jake“s journey, with the intimidating Ustanak chasing you down at certain points, it feels a lot like a modern rendition of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Lastly, Ada“s adventure is pretty much what you might remember from her campaign in Resident Evil 4, just a little better. Wait a minute, I“m sensing a pattern here… Resident Evil 2 throwback… Resident Evil 3: Nemesis throwback… Resident Evil 4 throwback… Resident Evil 5 throwback… Man, this whole game is just one big Resident Evil reunion, isn't it…? The controls have been greatly improved for Resident Evil 6. Namely, you can finally walk AND shoot at the same time. This has been a bit of an annoyance for a while now, so it“s about time Capcom made this decision. There have also been a few additions to the Resident Evil moveset, including dodging, sliding, taking cover, and the ability to fend off enemies while lying on the ground. Basically, the combat in this game has pretty much been expanded upon, both with melee and firearms, and fighting the infected has never felt better. These enhancements might take a while to grow on you, but once they do, you“ll welcome them without question. Unfortunately, though, these new additions support the fact that the game tries to be too much of an action game that the horror aspects suffer. Now, normally it wouldn't really matter if a horror game wants to add some pizazz, but Resident Evil 6 tries too hard to be everything that it often struggles from its own identity crisis. While Leon“s campaign likes reminding us of a simpler time when you fought your way through hordes of unarmed zombies, the other campaigns like to take a more Call of Duty-esque approach by giving the J“avo machine guns, rocket launchers, helicopters, and even tanks. And while this might frighten some, it“s more in the sense of “Oh crap, I“m getting shot at!†than classic psychological fear. You will also be given more gameplay mechanics than is really necessary, such as swimming, riding motorcycles, and flying jets. I appreciate Capcom trying to diversify my gaming experience, but some of these mechanics aren“t exactly utilized well enough to really work as intended. Throw in all those quick-time events that just love causing us to die far more than we should, and the experience can get a little chaotic at times. The visuals in this game are quite captivating, and work really well with the cinematic experience Capcom was shooting for. With some beautifully designed locales that offer some creative lighting effects, Resident Evil 6 really holds its own as a modern horror game, for the most part. But what“s even more stunning is the horrifically awesome creature design. Along with the simple zombies, everything else in the game has been given a unique design you“ve yet to see in any other entry that really adds something different to each encounter. The cinematic experience of Resident Evil 6 is even further expanded thanks to some truly outstanding sound design. The music really helps to set the mood in every instance, including parts that have no music at all. In those scenarios, you start understanding how creepy the creature sounds can be. And the voice acting ain“t no slouch either. In fact, the game even comes with a “voice-over pack†disk, for whatever reason. As long as the Resident Evil series has been around, it“s only natural for it to go through changes over the years. Most of those changes are highlighted and added upon in Resident Evil 6. Some of these changes work well, while others don“t. And with so many throwbacks to previous installments, this game also seems to pay quite a bit of respect to the series“ past. However, in trying to please everyone, the game also struggles with a bit of an identity crisis that involves a bit of fun, yet somewhat convoluted gameplay. But with such brilliant storytelling involving a fairly interesting storyline, horrifyingly beautiful set pieces and creature designs, and some very moody music and creepy creature sounds, Resident Evil 6 definitely has enough going for it to deserve the attention of old and new fans alike. Pros: + The story is masterfully told throughout four campaigns + Co-op is among the best of this generation + Visuals and sound design make for a pleasantly creepy experience Cons: - Attempt to do it all hurts the experience - Quick-time events can get really frustrating Overall Score: 8 (out of 10) Great In its overzealous attempt at doing everything, Resident Evil 6 has some uneven gameplay. But with its masterful storytelling, captivating visuals, and outstanding sound design, it ends up being a pretty great gaming experience.
  7. Have you pre-ordered Resident Evil 6 yet? Well, if not, you might want to check out the awesome pre-order bonus for those of you who decide to pre-order the game via the Capcom Store. It's an umbrella. But not just any umbrella; an Umbrella umbrella. It's full-sized at 48 inches and even comes with a custom carrying sleeve. Of course, if you want the umbrella but already pre-ordered the game elsewhere, you could always buy it separately at the Capcom Store for $16.95. This pre-order bonus announcement follows the previous reveal of exclusive Mercenaries multiplayer maps for pre-ordering over at Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy. It also follows the announcement of several different special editions of the game. Find out more about all this pre-order goodness as the release date for Resident Evil 6, October 2nd, gets closer. But for now, look at this cool umbrella: Will you be pre-ordering Resident Evil 6? If so, from where? Does the umbrella bonus interest you at all? Source: IGN