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Found 4 results

  1. The second season of Telltale Games The Walking Dead series will release on Playstation Vita this Tuesday, April 22. The story follows young Clementine after the events of the critically acclaimed first season. Episodes 1 and 2 will be available for $4.99 each but if you purchase the season pass you save 20% overall. According to IGN, Episode 3 is expected to release sometime in May so you have at lease a few weeks to catch up! Is The Walking Dead something you'd like to play on the go? Source: IGN, Playstation Blog
  2. Developer: Telltale Studios Publisher: Telltale Studios Platform: PS3, 360, PC (Steam) Release Date: March 4, 2013 ESRB: M for Mature The review is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game Another month, and another episode of a Telltale story to play. Last month, eager fans finally received the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, continuing the Big Bad Wolf's investigation into a bizarre murder plot, and this month fans of The Walking Dead get to see where Clementine's fight for survival and a place to belong in a zombie-infested world take her. But will Episode 2 bring excitement and conflict to the second season of this adventure game series, or will players be left lacking? Whereas Episode 1 focused on how Clementine has grown since the first season as well as introducing a new set of survivors to get used to, Episode 2 focuses more on fleshing out these new characters. While we were only given a small taste of their personalities in Episode 1, the group of survivors in Season 2 all have strong motives and convictions of their own, and it slowly becomes obvious that these weren't people forced together solely for survival, like the group from Season 1. Episode 2 introduces a new antagonist to the series, and with that brings a new tension to Clementine - the threat of human conflict. In addition to this, the group also meets up with another group of survivors, including (as promised in Episode 2's preview) a rather surprising familiar face. The rest of the episode involves Clementine coming to terms with this situation. She has to juggle the past and present, and decide who and what is more important to her... whether it's this new cast of survivors that have now accepted her into their group, or this (possibly even a shadow of) comforting, solid memory of the past. This rather unexpected plot thread makes all of the decisions in the latter half of the episode that much more difficult, especially when you learn of the mental frailty of some of the characters. A House Divided is far from action packed; most of the episode involves chatting with the survivors and making tense decisions, but the episode is better for that. Since there are few situations where you have to take down Walkers and fight for survival, it gives plenty of time for the various characters to become fleshed out, as well as ample time for the new antagonist to make himself and his power known. This episode also leaves at an interesting point, making it clear that Season 2 is going to be quite different from Telltale's first foray into The Walking Dead canon. There are also little tidbits to help make Episode 2 more fulfilling. Those who played 400 Days will get to see what happened to the survivors at the end of the intermediary episode, though it's unobtrusive enough that those that didn't pick up the extra episode won't miss much for it. Also, later decisions felt like they had a fair amount of weight to them; I personally felt that if I hadn't have made the decisions I had, certain people would have died and would have a long-term impact on the plot. Whether that is actually true is yet to be seen, as fans of Season 1 know of Telltale's way of handling the branching plot there, but for the time being it looks very promising. On the gameplay side on things, everything is as you would expect from a Telltale title: A few quick time events, multiple dialogue options, and sometimes a simple puzzle to solve. Episode 2's 360 counterpart stills suffers from the occasional slowdown and stuttering that console Telltale games have, but it seemed to improve a bit from Episode 1... more than likely due to the decreased amount of actions scenes in this episode. If anything, The Walking Dead Season 2 is shaping up to be an interesting, different experience from the first season. While it is yet to be seen if fans' biggest gripe of the first season will be rectified, seeing the continuation of Clementine's struggle in an apocalyptic world is reason enough to look into Telltale's latest tale. Pros: + Character development helps the player care more for the new group of survivors + The returning character brings a new dynamic to the plot that wasn't possible in Season 1 Cons: - Still feels like the episode is merely setting up for later tension, instead of standing on its own Overall Score: 8.5 (out of 10) Great A House Divided sets the stage for a intense and thrilling story for the second zombie-filled season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. A download code was provided by the publisher for this review
  3. Developer: Telltale Publisher: Telltale Platform: PC (Steam), PS3, 360, Vita, Ouya Release Date: December 18, 2013 ESRB: M for Mature This review is based off the Xbox 360 version of the game, in which a review code was provided by the publisher When the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead hit our gaming consoles of choice, many people were astounded by the emotional story of a zombie-filled apocalypse. Your choices in the game are tailored to make it look like they mattered (though unfortunately they rarely did), and specifically made you think about your actions and how they would affect Lee and the other survivors. Now, after the conclusion of Season One and a short intermediary episode to keep us busy, we finally have the first episode of Season Two. How well does this first episode prepare us for the drama and teary moments that are sure to come? After a short intro that details the events of Season One and a small amount of exposition afterwards, we are thrust over a year into the future and in control of an older Clementine. The months have not been kind to the girl, but it's clear that she has grown strong and has learned some survival instinct in the interim. Of course, Clementine is still a child, and her frailty does tend to show through at various parts of the episode, despite her overall tough demeanor. This makes Clementine a very compelling character to play as; much like she was a remarkable character in Season One, her charm and general age makes her an interesting contrast to the typical protagonist you would play as in these sort of games. Lee was very much a believable character, there's a definite charm in being a child trying to survive alone in such harsh conditions. Of course, playing as Clementine also brings about a potential snag in the narrative; since she was in fact a non-playable character in Season One, she had an established personality. Since Telltale's games offer you many decisions and choices in what you say and do, and some may feel that certain decisions don't really match her established personality. The lengthy period of time certainly helps ease the player into a "different" Clementine in that regard, but some might find this a bit jarring. Musings on Clementine aside, Episode 1's purpose is twofold. First, we are shown how Clementine has grown over the eighteen months. She's older, tougher, and has gained quite a few survival skills along the way. While she can't survive completely alone, we're quickly shown that Clementine is also not helpless. This early half of the episode really makes you feel her struggles in a different light. For example, while the player would expect Lee to be able to easily brush off some wounds and travel great distances without getting tired, we don't expect the same from a child, and Telltale does a great job of how much more difficult survival can be for Clementine. The second purpose of All That Remains is to introduce a new group of survivors. This new group is tight-knit and cautious lot, and already well-established by the time Clementine shows up. Unfortunately, we are only briefly introduced to the characters before the episode ends, but we are given enough interesting tidbits to see that Season Two will be ripe with some interesting narratives and drama. As you expect, Season Two asks you to upload your saves from Season One and 400 Days before playing. If you don't have all the data, it's fine; Season Two will pick generic choices for the carryover. This implies that we'll see our choices in those titles have an effect on Season Two; unfortunately, there's very little present in Episode 1. As it's mostly an introductory chapter into a new setting, that's somewhat expected, but it's still a little disappointing that not only do you not see any choices from the previous titles take any effect (other than a small quip from Clementine), but even that most of the decisions that you make in All That Remains also seem to have little relevance. However, there is solace in the fact that the final decision seems to be a big one, and even seems to effect a portion of Episode 2 is a big way, but how big of a way is yet to be seen. On the technical side of things, everything is your standard Telltale experience. The user interface is upgraded a little to match the tone of The Walking Dead better, but everything else still plays fundamentally the same. There was some frame stuttering during the more action-y parts of the episode, which can make the quick time events a bit more difficult, but this may or may not be an issue with other versions of the game. Overall, All That Remains is just an introduction of things to come. There isn't a mad, confusing scramble like the first episode of Season One, so many might find this episode a little on the slow side. However, Season Two promises more of the emotional drama and tearjerkers we've come to expect in later episodes. It's a little disappointing that Episode 1 is so mellow (well, as mellow as a game could be in the zombie apocalypse), but it seems that there will be great moments to come. Pros: + Playing as Clementine gives survival in the harsh world a new light + The new survivors bring seemingly interesting new dynamics to the 'human' side of the plot Cons: - Frame rate issues break immersion and make quick time events more difficult - While necessary, Episode 1 is more of a framing episode for the new groups of survivors, so there aren't many big impact moments Overall Score: 7.0 (Out of 10) Good All That Remains sets up for an engaging and interesting Season Two, but on its own lacks most of the emotional moments we've come to expect from the series.
  4. Still anxiously waiting for more zombie apocalypse drama? You're in luck. In an interview with Eurogamer, Dan Connors of Telltale Games revealed the release window for season two of The Walking Dead adventure game. Initially misinterpreted as autumn 2014 when Connors said "we're aiming for fall next year", Season 2 will actually be coming much sooner than that. Autumn of this year, in fact! Thank goodness. You can check out the rest of The Walking Dead season 2 interview with Dan Connors on Eurogamer. Are you excited for season two of The Walking Dead coming out this autumn?