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Found 14 results

  1. While there apparently won't be anymore new Skyrim DLC to sink your teeth into, you shouldn't fret! Because there's still those three other DLC packs for you to extend your game's life with. What's that? They're too costly for you to consider purchasing them? Well not anymore. Gamestop is running a sale where all of Skyrim's PC DLC is 50% off. Dragonborn and Dawnguard are both only $9.99 each while the Hearthfire add-on pack is a measly $2.50! Of course the downside is that you have to download Gamestop's less than stellar download app, but since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a Steamworks game, you should be able to enter your serial code into Steam to redeem your content on a platform you actually use without issue. You can view the entire sale page at the link below. Skyrim Sale
  2. If you are playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360 and PC, chances are you have already experienced some of Bethesda's newer content. Dawnguard and Hearthfire may be old news for most gamers, but the hunger is growing for those playing Skyrim on the Playstation 3. Unfortunately, Bethesda created a proverbial carrot-on-a-stick situation with this older downloadable content. Bethesda discussed in a recent blog post that Playstation 3 owners will now be waiting even longer on Skyrim's first two downloadable content packs. The company decided to place its current work on hold in order to focus all of its effort on bringing Dragonborn, Skyrim's first true expansion, to the Playstation 3 and PC in the early months of 2013. Why, you ask? The developers felt that this expansion is the better experience for the user and hopes to eliminate another untimely delay. No definitive date has been offered for Dragonborn, but Bethesda made it abundantly clear that Dawnguard and Hearthfire will not be worked on before Dragonborn's release. Patience may be a virtue, but how long are Playstation 3 owners willing to wait before throwing in the towel on Dawnguard and Hearthfire... or on Skyrim itself?
  3. Marshall Henderson

    PC and PS3 Content for Skyrim is "Close"

    With the recent announcementof the Dragonborn Add-On for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, surely the PS3 fans are foaming at the mouth with rage. Don't even worry, though, 'cause all this content is "close" for PS3 and PC, according to Bethesda. The PS3 version of Skyrim has seen very little in the way of DLC, and people aren't happy about it. Bethesda hears you, baby, don't worry your sweet head. According to a Tweet from Bethesda's official account, the PC and PS3 versions are soon to see the new Skyrim content. "To update: we're also close on new Skyrim content for PS3 and PC" is exactly what they said, and that's pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, when approached by Joystiq's Alexander Sliwinski for additional information as to whether this meant Dawnguard and Hearthfire specifically, Bethesda's representative responded with "It is simply meant to inform fans new content is coming to PC and PS3." Ambiguous, I know, but still, it's not nothin'. Still, if you have an Xbox 360, look forward to the next add-on, Dragonborn. on December 4th. If you don't have a 360, man, they don't even wanna hear that.
  4. Marshall Henderson

    Dragonborn Add-On is Real, Allows Dragon Riding

    Skyrim is mad dope, but you look like a joke when you use your stupid legs to traverse that junk. Don't worry, though, Bethesda's got you right. With the upcoming Dragonborn Add-On, you can fly in style, letting the wind dust your shoulders off. Rumors bubbled all up and down the internet last month with fables of a new DLC for ​The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but nothing was confirmed... until now. Bethesda released a trailer, which you can see below, discussing the upcoming Add-On. If one were to surmise based on the trailer, it's about a Dragon Priest who ate dragons, and the Dovahkiin dealing with the shenanigans. Most importantly, however, the trailer shows the Dovahkiin mounted upon a dragon, tearing through the sky. There's also some murderin' and loads of grosso monsters and such, but without context, you'll just have to judge for yourself what that means. Bethesda announced that December 4th will be its release date on Xbox 360 (without any other mentioned, especially not PlayStation), for the price of 1600 Microsoft Points, or $20.00. Perhaps that is a bit steep for DLC, but let me ask you this: How much would you pay to own the skies? I don't know, but I'd say that probably comes with a good bit of other content, though, or else that'd be a rip. Anyway, check out the trailer yourself!
  5. There should be no surprise when a wildly successful game receives a new edition within a year of the original release. Obligatory “Game of the Year” editions will often line retail shelves alongside the original edition in an effort to hit the retail market a second time and include most downloadable content. A listing found by Examiner on Germany's Amazon.de website suggests that Bethesda plans to release a new 'Premium Edition' for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This new 'Premium Edition' will include a few physical goodies like a map, t-shirt, novel and post cards. A bonus disc loaded with a guide and bonus digital content shall also accompany the game. Unfortunately, the listing does not reference any of downloadable content recently released like 'Hearthfire' or 'Dawnguard' as being included with the game. Amazon.de is currently the only retailer listing pre-prders for this version, but displays a December 7th release date in select European countries with a €59.99 (approximately $77) price tag on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. PC players shall also receiving this bundle for €49.99. Although it is not uncommon for certain content and special editions to have regional limitations, the fact that Germany already received the original Collector's Edition may bode well for those in North America Are you willing to buy a new Premium Edition for Skyrim?
  6. Games need challenges. In most cases, challenges come in the form of an enemy that the player will need to dispatch. After a million years of game design, its not really that big of a surprise to see a few of the same enemies appearing in nearly every game on the market. But some foul beasts go above and beyond that. Some creatures appear in games so often you'd think there is some sort of issue with overpopulation. Others appear just out of necessity, and some even appear thanks to the world we live in for real. This might all sound very confusing, but as long as you read on you'll understand what I mean. The Classic Mimic Is it just me, or are carpenters in cahoots with the hordes of Mimics stationed in random dungeons all around the gaming world? In every game that has a treasure chest you can be sure you'll find at least one treasure chest that is just waiting to attack you. I'm starting to think carpenters are making them just to kill wary adventurers. After appearing in so many games over the years, you would think the design of the Mimic would have gotten old by now. But that's the thing about Mimics; they can literally be anything, and game designers have been known to take great advantage of this. From Rayman Origins to the Half Life series, there are no shortages of good Mimics. Now you know, they only fight because they fear death. The two games mentioned above are actually perfect examples of the Mimic trope being used to great effect in their respective games. In Rayman Origins, a poor, lowly Mimic knows exactly what is going to happen to it. Instead of letting itself get opened and it's insides plundered, the Mimic actually tries to escape. What follows is a special level dedicated entirely to chasing the Mimic so you can get at its delicious, meaty, loot insides. And then there's the Half Life games. While they can't be considered true Mimics because they're not alive, they at least get the job done. And that job is getting you killed in a really stupid way. Bombs shaped like medkits. Perfect. After a big fight you'll more than likely be low on health. You see a healing station off in the distance. Oh my, your luck is finally looking up! You rush over to the healing station so fast you neglect to notice the sparks spraying out of the medkit on the wall. You press the button and bam, it explodes in your face, more than likely killing you. The Faceless Soldier Call it a symptom of the times we live in, but nearly every game has the faceless soldier barreling down on you and your group of merry adventurers. The reason is simple enough; not everyone can have a backstory. There's simply no way a group of developers or writers could flesh out every single character in a game. This was a Summer job for him. He was just trying to pay for his daughter's birthday. But things can still get rather silly when it comes to faceless soldiers. Just look at the Uncharted series. Over the span of what I can only assume was a few years, our hero Nathan Drake has killed the equivalent of a small town in each one of his games. Nathan Drake is only an example though, he's certainly not the odd one out when it comes to the action genre. But one game does shine brightly in the world of faceless soldiers and mercenaries. And that game was originally on the PSP. Of course its on the PS3 and Xbox 360 now, but Metal gear Solid: Peace Walker was a huge triumph for all those poor people ruthlessly gunned down in so many games before them. Welp. I guess this is happening now. This achievement was won through the Fulton recovery system used throughout the game. Instead of just knocking out or killing all the thugs around you, you were given the option to use a balloon transportation system to take every single faceless soldier off the battlefield. Every one you grabbed was given a name and a short story. Past that there's not much, but it was a pretty big thing for the Playstation Portable. Big Old Nasty Rats Rats eat up an estimated 60% of the world's food supply every year. The little mongrels are eating more of our own food than we are! The keyword there is little. Most rats don't get more than a foot long including the tail. So when it comes to the rats in your average fantasy game, it's amazing that the world has any food to go around at all. KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT! Namely, the Elder Scrolls series. I'm not exaggerating when I say the rats were nearly as big as the main character themselves. They were almost never a problem for the player, but every once in a while you would find yourself locked in a room with about a dozen of them. If you weren't ready for them they might actually be able to take you down. In the later Elder Scrolls games (like Skyrim) the rats were replaced with skeevers. They were essentially just even larger rats that gave developers a reason to throw down a lot more bear traps than there used to be. A game that did turn the giant rat trope on its head was Duke Nukem Forever (of all games). A shout out to Moby Games for getting far enough into the game to take this image. Instead of bring in giant mutated rats to dispatch the old, worn down Duke, the game instead decided to shrink Duke Nukem down and make him fight regular sized rats which were then considered giant rats due to Duke's shrunken size. So Duke Nukem Forever did try something new after all! Your Own Team In a world where games have become more connected online, there is only one truth you should learn before you join in: people are just jerks all the time. Type "game trolling" or "griefing" into Youtube and you'll find a million billion results ranging from the incredibly mean-spirited to the incredibly hilarious and mean-spirited. There was a gate here but it's gone now So the most prolific enemy of the gaming world isn't even an enemy to begin with. It was man! You can join a game online that doesn't even have an enemy or defined goals and you'll still find someone looking to screw you over. A good example would be the Animal Crossing series; a fun loving town simulator from Nintendo. What could possibly go wrong? Hackers; that is what could go wrong. You let someone into your town in the hopes of getting new items or visitors. Instead all of the buildings in your town are completely blocked off forever and all the townspeople are swearing at you like they were replaced with body snatching sailors. Friendly fire is never as friendly as the name implies And then comes the Call of Duty series. A game that gives you the ability to explode a few seconds after death just wasn't good enough people needed to explode faster and in larger quantities. this was achieved by using a glitch with the Javelin weapon. Upon death the javelin would explode, killing everyone nearby you. This was used by huge amounts of players and angered even more. So remember everyone, when Black Ops 2 comes out this year, you'll be playing along side people that think taking everyone out with them in a fiery explosion is actually a valid strategy when it comes to fighting a war. HAVE FUN. There are plenty of other monsters and baddies out there invading every game you play. Certainly they weren't all mentioned here. What are some of your favorites? Which ones do you dislike? Why not talk about them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.
  7. When you finish a game's story, that usually means that there is nothing new to learn about the characters and world. Personally, I find that kind of sad because I've spent the better part of twenty hours or more getting to learn about the game world and its inhabitants, and when the story is beaten, then there's usually nothing else for me to learn (unless there's extensive post-game content or more story-related DLC coming). Thankfully, that isn't always the case when it comes to video game lore. You might not be aware of this, but people still make books. According to some rumors I've read, a book is made out of paper with bits of ink on it. That ink is arranged into different patterns that form words. It sounds crazy, but some of these books have actually been used to expand the story of some of your favorite games. I've listed some of these books below so you too can know the wonders of "reading." The Final Fantasy XIII Novella It can be pretty scary getting into a new hobby, so we're going to start things off nice and easy just to get you started. If you played both of the Final Fantasy XIII games released so far, you might have noticed something quite alarming. Practically every single character from the first game had seemingly vanished without a trace. I have game manuals longer than this thing This annoyed me simply because there was little-to-no explanation when it came to the characters' whereabouts. Some of them weren't even mentioned until the very end of the game. This is where the nice and easy novella comes into play. At a measly thirty six pages, this nice starter story should only take you a few days to read from front to back. While it doesn't go deep into details pertaining to exactly what happens to the first game's characters, it at least gives you some sort of idea as to where the game's characters ended up before the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 took place. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer all of the questions raised in the game, but what do you expect from a thirty six page book? Prepare For Halo 4 (By Reading!) Surprisingly enough, Halo 4 is right around the corner. A new game in the series usually means some new lore to work through, but when it comes to the Halo series, the novel is king. Going throughout the series, the games are just chock full of callbacks to the books released over the years. Spoilers! Things don't go as planned. In fact, the entire plot of Halo: Reach came from the book Fall of Reach, which released over a decade ago. Books were still pretty underground back then so I won't hold it against you if you've never heard of it. But the fact is, the books are insanely important to the Halo series. I would go so far as to say you should actually read the books before you play the games just so you can get the most out of both mediums. The characters you meet as you play will no longer be strangers and you might even figure out how they die before it happens in the game. And who can resist becoming a time traveling/seer into the future? The Horror Of H.P Lovecraft Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was a game based on a few of H.P Lovecraft's stories. Namely, Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Shadow Out Of Time. Pretty shadowy, eh? The reason I bring up H.P Lovecraft is because of his reputation as the father of modern horror. If you want a reading experience the likes of a Silent Hill story, you could always just read the Silent Hill comics. But they're... well, let's just say they're kind of hard to read. Leather bound horror goodness! If you want a psychological horror story with a dash of old timey racism, then H.P Lovecraft is your guy. Not all of his stories really hit it out of the park, but his best ones are world renowned for how they shaped the horror genre. Luckily, you can buy the complete works of H.P Lovecraft for as little as $20 at places like Barnes & Noble; I suggest you do it. And finally while we're here at the end, might I suggest you read some of the works of Junji Ito? The guy can't write an ending to save his life but his short stories are the epitome of "Boss". Get to it! Books. The final frontier of media. You might be afraid going into this new medium, but it is totally worth it. They might not be as flashy as a TV show or video game, but if you want a game's full story then you need to actually sit down and read the story! As always, thank you for reading.
  8. Marshall Henderson

    "Dragonborn" DLC Rumored for Skyrim

    Hey, you want to fly around on dragon back? Of course you do, and the careless whispers in the wind seem to imply that you may be able to in an upcoming, unannounced, very rumor-y DLC. Those rumors abound in the aftermath of the Skyrim beta update as the PC savvy soft through the files, in much the same way as they had done in the past with Hearthfire. Lots of positive hits on that lead some credence to this, especially since most of the rumors are culled from file names, such as "DLC2." Okay, that's a moderately compelling piece of evidence, but that's pretty superfluous information. What would that entail? Since "DragonMounted" was also a file, odds are pretty good that the dragon wish you had in the opening may be coming true. The rumors imply that the DLC will be named Dragonborn, which would be a pretty bland name for Skyrim DLC, but if you can ride on dragon-back, don't freaking complain. Supposedly, four new armor names have been found, as well as some (stretch) rumors saying that Morrowind might be an available vacation spot. How's that hit you, huh? Nothing official from Bethesda is substantiating this yet, but conceptually? Pretty dope. We'll let you know when and if anything comes from this, or if the DLC will also be cold-shouldering PS3 as much as previous ones.
  9. Marshall Henderson

    Beta for Skyrim Update 1.7 Is Now Underway

    A new update for Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has entered beta, and is now available on Steam. Given the fact that the Steam summer sales have just come to an end, so Skyrim is probably in a lot more Steam libraries now. Here is a list of the updates in Skyrim, including some of the 360-exclusive fixes: Update 1.7 (all platforms unless specified) BUG FIXES General memory and stability optimizations Fixed crash related to new water shaders Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings Fixed logic error with loading screens from add-ons (Xbox 360) Using vampiric grip and swimming no longer prevents swimming animation from playing afterwards Improved recognition with Kinect voice commands (Xbox 360) Kinect-enabled dragon language shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish work properly (Xbox 360) Fixed issue with Dawnguard Kinect-enabled dragon shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish (Xbox 360) Now, most of the updates PC users will have access to seem like nice ones, keeping Skyrim from crashing and such. However, this pales in comparison to the 360's updates. Yes, everyone, the French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions of Skyrim have Kinect-enabled shouts. Picture, if you will, Raoul Bova doing Dragon Shouts at the television. Yes. Aside from that, you can look forward to it running a little smoother, being better optimized. The 1.7 beta is available right this second on Steam, so feel free to update before you start your next Argonian vampire hunter archer run for the recently-released Dawnguard.
  10. Kezins

    Very Annoying Bug in Skyrim

    I started playing Skyrim on the 360, but started over with the PS3 version and I'm a little disappointed. The game doesn't freeze or anything, but the audio is all messed up. As soon as I start walking, the sound makes a loud crackling noise... it almost sounds like wood burning in a fire. At first, I thought my television was messed up, but it's definitely the sound in Skyrim. Does anyone know a fix for this? I found the fix for the PC version, but nothing on the PS3 game. I can deal with a lot of bugs, but this one is extremely annoying.
  11. Dominic Dimanche

    Fast Travel

    From the album: Stock Footage

  12. Adam McCarthy

    Top 9 Video Games Mosaic

    From the album: Adam McCarthy's Album

    A top 9 mosaic of my favorite games of all time.