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Found 4 results

  1. Royzoga

    Review - Resident Evil Reveleations

    Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Platform(s): PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: May 21st, 2013 ESRB: M Note: This review is based on the Playstation 3 version of the game, with some of the 3DS version played as well. After spending around 25 hours on the game, I think I finally feel confident enough to write a full fledged review. That being said, I'd like to get something out of the way before I do so. I played very little of the 3DS version, cleared up to around episode 4, and thus I will make some comparisons when I deem fit, but the majority of the review will be about this 'HD' version. Diving right in I'd like to say how good the animated cut scenes look in the game, definitely polished up from the 3DS counter-part. Sadly that's about all I can say in that regard. The game looked like it was still being played on a 3DS, textures were rough, character models were somewhat undefined, rough really, but the feeling lasted only for about the first 30 minutes or so of game play. Graphics aren't always a defining point of a game, but sometimes they help. In terms of game play however, it's solid. It feels like I'm playing Resident Evil 5 again with the positioning of the camera, the shooting mechanic and statistics of the weapons, even the graphics remind me of it, and it's all glorious. While people might complain about the co-op survival horror experience, I have yet to hear anyone complain about the gameplay or controls. Sadly, two of the big things I happened to notice right away is that there is name laser sight assisted aiming, purely reticle that slightly differs with different weapon types. While this is a little disappointing, you can quickly get used to it with enough play, luckily. The second remains the lack of co-op, despite the majority of the game being accompanied by an AI partner. In a series that has adopted co-op so hard it was a bit disappointing to not have it this time around. Something else worth noting is the awkward use and almost requirement of the dodge mechanic, seemingly resurrected from Resident Evil 3. During almost the entirety of the game, it could be easily ignored and almost completely forgotten, except during the harder difficulties and even later in the game! Herbs become increasingly difficult to find and the enemies become much larger in numbers, making damage almost unavoidable. That's where the dodge comes in handy, the awkward, hard to time, terribly difficult to execute, life saving dodge. Moving on from controls to environment, and even story, the game shines. I haven't been genuinely scared or even slightly afraid of a Resident Evil title in a long time. Revelations changed that though, with its tight corridors, creepy creaking ship, disgustingly disturbing monsters and diary entries, it was hard to not get in the mood. While I believe the games have far deviated from their original story line, it's nice to see that game is tying some missing points together. Yes I was curious as to where the BSAA came from, yes I did want to know what happened between Resident Evil 4 and 5, and yes I did want to play as Jill again. However, in terms of other characters, not including Chris, I couldn't help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the new cast. With the BSAA Director O'Brian being rather 1 dimensional and a bit hard to believe, the big and seemingly useless Parker, and the fashion confused Jessica, the future of the horror survival series seems a little weird. In every situation where the game has the player side by side with Jessica, it's hard not to comment on how half of her outfit is missing or how her hair could not possibly get in her way. Oh wait...there was a girl named Rachael with crazy hair too... The story, as mentioned before ties in well with the exploration of the decrepit cruise ship. Players will be allowed to explore a very small area at first, teased with locked rooms and safes, similar to their counter-parts. And of course, as they progress, the player is rewarded with keys, new areas to explore, new weapons, and even new baddies to battle. This is the type of progression I have missed, as I'm sure many have, from the zombie slaying series. The slow, limited progression through an open ship/mansion/police station ties in so well that even after beating it, I was drawn to play again! The feeling of dispair, the nightmare of finding an enemy when low on ammo, the flashing red screen of the player's death imminent and feeling of helplessness as there was no way to fix it; this is what defined the older games, and this is what easily defines Revelations to be great. All that good and Raid Mode hasn't even been mentioned yet. Resident Evil Revelations decided to try something new, as opposed to the wildly popular Mercenaries Mode. Raid Mode consists of short sessions of the game, replaying through a few scenarios. In a similar fashion to how Borderlands handled their combat, when players shoot zombie-oozes, numbers, showing how much damage dealt, will bounce out. As the player increases their level they are able to purchase new weaponry to deal even more damage and have even more effects via mods. Even enemies display levels, showing the player whether fight or flight is the best option in each scenario, and with three different difficulties to go through 20 different levels, there's hours upon hours to be had of fun and actual co-operative play! Pros +Amazing single-player experience +Actually scary environment and disturbing scenarios +Tons of Raid Mode to be played Cons -Lack of Campaign Co-op -Easy to tell that it's a port of the 3DS version -Uninteresting new cast Overall: 8.5 / 10 Superb Even after complaining about the lack of Co-op and unappealing new cast, Resident Evil Revelations is easily one of my new favorite zombie-ooze slaying games. If you haven't already, please head over to http://afgg.wordpress.com/ for more gaming reviews and related things. Or if you're in the mood for anime, head on over to http://monthlyanimer....wordpress.com/
  2. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 5/16/13

    This week's Nintendo eShop update sees a plethora of games coming to the platform, with many being oldies but goodies. Perhaps the biggest is the release of The Starship Damrey (for 3DS eShop), a horror game in set in space, and one of the Guild 02 releases from Level-5 that Nintendo announced in a previous Nintendo Direct. In addition, the full version of Resident Evil: Revelations hits the Wii U eShop next Tuesday as does a late release for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and a slew of new Virtual Console titles are available for Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. For Wii U, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Super Metroid are now available for purchase, with the latter being only $0.30 thanks to the 30 for 30 promotion Nintendo is still running. Also, the King of Fighters '99 makes its way to the Wii Shop Channel; it almost seems as if D4Enterprise is the only publisher keeping the Wii Virtual Console alive with new releases nowadays. 3DS eShop notables include a few new VC releases such as Harvest Moon (GBC) and a surprise appearance of Mega Man 5, which many didn't expect to see so soon. Check out the full list of games below: Wii U eShop Resident Evil Revelations (coming 5/21) LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (coming 5/21) Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (VC) Super Metroid (VC) - $0.30!! 3DS eShop The Starship Damrey Harvest Moon (VC) Mega Man 5 Bowling Bonanza 3D Dress to Play: Magic Bubbles! DSiware California Super Sports Wii Virtual Console The King of Fighters '99 Sales Super Mario Bros. 2 (Wii U VC) - Buy Super Mario World, get 50% off SMB2 Bit.Trip Presents...Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - 25% off until May 30
  3. Jason Clement

    Nintendo Download: Featured Games 5/10/13

    This week's Nintendo eShop update is a bit smaller than last week's, but there are a few notable titles here and there. The biggest this week is Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, a puzzle game which steps away from the more traditional gameplay of previous games in the series as this one focuses on creating a path for Minis using different panels to reach the goal. In addition, the Resident Evil: Revelations Demo for Wii U finally has arrived, and Xevious and Solomon's Key have been added to the Wii U Virtual Console. Hopefully we'll get some bigger VC games in the weeks leading up to E3. Last but not least, Publisher Dream on DSiware looks as if it's virtually a clone of Game Dev Story, but it may be worth checking out if you're into simulators. Check out the full list of games below: Wii U eShop Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Xevious (VC) Solomon's Key (VC) 3DS eShop Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition DSiware Publisher Dream Sales Chasing Aurora (Wii U eShop) - 50% off until 5/16 Are you interested in any of the new games out on the eShop today?
  4. Last year the Nintendo 3DS saw the release of Resident Evil: Revelaitons Revelations, one of the most graphically impressive games the handheld has ever seen. Fast forward to today and you'll see that Revelations is now releasing on almost every major console. While that's all fine and dandy, I have one simple question. Why is a rerelease of a year old handheld game going to cost more than when the game originally released? I understand there will be more features added in and some of the visuals will be receiving a facelift for its debut on consoles, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still a year old handheld game. So whats the deal? Other HD Releases Go ahead and jump onto any online retail site and look at the prices for every single HD collection ever released. You'll notice a lack of any of those games breaking the $40 price point. That's including those recently released PS3 game collections. You'll also notice that those HD collections all include more than one game. Does this look like a $50 purchase? In fact, there's only one other HD rerelease I can find that broke the $40 price point... and it was Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable The 3rd HD with a price of just under $50 when converted from Yen. In fact, I think Monster Hunter is the reason we're getting a $50 Resident Evil Revelations. Why might that be? Because Capcom is testing the waters. While Monster Hunter might not be that big of a franchise in the states, it absolutely kills in Japanese sales. I believe Capcom will use Resident Evil as a stepping off point for Monster Hunter. If they can get high sales numbers on Resident Evil despite its $50 price point then they might feel more comfortable in placing the less popular Monster Hunter HD at the same price point. Slippery slope, people. It Could Just Be A Ploy... Again. Think back to last year. It was announced that Resident Evil: Revelations would be the 3DS's first ever $50 game due to the fact it required a larger capacity game card than what most 3DS games were using at the time. I understand game cards can cost more to produce than SD cards since they're different kinds of technology, but I'm not buying that it needed a $10 increase. Look at the savings! But Capcom stuck to their guns on the game's price. They felt $50 was the price the game deserved, and for the longest time you could lock in your preorder at $50 on various websites. But then, as if they had a change of heart, Capcom graciously decided to drop the price by ten dollars just a few short weeks before the game's release. How gracious of them to make the game cost standard MSRP for a 3DS game. Now we're a few months away from the same game releasing again and just look at the news. Its going to be $10 more than any other retail HD collection, just like it's 3DS counterpart. And Capcom is sticking to their guns on the inflated price point once again. We'll see just how long it sticks as we get closer to release. Why Not Just Go All Out At $60? If Revelations HD is going to be a full fledged console game, why not give it a full fledged console game price? $60 appears to be the norm these days, so why didn't Capcom go with that price point? Two reasons. Firstly, they aren't that crazy. It might seem like it, but even they have to know people would revolt at a $60 year old handheld port releasing on consoles. Nice face there, Leon. Secondly, they can make more than $60 on each copy sold once the inevitable DLC starts releasing. If Capcom really decided to push the price of Revelations all the way to $60 then they would run the risk of turning away a lot of potential costumers. Obviously that isn't something they want. While people will be more hesitant spending the extra ten dollars if they had to add the additional $50 onto the price, they might not consider it if the $10 increase comes later in DLC. And trust me, there will be DLC. Its a Capcom game, so it kind of comes with the territory. Don't be surprised if people find DLC on the disc when the game first releases. There's no guarantee, but when a company has to start putting out press releases ahead of game's release to explain why the game has locked content on the disc, then you know there's going to be DLC at some point. All of this is just me guessing. I could be completely wrong with my beliefs, but looking back on Capcom's record, I really wouldn't be surprised if one or even all of these scenarios play out over the next few months. What do you think about Revelation's pricing? Are you going to point out that you live in New Zealand where prices are crazy by law? Why not post in the comments below? As always, thank you for reading.